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    1. Rows of Tornadoes and a Motherboard Sky

      by , 11-27-2019 at 06:22 AM
      Morning of November 27, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,336-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      In this dream, Zsuzsanna and I are living in the Cubitis house (a one-floor single-family home) in Florida, though the layout is different. There is a storm approaching from the west. When I look outside, I see it is night. A few equidistant rows of tornadoes are coming down on the other side of the highway, directly above the orange grove. Nothing happens, as they disappear before reaching the front yard.

      I go around the side of the house that now features the south side of the Loomis Street house (a two-storey residence for two families) in Wisconsin (which is facing north, the opposite direction it should be by compass direction in respect to its integration with the Cubitis house in this new amalgam). People I do not know are living here. I tell them how the tornadoes disappeared after crossing to our side of the highway.

      Later, I am standing in the front yard, looking up. The entire sky looks like a giant motherboard, though there are pairs of what look like satellite dishes and observatories (directed downward). I am puzzled and start to think about how people could have made something so big and so high, and I have a vague wariness about its architectural stability, though I am mostly unconcerned. The Cubitis house now seems like a skyscraper (holding up part of the motherboard sky) and where an orange grove should be is another high building holding it up on the other side, though most of it is expansive.
    2. Motherboard Sale (or not)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of August 7, 2015. Friday.

      I will try to refrain from another titular trend (such as “or not” in this case).

      In my dream, I am once again on Loomis Street at my sister (deceased) Marilyn’s house. It seems to be early afternoon. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me at the house.

      An unknown person (a young female in a jogging outfit, jogging southward) comes by our house and leaves a huge computer motherboard on our front sidewalk for some reason (just giving it to us, or perhaps thinking of our front yard as a dumping ground - this is not certain). The motherboard is about eight times the size of a real one. I am not sure what to do with it as it is older technology and I would likely have no use for it.

      As I am wondering what to do with this junk, as it remains lying across our front sidewalk, along comes an (unknown and unfamiliar) older male that takes notice to it. A few other (unknown) people also crowd around for a short time. He asks me if he can look at it and I say yes (though I had not even looked at it). On one corner (upper left from my view), he takes notice to a particular chip which is apparently a bit newer than the motherboard itself. He asks me if he can buy it (the one single chip) for twenty dollars. This sounds very good to me and I feel quite cheerful upon hearing this. As I did not pay any money and someone else had just dropped it off for whatever reason, twenty dollars sounds good even if I give him the entire board, which I am thinking of telling him.

      As the motherboard is lowered to the ground I notice at least six jars of peanut butter attached to it in a line over the top, each about two jar spaces apart, which seem to serve as some sort of conduit (or perhaps even additional power source). After several minutes pass, the male stands with his chin in hand gazing at the motherboard. He eventually looks at the chip again and tells me that the serial number on it is one day off from the chip he was looking for. This makes no sense to me as it is not relevant to specific timing of movement (such as with two cassette decks that are most usable when the model is identical, as the capstan is the same speed, or otherwise the variation would be too extreme for dubbing or oversampling).

      He looks at me and seriously states “I’m not paying twenty dollars for that!” as if I was the one that told him that he should give me the money for it. I then tell him that he can just take what he wants, including the whole motherboard itself. I come to the conclusion that he is just “off his rocker” and do not say anything after this. The scene vaguely reminds me of one years ago when a very drunken male bought one of my father’s old tools (and I could tell he had no idea what it was, which was a very specialized large drill extension and I even asked him if he was sure he had use for it) and he dropped it on his foot and blamed me for dropping it. I am surprised he even managed to walk from the area. (My father had made a lot of sidewalk sections in addition to building public utilities and residential work in both La Crosse and Arcadia during the same period he was on the radio and local venues.)

      This dream was precognitive (in some ways) of a message I received from a former member of one dream journal site, but I will not get into the specifics at this time. I can say that peanut butter often represents human waste in certain types of dream scenarios. The jars of peanut butter on the motherboard are a reference to what was said in a message about grooming and trolling on the Internet.