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    1. A Bizarre Adventure in the Old West

      by , 10-17-2018 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of October 17, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,930-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 51.

      My dream unfolds with the same autosymbolic processes and related components in the same order towards waking as they have on a day-to-day basis for over fifty years, though as is usually the case, in an intriguingly different manner.

      Act One: The non-lucid creation of my vestibular system simulacrum to correlate the illusory physicality of the dream state at the precursory level.

      An old woman, modeled after Sally Fergus (of the television series “Dirty Sally”) travels through the Old West. The setting is a variation of the “Gunsmoke” (television series) set. She has a natural ability to mimic the sound of a chicken perfectly. She casually walks through town, calling all the chickens to aid her in robbing a bank. She is cheerful and confident.

      Act Two: My vestibular system simulacrum is closer to viable RAS mediation and the association with chickens not being capable of sustained flight is transmuted into a paper airplane event.

      The old woman wants to call upon other bandits to help her in future escapades. She folds dollar bills into paper airplanes, writes messages on them with details for potential meetings, and throws them into taverns where possible candidates might be sitting. She also taunts the sheriff by flinging paper airplanes (again, made of folded dollar bills) to his desk at times. Sarcastic messages about his ineptitude are on them. (In this case, the precursory RAS simulacrum - the sheriff - is divided from the vestibular system simulacrum, which is not always the rule. It seems dependent on both ultradian rhythm and my level of dream self awareness, though ultimately it is about unification and reestablishing consciousness.)

      Act Three: The emerging consciousness cue occurs by way of the gathering coins factor. (This was sometimes used deliberately at a liminal or lucid level from early childhood, but water reinduction is far more common for me as well as for Zsuzsanna.) Additionally, there is the final subliminal association and revelation of the real physical body being “hidden” within a bed sheet from the non-lucid dream self. That has been the exit point process of many dreams since childhood.

      The old woman is gathering her men near a wagon to help her move a big rolled-up carpet. The cowboys and bandits decide to unroll it. As they do, more and more coins are visible. They marvel at the hundreds of beautiful coins. I slowly wake.

      Since early childhood, I have remained perplexed over telepathic threads that weave themselves into the dreaming processes. In this case, there are two sources. One, Zsuzsanna had read a story (from a library book I had not seen) to our children about messages sent via paper airplanes. Two, Zsuzsanna had been in a conversation with her sister about an older woman making money with her chickens, though by selling the eggs. I had no precursory idea or cue from either event. These literal transpersonal crossovers into what is otherwise inducing, dreaming, and waking autosymbolism remains an enigma. We experience it all the time. Many others do not.

    2. A Lost Time

      by , 02-08-1984 at 08:26 PM
      Morning of February 8, 1984. Wednesday.

      I seem to be in an unknown or at least unrecognizable area at a motel. It may be in Wisconsin (where I am living in real life) or possibly in a larger city in Florida. The area seems completely deserted other than with my presence. The motel and its larger rooms seem oriented to the south. I get the impression I am a different “character”. I may have a job to do involving a revolver which is apparently in a drawer in one of the motel rooms. I do not seem to be certain which room it is at first but eventually find it.

      This is somehow, but indirectly, connected to another dream section set in a different time, or perhaps it only seems that way. At any rate, it is like an old-fashioned western town. There is a younger girl walking around who may be either Effie Elmer or Betty Jane W (but probably based on Jenny C). Since my dream was recurring, there were different associations. I am lying on my side in the middle of a dirt road, possibly injured relative to my dream’s “back story” though I do not feel hurt. It is the dirt road through this old western town (which resembles Dodge City on the television series “Gunsmoke”). Although the first setting was seemingly deserted and somehow even isolated, this town has activity. I only see the legs and feet of the girl in my partial view of looking under a horse and buggy towards the wooden sidewalk. No one seems to notice me or at least directly regard my presence there on the ground.

      Oddly, when the girl turns to walk in the opposite direction that the horse and buggy is going, she vanishes completely, as the area otherwise blocked by the buggy is then revealed. No one is there. This happens several times in “resets”. Perhaps she is a phantom.

      I am not sure what my role is in either scenario; the apparently modern motel, or the old western town. Perhaps I am there to warn someone or even to shoot someone, but there is no stronger emotion for the most part. Feet and lower legs are all that is ever seen of the possibly unknown girl. She appears to be wearing old-fashioned shoes with buckles. My dream does not seem to have an intentional “plot” of any kind; it just presents the two scenes.
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