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    1. Resetting the Mandrill and Ready for Flight

      by , 07-21-2018 at 06:33 PM
      Morning of July 21, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 2 min 5 sec. Readability score: 79.

      I am with Zsuzsanna for the first time in my dream. We are as we were when we met in February 1994. However, where she lives is different. The house seems to have only one floor. (There have been many dreams where we were together for the first time, each as an alternate timeline, but typically with blissful associations.)

      We plan on going to America to live, rather than remaining in Australia. We are walking through a park late at night, and several unfamiliar people are present. It seems we are walking to the airport. (The area looks like a park I was only in once when I was six years old when my parents and I were traveling from Wisconsin to Florida to live.)

      There is a sudden unexpected eerie mood as a creature comes out of the dense woods. An incredibly loud roar echoes throughout the area. It is a big mandrill that emerges from the forest that borders much of the park. Most of the other people look alarmed. Some begin to run. Zsuzsanna and I quickly go in the opposite direction as the others. At first, I think the animal will chase the others, but it looks toward us and charges. We go atop a log that is tipped slightly from a tree stump near another tree. The mandrill starts to eat us both at the same time, swallowing our hands first. I am annoyed at this outcome and subliminally reset my dream to begin from the same point but without the creature.

      We arrive at the airport. It is still night. Zsuzsanna is elsewhere for a short time. I am uncertain what airplane to get. An unfamiliar woman who works at the airport and is standing with a few unknown members of the public talks to me. Referring to Zsuzsanna and me, she clearly says, “You are the two special people on this world. Yin and Yang.” She says she is an angel. From here, I wander off and ask if there are angels in the airport, but no one else says much.

      Zsuzsanna and I are soon sitting in the back of the plane. In fact, we are so far back, there is only room for us in the area, as it tapers somewhat.

      The perception of movement is extraordinarily vivid and like being on a real airplane that is taking off. However, when I look out the windows to my right, we have not yet left the ground. I consider what could happen. The airplane might explode in midair or crash, but I am unconcerned. I continue to feel the movement throughout my body. I notice that we are moving on what seems like a highway bordered by guardrails. It is curiously in the form of a complex winding roller coaster shape that continues to go higher. I do not consider this as odd. The pilot is doing his job well, and I trust him. He makes a sharp turn and continues up the runway. I decide to sleep until we arrive in America. It will not be long before we are in our new circumstances.

    2. To the Zoo

      by , 10-29-2017 at 04:29 PM
      Morning of October 29, 2017. Sunday.

      To introduce this entry and the familiar history behind it, this is a typical “preconscious as trespasser” dream situation, which has occurred on a regular basis since childhood and is one of my most common dream scenarios which typically occurs in the last dream of a sleeping period and is usually unrelated to waking life. In order to develop a full understanding of this type, some basic irrefutable facts about dreams and the dream state must be recognized and acknowledged above the folly of “interpretation”, superstition, or derogatory pretense against my over fifty years of devoted dream study and its validation.

      This dream type is typically caused by an environmental factor, such as noise that is not loud enough to wake the dreamer. The reticular activating system (RAS) often personifies the presumed “intruder” into the unconscious state as the personified preconscious, which is typically one to two levels down from the emergent consciousness. The preconscious is transpersonal (and typically either an unfamiliar character or celebrity) and often in direct contrast to (or in conflict with) the conscious self identity (as well as the ephemeral fictitious dream self identity) for the purpose of manifesting enough intense emotion or annoyance to wake the dreamer, which is what RAS is for (that is, responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleep-wake transitions). It is often linked to doorway waking symbolism (a doorway symbolizing the exit point of the dream), which is a known feature of non-lucid dream control (awareness that one is dreaming but not with viable lucidity or dream-self memory of what a dream is). I have known of, and studied, this type of dream component for over fifty years, through thousands of examples (as well as virtually countless experiments), though this situation also ascends into lucid dreams due to waking being a biological necessity.

