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    1. Martial Arts Flying and Very Strange Lizard

      by , 11-09-2007 at 03:48 PM
      Morning of November 9, 2007. Friday.

      I am at our “home”, but the building is completely unfamiliar except for some furniture that we have in real life. I am taking a nap in one room when about five or six people come in. Most of them are strangers, but one is someone I have known in real life who is a bit of a bully (and rather strong) but who literally has some sort of congenital disorder and is unable to read or learn much.

      This man shouts at me - something about me moving the furniture instead of him and the other people who are visiting - because only I am strong enough to do anything like this and am somehow supposedly shirking my responsibility in this case - everyone else should not have to do anything because I am apparently able to do everything more efficiently. There is some remark about me having “paranormal powers” (and that the older man is angry because of this - of which it is implied that it is the only real reason he is yelling after all) which is not something I would consider viable in real life, as it is not an “ability” in my opinion, just something that naturally happens.

      Anyhow, there is a very heavy large bookcase near one wall. I put the tip of one of my fingers under one of the higher shelves and effortlessly lift it fairly high as if it was weightless. After that, I yell back at the bully and notice that he is only about two feet high. I say something like, “What happened to you? You used to be a few inches taller than me, and now you are way down there, only about two feet high…” The man kind of looks around like he is not quite sure what had happened, but seems only mildly annoyed.

      I then hover in the air and swiftly fly to an area in another part of the building where there are many library shelves. In order to get past one area that is like a miniature hallway, I have to move sideways and do some kind of fancy martial arts while flying at the same time.

      There are three Japanese girls (teachers?) that need my help in building something. It is like a school desk with larger visible screws set in a five-spot pattern (as on a die) on the tabletop (a pattern that seems to have had significance in past dreams, it seems). There seems to be another tabletop they want to put over (or replace with?) the original. The Japanese girls seemingly do not know how to use the drill (or perhaps it is too heavy for them), so I take it and drill part of the center of the tabletop near the center screw. I move it around and the tabletop turns into old garden soil and becomes hollow farther down. There is what looks like some sort of (Japanese) green grass lizard or Miyako grass lizard (except that it has two pair of “swept back” horns on its head at one point and a narrower “American flag” red-and-white stripe pattern on its back - and becomes or is already some sort of distorted horned toad). It jumps on my shoulder near my ear. In my dream, it is supposedly the most dangerous creature that exists (false memory), but I have no fear whatsoever. Also in the dirt is a “giant” lesser siren of a black color which then also seems to be on me in some way (which does not make sense, as it would otherwise be too large to sit on my shoulder or arm). I say something calmly like, “could you please get this off of me so I can finish my work” and wake up somewhat annoyed.

      UPDATE (as in original journal): Precognitive (or remote-viewed) - when I went out to the living room after my wife was back from shopping - there was a toy lizard that my four-year-old son had picked to buy - no indication this would happen whatsoever and I had never seen one like it before. It really puzzled me for a few minutes as to how it “came from my dream” and then I finally asked what it was. (I thought perhaps it was an older toy, but again - it had just been purchased). It was identical to the one in my dream. I have noticed that the strongest precognitive (or possibly remote viewing in this case - however you want to label this very common yet unexplainable type of event) aspects of dreams often happen as the last portion, especially when seemingly unrelated to the main plot of the dream (such as with my “Silver Manta” dream, with the “graffitied” telephone pole in the wrong location).

      I find it amusing (yet it is also sad and unfortunate) that people try to come up with “explanations” for something that is far too complex and layered to be coincidental and can only be attributed to something most people cannot truly relate to - or explain at all through scientific means (supposedly) - at this time in history. However, I do have the unfortunate task of living in a world with the “cop-out” mentality vs. the “occult” mentality, neither of which seem right to me even though I did marry the lifelong girl of my dreams with the revelations of my dreams.
    2. In The Grip of the Universe

      by , 02-22-1992 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 22, 1992. Saturday.

      My dream girl (oh…except for one little thing - she is now real) approaches the Tree of Knowledge. There is a resonance whereby, though there is change, the form can still be discerned over time. Remote viewing comes so easily at times. For her, I was born, even before her own birth. Humanity has no answers or even a scrap of knowledge concerning my nature, but that has never been problematic in any serious sense.

      I see the universe at the base, the roots alive, almost octopus-like. Above each root is an eye-like structure, the eyes somewhat catlike, though actually each “eye” is more like a portal over time. A spiral. So I draw these facets as spirals. Within these roots are smaller roots. On and on. Of course, everyone doodles spirals and many-eyed octopus trees with hooked roots at some point in their lives. Yes?

