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    1. Cuckoo Clock Puzzle House

      by , 11-09-2018 at 12:45 PM
      Morning of November 2, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,946-03. Reading time (optimized): 1 min. Readability score: 68.

      In my dream, I am in the living room of the King Street mansion (which served as a boarding house). I am focused upon the cuckoo clock on the south wall (erroneous location). It seems to be late morning. The owners are presently out, possibly on vacation.

      I want to get to my apartment (in this case the middle room of the east side of the mansion on the second floor), but there is no door. I am using the cuckoo clock as a replica of the house, where it is somewhat like a virtual Chinese puzzle box. I must turn certain sections of the clock to correlate with the real doors of the house. There are also sections that move in and out like slots.

      I consider that I may not still be living here (on a rental basis) and that I want to be in my bedroom before the owners return. I maintain a cheerful attitude even though the entry points of the clock do not perfectly match that of the house itself.

      My dream had the typical dream state components:

      The cuckoo clock (association with flight and the vestibular system correlation of the waking process).

      The clock theme itself (ultradian and circadian rhythm of the sleep cycle).

      The puzzle, and solving it (nature of enigmatic space, where the dream self identity and the conscious self identity are still separate).

      Getting to a bedroom (literal bed space strand and subliminal awareness of being in the dream state, becoming liminal prior to waking).

    2. Three by Six Rubik’s Cube

      by , 04-21-2018 at 08:34 AM
      Morning of April 21, 2018. Saturday.

      In my dream, I am in the lounge room of the Stadcor Street house in Wavell Heights. It seems to be morning. I am near where the faux fireplace was in reality, though a two-tiered wooden shelf that covers this area of the wall replaces it. Additionally, it vaguely has an association with the chest in the lounge room of our present address, though does not physically resemble it.

      I notice some VHS tapes on one shelf, but I soon notice an original (three by three) Rubik’s Cube. To its right is a smaller one. I pick up the smaller one to look at it. Even though it was also a three by three, it is now a three by six.

      At this point, the preconscious is rendered to my right (the usual waking autosymbolism orientation). He is an unfamiliar light-haired male of about twenty. He seems cheerful and I do not see him as an intruder.

      From here, I start to move parts of the Rubik’s Cube. The rendering is not physically possible. That is, there are mostly one by six rows that turn about fully without causing the cube to fall apart. Additionally, I impossibly turn the three by one rows and it all stays together. I make about four turns prior to waking.

      To explain this dream, a common RAS mediation factor of the dream state is: Thinking Skills Correlation (Consciousness Initiation), which is what this dream is. I am focused on a Rubik’s Cube (which relates to the thinking skills that the non-lucid dream self cannot possess, as unconscious access is not viable in the non-lucid dream state).

      The preconscious is cheerful as I am subliminally aware of the dreaming and waking process and I do not contest it. The emergent consciousness factor, not fully correlated while still in the dream state, is the illusory (impossible) Rubik’s Cube.

    3. Puzzles and Pills

      by , 04-28-2017 at 10:28 AM
      Morning of April 28, 2017. Friday.

      In the first part of my dream, I somehow lift one side of the mattress, which is near the wall, while I am still kneeling atop it. Under the bed are two rows of model cars of the type that were put together from a kit. The rows are nearest the wall. (Neither side of our bed is near a wall in reality.) This involves some sort of false memory that dreams create so often, and it is even like a sense of nostalgia. I pick one of them up, from about the middle of the second row out, and it seems to be somewhat like a dune buggy though somewhat angular all around. It is a bit longer than the length of my hand.

      I later find myself with what turns out to be at least three jigsaw puzzles on top of each other. Originally, I try to keep them together as I am moving them, but they fall into pieces on the bed. They all seem to be some sort of manga “movies”, or rather, are linked to some sort of soundtrack that I hear in my mind by taking a couple white pills, which have somewhat of a sweet flavor and are associated with the puzzles. Because the puzzles are not together, the dialogue is in random parts. I am not clear on what the female voices are saying because of this. Again, the spoken words are only heard in the correct order when the puzzles are complete (although each puzzle is only one large picture).

      I find this unique even though it is straightforward. Being in bed in my dream is a subliminal awareness that I am actually sleeping (and obviously in bed) at the time. The Puzzled State is a recurring level of dream self existence during the waking transition. I was first aware of this metaphorical association from a dream from when I was only four years old. It is metaphorically linked to the temporary dream self suddenly relearning the conscious self identity, which is “in pieces” in the dream state prior to waking, thus an incomplete jigsaw puzzle symbolizes the transient nature of liminal space and puzzlement over shifting consciousness. The pills might be related to an association with “The Matrix” with finding out the dream state is not real (though this is only a wild guess, as I do not take pills or any type of medication in real life).

