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    1. She Takes my Bottled Water

      by , 05-24-2017 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of May 24, 2017. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,419-01. Reading time: 1 min 19 sec. Readability score: 64.

      I am in an unknown room (although there is an association, conscious afterthought only, that I am in the west area of the kitchen of our present home).

      There is an indistinct awareness; a possible backstory; of watching what may be a YouTube video made by people with a typical lack of reasonable intelligence. I am only aware of it at times. Its overall content remains uncertain.

      I am holding commercially bottled water. It is a 1.5-liter plastic bottle with a discernible label. It is probably about three-quarters full.

      An unknown dark-haired girl approaches me from the east side of the kitchen, possibly from my sons’ room.

      She wants to know what I have and what the name of it is. I see that the name of the bottled water product is “Watership Down.” I tell her this as I show it to her. I hand it to her, and she takes it, seeming formally appreciative as she walks away, possibly back to my sons’ room. My dream self remains passive and servile.

      My dream segment stems from the concept of dream state water induction and reinduction, where water usually vivifies the dream state (including by being splashed by it), based on the Naiad process, sometimes ritualistically, at the beginning of many sleep cycles. (The video association was probably from audio from a television that was on in reality.) Here, it is analogous to natural melatonin. I do not need more, as I do not need to remain in the sleep cycle. Thus, the preconscious avatar, no longer in service as a Naiad, takes my water away.

      What reveals that this (in addition to what I already know) is the case? First of all, rabbits often live underground, an association with being asleep, and the subconscious self (”below,” “under,” “underground”) not being the conscious self. Additionally, the lyrics from “Watership Down” begin with “Is it a kind of a dream?” (Zsuzsanna sang this to me on a cassette she made before we met.)

    2. The Old Shack (long-term precognition)

      by , 08-24-1970 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of August 24, 1970. Monday.

      This dream, I consider one of my most significant and “unexplainable” childhood dreams, as well as it being one of the longest of the time period. I called it “The Old Shack” in my original childhood journal. My dream’s back story started by three classmates and I (Tina L, Brenda W, and best friend Toby T) doing a real-life-based childish routine on the song “Sugar Shack” and pretending to mess up in timing, and going “whoops, it exploded… boom!” …“accidentally” (on purpose) flowing into the Nancy Sinatra song “Sugar Town”. School had gotten out June 5th this year.

      My dream featured a strange old (fictional) wooden building (a “sugar shack” I had supposed - but not really - one room had an old bed we all “slept” on which seemed to be oriented from the middle of the south wall) where one room on the north end of the main room seemed sort of “burned” or dark, with very loose and missing floorboards as well as missing wall and ceiling parts - and appeared in different ways at different times (in terms of age). The only other feature in this shack of note are ragged curtains with only about fifty percent of the cloth left. There was a strong emotional focus on my dream at the time, but I did not know why. My dream also had typically recurring elements. The juvenile (in this case) “four in a bed” concept likely but innocently could have been inspired by promos (or newspaper theater advertisements) for “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, though I had no idea what the movie related to other than from the Mad Magazine parody us four read in real life (and of course did not really find that amusing - and it certainly did not encourage us into looking forward to being “idiotic” adults, though I usually enjoyed most features in Mad Magazine), though I do not know the day it was bought - the cover date says September 1970, but it likely was available in June 1970 or earlier. The hair color (three dark, one blonde) matched, and I had a brother-in-law named Bob and a sister (not Bob’s wife) named Carol.

      In my dream, a normal rabbit (possibly modeled after my mother’s pet rabbit Cindy, though it seemed wild in my dream) had gone through the doorway that led in and out of the unusual room (though the floor did not seem strong enough or complete enough to walk on or even to actually enter the room). Later, it was a giant rabbit (bigger than a horse), but was not dangerous in any way. There is also a part where a snake grows larger but does not threaten us - though we do see it crawl past the open front door (on the east side of the building - the back door being on the west side), being about half the height of the doorway and this concerns Tina. At one point (when events are getting to a point where we need to leave), she says (in her “fake” British accent) “…but what about the rabbit?”