      When she was much younger, Zsuzsanna drew a rather surreal image in her journal. Years later, when I was writing to her and her family, I drew a similar concept on the outside of an envelope without having any clue of what she had drawn. Once again, the truth unveils (even though she already knew who I was with my very first letter - after all, for whatever reason, she had found me and remote-viewed my life since her birth - endless proof; everywhere).

      Being only one of hundreds (make that thousands) of similar occurrences, which is quite beneficial, as it stops ordinary people from wanting to be near one (faces of fear, faces of bafflement, faces of anger) - thus less misleading and misguided rubbish from their limited awareness of the universe casts one’s way - it does not take a genius to know the “cop outs” of humanity are of no value for one seeking truth in their own path. People have tried to influence me since I was very young. I gawk at their audacity and limited understanding. Yet there is still respect for them as living beings.

      The first image is scanned from one of my wife’s old journals. The second from the envelope I sent from America to Australia (without knowing of the contents of her journals). This one is a freebie and for mild amusement. For all the ones that are “too close”, I have learned that most people do not have the capacity to either believe or understand. It is a predictable habit people have to run from the Source rather than embrace it and thus many always keep their back to it. I had nothing to fear.

      Which does not mean, of course, that the universe is a plant-like octopus reaching out to grab you.
    3. Spotlight on: My John Belushi Dream (enigmatic space)

      by , 03-05-1982 at 09:05 AM
      Morning of March 5, 1982. Friday.

      Dream #: 5,555-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      In my dream, I enter a building in the region I live in real life that is first like a shopping mall in La Crosse. Eventually, I am at a party, though I feel out of place as I do not drink in real life. (Important note: In this instance, my dream self has this specific knowledge of my waking-life identity, but in other dreams, it does not. With that differing status, I might drink as a result. This factor disproves the existence of the subconscious.) There is also a vague awareness of being in the basement of a church or cathedral.

      The only person I recognize is John Belushi. He approaches me without invitation and casually talks about his death. He tells me death is like dreaming at first before moving on. As he talks, my dream becomes vivified, but not to the point where I am consciously aware I am dreaming at a higher level. He is wearing a dark suit that changes at times, from a shimmery material to duller and back again. He is drinking a pinkish drink from a small cocktail glass.

      I am aware the people at this party are either in the casual process of dying or are living people sleeping, all in the same dreaming location (enigmatic space). A couple of times, John Belushi walks away to talk to someone else, but they ignore him, so he walks back to me. I start thinking that maybe it is not me he is talking to, but someone whom he sees as someone else, perhaps a friend, and I am somehow in the same location but unseen.

      After leaving the building, I look back and notice a big white bat above it, flying in a circle. The structure now looks like a foreign mausoleum, though also like a miniature cathedral. The motions of the bat remind me of stop-motion animation as in “Jason and the Argonauts” from 1963 (a recurring dream distortion since childhood). I vaguely perceive the white bat only represents death in this dream because I had read about it in a so-called dream dictionary. (I do not believe in dream interpretation in the way others propagate this misconception.)

      Many people might call this dream precognitive (so I have included the label), but the content indicates it was telepathic, as John Belushi’s death occurred about the same time as my dream. I was not a fan and had not seen his movies. I had no way of knowing his status and held no recent thoughts of him. This dream is the only one in which he ever appeared.

      My dream is principally literal co-occurrence with an event I could not have known about consciously.

      Humanity has no viable explanations for experiences of this nature. Their typical response is with ignorance, denial, derision, and deceit no matter how much evidence is to the contrary. That sums it up for humanity’s ultimate failure to understand either the nature of enigmatic space or what dreams are.

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    4. The Girl in Black

      by , 04-09-1979 at 05:13 PM
      Morning of April 9, 1969. Wednesday.

      This is one of many recurring vivid and more defined dream types that “introduced” me to my soulmate long before it dawned on me that the majority of my dreams (the ones that were not immediately precognitive or remote-viewing composites or of certain other types and layers) were related intricately to my distant future. Although certain facets were established even before my wife-to-be was born, this was one of the clearest at this time. I suppose some would think it strange to dream of someone all their life, eventually discover that the person and all prior in-dream nuances and parallels were real, then actually “live the dream”. I have never cared what other people think of this reality of mine, especially as I have only seen deceit and distraction and “cop-out” mentality regarding the unexplained.

      This dream scene always took place in one of two areas of the West Elementary School playground. One area was near the north edge of the playground, about the middle section, and just west of the large banyan tree. The other area was more near the south end of the playground, just north of the seesaws.

