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    1. Miniature Quetzals in Our Backyard

      by , 11-27-2013 at 05:27 PM
      Morning of November 27, 2013. Wednesday.

      In my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna and our children are in our backyard in perhaps late morning, seemingly of the home we live in now on W Street. There are some differences though, one being that the gate is more towards the middle of our fence on the west side of the property, and there are also additional trees. At least four miniature resplendent quetzals fly around, both males and females. At times though, it seems like they may also be a rare species of hummingbird. (Hummingbird and quetzal composites have appeared in previous dreams.) There is a heightened awareness of beauty and peace. The vibrant energies of the reds, greens, and blues move through the air as they seem interested in the flowers growing near one tree near our fence. My wife watches them cheerfully. At times, they seem more and more like hummingbirds (or perhaps just with hummingbird heads and way of flight - as their wings are sometimes moving more like that of a bee). It is like a special mystery or “visit” for our eyes only. I am sort of puzzled as to what they really are but feel they are like a special gift in some ways. (A quetzal also appeared in probably the most vivid dream I ever had in my lifetime, on Easter morning of 1986, age 25.)

      Amusing trivia: Curiously, the audio reversal of “quetzal” sounds just a little like “Aztec” (ket-so…os-tek), whereas “Quetzalcoatl” sounds a little like “little old Aztec”.

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    2. Aquarium Change

      by , 07-27-1996 at 01:27 PM
      Morning of July 27, 1996. Saturday.

      In my dream, I own some sort of large unusual aquarium (similar to the one my brother had in real life in La Crosse at one time). My mother and oldest sister Marilyn are present in addition to my wife Zsuzsanna. After a time, an unexplainable event occurs. There is some sort of miniature “storm” or whirlpool-like event in the aquarium that is apparently being caused by some sort of unknown event occurring elsewhere (and from where, is unknown).

      There is one fish in the aquarium (I am uncertain of the species) and this fish swims at an angle as far away from the turbulent water as possible. The fish remains uninjured and apparently safe thus far.

      After time passes, though, the aquarium falls apart and all the water flows out (waking point). There are no longer any fish, but there are now two multicolored birds that seem to be male and female. They are either lorikeets or resplendent quetzals (or a composite of both). (My present guess in March 2015 is that they were quetzals, or composite of quetzal and hummingbird, as this is a recurring dream element for me).

      The more dreams I review over a lifetime, the more the decoding comes out. Assuming these two birds were quetzals (though the entry image is of lorikeets), they would simply represent my wife and I as “ascended” on at least one in-dream level (looking back on my dream from “Soul’s Union of the Quetzal and the Silver Sebright Bantam” from March 30, 1986, where I have enhanced the imagery from that entry to be nearly identical to my dream).

      That March 30th Easter dream always seemed like a metaphorical ascension type, and if such is the case, this dream probably relates the solitary fish as an isolated aspect of myself deliberately avoiding the union (or Merkaba) for whatever reason (likely as the fish is on its own), and that this July 27th dream touches this period to where we now have the birds to represent us at one level. It seems fairly straightforward and obvious at this point (August 9, 2015).

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