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    1. Of Roof Space, Indoor Rain, and Shouting Palm Trees

      by , 12-04-2018 at 07:44 AM
      Morning of December 4, 2018. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,978-02. Reading time: 3 min 20 sec. Readability score: 62.

      At the beginning of my non-lucid dream, I am with an unfamiliar woman (of perhaps twenty) in a fictitious room of the Barolin Street house that is implied to be between the main bedroom and the lounge room. There is no furniture in the room. Despite my lack of viable dream state awareness, I am subliminally aware that I am dreaming.

      My dream self believes that we are awake but that I am ritually inducing the dream state. We are lying on the wooden floor. I am aware of Zsuzsanna being nearby, yet I also do not see the unfamiliar woman as an imposter or trespasser. (This is because she is supposed to be the usual Naiad and melatonin mediator, modeled after a young Zsuzsanna, but because I am not viably lucid, the situation is distorted and integrated with other dreaming processes.) I am teaching her how to enter the dream state by creating the illusion of water as autosymbolic of natural melatonin and as defining illusory physicality within sleep. I cause the floor to transform into shallow water (the typical beginning of dream state entry since early childhood), and we float around for a short time even though it only seems about four inches deep. There is an awareness that I am entering the dream state (even though I am already dreaming). I consider that if the water becomes very deep as we go farther into the dream state, sharks might eventually appear below us, but there is no continuity of perceived threat.

      From here, I enter a more vivid dream segment. There are no thoughts about the unfamiliar woman, who has vanished, or of the previous exercise. Zsuzsanna and our two youngest children are present. There is no longer any association with dream entry or being in the dream state. There is a storm approaching from the south. I look out from the lounge room and see odd clouds, one of them shaped like a top. Despite the several big fluffy clouds being white, they supposedly are storm clouds. I try to create a tornado from the one that looks like a top. Soon, there is a loud crash, and something, perhaps a large tree branch (though I do not see it) comes through the roof above the hallway, leaving an irregular hole. Rain comes in. Zsuzsanna and I look at the damage. I deliberately stand under the rain coming through the ceiling. I feel cool and refreshed, and my dream becomes much more vivid. (I have used water to vivify and sustain my dreams since early childhood.)

      In the next scene, I walk around observing water flowing down the walls from the edges of the ceiling. There is a plastic storage box on a high shelf that I feel concern about getting wet, as it may contain textbooks or my dream journals. However, it does not seem that the water is anywhere but on the walls. Through the windows, I look at the cluster of white clouds again and notice more that are shaped like tops, though I try to imagine more than there are.

      Zsuzsanna and our two youngest children look outside and up from (fictitious) lounge room windows at the south end of the room. It seems to be nighttime now. Near our house are two tall palm trees (not a real-life feature). The palm trees start to move in the wind and soon bow down near the windows and, at first, “roar” at us. Loud human voices, somewhat electronic, come from atop them. I find it curious but not unusual.

      Upon going outside, I see that Isaiah Washington (from “The 100”) is inside a space (as if I am viewing the imagery with x-ray vision) in the fetal position near the bottom of one of the palm trees. He is speaking into a microphone. He loudly and cheerfully states, “This is sector seven.” It seems that another male (though I do not see him) is inside the other palm tree. The loud voices are coming from loudspeakers atop the palm trees.

      The neurological function of the preconscious simulacrum (Isaiah Washington in this case) is to guide the dream self back into wakefulness (which is known as RAS or reticular activating system mediation or modulation depending on the mode of the dream self) - and enigmatic space typically results in an avatar with authority (fictitious or not) as in this case. The fetal position implies being “reborn” into waking life. The bowing palm trees are the association with a form of vestibular system correlation, the emerging awareness (vestibular precursor) of the return to viable physicality upon waking (as the dream self does not correctly discern the physical body until RAS and the vestibular system kicks in, which often results in flying or falling, bicycle riding, using stairs, and so on). It follows the usual autosymbolism-driven formats, in the same order, that my dreams have for over fifty years, though the processes are always unique and intriguing in their rendering.

    2. The Roof is off Again

      by , 07-17-2018 at 01:08 PM
      Morning of July 17, 2018. Tuesday.

      In my dream, the setting is an isolated version of our present home, with the erroneous factor of being in a large field. The roof is different from what it is in reality and is more like the roof of the Cubitis house. We have neighbors who live nearby, but not as in a typical suburban area.

      It seems to be late morning in my dream. Threads of my conscious self identity are scant, but I am aware of my marriage and family.

      Vestibular system correlation begins in the form of the approaching winds of a storm. Zsuzsanna and I are outside. I see a tornado. It is not a threat and seems unusually thin. I non-lucidly mediate the weather without my dream self becoming lucid.

