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    1. Rhinoceros Healing

      by , 12-25-2013 at 04:11 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2013. Wednesday.

      My dream (or dreams, as it seems to repeat at least once, possibly twice) has at least two sections that are nearly identical or possibly “resets”. I go into a large room from the north entrance, apparently in the early afternoon, that is somewhat like the buildings at the showgrounds near here. A large rhinoceros is lying on his right side and seems slightly injured. He is on a seemingly concrete circular platform about four inches up from the floor and about six or seven feet in diameter. I pet him and move my hand over his wounds and he seems to get healthier and healthier until he is able to stand up and move about on his legs a bit. I almost sense a sort of human-like gratitude from the animal. My dream repeats at least once from here, but with a longer gap of no dreams between, it seems. There are a few other people in the background (mostly female, likely veterinarians and park attendants) that seem to be happy about my presence and my apparent special abilities to help the rhinoceros. I have a good feeling and my dream is unusually clear in imagery and orientation considering I have not seen many rhinoceroses in real life, especially up close.

      (There is ambiguity in one version of my dream; it is possible it is a pregnant female, though this is not at all certain.)

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    2. Rhinoceros and Flooding

      by , 08-26-2007 at 03:46 PM
      Morning of August 26, 2007. Sunday.

      In my dream, my family and I go to a public event that is similar to a carnival but mostly held inside. There is an older man of about fifty years of age doing a comedy routine, and he mentions how, if what he is saying sounds familiar to the audience, that he did the same comedy act (saying the exact same things) in the 1940s - which of course would not really fit with his apparent age if true. There is a very large rhinoceros on display, with a monkey in a small hanging cage nearby. This part is actually similar to a dream that I had years ago - “Hotel Future” (link).

      The rhinoceros is not caged but is on a stage and there are clips or clothespins (tied to fishing line) attached to his skin along his back, supposedly to keep him from getting away. A couple people who work there are kicked against the monkey cage by the rhinoceros and one gets seriously hurt. The rhinoceros escapes, but I sense no danger to my family or myself, as water is rising from a sprinkler system because of a fire caused by the rhinoceros kicking a burning barrel over - probably used by a person that “swallows fire” in their performance - and this rhinoceros for some reason cannot seem to move when in the water, which is only about knee-deep at first.

      Later, as it continues to “rain” inside the building, I am in a car (no connection to real life) with a few members of my family, including my wife. Several mischievous teenagers are playing around with the fire alarm and sprinkler system settings, and an unknown man (possibly maintenance personnel) hollers at them. The water is slowly still rising, and since the fire is out, I wonder why no one stops the “rain” (and the inside flooding) in the building as I wake.
    3. Rhino Bumping Jeep

      by , 10-30-1978 at 10:47 AM
      Night of October 30, 1968. Wednesday.

      I am in the far back of a jeep (possibly being driven by the actor Marshall Thompson), right near the edge of the back (but usually not so close as to worry about falling out though I am somewhat wary of this possibility in one version of my dream), and Erin Moran in her Jenny persona from “Daktari” is also seemingly with me at times, and there are usually a few more people. However, she sometimes seems more like a composite of Brenda W and the “mystery girl” (confirmed wife-to-be) at times. When looking to the back, she is mostly always on my left. We are riding over a mostly featureless area (like an open plain), possibly in Africa, but I also sometimes get the impression that I am active in my school’s supposed field trip and a rhino possibly escaped from somewhere - though this focus seems to make my dream a bit ambiguous and undefined in location. There are different versions of this dream, as it was recurring over a time period of about two weeks or so.

      Mostly, the jeep narrowly avoids being hit in the back by the charging rhinoceros, though it does get bumped in the back in minor inconsequential incidents in some versions. I am not directly threatened at any point but very concerned at times. It seems the rhino always manages to at least catch up to the jeep but not match its speed for very long. Sometimes it seems that somehow only the back of the jeep exists along with the floating “legless” (but undulating) rhino body in an otherwise completely featureless landscape with a lot of mist all around.

      It is possible that I saw this rhino-charging scene on television (or at least something similar) prior to my dream, but it is not certain, as I did not record any direct associations as such and do not presently recall the particular scene.