      Tina had placed a sparrow with a broken wing through the doorway at one point, and it had begun to grow larger. It eventually becomes a pterodactyl after flying over the shack and she seems a bit concerned about what she did. She also puts an old wilted bouquet of flowers (from the southwest dusty corner of the large room) through the doorway and the blooms become fresh. I am not sure how the room works at any point. Does it move through time (thus causing other things to change), or just make things bigger at times? I can understand how the sparrow became a pterodactyl if prehistoric “throwbacks” (as well as futuristic ones) are implied with time shifting, but that does not explain why the rabbit (and snake) - as well as my thumb near the last scene - just became larger.

      My friend Toby (who is wearing a cheap wristwatch) sticks his hand through the doorway to “test” it somehow (based on curiosity about how other things that had happened - such as the restoration of part of the torn curtain to becoming complete and like new) and ends up with a changed watch that is complex and computerized - there even seems to be a miniature slot machine video game on it (before I ever saw or heard of computer games as such). In real life, years later, such things actually existed as seen in my dream years before, which I found quite interesting.

      Near the final scenario, I had placed my right hand through the doorway and my thumb cramped up in great pain and grew nearly twice as large (I do not typically experience this level of pain in a dream).

      My dream had ended by me trying to reach an apparently known “portal” after running out the back door (though I am not sure what influenced this - possibly a “Star Trek” episode) and across a mostly featureless large grassy field, around the same time that the reddish pterodactyl (that had transformed from the sparrow) made a shadow on the ground near me as I was running (and I assume that it was ready to attack me) and I just made it through the old isolated trellis which was being used as an arched gate as part of a broken fence - which was supposedly the “portal” from my dream into reality (and probably the “cure” for whatever the room in the shack had changed) - though I am beginning to only become slightly lucid at this point (the situation nearly identical in mood and physical awareness to the event in the “Dogpile” dream of 1972 where I leaped through the front door of my Cubitis home) as I saw the pterodactyl become a sparrow again, and fall to the ground just after crossing above the supposed “portal”. (The pterodactyl shadow is likely a replay of a real-life event concerning a buzzard flying over me, of which numerous dreams were influenced by.)

      The outcome:

      Exactly six years later in real life (August 24, 1976)…I was in the hospital, my right thumb enlarged to nearly twice the size (exactly as in my dream) due to a completely unexpected medical condition, caused by an unexplainable series of four (and a half) cysts, all the same size except for the new one just starting, which all apparently had embryonic properties as if my body suddenly decided to grow a few other siblings from my thumb (though this followed other dreams which were also precognitive to this event). There was not the slightest indication of this until the summer vacation of 1976 when I first noticed the first one growing (with no hints or known causes beforehand), but did not get it checked out until there were four in a row, and by that time, a fifth had started closer to my wrist.

      The CBS late movie that was playing the night prior to the morning of my operation was “Night of the Lepus” from 1972 - about giant rabbits of the same size orientation as the one from my dream. There is more, but the detail is minor compared to the significance of the two main synchronous links.

      Though this pales in comparison to nearly endless unexplainable “mystery girl” associations and numerous other mysteries (including my present knowledge of fractals in the language and certain types of patterns), I still find this one interesting, all in all, relative to the main reason I started paying attention to my dreams when very young and why I started dream journalism in the first place - because no adult could be honest or tell me how dreams continuously “echoed” into reality, often with precise visual detail of something not seen (or even existing) until later. There is no excuse for such ignorance or denial (or replacing personal experience with incompatible religious beliefs) - as each person has a will to make a life for himself - and to validate his own understanding successfully.

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    3. The “Little Rabbit” Song (Fence Autosymbolism part 1)

      by , 03-17-1970 at 09:17 AM
      Morning of March 17, 1970. Tuesday.