      As time passes, there are a few more tornadoes. One of them moves toward our house. As I anticipated, one of the tornadoes turns, moving into our house, tearing the roof off, but not doing any other damage.

      “Oh no, not again,” I say, without much emotion or excitement. (This is a reference to the natural disaster that we survived in November of last year.)

      There are several large sections of boards scattered about the yard. (I do not see steel roof sheeting as in reality.) There are also sections of tar paper (which I have not seen in real life since the 1970s).

      An unknown Hispanic male, apparently our closest neighbor, comes over to look at the damage. He exhibits a cheerful and helpful attitude. My dream self automatically correlates with the factor of non-lucid dream control (with no discernible trigger) and I start to realize that I can will the roof to become whole again. Pieces of the roof fly up and go back onto our house so that the roof is complete. At one point, I hold onto small rods that are part of the foundation of the house and wiggle them around as the top of the house rebuilds itself. (This is an attempt to reinduce my dream or to get more sleep, as it represents the vertical pipe of the outdoor faucet near the front of our house in reality.) I wake shortly after this. There is no exploration of indoors in this dream. It all takes place outdoors.

      Readability score: 73 (likely to be understood by a reader who has at least a 7th-grade education).

    3. To Help Ghosts…

      by , 06-18-2018 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of June 18, 2018. Monday.

      Subliminal awareness of the autosymbolic nature of the waking process begins. My unconscious mind is personified as an unknown female despite the fact my non-lucid dream self does not possess viable access to my unconscious mind at this level of REM sleep. Errors and distortions abound. She is a subliminal thread of my wife Zsuzsanna, of which my non-lucid dream self does not yet possess viable memory of or contact with my current conscious self identity. She has a daughter who literally but subliminally represents our oldest daughter at a younger age.

      I am sitting on the floor in a unique erroneous version of the King Street mansion. The house is mirror imaged to its real-life layout, flipped east to west. I am in the downstairs antechamber while the female mostly remains in the living room on the other side of the doorway. She seems annoyed in building a small structure on the floor in about the middle of the living room, mainly from a set of small blocks of different solid colors, mostly blue, yellow, red, and green. They are about the size of baby blocks, but with a feature on all six sides that is like the knobs of a Lego brick, though there are four knobs on each side of each cube in a two by two pattern. A couple times, as the blocks do not fit into each other, stacks of about seven high topple over. There is a row of about eight stacks at various heights. (This is autosymbolism for failure to initiate viable conscious awareness.)

      I am puzzled and somewhat annoyed, though not angry, in trying to rebuild the staircase that goes to the second floor (where I had lived in real life though not been since 1990), which supposedly is to be the real staircase. This is an extreme failure of thinking skills as I am solely working with small triangular pieces of wood. The pieces are only about two inches thick. The two stacks I had made this far are only about six inches high in two rows of about eight pieces each. I cannot seem to arrange the pieces in the correct orientation regarding which edge should face upward. I have several together, but they do not display the form of a set of steps. This indicates that my subconscious self is having difficulty in reaching my conscious self identity during the waking process.

      Subliminal anticipation of the waking process continues but increases. This is after the subliminal recognition of a staircase being autosymbolism for the waking process despite its miniaturization in a setting that represents the liminal space of the process, the antechamber (what my landlady called a “vestibule” in real life). Vestibular system correlation personifies, which causes my dream to jump to a new setting, though in the same King Street mansion, still mirrored east to west.

      I find myself on the second floor. I develop an ambiguous awareness where I start to become partly aware of my married status and erroneously perceive the house, though vaguely, as the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane (where we have not lived in years), though that was only a one-storey house and was nothing like the King Street house. Vestibular system correlation personifies as Glenn, one of our landlords from Stadcor Street. He has never lived in America, but my dream self does not consider this error. I have a vague awareness he is married to my landlady (only vaguely recalled as Zsuzsanna at this point, but this does not trigger the realization of my erroneous associations) even though in reality he had a male partner.

      A vague thread of dream state awareness is present at this point, though no threads of viable lucidity. Because of vestibular system correlation personifying as Glenn, who seems very cheerful, I walk through the doorway of the upstairs kitchen, which opens to the porch’s roof. This is from vague recall that a porch can be used to vivify a dream, as it is autosymbolic of a specific level of dream state consciousness of which I had used many times in the past, since early childhood, to vivify my dream or “step into” a more vivid offset dream. This process developed from walking outside by way of the porch’s doorway. Here though, I am somewhat puzzled from being on the roof of the porch, as there is no additional doorway to intensify my dream or trigger viable lucidity (as the option to jump off the roof to fly does not occur to me). Glenn looks up at me from the public sidewalk in front of the house.

