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    1. Commanding a Trailer to the Enchanted Forest

      by , 06-09-2020 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of June 9, 2020. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,531-02. Reading time (optimized) 3 min.

      My dream begins with indoor-outdoor ambiguity. Although I am in an unidentifiable rural park in Wisconsin before dawn, I am first near a wall that holds the essence of a room when my dream self becomes aware. I am listening to a vinyl LP with my thoughts being that I can change the wording of the spoken audio, which seems to be a business missive. It is as if I am editing and clarifying the implied text with my mind even though it is on a 33 1/3rd rpm record. At one point, I see the individual words on small movable virtual cutouts that I can rearrange on the record’s surface.

      I go to a small teardrop camper caravan a short distance away. (It is similar to the image, but its door faces the trailer hitch, and there are two sliding windows on each side.) I want to lie down inside it to rest, but I have to move several clusters of full beer cans that are on plastic yokes. (I have hardly ever drunk beer in my lifetime.) I eventually clear an area through the middle where my body fits, my head at the back. I open a sliding window a short distance, pulling it to the left, above my left, and appreciate the coolness of the fresh air flowing through the screen.

      Eventually, the little caravan starts moving. It is daylight now. Looking through the doorway, I see my brother-in-law Bob and my sister Marilyn in the front seat of a car that is pulling the trailer. (They are both deceased, but my dream self does not remember that.) Marilyn looks at Bob (who is driving), telling him that he forgot to unhitch the trailer, and she acknowledges me by looking back. Even so, he continues to drive to the Loomis Street house. I vividly feel the movement, especially as the car goes up a ramp to an overpass. When he drives near three semi-trailer trucks (on the right) that are emitting black smoke, I unhitch the trailer with bodily movement and mentally “drive” it down a different street, now while sitting up in its center. I consider this is legal, as there is a license plate at the back. Even though the caravan only has one pair of wheels, I successfully “drive” it to the Enchanted Forest (a fictitious recurring location in my dreams since childhood, though always different).

      I follow a boy down a hallway that opens into one section of the forest that is now part of a resort. There is an enclosed area with small monkeys and an eohippus (miniature prehistoric horse) here and there. One eohippus is lying on its left side (as I am in reality). I wonder if it is alive. The monkeys are only about eight inches tall. I pet a few of them.

      I instinctually vivify and sustain my dream by walking on the fence of the enclosure (a dream enhancement routine since childhood), increasing vestibular-cerebral perceptual integration. I look down to my left at a car with its doors open, wondering if the people think I am intruding upon their privacy. After I practice balancing for a few minutes, I jump back down into the animal enclosure.

      I discuss the Enchanted Forest with Locke, Sawyer, and Jack from the “Lost” television series. I describe a false memory regarding Jack driving me through an area of the region, which took a couple of days, being that it was of a different dimension that the rest of the resort. I tell them that one section is infinite.

      I call them over to look at a beautiful lake after going into “another world” through a door. We gaze at the extraordinary beauty. Several tourists are around, also appreciating the sight. I see a few small fish below the surface of the water and try to perceive more. The vividness and detail are unfathomable.

      After several minutes of appreciation, my dream begins to transition again to an instinctual awareness of my body being horizontal in bed, as well as a need to initiate waking (for me to get up and use the bathroom). As a result, I try to open a couple of bathroom doors, but Locke yells about needing to elude someone. It is Rowena King from “Emergence.” We all rapidly crawl on our bellies as does she, though she remains about ten feet behind us. We all crawl quickly on white sand underneath the underside of an unfinished building’s floor as I wake.

    2. Lions and Monkeys

      by , 12-11-2014 at 06:11 PM
      Morning of December 11, 2014. Thursday.

      Dream #: 17,524-02. Reading time: 1 min 45 sec.

      I seem to be part of a crew that is making a documentary about wild animals. The jungle scenes occur locally, possibly at the park a block from where we presently live in real life. At one point there are two different species of spider monkeys side by side with other animals including two lion cubs on the top plank, to the right of the monkeys on the lowest plank. They are on a shelf-like structure (facing south) that resembles a three-dimensional duck shoot with three levels, though it is for filming purposes only - as the animals remain still. Even though the monkeys look mostly the same, the one on the left starts attacking the one on the right. Both of them take off to climb trees again with a lioness in pursuit. My viewpoint sometimes seems to be from mid-tree-level, but I never feel threatened by the lions even though the perspective is very close to my dream self’s “face.”

      The lions climb straight up the tree, and even over small thin branches without breaking them. The monkeys still get away by jumping to another tree, yet they have to keep doing this, as the lions do not give up. I see both male and female lions climbing the tree in this manner.

      Ultimately, monkeys are just another form of vestibular system correlation due to their ability to climb trees and my subliminal association with that fact while in the dream state. Lions are a waking alert factor.

      In a separate section of my dream, Zsuzsanna and I are looking at an abandoned building from across the street. It seems to be a warehouse. There is a vague false recall of having been in the building earlier and reaching an area where one could see outside through a small hole, yet not be able to leave.

