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    1. Hollow Pianos

      by , 10-25-2004 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2004. Monday.

      I am on some sort of outing that may relate to shopping but it is a bit uncertain. A couple of the buildings are too narrow to be significant of very much realism though I do not become lucid at any point, and there actually are buildings this narrow, apparently (though I have never seen such in real life). This may be a play on my association with dealing with “narrow-minded” people throughout most of my life.

      The only other features in my dream are related to clocks and pianos, with the emphasis on pianos. There is something “wrong” about the mostly upright pianos in the three buildings I explore though I cannot determine what it is. I am not sure if I am actually going to buy one (and I am not sure how I would get it home either, or even if I have any money - I may have only about twenty dollars in my wallet). It may be that the pianos do not have “guts” (all the internal parts as in real life) so thus are mostly hollow. This is possibly related to “fake” electronic organs where instead of a larger amplifier at the front, it is a rather small cheap speaker hidden behind the cloth covering the larger stand where there would otherwise be a bigger speaker and more circuits. (At one time, in the mid-1970s, these were about one-tenth the price of a real electronic chord organ - or about a hundred dollars in comparison to a thousand or more).

      Some of the upright pianos (there are no electric pianos in the stores) seem more like an atypical hybrid and resemble a miniature version of a grand piano but not as long front to back. The thing is to find the type that opossums live in rather than rats. A single opossum (usually just lounging in one) would be in a good one (to buy) though four rats (running around randomly inside as a person plays) would live in ones that do not play so well (going out-of-tune more quickly as well as having “loose” keys). This could be a play on “rat race” or even the “rat race being out of tune”. Then again, the whole region seems empty of both people and animals, even birds. I am not even sure why the clocks are necessary, especially more than one, or perhaps each piano comes with a “matching” wall clock. As no one else is around, it dawns on me that there is not much point in even shopping there. The entire business district seems closed.