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    1. "In a Nutshell"

      by , 10-06-1979 at 01:01 PM
      Morning of October 6, 1979. Saturday.

      I am in a “monster movie” that is also my dream itself, but it is not a nightmare, although there are some unusual emotions related to a vague fear or uneasiness and concern about unknown and dangerous creatures being around and there are some very vivid moments. It is called “In a Nutshell” and is supposedly about a “real” kind of monster. My dream is quite long, but there are a lot of very similar scenes throughout, similar to a lot of real movies where sometimes over half the movie is just people walking around in the woods or some such.

      The creature starts out as growing inside a walnut (or what looks much like a walnut - may be some sort of camouflage). At that stage, it looks much like a very tiny black horse, but somehow also mosquito-like (though still a mammal), and jerks around a lot, especially when somehow being out of the “walnut” too early. It then either dies or mutates into some other type of creature (other than the “bear” it usually becomes) if out of its shell too long. Its adult stage is like a very large “mutant” bear (with “porcupine quills”, but poisonous) that is very aggressive and often hunts people as food. This was from around the same time as the low-rated 1979 movie “Prophecy” came out, but only has a few minor similarities, such as a large mutant bear.

      The unusual thing about this dream was that the scenes with the “tiny horses” jerking around on the floor (in my Cubitis home where all of it takes place - about a year after we moved to Wisconsin) in a stage of illness or possible death before possibly growing into the monster (or mutating into something else) were just as frightening as the potential for the harm caused by the adult bear-like form of the monster.