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    1. Remote viewing of “less dishes”

      by , 04-27-1974 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of April 27, 1974. Saturday. (Just prior to sunrise.)

      This entry has been newly researched and fully authenticated in July of 2014 with an additional amazing discovery on September 3, 2014. All of the original documentation is included with only minor additional information.

      This dream seemed to be an extraordinarily vivid example of either remote viewing or personal-path-precognition or likely a hybrid of both. To be as meticulous as possible in my dream work for this detailed special entry, I should add here that my consciousness seemed disembodied and floating about six feet from the floor, looking downwards, about two feet out and a few inches to the right of my slightly-open bedroom door. I was seeing the comic strip as if it might be on the newer wooden living room dresser, but it was actually too close to my “eyes” for that to be the case, unless it was involving binocular-like vision as I have often had before in dreams.

      Probably one of the most detailed, viable proofs I have had as a younger teenager on something I call “universal mind” (sometimes called “non-local mind”), relative to the supraconscious or “all mind” (and the reality of at least something similar to viable remote viewing) unfolded when reading a Nancy comic strip in a dream at age thirteen when living in Cubitis, Florida before I read it a short time later in reality (same day). (This is a comic strip by Ernie Bushmiller that my mother had a tendency to cut out and save in her scrapbook at times.)

      I am still convinced years later in 2014 that this was a paranormal event and not coincidental and there is absolutely nothing that would alter that understanding - it is simply too precise.

      Update (September 3, 2014)…To add more to the strangeness, there is a much older version of this gag that was published on a Tuesday in April 22, 1947. That strip has aspects of my dream which also relate to one perspective (but mirrored). I could not have seen this strip before. It adds another layer to something that is already completely unexplainable - and in addition, it was used at the top of a web page that contains the line “Where others find slippery mysticism these authors, Mark Newgarden and Paul Karasik, see cold hard mathematics”. The old version is below - and to me, looks a lot more modern than the much later version. (In fact, I actually thought it was a modern fake due to Aunt Fritzi’s mode of dress. It seemed too preposterous and out-of-place.)

      In the dream, unlike many of a similar nature involving the reading of such as a comic strip, I was actually able to discern and understand what I was reading (instead of odd, continuous non-words or unresolved gags as was often the case). Nancy drops some dishes while washing them. Aunt Fritzi, from the other room, exclaims “MORE dishes, Nancy?” (as in breaking more dishes). Nancy replies along the lines of “No, Aunt Fritzi, LESS dishes”. As I was seeing this, the sound of the newspaper hitting the front yard (again, it was still very early in the morning) woke me up. The Nancy comic strip in that day’s newspaper was the same as the one I had just seen in my dream, but with very subtle differences in panel width and arm position in the final perspective.

      I should add here that there was a “reset” of the dream that was not as vivid and which seemed like residual “re-imagining” of the prior. In this case, the comic strip was nearly the same except that there was an additional first panel (fairly vertically narrow) showing Nancy standing on a chair at the sink, her profile facing left, actually washing the dishes. This was so clear that I have actually “remembered” the “reset” dream version over the real comic strip.

      Perhaps I should also add that my mother would call out “save the pieces!” whenever I dropped a dish (which usually did not break - they were all plastic) in real life, which also happened later on this day, but is not unique to it. Note that seemingly “doubled” precognitive synchronicity was not all that uncommon for me.

      Note that remote viewing and precognition often “feel the same” at times. However, this particular type of event given here, which seems specific to seeing something not yet read, has its own precise mood and “flavor”.

      It is important to remember that I did not edit the descriptive details and that what I originally thought was “re-imaging” to a certain extent was somehow also “seeing” aspects of the 1947 version (which I had not seen in real life before) but mirrored and blended in with the newer version. This is intriguing to me. This also relates to two of my last dreams that had broken glass in them (in September 2014) - as if the dream was partially “telling me” to look upon this unexplainable event again (although really, there have been thousands of remote-viewing and precognitive experiences in my life that were far too precisely detailed to be coincidence such as with the typical cop-out mentality of “normal” people).

      Below is a representation of the in-dream version, but not exact. For example, the first panel was a little more on the side (more towards a profile of the scene). The real question is why? Out of thousands upon thousands of comic strips, why this one and why the synchronicity of layers? It seems related to my accident as a toddler where my wrist and even tendons and such were severally slashed falling on a broken mug that had hit the floor prior to my fall - note Nancy is on a small stool in one version of the strip, similar to the one I fell from. I still do not truly know the forces behind these sort of events. I can say that this is typical of my day to day experiences since early childhood in that unexplainable events of this nature often have additional unexplainable connections for some reason (for example, in this case, the much older strip I could not have known about and related dates), making it even more unlikely to have a typical cop-out “explanation.