      All this does not mean that RAS is ‘intelligent" (any more than one’s stomach is “intelligent”). In fact, RAS cannot discern if the environmental factors, such as noise, are important enough to trigger waking (and unfortunately, it often apparently fails even when someone’s house is on fire though ironically RAS will sometimes trigger a fire dream when there is no danger in reality - though prescience or remote viewing may be a factor in such a case), though it should be obvious that any noise that is loud enough will truncate or distort a dream and trigger waking anyway (as is a need to wake and use the bathroom or to drink fluids to avoid dehydration).

      This dream follows the usual stages, shifts in unconsciousness, and core symbolism of this dream type as virtually countless previous times since early childhood, yet the dynamics are always intriguingly unique.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now are living in a new distortion of the Cubitis house (where I have not lived since 1978 and where Zsuzsanna and our children have never been).

      It is unique in that most of the northwest corner of the living room is directly open to outside, additionally with no discernible carport that was there in real life (this alteration never having occurred in any previous dream as all dream settings are unique and different from each other, at least in my lifelong dreaming history), yet also with some sort of set of screen doors (a play on “screening” RAS in this case). It is seemingly nighttime throughout the entire dream. I notice the preconscious (an unknown male of about thirty-five) sitting in a lawn chair in the front yard, at about a forty-five degree angle in facing towards the doors from about fifteen feet away. He has a flashlight or some sort of small lamp. He seems to be cheerful, but I am aggravated by him being in the front yard and watching my family.

      As a result of a subliminal dream state awareness, I find myself holding two barbells (without the weights), my weapon of choice in this type of dream, though I typically only have one (though in this case, subliminal dream control seems closer to viable lucidity). I cross the barbells across my chest in an X shape and tell the preconscious to leave my dream and to stop watching my family. However, he phases through the screen door and is then in the living room. Before there is coalescence (waking integration of dream self and emergent consciousness), I somehow trigger a shift (probably by the X over my chest) to where the doorway waking symbolism is decremented.

      I then (non-lucidly) create a number of dream servants (all male in this case) who take the preconscious and other characters that had been in the front yard to a zoo that is presumably south of the house by about seven lots (probably near where my brother Earl’s southerly neighbor lived in real life in the mid-1970s).

      I have my dream servants take the preconscious and his minions into a “deeper” section of the zoo, behind stacks of possibly empty cardboard boxes (which symbolize parts of the mind or memory that are inactive in the dream state). I am aware that there are a number of large wild animals walking around freely, but I am not within that section. I reason that they (the unwanted male characters) will not be able to leave unless I allow them to. I know there are elephants and rhinoceroses there, the main animals I think about, and I also hear them.

      While standing near the empty cardboard boxes, an unusual monkey jumps up on one at about waist height. It walks mostly on all fours and is about the size of a kitten. I consider that it seems like some sort of unlikely miniature baboon rather than a normal monkey or ape. It lightly nibbles on my fingers, which makes me slightly wary at first, but then I decide that it probably will not bite me. Perhaps it is hungry.

      As it turns out, it is a kitten, as my oldest daughter’s new pet kitten had been lightly nibbling on my fingers in reality as I was sleeping.

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    3. Monkey Resurrection Near a Miniature Tiki Totem Pole

      by , 07-21-2017 at 07:33 AM
      Morning of July 21, 2017. Friday.

      In my last dream of this date, I enter a vivid scene, looking down at two features. There is a small monkey on the left and a miniature wooden Tiki totem pole on the right, both implied to be about the same height but in horizontal positions on an unknown surface.

      At first, I assume the monkey has died. However, in the last moments prior to waking, there is a loud “hoo hoo ha ha” sound as the monkey moves his head, firstly looking at the totem pole on his left, appearing to be slightly puzzled, and then rolling to his left side (towards the totem pole). The implied monkey sound echoes out of the residual essence of my dream as I then instinctively make the same movements as the monkey and roll to my left side to become more comfortable (as I was having lower back pain while sleeping on my back, which I do not do very often due to occasional situational apnea).

