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    1. …And Not into Orbit

      by , 06-02-2016 at 10:48 AM
      Morning of June 2, 2016. Thursday.

      This dream, in the final segments, was the usual “coming down” waking metaphor which has occurred in the majority of my dreams (tens of thousands) and of course merely represents the biological waking mechanism.

      The setting for the most part seems to be, very atypically, the lunchroom and auditorium area of my middle school as well as the north section (which has rarely featured in my dreams even when I was going to school there).

      There is an unusual plot relating to finding an “ancient” technology related to space travel and a setup for launching a rocket (which actually appears of 1960s NASA design at one point though the new 2015 NASA logo appears at another point). However, it may also imply that I am in the distant future in some sort of science-fiction scenario. A group of people set up the launchpad on the stage with the “cannon” of this unusual device facing partly upwards but towards the audience area.

      I feel a bit strange seeing what these (unknown) people are doing. The whole setup looks like some sort of odd composite of wrongly arranged rocket launch features, parts of a bed (obvious dream sign) and a cannon. Three unclothed males (another dream sign) are inside this large device that takes up most of the stage. The front-most setup actually looks like a male wrapped up in a blanket and a mattress around him (again, a rather amusing and “overly” obvious dream sign although I reach not an iota of lucidity). The two other males are each protruding from the side as if representing wing function.

      I try to tell the authorities and spectators that this is not necessary and that the rocket will launch without risking the lives of the three men. No one really listens to me and the device is soon set off in a cannon-like event.

      The rocket rises into the sky without incident, getting higher and higher, and everyone seems cheerful and amazed. I watch and it seems somewhat “realistic”. Soon though, the rocket does not have the required escape velocity - which is equivalent to the square root of 2GM divided by r, though this concept is intriguingly skewed in my dream.

      Instead, in fact, the rocket crashes into the invisible seemingly solid dome-like interior of the Earth’s atmosphere, which does not seem that high (in comparison to where the first change of the layer would be). People are startled and it reminds me much of the Challenger space shuttle disaster, with trails of smoke arcing out and down.

      After this, the scenario changes slightly. It almost seems as if I am now at a nude beach though where most are half-dressed (distorted dream sign), though still implied to be the same overall setting. At one point some schoolmates and I (all fully dressed) find the front of the skull of one of the would-be astronauts on the sidewalk near the north entrance. However, I then see it is a “Stars Wars” stormtrooper mask but still try to determine if it is actual human remains. I also very briefly and very vaguely get an eerie reference to Howard the Duck’s face (flight symbol) - not the utterly awful movie rendering, but the original Marvel art.

      Soon, I go up to a row of three robotic but skeletal figures which are arranged on a slightly elevated platform and that apparently represent the remains of the would-be astronauts - though it may also be that they will be using these figures on another launch attempt. Looking at one figure for reference, I fit the “skull front” onto a figure that does not yet have it. The “mask” fits onto a feature where the implied eyes on the “robot” come out on stalks and it is almost like a snap-together model at this point and it easily fits on with four connections (eyes, nose, and mouth extensions on the stage feature). One boy tells me that this is not correct and I firmly tell him that it is the same as the other (which it is).

      From here, I notice Zsuzsanna in the crowd, half-dressed. I decide to become intimate with her even though there is a very dense crowd at this point, and slowly wake from here.

      Although a stage represents the dream state and its nature I am inclined here to reflect that it probably also is a play on “waking stage” since this is the setting from where the “coming down” metaphor is utilized. The “unreal” nature of the “remains” is the typical preconscious transition as in countless similar dreams.

      A rocket represents rising in dream state awareness, which “fails” when the waking state reaches past the halfway mark (or the event horizon of the waking threshold). I have experienced this in thousands of various (but similar) ways since earliest childhood. The first dream sign in this one was about as obvious as possible to the point of being hilarious (yet I still did not catch it within my dream), that is, being launched by a device with bed-like features including three rolled-up mattresses.
    2. Delta Butterfly

      by , 12-14-1979 at 06:14 PM
      Morning of December 14, 1979. Friday.