      “You’ll have to use the catwalk,” he says happily.

      I get the impression he had used the so-called catwalk and jumped to the ground from the outer edge of the roof. I study the roof and see a precarious narrow section of wood that is separate from the rest of the roof, which puzzles me. I stand on it, but consider that I cannot get to the rest of the roof (which has some building materials and tools sitting about) even though all I would have to do is step onto it from this supposed catwalk. Even after fifty years, my dream self fails to remember the dream sign of a cat being a “witness” to liminal space and typically near doorways (for the purpose of inducing lucidity in some cases), though the association had been distorted into the word “catwalk” in this case. (No cat is present and my dream self does not think about cats even upon hearing “cat” as part of “catwalk”.) The association with a “cat always landing on its feet” is not present (regarding the vestibular system dynamics of the waking process, which is often a falling sensation, based solely on biology, not “meaning” as “interpreters” falsely propagate).

      My dream shifts into a different scenario as a result of considering the nature of the King Street roof (still erroneously associated with the Stadcor Street house) and subliminal anticipation of the falling sensation of the waking process, which does not occur as a result of this shift. Now it is a typical non-lucidly forced “haunting” scenario. I am downstairs again, but this time the setting is an ambiguous composite of the Stadcor Street house and the Cubitis house. I am now more aware of Zsuzsanna as my wife, though it is still not a complete recognition. She still seems to serve the role as landlady.

      “How long has…it…been in this house?” I ask her this dramatically, speaking of the haunting, which is mainly nonthreatening. We talk briefly, but I become distracted. I find myself in a dark room with an unknown female. There is talk about ghosts and seeing physical evidence of ghosts in this house. I tell her, “This is the only house I have ever lived in where there is the physical presence of ghosts.” On one level, I know ghosts are not real, but on another level, I have achieved non-lucid dream control and revivification at this point to entertain myself. The old writing desk that Zsuzsanna used to have is present, which results in an increase of thinking skills correlation. Near the opposite side of the desk from where the unknown female is standing, another female slowly appears. It is a ghost. “Can you see her?” I ask the female. She tells me that she cannot see anyone there.

      The ghost is a realistic version, as a “real” human, of Velma Dinkley (of the Scooby-Doo franchise), though about twelve years of age. She seems puzzled and very shy and uncertain. “Who are you?” I ask her. “I’m a goddess,” she whispers. I am puzzled and ask her again about five times. Each time, she softly says, “I’m a goddess”. I want to help her come to terms with her death. (This is a vague influence of “Show Yourself” from 2016, seen just prior to sleep, where I expected Travis to hug the ghost of Paul near the end, though he did not). I hug her, place my right hand on the small of her back, and move it up to the middle of her back. As a result, the palm of my hand begins to glow with white light, rays shining into other areas of the room. (I do not recall the association with Zsuzsanna having been born on September 13, though this was exactly one year before “Scooby-Doo” first aired, therefore Velma in this case is a subliminal representation of Zsuzsanna.)

      The palm of my right hand continues to glow as I find myself walking south through the Cubitis hallway. I stand in the doorway of the Cubitis southwest bedroom looking into the semidarkness. Several unfamiliar people, both men and women, are sitting on couches that are against the west and north walls. (This is an erroneous setup, as the north wall held the sliding doors of a large closet in reality.) I hold up my right hand and the light spreads into the room somewhat. The others are puzzled. I step through the doorway and wake. (This is a vague association with a security system reading a handprint to allow entry, or, in this case, to exit the dream state.)

      With this entry, I have attempted to explain the dreaming and waking process as best I could for this dream. (This is difficult in a society where most people have no viable understanding of dreams, many still believing in “interpretation” and “symbolism” in the popular sense, neither of which is real.) The bedroom is a literal thread of final recognition that I am dreaming, and so I choose to wake. The light represents attaining consciousness as a willingness to accept daybreak and intelligence of which only the conscious self possesses in waking life.

    4. Two Holes in Our Roof

      by , 02-19-2018 at 03:23 PM
      Morning of February 19, 2018. Monday.

      In the first part of my dream, I notice a square hole in the floor in front of our couch, near the middle, about a third of the size of the couch. I consider that our youngest daughter might fall through if she is not paying attention, although the concern does not dominate my thoughts, as I also consider she would likely be aware of it for the most part. It seems to be late afternoon. The couch is in the wrong orientation. It is perpendicular to its real location, as it is on the west side of the lounge room facing east (where it has never been in reality) instead of being at the south edge of the lounge room facing north.

