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    1. Electronic Insects and another World

      by , 12-29-2018 at 06:29 PM
      Morning of December 29, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,003-02. Reading time: 2 min 20 sec.

      I enter an atypical dream scenario in a subliminal mode, but with more of a cohesive storyline than usual. It is a science-fiction theme. It is primarily a result of parallel autosymbolism. It consolidates two autosymbolic dynamics of the emerging consciousness, electricity and flying insects, both indicative of consciousness reinitiation and the neuronal energy thereof as well as blue field entoptic phenomenon by way of (the memory of) supraliminal integration.

      There are scenes relating to the development of robotic flying insects. I do not perceive them as a threat. I watch them fly in the blue sky. They move in spirals and circular patterns, attempting to create a portal.

      Others have conversations about the development of these tiny machines, with the main factor relating to generating enough energy to create a portal to enter another world. The scientists involved seem to think that it will never happen.

      Enough of an emerging consciousness thread becomes present to vivify my awareness and place me in a warehouse as a result (a kind of concurrent “waiting room” for the conscious self in REM sleep), which is typically the last setting when it occurs in a long dream, though in this case, an offset dream results, distorting the original theme somewhat.

      While in the warehouse, my imaginary physicality is also more pronounced along with my attention. My subception correlates with the factor of transitional vestibular system correlation (one of the “crucial three” that occurs at least once in a dream of each sleep cycle). In this case, it seemingly stems from “Superman” from 1978; the scene where Superman flies upwards and crashes through the ceiling, though my dream self has no viable memory of such an association while in the dream state.

      I am still in subliminal mode, yet I begin to consider ceiling (upward directed) RAS mediation (as a result of sleeping more on my back than on my left side in this case). (Dream control and inherent awareness of autosymbolic processes are unrelated to lucidity or “becoming lucid,” contrary to popular misconception and misinformation.) As a result, my dream responds by creating a mason jar full of the robotic insects. Although an unknown companion is holding it, I subliminally create the next scene. (The transitional vestibular system simulacrum remains passive in this event.)

      The jar rises into the air. It crashes into the ceiling and somehow creates a hole that the robotic insects fly up through, and into the sky. Glass shards fall downward, but they do not pose a threat. At this point, my dream jumps into a different form.

      The tiny robots are now able to create a portal into another world (which is merely my dream self becoming more aware of my real environment in this case). From here, I passively watch a few events.

      I am now on another planet with “aliens” that seem like ordinary human beings. The “insects” are now (or now controlling) robots that are about half the size of a person and somewhat like a two-tiered pair of cubes incapable of flight. One is watching an unfamiliar man that seems like a Nazi from World War II, and it seems puzzled. These “aliens” plan on using the robots sent to them to conquer other worlds. I try to make the “alien” sound “alien,” but it sounds like an ordinary language from Earth, though the words sound like gibberish to me, as language skills in dreams are not viable enough to create something of this nature. I wake at this point.

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    2. UFO and Robot Girls on “Lost” (full meaning given)

      by , 09-20-2007 at 03:20 PM
      Morning of September 20, 2007. Thursday.

      This entry contains two of several dreams of this date.

      My most recent “Lost” dream has something to do with robots, mostly all female scientist robots. There is one scene where one is working in a lab, but does not have a human face, only a curved sheet of metal. Others do not even have that, but do have a “head” of sorts. There are some unusual encounters where I mostly interact with a couple female robots at a time, mostly touching “hands”, perhaps testing the sensors, yet they do not have any skin, either; all the working parts are mostly showing and turning about, similar to a skeleton with bits of wire and small gears here and there - yet somehow, there actually seems to be some sort of potential for these robots to have human feelings (both emotional and tactile).

      Another dream involved an idea of an ancient spacecraft being buried somewhere and a man hunting for it in relation to a symbol. The appearance of the spacecraft supposedly has something to do with the apocalypse (which primarily foreshadows the end of the dream and little else). He had seen it before and had drawn a picture of it. Another man joins him in looking for it in the area which it has been determined to be. This is a hill (common emergent consciousness feature) near a small town. The spaceship rises from the ground while the men are standing in an area nearby. It is very similar in design to an old-style orange juicer. It glows a brilliant white and makes a loud but somehow musical roaring sound. This dream is very vivid and seems to mean something even after I wake for a short time (and of course it does have meaning - that I am waking up). I cannot be sure if it is being flown by beings inside or is some sort of glowing energy that shifts slightly. There is a very intense feeling as it roars off.

      My first dream above is simply a rendering of robots in connection to the “artificial” nature of the dream state, that is, as different from reality. It is similar to a glitched-out apex lucidity dream but this dream is entirely non-lucid.

      My second dream here (which is similar to, and with the same meaning as, “Spaceship Stratum” from 1978) is simply an extended waking transition metaphor as most dreams are on one level. A UFO is typically the conscious mind, rendered as a UFO for several reasons; one, the unconscious mind as the dream self is not seeing directly through the conscious self’s eyes so renders it as potentially “alien”, and two, a UFO is usually “above” the unconscious self and so represents “rising” (waking up) conscious awareness (though cleverly here is rendered as being within the unconscious self’s “territory”, that is, buried in the ground at first, which implies cooperation between the dream self and conscious self with no liminal space inherent), and three, emits light and represents waking from the dream state (light of day as metaphorical for waking consciousness), and four, is a flight symbol (main dream state metaphor as dreaming itself is “flying”) leaving the dream.

      I can add a three-layered fifth validation here with this particular dream. This UFO looks like an orange juicer. An orange can represent the conscious mind (in reference to associations with the sun - which represents light of day and the conscious mind and wakeful awareness, most especially the “Sunkist” label). Also, when people wake up to have breakfast, they often have orange juice. Since the potential with an orange juicer is to watch liquid getting lower and going down into a glass or other container, we also even have the “water getting lower over time” as the waking mechanism (except that here, it is orange juice).

      Or, I could go on and list many other layers and metaphors that validate the above meanings; for example the play on “Sunkist” as in “kissed” relating to Sleeping Beauty being awakened. Or, I could stop here.