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    1. “Earaches and Pancakes”

      by , 06-26-2018 at 07:43 AM
      Morning of June 25, 2018. Monday.

      I am watching a scene of which I am not directly a part. It is an unknown house of which is being renovated by a few unknown males.

      There is a slight awareness of needing to use the bathroom, but I am uncertain if a bathroom is available nearby. I am also thinking about working on some music.

      A voice calls out, possibly about an unfinished kitchen or bathroom renovation, “There is nothing in there but earaches and pancakes”. I simultaneously find this both startling and clever in my semi-lucidity.

      It is typical of the preconscious to call out with random rhyming gibberish or bizarre surreal phrases near the end of a dream. This is similar to how the creative process works.

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    2. Imposing Renovators (Recurring)

      by , 07-30-2015 at 01:30 PM
      Morning of July 30, 2015. Thursday.

      This recurring dream situation is not remotely symbolic in any way that I can tell and is mostly only literally based on real-life annoyances as well as environmental scripting (for example, light hammering and weed whackers very early in the morning). I had previously posted similar environmentally-scripted dreams, including the “inferior decorators” theme. This one is not quite as surreal and the noise was not quite as intrusive. As I have said, when there is environmental noise during sleep, I sometimes also dream of exploding credit cards, playing cards, and other smaller items that disappear in a bright flash, leaving me somewhat puzzled unless I am lucid and even then it causes a brief shift in in-dream perception.

      In my dream, it seems to be the present, though we are living in a different (unfamiliar) residence. It seems like a large two-storey house. The room I am “sleeping in seems to be L-shaped and on the second floor. I am at the "foot” of the “L” back against an area where I do not expect the renovator to approach. He mostly remains in the “stem” of the “L” though I hold the sheet almost fully over me in case any paint flakes go flying in my direction. He has some sort of vacuum-cleaner-like machine he is carrying around (like a suitcase) and seemingly sucking up all the cracked and peeling paint that I guess is mostly on the ceiling in the “stem” area. However, at one later point, I look up and see that not only is there loose peeled paint everywhere, the wood of the ceiling itself seems to be fused into the paint and splintering down somewhat, though looking almost like plastic, yet the unintended “design” is very even and regular across the whole ceiling. This seems a bit odd, as I am fairly certain I heard him scraping the layer of paint off (as well as some sanding, I think, or vacuuming off any chipped paint) and assumed it would be fairly smooth by now. I get the brief impression that someone might actually try to paint the ceiling in this strange condition.

      In another scene, my wife Zsuzsanna and I are embracing near a window on the second floor. A cherry picker is just outside and at least two men are staring into the window from perhaps ten feet away. (Strangely enough, this brings to mind a recently reviewed dream from all the way back to 1967, about forty-eight years ago - “Ferris Wheel at my Window” - which also has people using an unfair advantage to look in through my second-storey window). As I am noticing this, my wife somehow goes straight out the window and is suddenly on the ground below yelling at the work team (without being injured in any way, and in fact, not even seeming to climb out but just teleport or go through the wall and drop vertically and perfectly). I am slightly startled by this and then go to look for her.

      From here, I go outside and I start yelling at any other male that may be within hearing range. A friendly male comes from around the corner of the house and asks me if I am talking to him but I say “no” so as not to hurt his feelings or alter his friendly nature.

      I then go to some sort of warehouse-like building with no external walls (similar to the look of the unfinished house my wife lived in as a child). There is a lot of junk, which is probably related to the renovation work. Not much happens after this though I am thinking I will probably end up doing much of the painting myself.

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    3. Skewed Renovation

      by , 02-18-2015 at 01:26 PM
      Morning of February 18, 2015. Wednesday.

      My family and I are seemingly living back on Barolin Street though the house is somewhat different in layout. The side porch for the south entrance is much bigger and with an additional railing on the west side and there is a couch along the north wall where there is otherwise a doorway.

      In my dream however, we are living in the house that is supposedly being fixed up (except, again, it is actually the house from our last address, not the one next door presently in real life). An unknown female and an unknown male are responsible for the endless tortuous hammering. The male has a ladder going up above the steps of the side porch that appears to reach the roof. When I look to my right after glancing out the side entrance, I notice a random cluster of a few boards of various short lengths nailed at odd angles to the railing, but only in one smaller area, which seems rather pointless.

      In the living room, I notice the west wall has an unusual appearance. The narrower wall boards are horizontal and have longer gaps between them (similar to some areas of the floor in our present home in real life but with wider gaps). There are additional layers over the first wall of several very small boards nailed over it at odd random angles (but mostly oriented to the vertical), not over the entire wall but in smaller clusters somewhat suggestive of isolated rectangles overall, also suggestive of extremely sloppy patchwork. For some reason, this seems amusing to me and reflects the nature of everyman as well as humorously representing the person who has been randomly hammering various parts of the small house over and over for a year (since the end of February 2014). Still, I do not become lucid at the absurd appearance of the house.

      Having endured months of random hammering (of various volumes, tones, and resonances) in the small wooden house next door in real life - related to a rather absurd and incompetent attempt at renovation (by one of those people who think they can do anything without the knowledge and skills), this particular dream was not really that stressful but more like comic relief in a way. In the recent past, the house had already been fixed up (almost to the point of being seemingly rebuilt) every few months after each tenant moved out - though this time, it is by far the craziest thing I have ever seen anyone involved in. They actually have spent more time in fixing it up than they have in renting it out over the last several years, though there have been many days of peace with the house being empty and left sitting there for a few weeks or more without anyone working on it.