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    1. A River in a House; an Insect in a Book

      by , 11-23-2013 at 05:23 PM
      Morning of November 23, 2013. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,141-02. Reading time: 2 min 42 sec.

      I am in the Stadcor Street house, though unaware it is a place where we had lived. The house has boxes and furniture in all the rooms, but there is water everywhere that covers much of it. It seems as if there a river within the house. I try to get through one area from the lounge room to the kitchen and sometimes go lower or under the shoulder-high water to pull myself back up while using boxes or furniture to stabilize my position. An old unknown male on a raft drifts by, seemingly annoyed by my presence.

      Later, I am outside with Zsuzsanna near a big (fictitious) garage. The area is inhabited by people who are like composites of pilgrims and hillbillies with a colonial mentality. They are xenophobes. A man who reminds me of VonHelton, a conspiracy theorist on YouTube, is present. I was supposed to give him something from the house, but I had forgotten what it was.

      “What does an injun and a gypsy hope to find here?” he loudly inquires, waving his arms around. He has a long white scraggly beard and reminds me of the personas from “Bugs Bunny: Hillbilly Hare.” There is a big table where there are old one-of-a-kind books. One of the people near the table seems friendly. Another man looks at me and tells me to be careful with the “one-of-a-kind” books, and I stare him down while telling him that I am “one-of-a-kind.” However, it also seems that similar “one-of-a-kind” books are underwater back in the house.

      Time passes, and I seem to be Zsuzsanna, but my voice seems to be mine. No one notices. I am looking through books on family names. There is an ancestor on Zsuzsanna’s mother’s side named either Mark Davids or David Marks, but it seems unlikely in my dream (in real life, it is “Marks,” anglicized from the original name). The book I am looking through as Zsuzsanna while speaking to other people at the table has the names in proximity. One features in a comic-strip-like section (though with real photographs) as a Czechoslovakian pirate chasing another man who ends up neck-high in a river near mossy rocks. (There is a “Czech Pirate Party” - “Pirate Parties were established in many European countries as a protest against the restriction of the civil rights by lobby groups.” There may be influence from the news “Hundreds of rampaging neo-Nazis attempt pogrom against Romani people in Ostrava.”)

      I continue to read (as Zsuzsanna) information on her father’s people and the genocide that is still an issue. (In real life, he had escaped to Australia). There is a connection to the word “pogrom” and the name “Ostrava” and other terms, some fictitious, the main word being “Sym,” which supposedly means a pogrom against the “gypsies” (Romani). It could be a play on “Sim.” It seems to be “Sxm” at times. (There was a “precognitive” thread here, though likely telepathic for lack of a better word. Toby had posted “Sxm” on Facebook right after I started writing this entry - his own new shortened form of the name of a radio station he had never posted about before.)

      I become aware my youngest son is here. I open a book and in the back, between the back cover and the last page, is a big praying mantis preserved much like a leaf, its wings (somewhat semi-circular) spread out. It is nearly the size of the page. It floats in the air for a short time before drifting back down onto the page, as if from a subtle life-force, perhaps from suspended animation. It is the most vivid part of my dream. My son watches with mild interest but does not speak. I am thinking, as Zsuzsanna, that I should “find my husband.”

      I have added another “precognitive” facet even though the matching dream content of another poster had an older date. It was posted right after mine (so I am adding the “dream journal synchronicity” tag). Ashzepplin’s online dream journal (dream id 189743) no longer exists.

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    2. I vs. Mantis

      by , 08-13-1976 at 02:13 PM
      Morning of August 13, 1976. Friday.

      Dream #: 3,525-07. Reading time: 20 sec.

      I enter the Cubitis house’s southwest bedroom (where my school clothes are) in the late morning. I encounter a giant praying mantis that is about as tall as I am. It stands facing me (facing north) on the west side of the room. Curiously, I see it as an oddity, and I do not feel threatened by it. It does not attack me.

      My dream was probably at least partly influenced by the movie “The Deadly Mantis” (1957) though I had seen these insects in real life.