      Note that in this case, both the monkey and totem pole are lying down as “in bed” (a first-level dream sign, that is, a real-time indicator of being asleep and in the dream state). The orientation of the two features is the same as Zsuzsanna and I as we are sleeping, assuming the resurrected monkey represents my waking and turning over as I perceived it was. Note that the totem pole does not move or come to life, which indicates that my dream self was aware that Zsuzsanna was still asleep while I was waking.

      Why dream of a monkey? I associate a monkey with “climbing up” from the dream state as well as relating it to the evolutionary chart that supposedly shows the stages of primates evolving into modern man (analogous to the transient dream self "evolving” into whole conscious self identity). Additionally, I sometimes associate a small monkey with a bellhop, and as such, would be a redundant layer for the precursor to waking, as a bellhop often carries luggage upstairs in a hotel (“going upstairs” being waking symbolism). I also sometimes associate a small monkey as in service to an organ-grinder, which would be analogous to “getting attention” as a coalescence factor (another form of waking symbolism), particularly as it holds a cup for collecting coins (associated with the “change” of the dream self into the conscious self or “making sense/cents of” the otherwise puzzling dreaming or waking stages).

      Why dream of an animal coming back to life? An animal coming back to life in a dream is often obvious waking symbolism (depending on the sequencing dynamics). The conscious self identity is often inactive in non-lucid dreams and as such, is sometimes rendered as a dead or sleeping animal (though there does not seem to be any inherent reason for this other than perhaps still being tired in the last stage of sleep or with physical pain in some cases).

      Why dream of resurrection? Threads of the emergent consciousness become more active in the waking transition. Therefore, it is an indicator of increasing neural activity in REM sleep (ventral stream of the visual association cortex - the region of the brain involved in analysis of visual shapes).

      Why dream of a totem pole? A totem pole could be a real-time circadian rhythms indicator (that is, relative to the particular stage of sleeping and dreaming one is in, as some totem poles show different levels or “stages”, including more than one face or emotion). A totem pole or statue coming to life would be a real-time emergent consciousness indicator as waking symbolism (depending on the sequencing dynamics). In some cases, if not moving, it could be a real-time indicator of one’s partner (or possibly a relative) being asleep (in non-REM) within the range of potential contact; physical, mentally associative, or spiritual. A totem pole has also been validated to represent a desire for healing while sleeping. A totem pole that features wings would be additional waking symbolism relevant to the “return flight” (return to whole consciousness) metaphor.

    4. Lucid Priest Indeed

      by , 09-22-2016 at 09:22 AM
      Morning of September 22, 2016. Thursday.

      It seems to be late at night and I am walking with Zsuzsanna in an unfamiliar small town. Somehow I get distracted and find myself on my own in an area vaguely similar in some ways to an area near a church in Bundaberg (though I do not consider my location or have any concern about being in an unknown place). Even though I am not lucid I try to focus on a large stone water fountain as if I am subliminally aware of the nature of water induction to increase the depth and clarity of the dream state.

      An unfamiliar priest approaches and seems to want me to move on or is there to tell me what to do as perhaps he does not like me being here so late at night. He tries to impress me by causing a moonbeam to create a glowing circle on the surface of the water. In a way, it seems rather eerie to me, though I vaguely recall it as a circadian rhythms factor (again, even though I am not lucid) and relative to moon or moonlight induction.

      “So what,” I say. “I can make the sun come out in the middle of the night.” (I say this without realizing that the sun represents consciousness or the conscious identity within the dream state and thus I am actually talking about lucid dreaming without being lucid.) The area that the priest and I are standing now seems to be a storefront. I move my hands with a level of mental certainty and expectation that the sun will rise at my command, though again not being lucid at this point. Instead, a small sunbeam reaches my feet. At least I accomplished something based on my claim.