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    4. A Logic Puzzle

      by , 04-10-2017 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of April 10, 2017. Monday.

      I am aware that I will be doing some sort of test or writing assignment (as apparently I am still in school) and I go into a store to buy a pencil. The cashier is Patrick S, my foreman (from Northern Engraving) who shot himself years ago.

      There are three rectangular display wells on one side (in a connected sequence), with at least the middle one having several pencils in various conditions. I pick out a new yellow pencil that is not sharpened and which is featureless at both ends (that is, with no eraser on either end). I am thinking that there may not be a way to sharpen it (after being back in the classroom) in order to do my work. The cashier tells me that it is ten cents. As I pay him, I see that the pencil is now sharpened but is barely long enough to hold onto but also has an eraser. It seems odd but I do not put it back. The lead (graphite) is somewhat blunt and partly covered by the wood as well. Still, I do not complain (as I may be able to write with it as is) and take it with me back to the unfamiliar school. (I have a brief thought that the cashier might say something about the condition of the pencil but he does not.)

      Back in the classroom, I see that there are already suitable sharpened pencils for the students, one near each empty seat, so I take one to use as I sit down. The teacher sits at my table, directly across from me. Oddly, he is also Patrick S (though implied to be a different person than the cashier). I do not consciously notice this impossibility. We each have some sort of workbook. The teacher (not having the answer at hand) is also to do the work at the same time as the students. He tells us that the work is on page 164. Even though we all go to page 164 in our own copy of the book, I notice that the number is 154 when looking later. (Still, I stay on that page.)

      The task involves finishing a logic puzzle with a fishing theme. The entire page is filled with clues in the form of sentences, yet none of them relate directly to the solution other than one of the last clues (second or third from the bottom), which mentions catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and a weight value (of the catfish). The entire table (with at least six events, perhaps eight) is apparently to have (at least) the person’s name, the kind of fish they caught, its weight, and the location it was caught. I look it over and find it rather strange. There are no names of people or places that I can discern in the clues so how would one be able to complete the table?

      The teacher cheerfully mentions to me that there is more on other pages. I notice a couple blank tables on the next page but I do not know if it relates to the task at hand. Perhaps he means that I can do a different puzzle on one of the other pages, but I do not say anything and mostly regard the fishing-themed one.

      What am I "fishing for" here? My transient temporary dream self (a different incarnation in each dream, often which has no association with current conscious self identity), also known as the "personified subconscious", does not really exist, thus I am in the puzzled state (which does not occur in all dreams), seeking the return to my conscious self identity (otherwise known as waking up from sleep, literally). The part where the pencil changes has the essence of non-lucid dream control.

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    5. Hanoi (postcog or not)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 02:07 PM
      Night of August 7, 2015. Friday.

      Oh no, not this “or not” again. (Someone slap me.)

      Well, here is another little “weird” one. I do not have a Tower of Hanoi puzzle in real life (at least on hand) unless the baby-toy variation is relevant (my first guess being “no”). This is just a brief and skewed “anniversary” dream, I think, of playing around with a version of the Tower of Hanoi (and there are apparently several variations). Though it has shades of postcognition, I am more-so inclined to believe I might have seen the newspaper very recently due to the extensive level of research I have been doing of late.

      One of the newspaper headlines I would have seen (while living on Rose Street) on August 7, 1965 reads “REDS ASK HANOI AID”. What this has to do with my dream, I remain clueless. Because the word “aid” appears, I assume it may be a play on help in solving the Hanoi Tower (which I have not really messed around with in years, the last time being a computer game version of it). Of course, maybe it is something that looks like the Hanoi Tower, and, specific to the date (August 7) perhaps metaphorically relating to three people who are passing something of a puzzling nature between the three of them.

      No clue otherwise.
    6. Diagramless

      by , 07-25-2015 at 11:19 AM
      Morning of July 25, 2015. Saturday.

      I had a very bland dream of looking at an unsolved diagramless crossword puzzle (which I had never been a fan of though had solved a few in my life). It does not seem to have been worked on correctly, as there are no symmetrical or mirrored aspects anywhere - the black squares seem all random. More oddly, no words have been filled in, which you would have to at least know some of to begin the implied pattern. I am not sure where the puzzle came from or who had been working on it.

      It is possible that this dream was only a surfacing memory with in-dream distortion relating to when my older sister Marilyn gave me all of her puzzle books (including ones with pages of diagramless puzzles) going back to the 1950s and which I no longer possess (I wanted them to be in her house again, though they were probably discarded when she passed on). It could also relate to my view of society as somewhat random and not very organized or responding correctly to clues or other information, including the nature of authority and government.