      Other than I, the only other in-dream character was a mysterious dark-haired gypsy girl (seemingly of about seventeen to eighteen or so, no older than twenty) of an olive complexion who spoke with a very unusual accent, which was mixed ethnic (Romani) Hungarian and Australian - something I had never even actually heard in real life. Although she wore black she sometimes also wore pink. Her name was usually Susannah or sometimes Savannah (although that may be a perceived distortion). Later, I came to learn of the Hathor patterns and her actual maiden name and various seeming “codes” throughout history, one set related to the Vaudois, where at least one non-native ancestor was linked to.

      These dreams were different in that it often felt as if I was going to sleep within my dream itself (a rather odd awareness). I would be lying on the ground (as a child) and she would be stroking my hair and intoning “sleep…sleep”. She would usually be seated and facing west, my head (to the east) in her lap. She would “confide” in me and say that it would be a long time but that I would eventually live with her (she even said how she was only a baby at the time - which proved to be literal). Of course, I had different associations because I was not sure what this could mean, mostly due to her somewhat motherly nature at times (though she was not like my actual mother). I had been aware of this “mystery girl” before and her first presence was as the large green “animated” eyes only - the earlier Rose Street dreams (which I wrote of in older entries on one site). Also, a classmate and friend, Brenda W, became part of a composite archetype that also represented her in numerous dreams and parallel associations.

      The birthplace of this “mystery girl” (Port Kembla) was also directly inverted to my birthplace across the ocean in America. Event after event and “coincidence” after “coincidence”; even though I was aware of certain patterns, I was not aware of the more extreme Pascal-Triangle-like layers until after 1991.
    5. Remote viewing of “less dishes”

      by , 04-27-1974 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of April 27, 1974. Saturday. (Just prior to sunrise.)

      This entry has been newly researched and fully authenticated in July of 2014 with an additional amazing discovery on September 3, 2014. All of the original documentation is included with only minor additional information.

      This dream seemed to be an extraordinarily vivid example of either remote viewing or personal-path-precognition or likely a hybrid of both. To be as meticulous as possible in my dream work for this detailed special entry, I should add here that my consciousness seemed disembodied and floating about six feet from the floor, looking downwards, about two feet out and a few inches to the right of my slightly-open bedroom door. I was seeing the comic strip as if it might be on the newer wooden living room dresser, but it was actually too close to my “eyes” for that to be the case, unless it was involving binocular-like vision as I have often had before in dreams.

      Probably one of the most detailed, viable proofs I have had as a younger teenager on something I call “universal mind” (sometimes called “non-local mind”), relative to the supraconscious or “all mind” (and the reality of at least something similar to viable remote viewing) unfolded when reading a Nancy comic strip in a dream at age thirteen when living in Cubitis, Florida before I read it a short time later in reality (same day). (This is a comic strip by Ernie Bushmiller that my mother had a tendency to cut out and save in her scrapbook at times.)

      I am still convinced years later in 2014 that this was a paranormal event and not coincidental and there is absolutely nothing that would alter that understanding - it is simply too precise.

      Update (September 3, 2014)…To add more to the strangeness, there is a much older version of this gag that was published on a Tuesday in April 22, 1947. That strip has aspects of my dream which also relate to one perspective (but mirrored). I could not have seen this strip before. It adds another layer to something that is already completely unexplainable - and in addition, it was used at the top of a web page that contains the line “Where others find slippery mysticism these authors, Mark Newgarden and Paul Karasik, see cold hard mathematics”. The old version is below - and to me, looks a lot more modern than the much later version. (In fact, I actually thought it was a modern fake due to Aunt Fritzi’s mode of dress. It seemed too preposterous and out-of-place.)

      In the dream, unlike many of a similar nature involving the reading of such as a comic strip, I was actually able to discern and understand what I was reading (instead of odd, continuous non-words or unresolved gags as was often the case). Nancy drops some dishes while washing them. Aunt Fritzi, from the other room, exclaims “MORE dishes, Nancy?” (as in breaking more dishes). Nancy replies along the lines of “No, Aunt Fritzi, LESS dishes”. As I was seeing this, the sound of the newspaper hitting the front yard (again, it was still very early in the morning) woke me up. The Nancy comic strip in that day’s newspaper was the same as the one I had just seen in my dream, but with very subtle differences in panel width and arm position in the final perspective.

      I should add here that there was a “reset” of the dream that was not as vivid and which seemed like residual “re-imagining” of the prior. In this case, the comic strip was nearly the same except that there was an additional first panel (fairly vertically narrow) showing Nancy standing on a chair at the sink, her profile facing left, actually washing the dishes. This was so clear that I have actually “remembered” the “reset” dream version over the real comic strip.

      Perhaps I should also add that my mother would call out “save the pieces!” whenever I dropped a dish (which usually did not break - they were all plastic) in real life, which also happened later on this day, but is not unique to it. Note that seemingly “doubled” precognitive synchronicity was not all that uncommon for me.