      I decide to turn around and use whatever sunlight there is to mock the priest by making various shadow forms on the outer wall of the store. A circle of light (almost like a spotlight on a stage) of about a foot and a half in diameter appears on the concrete block outer wall. I lift my left hand up and make an incredibly realistic monkey shadow (after a few false starts with rabbit and dog heads), complete with legs, arms, and a tail, and moving about like a real monkey, almost as if suspended on its own. “Chee-chee-chee-chee,” I utter, happily making my version of a monkey sound. The priest seems to feel insulted as well as outdone by my miraculous abilities and thus he walks off. Even though I am still not at the lucid stage, shadow play is fairly common in certain vivid lucid dream types. Typically, the shadow symbolizes the dream self as “casting” conscious self identity into the dream state (at least when it is a human “duplicate” of the dream self though here, my dawning consciousness is apparently very playful), though this situation does not yet trigger my lucidity.

      As I walk, the sun finally rises fully at my subtle command and with no “glitches”. As a result, my consciousness becomes more fully integrated into the dream state in a lucid sense, though not quite apex lucidity (full automatic control with enhanced senses and full body awareness even with full weight and momentum discernment). Just as I turn left around a corner I am at full conscious clarity, which I immediately find very thrilling. I notice a young version of Zsuzsanna (probably as she was a few years before we first wrote) standing on a garden wall of about four feet high, though I do not question this oddity. Several others (all unfamiliar) are standing around, possibly waiting for a bus. Zsuzsanna may also be waiting for the bus even being up on this wall. I hover and move up to stand on the wall with her. She does not seem to recognize me yet and takes on the essence of the preconscious personification.

      “This is my dream, so we will get together and have some fun,” I boldly state. “I don’t care about these other people standing around.” She seems to slowly agree or at least lets me hug and kiss her passionately for a long time. Becoming more and more stimulated I indulge in various sensual events (the sense of touch augmented), though meanwhile, three times, for no particular reason, I decide to shoot large masses of spiderweb out of my right hand. One car becomes fully covered in my web, the imagery of which I find amusing when I look back. A couple people are swept back and stuck onto buildings but are not harmed.

      Eventually, I notice a large unusual-looking airplane flying in the sky (from right to left). Its wings are up and back almost like a butterfly form and I feel a sense of beauty. Curiously, I do not mentally register it as the “return flight” waking transition symbol even though I have experienced the same metaphor thousands of times in various dream types (though not in the majority of lucid dreams). I notice a very unusual bookshelf-like structure on the other side of town and which seems to be atop a mountain. I focus on this. Although it vaguely reminds me of “Hollywood Squares”, the platforms (or seating areas) are at different levels. There are at least nine demigods in yellow Tibetan monk robes sitting and standing within the structure. I assume they are perhaps thirty feet tall or more. The visible forward edges of the skewed “Hollywood Squares” structure are mostly cream-colored, orange, and yellow. The demigods begin singing to Zsuzsanna and me very loudly and with love and happiness. The music is very clear and rhythmic and very enjoyable (though of an unfamiliar melody which I may record at a future date). They are singing something about tilling and gardening, something like, “In the morning when you wake up, till the soil with love…” and another phrase with “tilling” in it and something about “the next morning you will find”. It goes on for several minutes and as I hold Zsuzsanna, I slip into a less vivid and non-lucid false awakening as the airplane reaches the midpoint of my perspective, over the seemingly divine structure. (Of course, this structure symbolizes the sunrise and waking as non-lucid dreams typically do in the last segment - even though I am still semi-lucid - and a cheerful conscious coloring of my day ensues.)

      In the false awakening I am with Zsuzsanna sitting on the floor of our present home. Our youngest son is present. He seems to have gathered seven unusual creatures (there are seven in our family). They seem to be some sort of unlikely composite of seashell, caterpillar, beetle, and chrysalis. For some reason, I point out to Zsuzsanna that they are “brains”, although I add to their number (starting with three, I think) as I notice more and more of them (though still a total of seven). Their shells are very complex in coloring, with mostly thin bands and paisley-like patterns of browns, yellows, and cream colors. There are two different shapes, the two largest being somewhat cylindrical and the others like trapezoidal prisms.