      My dream’s setting is the southwest corner of West Elementary School’s playground. A small light-colored rabbit is trying to get through the bottom of a chain-link fence where a few of the links had been broken (to leave the fenced-in area of the playground to continue south, where there are mostly the backyards of suburban houses), presumably to escape danger. The rabbit firstly seems slightly too large to fit through. (I am not sure what the danger is, as I do not see any other animal at any time. Perhaps it had been running from a fox, though this remains uncertain.)

      I and a few other children, mostly my friendlier classmates, including Danny and Annette as well as schoolmate Linda, gather around the scene. Some of us are standing and some of us are squatting. I am squatting. We start singing, “Come little rabbit, you can do it” to the tune of “Glow Worm” (a song my father performed now and then and one I had played on the accordion and organ when I was older). (I did not make the direct association with the song while in my dream.) It seems to be working, as the rabbit is almost through and I get the sense that our singing was effective.

      Even though we are happily singing “come little rabbit” (rather than “come on little rabbit”, though this would not have fit as well with the “Glow Worm” melody), the rabbit is moving through the fence away from us to the other side. For the record, the “Glow Worm” lyric (as subliminally borrowed in my dream) is “glow little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer”, which matches “come little rabbit, you can do it” with its nine syllables. (There are variations of the real song, including comedic ones.)

      Decoding my dream with intelligence and experience (only for people with a genuine interest in dreams):

      A point of focus is the chain link fence. This fence exists in real life. The fence divides my elementary school’s playground from the backyards of the suburban residences nearby for the entire city block. The essence of a dream’s autosymbolism is more from literal factors, not symbolic in the conventional sense. The fence is autosymbolism based on how I would perceive a fence in reality, as a divider between states of being and the area of immediate current focus as I sleep. As I am unconscious, and as a rabbit is involved, I consider that a rabbit, representing dream state induction as in “Alice in Wonderland” and naturally perceived as an underground denizen, is autosymbolic of the sleep cycle itself (being underground as being analogous to being asleep). The rabbit is apparently trying to escape from the playground area, though there is no perceived danger.

      It can be considered that I view and project my dream self as the secondary form of a rabbit due to my desire to return to deeper sleep (with the school’s playground as a preparatory rendering of getting up and going to school). Thus, I focus on the metaphorical barrier that divides the dream state from wakefulness. A rabbit also represents vulnerability. However, do not make the mistake of pretending there is a conscious self correlation, as it is about feeling vulnerable while I am sleeping. This is a mistake that people who “interpret” dreams always make, that is, mistaking the dream self identity as always being like the conscious self while awake (which ultimately makes no sense at all). While there are sometimes threads that are shared, including literal prescience, the dream self “I am” cannot possibly be the “I am” of waking life. Many people cannot seem to grasp this at all despite how easy it is to understand with even minimal experience.

      There is an important factor that no one else would guess unless I revealed it. In addition to the rabbit being an indicator of my desire to return to deeper sleep, I also associated rabbits with being back home during the time of this dream, as my father ran a rabbit farm on our property. However, the rabbit is “escaping” from the schoolyard by going south, not north to where my home is in reality. However, “returning home” (to my bedroom) would otherwise be autosymbolic of the waking process, which is not my dream self’s directive, liminal or otherwise, thus I choose to direct the rabbit south, farther away from my real bed.

      One additional factor is that a rabbit typically kicks when picked up. The rabbit is within the liminal space divider, so this correlates with the hypnopompic kick that is a result of some waking transitions.

      This dream correlates with hundreds of other dreams that use the same processes. For example, in the “My Little Cane” series of dreams, also from childhood, I lucidly phased into the ground (into an oversized rabbit warren) as well as chanting “invisible, invisible” to avoid the waking transition of the preconscious. Once again, such dreams are related to the dream state itself, not waking life. To pretend waking life symbolism where it does not exist is the way of a fool, of which I am not. (After all, Alice did eventually wake and come to her senses. In fact, I had an “Alice in Wonderland” dream the day before this dream.)

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