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    1. “Take them to the Mines”

      by , 12-18-2020 at 10:14 AM
      Night of December 17, 2020. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,722-18. Reading time: 2 min 12 sec.

      In my dream, I become aware of being in an unfamiliar house. I am looking through a doorway where a young girl sits at a desk in a smaller room, writing. (I am standing near the center of a mostly featureless room.) A little bird is on her desk, having left its cage. I am somewhat surprised that cerebral phasing (and its personification) is still active. Ordinarily, the Naiad factor (melatonin mediation) has occupied this part of my sleep cycle’s timeline for over 50 years. (She is not a Naiad though she does mention mines, suggesting caves, in the outcome of the narrative.)

      I slowly become aware of the silhouettes of about six birds. They are peregrine falcons and owls flying around in the foreground, about two feet in front of me in the same room. There is significant energy that increases over time.

      After an intriguing sustained hypnotic focus on this shadowy rustling and atypical energy for this stage, the girl turns to tell me, “Take them to the mines.” I know it means to prepare to enter a deeper sleep to decrease vestibular phasing and myoclonic anticipation.

      How to understand the reasons for dream content:

      Can ultradian rhythm, sleep dynamics, and the time of my dream be determined solely by content? Yes, in this instance, it most certainly can. Here is why:

      Firstly, “take them to the mines,” preconsciously commands going to a dark place underground. In other words, it anticipates my liminal thoughts of entering deeper sleep near the beginning of my sleep cycle. (I am typically aware of the causes of my dreams while I am navigating them. It is not “intepretation” to already comprehend what is occurring.) References to caves in anticipation of entering (or returning to) deeper sleep have been a regular feature in my dreams for over 50 years.

      Because the peregrine falcons and owls are somewhat restless and in the foreground, as a result of predominant vestibular phasing (implying it will take longer to succumb to sleep atonia), the cerebral phasing personification (the girl at her desk) increases to bring attention to the process; thus the cerebral phasing (and reasoning ability) is also at a higher level than usual. Birds also often anticipate myoclonus while sleeping, though in this case, the residual vestibular phasing does not result in myoclonus.

      Why is my anticipation of slow-wave sleep compensated for here in associating it with mines? It is because of experiencing sleep apnea recently. The girl says, “Take them to the mines.” Despite the peregrine falcons and owls indicating restless residual vestibular phasing, a subliminal reference to canaries in coal mines for detecting harmful gases is a factor. It is associated with not being able to breathe while sleeping. Despite subliminally anticipating sleep apnea in this instance, I otherwise rarely experience it.

      My dreams often include literal references to sleeping or dreaming because I am always aware (on one of three fundamental levels; instinctual, liminal, or lucid) when navigating dream space (and duality).

      My dream’s partial influence is the print “El sueño de la razón produce monstruos” (“The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”) by Francisco Goya. However, the foundation stems from “Young Girl Writing at Her Desk with Birds” by Henriette Browne. There was no perception of uneasiness despite the inference of the Goya print.

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    2. Big Books and a Big Greek Coin

      by , 05-10-2020 at 05:00 PM
      Morning of May 10, 2020. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,501-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My dream self lacks any waking-life references (and as usual, there is no recall of the present state of the world), though I become interested in a couple of big books with ambiguous content in an unknown but mostly undefined setting. I treat them as mine.

      The first section of the books seems to feature summaries of dream content, the second, various comic strips (“Blondie” being the one I focus on more), and the third seeming like the Yellow Pages of a phone book. I read a “Blondie” comic strip at the top of a left-hand page, atypically of only two panels, the second panel featuring a winter scene in a city. There is a scene that briefly seems to be in a “real” setting when I am looking at the front of the residence where Dagwood and Blondie live. I consider meeting Dagwood and going to parts of his house that no one (including the Bumsteads) had ever seen. (In a previous dream, I was at a party with Dagwood, his boss Mr. Dithers, and Blondie, and they appeared mainly as in the comic strip.)

      Imaginary somatosensory cortex dynamics initiate but link to a static form of the vestibular cortex model (in contrast to “Fun with Rockets and Alien Spaceships” from May 1) and no dynamic foundation of myoclonus (waking start or falling trigger).

      As a result, I find myself with an old Greek coin, the one that features the Owl of Athena (a flight reference for my dream’s waking transition as always occurs with this mode of dreaming). (One of the last static versions of this process was a sketchy drawing of a crow appearing in a mirror in “Sophie the Ghost” from May 3.) Even so, the coin is about three times bigger than an American quarter and possibly hollow.

      Although the coin is too big to be real, I briefly consider it genuine and valuable. I plan to show it to this dream’s unseen sleep-wake manager (an unknown male), but before I reach him, I see “Athens” to the lower right of the owl relief in uppercase. I read it clearly, and it does not change over time. I consider the coin cannot be genuine because of “Athens” being in English. I wake upon realizing this.

      This dream stems from childhood dreaming practices in which I tried to hold onto a summoned coin to awake with it (and of course, it never worked, although I sometimes woke while pinching my pillowcase). The process (and its absentminded expectation by way of the virtuous circle effect of dreaming practices) has occurred in thousands of my dreams, sometimes with a static link to myoclonus associations as here.

      I will include another example from 2017 when I sat at a table with Les Gold (of “Hardcore Pawn”), and we were discussing a fictitious 1970 limited edition American quarter that featured the outline of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. We talked of how the coin was unpopular, with similar notoriety as the American Susan B. Anthony Dollar.