      Later, Zsuzsanna and I are in a fictional room that is oriented where our oldest son’s room would be in reality, though is implied to be a mostly featureless lounge room, though there are bookshelves present. Zsuzsanna remains on my left. I focus on what looks like water dripping from a small area of the ceiling. I somehow see through the ceiling and see a large hole in the roof (as if I had x-ray vision, a fairly common dream state trait), oriented to my right. I tell Zsuzsanna of this, remembering that a new roof had just been built onto our house (in reality) and this new one has already partly “dissolved”. I also notice a smaller hole in the roof near the far corner of the room. I strongly focus on the idea of rain and water coming down, and (without viable lucidity) see water pouring through the small narrow irregular hole in the ceiling.

      After this, I expect more water to come in near where the cat is sleeping in the far corner. A smaller amount of water than in the first instance comes through the ceiling near the corner and splashes the cat, but it does not seem that annoyed and remains in its position. I have a vague concern about books getting wet, but no more water comes through and I slowly wake. (The supposed rainwater event is more like someone quickly pouring water from a bucket from the two areas above the ceiling rather than a leak caused by rain or an even amount of water over time as it does not even seem to be raining when I look through the ceiling with x-ray vision, and then through the hole in the roof each time, as the sky is blue and cloudless.)

      My dream self’s first focus is on the hole in the floor. This represents neural OR gating relating to a subliminal focus on Zsuzsanna’s unconsciousness, as it is in the same location in front of the couch where Zsuzsanna sits in reality. However, when Zsuzsanna later appears in my dream, she remains on my left when subliminal autosymbolism of our real sleeping position is present.

      Vestibular System Personification is incidentally rendered as our youngest daughter in this case. There is no modulating RAS factor or personification thereof and my dream self’s concern is illusory and ambiguous as in many past dreams of this nature.

      The holes in the roof represent neural OR gating of my conscious self identity (which has featured in many past dreams as such), to my dream self’s right as I am sleeping on my left side, my right side more exposed to my real environment. The larger hole, closest to my dream self, opens to my consciousness precursor, the other, Zsuzsanna’s. Neural OR gating means that my conscious self is manipulating my dream, with my personified subconscious (dream self) being only subliminally aware of the implications (that is, without full recall of the dream state, as the subconscious level lacks viable intelligence and temporality). To clarify, my conscious self is subliminally aware of being in the dream state, though my dream self is not (and does not even recall what a dream is), though my dream’s autosymbolism is still based on a value of “one” (OR gate). This is why there is a hole in the roof and why my dream self can see it through the ceiling (liminal space divider, that is, a neural pattern between dream self and conscious self).

      The cat is a precursory emergent consciousness factor (as a common liminal space denizen). My dream self is aware of its autosymbolism, which links a thread to my conscious self identity of which tries to reinduce and sustain the dream state by willing it to rain. (Even though in real life, rain coming into our home after the roof was torn off was obviously a negative event.)

    5. The Roof Factor

      by , 12-20-2017 at 06:20 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am writing a booklet in my dream about a factor which has remained consistent since early childhood. It is called “The Roof Factor.” I am not lucid. In reality, I had thought about writing an entry on the concept. I focus on dreams about open ceilings and roof repair.

      Before I was nine years old, I came to understand some dream features signified the level of consciousness. I noticed dreams featuring open ceilings were more likely to occur in a certain level of awareness, in a particular part of the sleep cycle, when my conscious self identity was present to a greater extent than in other dreams (more than when such as a porch is rendered to represent the waking space). Most open ceiling dreams feature my current address and most often have more common dream state indicators. (Most of my non-lucid dreams have less conscious self connections and distort in anachronistic composites of various places I have lived in the past). It validates a ceiling or roof as representing a specific level of consciousness in a similar way as a wall or fence in relating to liminal space division, though with viable threads of conscious self identity. That is even more so with dream state indicators such as beds in being potential exit points or focal points of emerging consciousness factors. (I do not typify a ceiling or roof as a dream state indicator, as it does not directly relate to bedrooms or beds).

      I do a lot of writing and reading in my dream, going back over at least a dozen dreams with the roof factor. Eventually, I wake to feel vaguely annoyed at having “lost” all my writing. Experiencing a long dream while writing about them while not aware that I was dreaming was amusing and ironic.

      There were more dream references here than in other dreams in recent memory. They had an interesting connection with the replacement of our roof in real life after the storm had torn it off over a month ago, which was the scariest event in our lives.

      Readability score: 61.