      I look at a magazine page that Zsuzsanna is looking at. At first, I see the same airplane as from my previous dream, though as a silhouette in a full page sky photograph. As I tell Zsuzsanna about the dream I just had (the most common false awakening scenario for me other than actually attempting to write it out and soon seeing that my writing changes or that I had written nothing), I tell her how this looks just like the airplane from my dream. I find that unusual but when I look again, I see that it is an upside-down helicopter silhouette (a second “return flight” transition that actually represents my false awakening and how one of the first things I ever heard Zsuzsanna say on her first cassette which she mailed to me being “so if it sounds a bit upside-down, it’s from down-under), which I find rather curious - and from here I actually wake.

    5. Impossible Train Journey to Impossible Monkey Pit

      by , 06-11-2016 at 12:11 PM
      Morning of November 2, 2016. Wednesday.

      My dream’s backstory and beginning is not that clear but implies getting on a train and going on a special journey to somewhere undetermined. After I get on the train I enter a mode of non-lucid dream control. I get the idea that “anything can happen” on this train ride and that it might even be some sort of bizarre fairground ride, whereby the train may not even be moving at one point even though most of the passengers assume it is real and going to perhaps another country or even an unexplored region.

      At one point, scenes of what seem like the surfaces of a couple different planets (one view somewhat Mars-like) are viewed through the window of the train. A couple young girls gasp and point. I am vaguely aware that I somehow created the events yet I do not become actively lucid at any point.

      After several minutes, what looks like a large town is passing by the windows, except the view is consistently upside-down. People do not seem to be all that concerned and I can tell it is obviously fake. I can even see a black band along the bottom of the rolling imagery a few times, as if it is not fixed to the mechanism correctly, which is apparently like a conveyor belt rotated ninety degrees to the vertical position and displaying a long strip of paper that features the photographic detail. I feel slightly disappointed at the intelligence of some of the other passengers in their apparent thinking that it is real though I do not say anything.

      Eventually, we come to a stop near a supposedly unexplored jungle. I wander to a clearing with an unknown male. There is a large circular hole in the ground. There also seem to be a few larger concentric arcs about the opening. This causes me to become puzzled and I wonder how pieces of ground could stay up as such. There are at least two monkeys in the large spherical pit that are small and of no threat. I do not get as close to the opening as the other male and advise him to be careful, as the additional arced openings do not seem logical or even possible (unless perhaps strong rods with platforms are under the narrower sections of isolated ground though this does not seem to be the case) yet no lucidity is triggered.

    6. Frog Monkey

      by , 09-10-2014 at 03:10 PM
      Morning of September 10, 2014. Wednesday.

      I have titled this one “Frog Monkey” even though the animal primarily has the appearance of a chimpanzee (and people typically incorrectly associate monkeys and apes as being the “same”).

      I am seated at a table (possibly round or oval as we are not directly linear in position from each other though not perpendicular either) and seem to be observing myself from outside my body at one point. It is possibly later at night as I am aware of one table lamp more to the right of center being on. Seated to my left is a chimpanzee. We seem to be writing something though I am not sure what. It may be related to invitations or some sort of bookkeeping or both although at one point the sheets look like A4-sized order forms. The chimpanzee eventually takes on the appearance of having a head that is about “half-frog” in various aspects - that is, it is still technically a chimpanzee head but becomes very frog-like in shape and certain characteristics of the nostrils and eyes somewhat plus with a somewhat greenish hue in areas with less fur. This does not seem unusual to me - it seems perfectly natural and “correct”.

      It occurs to me that just as people often incorrectly interchange monkeys with apes (again, as I have done with the title though deliberately), they also do this with frogs and toads. I also think a play on “man key” may be here in the case with “monkey” as some sort of play on symbolically “evolving”.

