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    1. World of Briars

      by , 08-17-2015 at 03:53 PM
      Morning of August 17, 2015. Monday.

      This is my first stable dream of this time period on this date, a type which is always lucid - every first dream I have had since early childhood has been of this nature, every single night, with no attempt to make it so, and always in the first stage of light sleep paralysis which I enjoy - I do not attempt to control it in anyway during the first stage - I just flow with it and enjoy it even if the imagery should be grotesque beyond imagination. The imagery, I suppose, this time, is somewhat nightmarish (in regards to how others might see it), but not a nightmare at all to me. There is no emotion other than a sense of peace and acceptance. In this state, even being fully in-body, there is no way a lucid dream could integrate or interfere with my real-life state. I mostly just watch. I am not even regarded by the entity that is “making” this domain - even though I sense and know that he is not “of” me in any way.

      Some sort of larger-than-life human-like form, fairly pale, somewhat sickly looking (yet still seemingly stronger than any human form), holds an egg. It looks like a typical white chicken egg, though perhaps bigger. Over time, thorns (of about three different sizes) sprout from all areas of its surface, though leaving the egg’s surface fully intact otherwise. At times, the implications “reset”. The being stands as, slightly hunched over, at one point, the thorns growing from the egg seem to become endless briars in a large ominous but colorful landscape of mostly greens, oranges, yellows, and browns. Certainly this place is not for human beings, though I have certainly seen far worse realms. The thorny briars are in various patterns and sizes that sometimes cross over each other and form “gates” and purely organic trellises. Everything is made of briars, including possibly “nests” assuming there are creatures or human-like forms that live here. I realize this realm is probably a human world that relates to frustration or possibly a lack of focus. It is beautiful, but not a place I particularly would want to spend much time in.

      I do not challenge the being with the egg (which sits on the palm of his right hand), even though he seems puzzled that nothing emerges from the egg (upon each “reset”) but thorns. If he wants to keep creating infinite briars into his world from it, who am I to stop him. This is his world, not mine.