      I perceive myself as being someone else; an unknown male of about forty. I seem to be planning where soldiers will go by using a large map that covers a table, and I point out locations as other males stand around watching. The country that the war is against is unknown, but is possibly China (though it may also be somewhere in Africa, though that seems illogical in conscious afterthought).

      Over time, it becomes obvious that I have made a mistake, in that a large yellow butterfly has landed on the map, by which I am then incorrectly designating features of the butterfly’s wings as being rivers, rivulets, and locations of possible villages. The people observing and listening to my instructions do not seem that concerned or amused, but I notice a few walking away.

      The butterfly has landed so that its head is over a delta and its superimposition also creates the illusion that its bottom half is over the ocean or other body of water. At one point, I am trying to work out where the perimeter of the butterfly ends and the map details begin.

      When I look up, many people have gone to a different table, where at least three unfamiliar males, possibly astronauts in blue coveralls, are looking at a larger map on a table, one male pointing at it with a pointing stick. (This scene was directly influenced by a View-Master “Project Apollo” frame, which I gazed at many times as a boy.)

      I am somewhat puzzled. The butterfly has made my presentation problematic but now I am vaguely unsure if the meeting was about going to war, or returning to Earth. Somehow, “returning to Earth” does not seem quite right as it would entail that we are not on Earth presently (though this is not certain either).


      Over twenty percent of my dreams since early childhood have rendered return-to-consciousness symbolism as related to flight, though always unique, with positive, negative, or neutral imagery which often seems unrelated to waking life (though is sometimes validated as prescience). This is obviously based on subliminally anticipated hypnopompic effects, mainly including the feeling of falling (which is spontaneous and biological, without the pretense of “interpretation”).

      The concept of war in this case is related to the “struggle” of the fictional dream self, the transient identity and neural patterns changing via the dynamics of emergent consciousness and beginning wakefulness, which is sometimes represented by the color yellow (though red when I have been sleeping too long). It is also seen as a “journey”. In this case, it is even more obvious by the questioning of whether we are on Earth. Technically, we are not, as it is the dream state and I am not walking around on the real Earth.

      There are some curious layers here including “delta” as an association with sleep as well as ocean waves, a play on “delta waves” (relating to deeper sleep rather than REM). It is also associated with the song “Delta Dawn” (sunrise). Water is my most common association with being in the dream state (and its sound has been used in virtually endless commercial relaxation recordings to bring about sleep). The butterfly creates an illusion of “returning to land”, which is akin to returning to the real world from the dream state (as thousands of my dreams have been proven to contain this same type of waking symbolism, though always unique).

    3. Knocking over a NASA Rocket that was Ready to Launch

      by , 05-06-1973 at 11:06 AM
      Morning of May 6, 1973. Sunday.

      I have had a few dreams (early to mid-1970s) of a miniature but “real” Cape Kennedy / Cape Canaveral being set up in my bedroom, living room, or side-yard to the south. In one, outside, seemingly in late morning in Cubitis, I knock the rocket over that was about to launch (it was about three-quarters my size) and watched the “chaos” below with no regret. Still, even though I am supposedly a “giant” in their eyes, everything else (including the houses) was of correct size and to my scale, though there were also some “miniature trees” in my immediate area, only up to about my ankles or so. It was the area between my house and the neighbor to the south, but oriented more towards my front yard. It seemed very realistic (I was semi-lucid any very aware of the details), and it vaguely reminded me of the “Thunderbirds” television show (although the “real miniatures” were much smaller in my dream and there were larger ant-like signs of people and activity).
      lucid , memorable
    4. CAT 58-A (a science-fiction dream about a special rocket)

      by , 05-05-1973 at 11:05 AM
      Morning of May 5, 1973. Saturday.

      In my dream, I have access to a blue-gray spacecraft that is primarily egg-shaped, and I seem to become a part of the apparent NASA setup after being a “giant” in an earlier scene that was in my Cubitis living room (though I do not recall shrinking or much of the backstory). The events all seem to be taking place at night. The spacecraft is called “CAT 58-A”. It eventually seems that Cat 58-A is my rocket-ship though I do not actually fly in it at any point though I do sit inside it a few times as well as walk around the outside of it at the supposed NASA testing site. The site has semitrailer trucks and what looks like power transformers.