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    1. "The Elite Kingdom"

      by , 08-19-1973 at 12:59 PM
      Morning of August 19, 1973. Sunday.

      I look over the edge of my bed and see a book called “The Elite Kingdom” by Jaylene DeKish. It is a novel (possibly nonfiction) about hairless rats taking the place of people. At the time, I had never heard the name Jaylene and there are no people named “DeKish” as far as I know. There were Google matches for “De Kish”.

      There are eerie scenes, also, of glowing hairless pink rats (seemingly not Pepto-Bismol-colored as was recurring) from radiation? - near my bed, mostly along the floor at the side of the bed to the north - and some concern about them being in my bed for a time. In my dream, my bed is near the center of the room where it never was in real life. There is no terror or fear of any kind, though. Certain thoughts regarding the rats seem to last almost all night but not fully into the morning.

      For some reason, the word “smek” comes to mind at one point. This almost seems to mean “small mice elite kingdom”, but is actually a sound representation I had seen in comic magazines, for when someone slaps someone.
    2. The Snake that Followed Me Home

      by , 10-13-1972 at 03:59 PM
      Morning of October 13, 1972. Friday.

      A pinkish (Pepto-Bismol-colored, recurring to a lot of dreams in my youth) fairly small and skinny snake is trying to follow me home from school as I travel northward to my home in Cubitis. It hides in different areas such as roofing timbers, above lockers, and so on. I get the impression it is a relative that had been transformed (or perhaps even reincarnated) unwillingly, perhaps a supposed (but fictional to real life) uncle. As I walk home, the longer time I spend outside from there, the less I notice it. No one else notices the snake. I stop at a few other buildings, being inside for a short time on my way home.

      As stated several times in my online journal, I believe a snake in dreams often represents the human intestine due to its shape and how it can “coil”. In this dream, it was even more obvious, I think. I had a fairly mild stomach ache prior to sleep, the snake was the color of Pepto-Bismol (a stomach-ache remedy), and it was “above” me (beyond my control) as well as following me. However, there was no stronger fear - in fact, my dream had a sort of comedic mood for the most part. Also, after I had evaded it, my stomach ache was mostly gone (I had not taken Pepto-Bismol during this period, though had at other times, before and after.)
    3. The Pink Machine Gun (Augmented Revision)

      by , 07-29-1972 at 03:29 PM
      Night of July 29, 1972 to morning of July 30, 1972. Saturday night to Sunday morning (my dream had at least two “resets” and recurrences).

      Finding things or validating unfamiliar scenes directly after dreaming specifically of them (typical precognitive and remote viewing hybrid) and with additional meaningful synchronicity:

      Additional notes: While doing more research on my important clarifications and revisions (due to it being one of thousands of records that for me validate remote viewing and precognition hybrids - the main governing purpose of dreams), I discovered an additional oddity. This dream was obviously, in part, influenced by “War of the Worlds” (1953), seen earlier this day (July 29), as well as part of the “Miss Universe Beauty Pageant” prior to sleeping. What I found was that “War of the Worlds” originally premiered on July 29, 1953 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, my seeming placement in New Jersey at one point in my dream may actually be due to my association with Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost’s supposed “New Joisey” accent, and the television station likely showing it on this date purposely as an anniversary tribute (otherwise the odds are 1 in 365 by chance alone). Even so, it does imply synchronicity for me, albeit, in a more subtle way.

      The Pink Machine Gun:

      In my dream as a boy (age eleven, and during summer break), I had a toy machine gun that I was somehow able to defend myself with against invading hostile aliens (even though it did not fire “real” ammunition in-dream - it just made that clacking sound) - though the events sometimes seemed to be in the early 1950s (I do note 1953 on one billboard) as if out of a movie - and at times, perceived from a secondary perspective (for example, I watch myself look over a precipice at one point, viewing this from a lower perspective). At one point, the aliens seem to be “invading” a beauty pageant, yet remain mostly unseen. They are more human in appearance than the ones from “War of the Worlds”.

      The toy machine gun had that pinkish Pepto-Bismol color like certain other features that were in my dreams at times (often the result of a mild stomachache during sleep), but eventually was a darker green. That (having a toy gun or even a real one and fighting the “enemy”) is probably a fairly common dream theme for a boy (or for that matter, anyone). However, my dream introduced a certain special feeling, an overwhelming curiosity about the real world relative to a certain location and the realization there were areas close-by I had not fully explored. I was also walking through a large round culvert as if going between towns or safer locations (though the one near our house in reality, you could only crawl through with difficulty).

      I suppose aliens actually represent everyman from my view - or “normal” people and mainstream consensus. Because of my continuous so-called unusual and unexplainable experiences over every day of my life, even more so due to their continuous additional validations (thus discounting the typical “imagination” or “coincidence” cop outs), it makes sense that I see a greater part of the human race as “alien”.

      In real life, solely due to my dream, I was compelled by the dream “residue” to explore our culvert in Cubitis. I had never been down to and certainly not inside the one in the front area of our house but I decided to try it. In the very middle (and I had to crawl in - my mother warned me later not to go in there again due to possible pesticide runoff) and found a section of a toy machine gun; the handle and some other parts that looked fairly old and a larger spring, the remains of which had the “presence” of what I had actually felt in my dream. I kept it for a few weeks out of curiosity but eventually threw it out. How it got in there, especially that far, I have no idea, probably a boy that had lived in the area years prior - an engraved date on one piece was 1953. The concrete block house itself was fairly new, newer than the culvert and highway.

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