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    6. Pat Fixing our Roof

      by , 12-11-2017 at 06:11 PM
      Morning of December 11, 2017. Monday.

      Thinking about our house actually having a roof again after over a month of this nonsense (since the storm tore it off), naturally some dream content would have an association with it, that is, in cases where my current conscious self identity is extant in an incidentally non-lucid dream. Because the personified dream self has no concept of time or space, or any semblance of intelligence or viable memory in non-lucid dreams of most stages of unconsciousness in the sleeping cycle, it is not automatically expected as a factor though. Curiously though, there were dreams about the roof repair and our landlord involved in it a few times prior to the real-life event (the storm that tore our roof off), so that is the literal prescience at work again.

      My foreman from years ago (Patrick S, who shot himself, and by which I had a prescient dream of his saying “goodbye” on the same day with no way of me knowing he would do this, as I had not seen him for months as it was) takes the role of our landlord without my dream self really noticing it.

      I am sitting on a beam above our ceiling, the area far more expansive than in reality. I am reading a paperback book. Above me is a solid roof, so my dream is illogical in implying a new roof is being built below it. Instead, on a different beam several feet away, is Patrick. He is nailing a small piece of tin in a vertical position aligned to what is then a wooden walkway. I feel somewhat aggravated (though not enough to trigger RAS and the waking event), as this seems to have nothing to do with the actual roof over our house, at least not the main sections.

      I somehow teleport to the area and he hands me a hammer and asks me to help him. One corner of the tin seems problematic, apparently with too many nail holes that have torn the tin, to be feasible to be nailed where it needs to be aligned. My dream distorts and then I am to get a ladder and go up to where I already am, which of course makes no sense. As I then attempt to climb the ladder to where I had already been moments before, the ladder is now actually a distorted composite of ladder, staircase, and bookcase (not the first time this specific feature has occurred in a dream). From here, I start to realize that the symbolism means I am dreaming and consequently (without holding back on RAS mediation or mode) soon wake.

      Although staircases symbolize the return to waking consciousness (when going up; as going down typically vivifies a dream, sometimes triggering apex lucidity, at least in my case, where I then have full conscious self control of the dream state), ladders do as well, though staircases are more common as such due to being far more of a familiar factor in waking life (which sounds strange I suppose, as dreams are otherwise so inherently surreal, often having little or no relevance to real life). The composite synthesis of the bookshelf factor (note I was reading prior to my teleportation to Patrick’s location) is parallel symbolism that validates the meaning of the staircase symbolism. That is, both represent the emergent consciousness stage of RAS mediation. This is because only the whole conscious self has thinking skills and basic language skills with such as books.

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    7. Return to an Unlikely Apartment Building

      by , 11-17-2016 at 05:17 PM
      Morning of November 17, 2016. Thursday.

      I am wandering around in La Crosse as I have the vague realization that I am tired and should probably go home. My dream self seems about twenty years of age. I fly to the back of a building, to the first-floor’s extended roof of the building which has at least two storeys. This feature provides access to two apartments on the higher floor. (The feature is similar to the Rose Street building I lived in as a young child, except it only had one hallway door to the first-floor roof. The location itself seems more like the area where Dennis lived years ago which also had only one door to the first floor roof.) From the outside, I have a false memory that my apartment is to the left and the one on the right is where my brother Dennis lives. He appears as he did in the 1970s.

      The setting is very distorted. Even though I remember living and sleeping in the apartment, it is far too small for a human being to either go through the doorway or actually live inside the building. The height of the living area is no more than two feet. This puzzles me but neither triggers any realization that the situation is impossible nor results in stronger emotions. I consider that the building is mostly made of a stack of bricks that shift a bit at times, which somehow makes the apartments smaller or larger at different times.

      There is a conversation between Dennis and our (fictitious) landlady, which eventually relates to something about feeding homeless people in the area. I cannot get into my apartment so I decide to sleep on the roof while thinking of how the homeless people will be fed as it seems like a worthwhile task. Dennis has some carrots, lettuce, and potatoes to start a stew or soup. Eventually, just as I begin to wake, there are vague thoughts about geese flying over the building and returning to the area.

      Wandering around feeling tired is a dream state indicator created by subliminal awareness of being asleep as well as having been tired in reality prior to my dream. This is additionally evidenced by wanting to sleep on the roof, which is a liminal space divider related to depth of sleep and how much of the conscious self identity is present. It is also why my dream’s setting is rendered as too small to access. The geese returning to the area is typical vestibular system correlation, autosymbolism for waking process thoughts in “returning” (waking back into) the physical body while leaving the illusory dream body. There are also mild thoughts of hunger. The “feeding” reference is to me, as “homeless” is based on liminal awareness of not being awake in the physical body.