    3. An Owl and a Flute

      by , 06-15-2014 at 02:36 PM
      Night of June 15, 2014. Sunday.

      It is advised that you skip this one if you are the type to get queasy over the words “saliva” or “spit”. You have been warned.

      I am in an unfamiliar area in a city, possibly a variation of a part of La Crosse somewhere near Third Street, though it “feels” of east and west orientation. There is someone I do not know who has an owl on her left shoulder and is facing the street. It is possible that it is my sister who died this year - it is not certain - I do not look directly at the person from the front and am on her right side the whole time. It seems to be late morning.

      I have some sort of flute (of a golden color but somewhat matte) and am playing a few shorter repetitive melodies and it sounds nice. Eventually, however, there is excess saliva in the instrument which is much more like water that runs out onto the sidewalk, almost going onto the owl but not quite. I am somewhat embarrassed, as there are other people walking around. This happens about three times.

      Eventually, my brother-in-law walks out of some sort of business, perhaps a pawn shop, from behind me, to my left. He makes a comment about not having to see someone’s spit (referring to the “water”) on the sidewalk, but is not referring to me, as he thought one of his employees had done it. The person he yells at walks past me, continuing to my right, seemingly to the east.

      I ask him if I can help with anything and he points out the curb. I am to fix it up somehow, apparently by removing pieces of grass growing through cracks - and small bits of broken concrete and such. I am not sure, though, but my dream shifts to something quite different. It is something about a classmate (Kenneth W?) going to school for longer hours for some reason. It seems to be the subject of a conversation that is more like telepathy somehow.

      I think the flute relates to having heard the “H.R. Pufnstuf” theme a few times recently and having it get “stuck” in my head.

      Additional note: Looking back at other dreams that had something unusual or “different” relative to the curb, I believe, for me anyway, that it has something to do with teeth (relative to the whole mouth) and aspects of their present condition, perhaps, as I do have some cavities.
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    4. The Owl Saved Me

      by , 12-27-1977 at 06:27 PM
      Night of December 27, 1967. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 373-02. Reading time: 1 min 10 sec.

      It is late at night, possibly after midnight, and there is an eerie semi-darkness seemingly caused by a full moon. I am alone in an isolated rural area, probably near a farm. I am walking down an unknown dirt road near a cornfield with cornstalks about twice as tall as I am. I am aware that a rattlesnake is following me. It remains less than ten feet behind me as I am walking. The setting is not frightening, but I am concerned about the snake. (I get the impression that it may be in Wisconsin though I am living in Florida at the time.)

      Soon, a big owl swoops down and grabs the snake in its talons and starts eating it. For a short time, I think maybe the owl will not win, as the snake seems wrapped around one wing of the owl. I get the impression that the owl did it to save me, but the event may have been coincidental. (The scene plays out with visuals from the Time-Life Nature Library book “The Birds.” My dream is extraordinarily vivid. I was close to being aware that I was dreaming. The owl coming down may have been a semi-lucid event regarding self-preservation.)

      There were other dreams during this time relating to owls with eyes of two different colors (imagery also borrowed from “The Birds”). It is as if I am watching a virtual slideshow while incorporeal. One such dream came seemingly about half an hour to fifteen minutes before this one.

      The image below is from a larger photograph taken on the 26th of December in 1967 at North Monroe Street in Florida. At the age of 7, I am holding the book that was the inspiration for this vivid dream.

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    5. An Owl Flies Down (through the ceiling?)

      by , 09-18-1977 at 03:18 PM
      Morning of September 18, 1977. Sunday.

      I am standing near the center of my Cubitis bedroom, possibly in late morning. A large owl flies down from the ceiling, as if through the open area with the ruined hanging tile, this feature caused by a leak (though this feature was more to the south side of my ceiling and the ceiling in my dream seems solid), and flies straight at my face. However, there seems no implied threat and no contact or “hit” occurs, as it is just the imagery without the expected impact - and it actually seems to vanish after this. It flies down from the northwest side of my room. It seems it may have somehow passed through the ceiling and thus I get the impression it might have been a ghost.

      This dream was possibly influenced by having heard noises between the roof and ceiling in real life previously, which my mother had said might be a trapped owl. However, the sounds had turned out to be large rats which began to occupy the area (and which did “tightrope routines” in running across the electrical cord from our house to the shed and back) even though we had never had them before in all the years we had lived there. Shortly after, I had both a "pet” owl (which my father rescued from the side of the road after it was attacked by crows in early morning) and a “pet” rat I named Ben, which had somehow gotten into the square hanging cage my Guinea pig had once occupied but at the time was occupied by an unnaturally small black bantam rooster (the smallest I had ever seen or heard of - his crow being a strange mouse-like squeak). The rat had not hurt the tiny rooster, which we put in a different cage.

      Despite this dream having an additional precognitive layer, the native (real-time) meaning is straightforward. An owl symbolizes the circadian rhythms of night and, as a flight symbol, additionally symbolizes being asleep and in the dream state. I am standing near the center of my bedroom (dream sign and subliminal foundation and origin of the dream self) and it flies down apparently through the ceiling (liminal space of the preconscious band). Overall, my dream simply means that the residual essence of the nighttime awareness is coalescing back into my dream self at the waking stage, as it nears morning in reality, making this dream extremely easy to understand the full meaning of.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment