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    1. Tornado!

      by , 05-06-2018 at 09:52 AM
      Morning of September 13, 1970. Sunday.

      Preparatory RAS mediation begins as a result of liminal anticipation of vestibular system correlation, taking autosymbolic form as my dream. This is one of my favorite dreams from childhood.

      In my dream’s backstory, a tornado is approaching the town of Arcadia from the south. I do not perceive it as a potential threat to my home in Cubitis, which is about five miles north of Arcadia. It seems to remain late morning throughout my dream.

      An unknown dark-haired male of about thirty has a small information station set up as a public service, which mostly only features an elevated podium and a large easel to his left (my right in viewing the scene from my room’s west jalousie windows). The location is in the same area in front of Kenny and Karen’s home, at the end of their driveway, where Highway Seventeen runs perpendicularly to it. This is where we had waited for the school bus during some semesters. There are about a dozen people, all adults, standing and facing west. The man (facing my direction with his head and shoulders about three feet above the heads of the small group he is speaking to) is showing and discussing the details of a “tornado” of which the easel is displaying, but the image of which is solely a series of sparsely drawn black horizontal lines on a plain white background, each line being longer from bottom to top. I am only vaguely puzzled by how this arrangement of lines does not really look like a tornado other than as a suggestion of a tornado’s general shape. I remain in my room as this presentation continues on the other side of the highway.

      My focus eventually shifts to Brenda (schoolmate, neighbor, and close friend), and this thought creates a new setting. I am then in my primary school’s playground in morning daylight. The tornado is arriving from the southwest, somehow without any implication of wind, though still perceived as a danger to my schoolmates, yet not me. I am on the south side of the hexagonal merry-go-round and I perceive that I need to save my schoolmates.

      I take hold of a metal bar of the merry-go-round and begin running in a circle to counteract the tornado, by turning the merry-go-round in the opposite direction of which the tornado is spinning. At this point, despite my young age, I am vaguely aware of “vestibular system equilibrium”, though I am only liminally lucid.

      In knowing the cause of the autosymbolism of this dream, my dream self experienced liminal dream control and modulation over the transpersonal band of the preconscious, which as a result, softened the waking experience rather than resulting in a hypnopompic waking start such as a falling sensation, hypnopompic kick, or a more dramatic rendering of dream self cessation as is quite common and is otherwise just a biological factor of the waking transition. The main purpose of a dream is to resolve the waking stage itself and to correlate the illusory dream self with the conscious self identity.

      What are reasons for some of the other autosymbolism of which did not seem to be a result of the vestibular system correlation in the final scene? The “teacher” discussing the “anatomy” of a tornado was in a location where I usually wait for the bus to go to school. I do not go to school on Sunday, so this rendering of the personified unconscious seemed like a logical choice to establish this status, especially as the viewpoint was from my bed (bed dream state indicator). (I still ended up in my school’s playground in the last scene, though, by liminal choice.) As I was the liminal essence of the dream state itself, there was no perceived threat (against me), even by a tornado.

      On a spiritual level, I was also creating the model of a Merkaba, which I will not go into here as it would require too many additional paragraphs. Aside from the typical vestibular system correlation of the dream state itself, I additionally consider this dream as having a prescient marker due to the date (Zsuzsanna’s birthday), my rescue of her validated “stand-in” (Brenda), and the Merkaba model.

    2. Snakes or Tires

      by , 01-01-1978 at 07:01 AM
      Night of January 1, 1968. Monday.

      I am with Brenda W (though she is not directly next to me and is to my right, though sometimes ahead of me). We need to get to the area where others are involved in a picnic, though this is not logical as it is not yet sunrise, though it is light enough to see most detail. There are a number of coiled sleeping snakes around the area that we have to tiptoe past. (I take these snakes to be water moccasins though they do not appear as such - “water moccasins” being a play on typical water induction and a play on not wearing “real” shoes in the dream state, that is, while asleep in bed). Their coiled bodies are about six inches in width or more. Looking closely, some snake heads seem a bit too big for their body and are about twice as big as my hand. For a moment, I hear the snakes snoring. (This is probably my own snoring though there is a bizarre myth amidst a vast sea of dream myths that people “cannot snore and dream at the same time”).

      Eventually, I find myself approaching a picnic table, which is longways in my path. An overweight classmate is the only one seated and Brenda has vanished. “What are you doing?” she demands. I realize that I am still walking in an odd stealthy manner. Looking back, I see the “snakes” were “actually” automobile tires in a random arrangement (even though they were originally snakes).

      For some reason, I decide that the picnic table’s seat is a good place to lie down on. I also discover that I am not fully dressed though do not feel that out of place. I soon discover that I had been carrying a sheet all that time (even though I actually had not). I hear Peggy puffing in the background as if she is annoyed but I could not care less. It seems to almost be like snoring.

      Snakes have often had associations with the human intestine as I was growing up, though there are a number of completely different associations depending on dream context. I am going to assume the intestine here since it is associated with a picnic and eating - and even more so, a “spare tire” is also a reference to the stomach and being overweight - which may be a perspective on Peggy and her demeanor as I was not overweight at this time. Being fully dressed and then not dressed (with the false memory of never having been dressed up to that point) is a dream sign waking transition that merely reflects that a person does not usually wear clothes when they sleep. Even the sheet and deciding the picnic table is my bed is an obvious dream sign waking transition. In fact, even the snakes being asleep is an obvious dream sign though a large snake is typically also a coalescence precursor which does not activate here. Instead, I “go back to sleep” and wake up on my own without a need for my dream self to be “swallowed” back into my whole self. (There is also a possible link to “being tired” and the snakes being asleep.)

    3. The Iron Rainbow

      by , 10-08-1977 at 01:47 PM
      Morning of October 8, 1967. Sunday.

      A sparsely recurring dream (probably only about four times in memorable ones). I am aware of a “rainbow” in the elementary school playground that is referred to (at least in my original dream journal title) as an “iron rainbow”. I have not found any other titular references. Even at this young age, I still seemed somewhat aware of the concept of phasing; that is, in relation to the varying proportional positive/negative polarity of two simultaneous combinations of a state creating a different totality when either has a particular level of polarity. In this case, it seems the environmental space is able to hold a particular “state” at different times; the state of where the “iron rainbow” fully exists (when the polarity is just right, seemingly based on weather), one where it is invisible or almost invisible but still somewhat touchable, and one where it does not exist at all. This is comparable to the phase shifting in two audio sources combined in particular ways, from very loud and “robot-like” (a sort of metallic, hollow sound, with far less bass), to complete silence (non-existence of any audio of any kind, even at the kHz end, and even at -144 dB) when with opposite polarities when combined at the same volume level.

      The “iron rainbow” is much like a set of playground monkey-bars, but longer, more complex, and sort of trapezoidal (in comparison to the one I played on in real life, which was more squarish). I think it is only there at certain times, relating to the weather. Not many students are using it and there are many times when no one uses it. I ponder on its safety, yet there is still a sense of nostalgia (probably false nostalgia from earlier versions of my dream that I did not recall at all). Apparently, there are actually arc-shaped monkey-bars, but this one in my dream was not really rainbow-like at all even though it was called such.
    4. Distorted Playground - Vertical Slide

      by , 05-06-1973 at 11:06 AM
      Morning of May 6, 1973. Sunday.

      Dream #: 2,330-03. Reading time: 40 sec.

      Features of this dream (stemming from vestibular modulation) have occurred many other times, the setting a variation of the playground in Florida from my elementary school. In this dream, it is at least four times bigger. As is typical, there seem to be random members of the public in addition to the students and teachers. I wander around and notice more features than in the real playground. There is a slide (about half the height of the real one) that is almost vertical. I climb its ladder and notice a few classmates carelessly hanging off the sides near the top. I do not feel like going down the “slide” and somehow get off the feature without doing anything physical, perhaps teleporting to the ground, to find myself walking farther south without incident. I do not attempt to use any other playground equipment. I watch from a distance. One feature resembles the monkey bars from the real playground but with a crow’s-nest at the top that seems precarious.

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