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    1. Irradiated Orange

      by , 08-28-1976 at 02:28 PM
      Morning of August 28, 1976. Saturday.

      There were other versions of this dream, one many years later in the 1980s. The location is in the northeast area of my Cubitis home near our shed, a common dream location, often related to wanting to travel north on an otherwise passing train or by walking or running.

      It was quite rare for radiation (which represents emerging energies of liminal space during shifts in consciousness) to be an issue in my dreams, although I have had a lot of dreams about meteors, some threatening (though meteors are just the conscious mind entering the dream state during the waking transition). In this case, the small orange tree (that never got very big in real life) in the northeast area by the shed has one large orange hanging from a thin branch. I become aware of this fact and focus on it. Over time, a large bright meteor moves down from the sky directly to the east. Even though it is seemingly far away, perhaps a few miles, the orange begins to glow brightly, first with a dull eerie light, then brighter. It has seemingly been infused with radiation.

      It is sort of an ambiguous event. In some ways, it seems positive but in other ways, a possible danger. I am not sure why the meteor would have only affected that one orange on an under-grown tree.

      Those who understand the purpose and meaning of dreams will know immediately what this is, and what type. Firstly, an orange represents the conscious mind in downsized rendering (analogous to the light of day or the downsized sun) for more intimacy with the unconscious self, even as a form of nurturing it, and for waking preparation.

      The meteor, as basically anything coming down from the sky, is caused by threads of conscious awareness (another light of day association but upsized in this case). Dreaming itself is “flying”, and flying or coming down does not have to be the immediate unconscious self perspective, but any sort of projection as such into the rendering of the dream.

      Thus we have a typical “failed flight” symbol (the entering of the conscious self into the dream), yet also threads of the conscious self becoming extended yet downsized and more intimately present and nurturing in my dream as the orange as it glows with growing awareness, like a sunrise, the opposite of what the (falling) meteor implies which is accelerated sunset, that is, the “sunset” of the dream form. The end of the dream, the beginning of the day.

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    2. The Cliff

      by , 01-11-1974 at 07:11 AM
      Night of January 11, 1974. Friday.

      Dream #: 2,580-02. Reading time: 38 sec.

      This dream scene has been recurring. I approach a cliff on a mostly flat mountaintop and contemplate jumping off. It is only when I am certain I am dreaming and expect to fly. Sometimes I fly horizontally, though in other dreams, diagonally. I sometimes land in a valley without flying as much, almost like a fall, though not alarming or perceived as potentially dangerous (as it is only a dream). Landing in a valley typically causes my level of awareness to change. For me, flying creates an enhanced experience of imaginary proprioception.

      In this instance, there is an orange hue everywhere, even though it seems late at night. I am facing east towards what seems like a sunrise, though it eventually seems to be more like past sunset (though in which case the sun would be behind me). I feel as if I am the only one around for miles. I feel a positive sense of “being where I should be.”

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