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    7. Sultan of Swing (Talking Monkey in Cubitis)

      by , 03-18-1988 at 09:18 AM
      Morning of March 18, 1988. Friday.

      This was a long dream, but mostly uneventful and primarily involving forgotten conversations and some sort of board game at first, possibly Monopoly. The plot centers around friends coming to see me in Cubitis. They mostly sit in a circle in my bedroom, both girls and boys. It seems I may be around fourteen years of age or older. I am seated in the circle and facing due east.

      Eventually, a spider monkey, which seems to be very active and intelligent, starts talking profusely, as if he is in charge of everything. He mostly remains on my right, sometimes standing in the center of the arc of the semicircular formation of friends on my right (if left and right sides were divided into even half-circles). He talks about his “career” which I think is relative to music and radio as well as politics. It also seems that he is a prince of some kind, seemingly of a large country. At one point, he is wearing a gold crown and a red robe. Oddly, I do not question the fact that a small spider monkey is talking so clearly and with such authority in my dream (it is very vivid but I have no idea I am dreaming). At one point near the end, he is more and more articulate, eventually holding a banana, and I believe, talking about politics and mentioning “Washington”. My friends do not seem to think it that strange to see a talking monkey.

      I think about producing an epic documentary detailing his life and times, but that thought soon fades. My dream is very vibrant prior to losing cohesion.

      I get the impression he is the “Duke of Swing” (vaguely reflecting on “Duke of Earl”), which is eventually replaced by “Sultan of Swing”, which seems to be his actual title. The Dire Straits song, which seems directly related in afterthought, did not cross my mind at all when in my dream, and only at the waking point did I remember the song title, which seems to somehow have “created” my dream from the start.

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    8. Banana Boat

      by , 09-02-1978 at 03:02 PM
      Morning of September 2, 1968. Monday.

      In my dream, in readying myself for starting school on Tuesday September 3, 1968, my transportation will apparently be a banana boat. It will seemingly be as such for about two weeks regarding the somewhat unclear back story, as apparently the school buses are all broken down and will not be fixed until a couple weeks from now.

      At one point, it mostly seems as if the cargo boat is somehow going over land rather than any body of water. There is the sighting of a mischievous monkey near the top of a crane that looks somewhat like a sketchy charcoal drawing at one point. At times, the many bananas lying around do not seem exactly like bananas, though many have likely been mangled or flattened somehow.

      At one point, there are a number of small columns, about waist high, each topped with at least two or three bunches of bananas. (It reminds me vaguely of the layout of a drive-in theater.)

      Students are wandering around, but soon, I do not see anyone but a few adults and they seem to be shopping (buying bananas only). I wonder if I am in the right place.

      It is only a guess that this dream was most influenced by “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” by Harry Belafonte (especially the association with the line “I wanna go home” in anticipation of an unknown new semester), as my sister Marilyn had the record, though I mostly heard it in 1966.

      Another influence might have been associations with my new lunch box for second grade (of the same kind as shown), as it was yellowish (but then so are school buses) and vaguely reminiscent of a banana (the handle was yellowish and curved).

      It is probably far more revealing to say “It reminds me vaguely of the layout of the desks of a classroom” than suggesting a drive-in theater here, though it was outside and it was a genuine reflection at the time - perhaps contemplating being in a classroom again yet still with the additional potential of outside freedom - though inside/outside ambiguity is fairly common in my dreams - though exotic and highly unlikely outside settings sometimes seem bilocated in an inside familiar location; for example, at one point (though not throughout that particular dream) the “large desert” in “Beyond the Martian Time Barrier / The Martian Casket” was seemingly somehow “of” and “in” the living room of my Cubitis home while still seeming like a “real” desert setting including even the larger expanse of land and the sky overhead - it was only as my dream was ending that I became more aware of where I “really” seemed to be mentally as walls and floor began to partially come into focus.