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    8. Roof Work

      by , 06-24-2015 at 09:28 AM
      Morning of June 24, 2015. Wednesday.

      This was a typical imposer dream. My family and I are living in a house that is about four times bigger as our real one though does not seem that recognizable as a composite of past homes.

      An annoying female neighbor with a mental disorder (from real life from a few years ago) is walking around in both our back and front yards and seemingly doing so because the owner is also here (even though she has nothing to do with what he is doing, I think). At one point, she is carrying a basket of laundry around. My dream becomes most vivid at this near-beginning point where I see her trying to open our back door (my view seemingly being through a few larger windows rather than seeing through the walls as in some dreams) and then walking away.

      I learn that the landlord is on a ladder, first having noticed the unrealistically high wooden ladder propped against our house and then seeing his feet on one of the top rungs. However, the scene is unlikely in that the ladder is almost straight up and the man’s position is very unsafe and not directly near the roof’s surface when I look - technically, a person could not work this way or even stand on a ladder this way in reality. I am almost certain he will probably fall within an hour or so (though this does not happen).

      Soon, a light-haired unfamiliar young female with very short hair tries to push her way through the front doorway as I am talking about the landlord’s unexplained imposition but I stop her. I also notice an unknown boy walking around in our front yard and become more annoyed. I go into a mock character mood (pretending to be the landlord) and start saying “Duh!” several times and “look at me, I am working on a house and do not know what legal means…l-e-g-a-l (spelling it out)…duh…what does that mean?” and mention that showing up to work on a tenant’s house without informing them is a violation of the RTA (which it is in reality). I am not really certain what the issue with the roof is, though at one point I have a view (seemingly outside from a distance from the front yard of the house) of the outer surface having been removed even though there is still a layer of undamaged shingles underneath, it seems. I have no idea what the situation is regarding the purpose of the roof work or worse, even the present state of our tenancy.

      Eventually, as I am talking, the female transforms into an older lady of about eighty (who looks somewhat like an older version of Frances Fisher from “Resurrection” but with lighter hair) and I then falsely remember her as the landlord’s wife (even though he only seems about forty at the most). Her features are mostly similar to the previous character’s; she is just now with many wrinkles and a slightly more squarish face. My dream-self does not even acknowledge the character transformation (and assumes she is still the same character originally perceived), though I comment that I thought she was only about eighteen years old at first and, though still very annoyed, pretend it is okay for them to be there without prior notification. She explains something about her Glock (relating to the roof somehow) needing to be replaced or something like that (which makes no sense as Glock is the name of a weapons manufacturer and type of pistol). I still am not sure what is going on.

      Being a typical imposer dream, it reflects present issues in having to deal with thoughtless workers regarding the NBN fiasco and telephone company over the last few weeks and the noise and overall mindless behavior just outside our window.
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    9. Roof Situation

      by , 06-11-2015 at 12:11 PM
      Morning of June 11, 2015. Thursday.

      Dream #: 17,706-04. Reading time: 2 min 42 sec.

      I live in an unknown region in an unfamiliar (to my conscious self) house with my family (some fictitious). I have at least three additional daughters though I do not recall their names. (They do not resemble my real-life daughters.) One seems frustrated with her middle school mathematics homework at a kitchen table. I say that she may need my help. She looks at me annoyingly because it is evident that she needs my help. Another daughter in the twelfth grade will need less assistance.

      I am vaguely aware of my need to use the toilet. One of my fictitious daughters is in the bathroom, but she leaves (without complaint) before using it because of me. The bathroom is big (about half the area of our present house). There are pieces of vinyl not firmly or entirely covering the wooden floor as well as debris. Near another wall, perpendicular to the doorway I came in, is what resembles a glass door of a business building but with a doorknob rather than a handle. I go over to the door upon seeing it is open and then discover at least part of the wall is like a glass storefront, so there is no privacy. The immediate area outside looks like a shopping mall entrance. As I attempt to close the door, the doorknob and plate slide about as if loose. I fix it by moving it around until it locks into place and I close the door. I think I will tell my family about it.

      The toilet flushes itself (before I go) as if on a timer. It quickly overflows. Water, waste, and debris go under the door, into the hall, into a daughter’s room. I can see through the wall (mentally; unlike through glass). She is doing mathematics homework on her bed, probably wondering about the flooding. I am annoyed by the realization of the awful mess that I will need to clean up, but incredibly, the water, waste, and debris recede, returning to the toilet, leaving the floors dry and clean.