      Note that remote viewing and precognition often “feel the same” at times. However, this particular type of event given here, which seems specific to seeing something not yet read, has its own precise mood and “flavor”.

      It is important to remember that I did not edit the descriptive details and that what I originally thought was “re-imaging” to a certain extent was somehow also “seeing” aspects of the 1947 version (which I had not seen in real life before) but mirrored and blended in with the newer version. This is intriguing to me. This also relates to two of my last dreams that had broken glass in them (in September 2014) - as if the dream was partially “telling me” to look upon this unexplainable event again (although really, there have been thousands of remote-viewing and precognitive experiences in my life that were far too precisely detailed to be coincidence such as with the typical cop-out mentality of “normal” people).

      Below is a representation of the in-dream version, but not exact. For example, the first panel was a little more on the side (more towards a profile of the scene). The real question is why? Out of thousands upon thousands of comic strips, why this one and why the synchronicity of layers? It seems related to my accident as a toddler where my wrist and even tendons and such were severally slashed falling on a broken mug that had hit the floor prior to my fall - note Nancy is on a small stool in one version of the strip, similar to the one I fell from. I still do not truly know the forces behind these sort of events. I can say that this is typical of my day to day experiences since early childhood in that unexplainable events of this nature often have additional unexplainable connections for some reason (for example, in this case, the much older strip I could not have known about and related dates), making it even more unlikely to have a typical cop-out “explanation.

    6. The Pink Machine Gun (Augmented Revision)

      by , 07-29-1972 at 03:29 PM
      Night of July 29, 1972 to morning of July 30, 1972. Saturday night to Sunday morning (my dream had at least two “resets” and recurrences).

      Finding things or validating unfamiliar scenes directly after dreaming specifically of them (typical precognitive and remote viewing hybrid) and with additional meaningful synchronicity:

      Additional notes: While doing more research on my important clarifications and revisions (due to it being one of thousands of records that for me validate remote viewing and precognition hybrids - the main governing purpose of dreams), I discovered an additional oddity. This dream was obviously, in part, influenced by “War of the Worlds” (1953), seen earlier this day (July 29), as well as part of the “Miss Universe Beauty Pageant” prior to sleeping. What I found was that “War of the Worlds” originally premiered on July 29, 1953 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, my seeming placement in New Jersey at one point in my dream may actually be due to my association with Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost’s supposed “New Joisey” accent, and the television station likely showing it on this date purposely as an anniversary tribute (otherwise the odds are 1 in 365 by chance alone). Even so, it does imply synchronicity for me, albeit, in a more subtle way.

      The Pink Machine Gun:

      In my dream as a boy (age eleven, and during summer break), I had a toy machine gun that I was somehow able to defend myself with against invading hostile aliens (even though it did not fire “real” ammunition in-dream - it just made that clacking sound) - though the events sometimes seemed to be in the early 1950s (I do note 1953 on one billboard) as if out of a movie - and at times, perceived from a secondary perspective (for example, I watch myself look over a precipice at one point, viewing this from a lower perspective). At one point, the aliens seem to be “invading” a beauty pageant, yet remain mostly unseen. They are more human in appearance than the ones from “War of the Worlds”.

      The toy machine gun had that pinkish Pepto-Bismol color like certain other features that were in my dreams at times (often the result of a mild stomachache during sleep), but eventually was a darker green. That (having a toy gun or even a real one and fighting the “enemy”) is probably a fairly common dream theme for a boy (or for that matter, anyone). However, my dream introduced a certain special feeling, an overwhelming curiosity about the real world relative to a certain location and the realization there were areas close-by I had not fully explored. I was also walking through a large round culvert as if going between towns or safer locations (though the one near our house in reality, you could only crawl through with difficulty).

      I suppose aliens actually represent everyman from my view - or “normal” people and mainstream consensus. Because of my continuous so-called unusual and unexplainable experiences over every day of my life, even more so due to their continuous additional validations (thus discounting the typical “imagination” or “coincidence” cop outs), it makes sense that I see a greater part of the human race as “alien”.

      In real life, solely due to my dream, I was compelled by the dream “residue” to explore our culvert in Cubitis. I had never been down to and certainly not inside the one in the front area of our house but I decided to try it. In the very middle (and I had to crawl in - my mother warned me later not to go in there again due to possible pesticide runoff) and found a section of a toy machine gun; the handle and some other parts that looked fairly old and a larger spring, the remains of which had the “presence” of what I had actually felt in my dream. I kept it for a few weeks out of curiosity but eventually threw it out. How it got in there, especially that far, I have no idea, probably a boy that had lived in the area years prior - an engraved date on one piece was 1953. The concrete block house itself was fairly new, newer than the culvert and highway.

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