      As we gaze at the building from a parking lot or section of sidewalk, I focus on the wall to deliberately (without lucidity) create more holes to allow me to see into the building. It seems empty, though there is concrete debris on the floor. I use a telekinetic force. I do not perceive my ability as being a result of being in the dream state. I continue to open the wall until my dream loses cohesion.

      Warehouses are typically the last setting to occur in the sleep cycle as a form of liminal space discernment. Wall mediation also occurs here as my emerging consciousness activates. As validated here, dream control and lucid dreaming are unrelated. Still, my dream self understands the dreaming processes even without my waking self realization.

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    3. Bellhop Spider Monkeys and Jar of Venomous Spiders

      by , 06-06-2013 at 12:06 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2013. Thursday.

      The main scenario in one dream features me being younger (possibly around thirty years of age) and apparently with my own bed lined up from a north wall to the south in a fairly large unfamiliar room. To my right on the west side of this room is a smaller end table with a large vase-like yellowish and greenish lamp with a floral design and with a beige gingham lampshade. Also on the table is a large squarish jar which contains a few dangerously venomous spiders. The jar and the lamp take up most of the tabletop. Three smaller spider monkeys dressed as bellhops in black, red, and shiny gold come in now and then. Because they are “bellhops” I might be inclined to think I am in a small hotel room.

      There is a concern that the monkeys had been near the jar and let some of the potentially dangerous spiders out, so at one point I yell at them to leave everything alone, but then I see that the only spiders outside the jar are smaller harmless ones with light brown and white stripes. They are making small webs between the lamp, table, and wall. The ones in the jar are larger and black and look like miniature tarantulas. I puzzle over why I have decided to keep venomous spiders in a jar near my bed but then an old saying is clear in my mind - “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. There is no fear or substantial concern when I view the dangerous spiders through the glass jar.

      “My” monkeys seem well-behaved and devoted to their tasks and are mostly only around to serve me in cleaning and taking care of potential impositions (such as annoying visitors, by pretending to take them to my room while actually ushering them straight out into busy traffic).
    4. The Jacuzzis

      by , 09-09-1985 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of September 9, 1985. Monday.

      Watch out…for the horrible vampiric monster…the…Jacuzzi!

      I have said before that I have had hardly any serious nightmares in my life. The more vivid one in my young adult years was during an early afternoon nap. This was the first version of a short series of dreams (only the first one being an actual nightmare), where the name was semi-lucidly altered to something like “Chalcosi” (from “chalcosis” - or chronic copper poisoning), relative to their skin having a paler copper-color when dying.

      It was of a horrible legendary creature that supposedly only lived seven weeks. They liked to eat people. They were to blame for the majority of missing people cases. I somehow fell in love with a “teenage” (in appearance only) version of the vampiric creature who I spent time with on a couch in the middle of the night as the rest of her family went out to eat people. This creature was born as a dangerous albino snake with boa-constrictor-like potential. It then changed into a killer albino tree-dwelling rabbit that sometimes leaped upon people at night. It then becomes a larger lemur-like creature (still albino) - becoming more monkey-like in some ways, and eventually an albino human-like creature with somewhat shark-like teeth (and growing as such, a lost one always being replaced, but almost immediately). As they neared death, their skin became a slight coppery color. Their hair was always white. I guess sometimes they wore wigs and sunglasses to hide their true identity, as their eyes remained snake-like. They lived in groups of a dozen or so at various ages.

      Of course, again, this horrifying creature was known as…

      A Jacuzzi! Watch out for the Jacuzzis, they are coming to eat your neighbors!

      I awoke from the first version of this in a strange hypnopompic state. I felt dizzy and out of place and was hearing applause and disembodied voices, including the impression of a cheerful announcer talking about someone winning a Jacuzzi on “The Price is Right” - this as I saw the faces of the creatures fading in disorienting spirals. It was only then, after I was waking, that I slowly remembered hearing the word “Jacuzzi” on “The Price is Right” (which I only caught parts of now and then at a sister’s house during this time). I looked it up and finally remembered that it was a fancy whirlpool bath and not a dangerous monster.

      Updated on Tuesday, 28 June 2016: I can now look at this and easily recognize an unusual atypical and subliminal form of water induction (since “Jacuzzi” is a hot tub brand and in fact a whirlpool bathtub implies an essence of the Merkaba as a tornado does) and the strong metaphorical references to circadian rhythms (and even evolution). Albinos also symbolically represent moon induction (which is often linked to water induction relative to the symbolic “tidal” shifting of consciousness in dreaming and waking). Even more curiously, “Jacuzzi” rhymes with “Suzi”, the anglicized form of my wife Zsuzsanna’s first name, more relevant here as I have a relationship with this female Jacuzzi. The unlikely rabbit stage is a symbol for something emerging from the unconscious mind as a rabbit lives in a burrow and even this was a Source clue, as Zsuzsanna lived in Maryborough when we first made contact. Not only that, the age of the girl matched Zsuzsanna’s age from this time period - and to add to that even more curiously, she had a period where she drew vampire animals (and certainly not everyone has an interest as such). This is all very interesting and in fact, validates yet again that most dreams have precognitive layers of one form or another.

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