      Without using the bathroom, I go outside. The area is rural, and the front yard is very big. I get a strong sense of being in Kentucky (though I have never lived there). The house next door is vacant. On the other side of the dirt road, through a cluster of shrubbery and trees, I see horses pulling a carriage as well as several people walking. I wave at them, and they smile generously and wave back. Most of them are older wealthy blacks dressed in late 1800s attire. One man has white hair and is wearing an expensive-looking suit. They cross to our side of the road and are either moving into the other house or looking at it for possible purchase. There is at least one old Caucasian man with them who may be a servant or adviser as he asks me when the wood pit (a long deep ditch between properties with firewood and uncut logs) was last in use. I am unsure.

      Soon, there is a strong gust of refreshing wind, like the season suddenly changing from summer to winter. Big flakes that briefly seem like snow but then like small pieces of old newspaper, small sections of tar paper, and grainy debris, rain down upon us. Some people duck out of apprehension at the unexpected event (that does not cause any injuries). I feel thrilled and exhilarated by this event, with a sense of sudden well-being. When I look back, I see that it was the wind blowing a section of roof cover off my house so that now about a fourth of one side looks uncovered. I notice at least three layers that include newspaper, tar paper, and shingles. One of the men starts talking about my house (though his criticism does not seem rude), as if he is surprised I am living there, expressing how it is more like the kind of house and roof for an apprentice than for a someone such as me. My dream fades.

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    10. Helping with a Neighbor’s Kite Mishap

      by , 09-17-2013 at 03:17 PM
      Morning of September 17, 2013. Tuesday.

      In real life this morning, there was a strong wind that blew a very large piece of roofing tin from a neighbor’s house onto our roof (and onto the ground a few hours later). The piece was as long as a person. The noise likely influenced my dream.

      In my dream, I go outside and notice a large box kite on the edge of our roof on the east side of our house (left side when facing the front). This kite is entangled near the middle section. A neighbor from a few houses south of us comes over and expresses his frustration over the incident, as it is his kite. He asks for my help in getting it down, which I eventually manage to do somehow as others, including Zsuzsanna, watch.

      The man makes a remark about how he probably should not have been flying his kite because of the heavier wind and its changes of direction though he also comments on how it is usually a good area to fly a kite.

      There turns out to be more than the pieces of the broken box kite on the roof. There are also a few small cardboard boxes. In addition, some of the boxes contain small tools and keys. All of the extra items I find had supposedly been inside the kite and also belonged to the man. The main additional items I notice are small silver keys of about the size for a small suitcase. I also notice a few allen wrenches. Most of these smaller items slide around loosely in the boxes that are much larger for the items than necessary. All these small additional items and the cardboard boxes were being flown within the kite as he usually had done (though I am not sure if it was because of absentmindedness on his part or a routine related to some sort of ongoing maintenance of his kite).

      The man is thankful for my ability to somehow climb up and get everything down (somehow without a ladder) and most everything is retrieved. There are also other small bits, such as a few older broken screws, possibly from the edge of the roof or rain gutter rather than the kite. The detail is quite realistic at this point even when I focus on it directly.

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    11. Carried Away on the Wind

      by , 08-30-1986 at 02:30 PM
      Morning of August 30, 1986. Saturday.

      I am on the front roof (that goes out over the front porch) of my King Street apartment with an unknown dark-haired female (”mystery girl” who was literally and visually precognitive of my wife-to-be since early childhood) under a sheet. It seems to be late morning. Eventually, there is a strong wind and it pulls us into the air, with a very strange sensation moving through my body, similar to when I am “too close” to the edge of a roof or cliff in real life but the feeling is augmented. The “flight” and “fall” transforms into a natural waking mechanism though without the usual hypnic jerk.

      Dreaming about anything related to a bed or sleep in most cases is just that, an obvious dream sign of the dream itself (and as is typical with any other native dream metaphor, with no “interpretation”), especially if the bed or bedding is in a different location than real life (though, even though it is very common, something I rarely catch in my own dreams as a possible trigger for lucidity, though this dream is very vivid). Being on a roof is also relative to a particular “band” of the dream state itself regarding a transitory state of consciousness (just on the threshold of the waking state). This is basically just a variation on the falling waking mechanism other than the visually precognitive reminder of my wife-to-be. Still, it is also a clever play on “magic carpet ride”, yet another flying symbol and analogous to the dream state itself. First and foremost, dreams are about dreaming and waking, instilled with precognitive and foreshadowing layers to prepare for what is to come (both immediate waking and potential elements yet to be). Wind relates to both the passage of time and long-term precognition.

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    12. Rooftop Heaven

      by , 02-09-1976 at 08:09 AM
      Morning of February 9, 1976. Monday.

      Nothing dramatic happens here, but my dream seems to last a long time throughout the morning. Jesus Christ, in large seemingly layered mainly white robes, seems to appear standing on our roof on the northeast area near the chimney my father built, and the concept of “rooftop Heaven” comes to mind, as well as a “Heaven” association with my dream girl (who turned out to be Zsuzsanna in every way possible, including the unlikely mixed accent of Romani Hungarian and Australian). Over time, I see miniature clouds moving through our backyard (autosymbolism for the dream state itself), not that high from the ground. It seems to be late afternoon. (Note that I am not religious and have zero interest in religious dogma despite experiencing a few miraculous healings as well as inexplicable events continuously since childhood, including my inexplicable connection to Zsuzsanna long before we met in waking life.)

      I consider this precognitive at one level, because my real wife-to-be (and I was not to make waking-life contact with Zsuzsanna for years, until March 1991) lived in Heaven when younger, a real town name in Nimbin.

    13. “The Martian Highway” or “Thundering Road”

      by , 10-10-1972 at 04:10 PM
      Morning of October 10, 1972. Tuesday. (Resupplemented for clarity on Tuesday, 5 September 2017.)

      “Giant” trucks go by our house in Cubitis - as there is apparently a new and bigger highway now. They go fairly fast at times and I watch shingles and tar paper being ripped off the roof by the wind they make in passing, most vehicles heading north. I watch the event from a distance, seemingly from the other side of the highway (the original Highway Seventeen), yet also with the idea I am in my bed and viewing this scene while incorporeal. Our house seems farther south in overall imagery and awareness, though I am still clearly aware that it is our home. I am eventually vaguely lucid and the scene becomes somewhat peaceful.

      My original title for this was “The Martian Highway” even though there was no clearer awareness or idea of aliens being present. However, the trucks did seem to be much larger than normal, though sometimes this seemed more relative to distorted perspective. The idea that they were or could be “Martian giants” was not really defined as such. Later titles for this dream (while I was transferring thousands of my dreams to larger and more convenient binders) were “Thunder Road” and “Thundering Road”.

      The shingles blowing off our roof in the wind may relate to a preconscious factor (though wind usually relates to the passage of time), the roof symbolizing a particular state of consciousness in transition and its cessation. More relevant in this case however, may be the association with my blanket coming off while sleeping, or the need for the blanket to come off before getting ready for the day. This may additionally be validated by the engines of the oversized trucks, which are akin to growing neural and physical energy. Additionally, I was likely subliminally focused on the sound of passing semi-trailer trucks at times.

      Years later, in real life, after we moved, there actually was a very large wide highway that came fairly close to our old home (though on the opposite side), the house still being there. My wife Zsuzsanna, when a child, sometimes had a fear of large trucks.

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    14. In the Wind

      by , 05-19-1972 at 02:08 PM
      Night of May 19, 1972. Friday.

      In this dream, there was a hurricane occurring and it may be early morning. At the time it started to become more noticeable, I was outside near my Cubitis house in the northern section of the yard as well as walking in the carport, and as the wind became stronger, I somehow ended up holding onto the north-facing incline of the shed roof in the area closer to the entrance and yet not being carried away by the strong wind. (This scene, however, would not have been possible in reality, as the roof was smooth tin and had no features to hold on to.) Most of the roof remained stable and mostly undamaged as well other than at least one sheet of tin flying off. The wind seemed to last a long time. At one point, it is as if I am seeing myself clutching at the shed roof near the apex (peak) or at least lying upon the incline (the entire shed of which my father built) while looking from my disembodied self’s right (by which my perspective seems to be from floating slightly more northward of the scene). I can even see “swirly mostly horizontal curved lines” (as if in a comic strip) that supposedly represent the forces of the wind. I am not sure what the fate is of any other people in the region including my parents. Perhaps I will be the only one left? The thought of being the only person left causes me to wonder how I will get food and fend for myself though there is also an odd sense of comfort at one point, which continues to grow, probably do to emerging lucidity (and being grateful I am only dreaming), though nothing occurs after this.

      Wind most often represents the passage of time or a concern with the passage of time (aging). This dream may also simply represent the waking process while trying to “hold onto the dream state” and not wanting to yet get on with the real-life day’s unfolding. Many other storm, hurricane, or tornado dreams may relate to trying to hold onto the dream state or even a particular level of consciousness, thus a storm comes to wake you (depending on what part of the dream the storm occurs in).

      On a side note, the first actual storm of this time period was Subtropical Storm Alpha (also called Alfa) on May 23, 1972 though I never concluded this was precognitive in any sense.
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