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    1. Magazines, Screws, Hinges, and a Metal Uterus

      by , 08-05-2018 at 11:09 AM
      Morning of August 5, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 2 min 36 sec. Readability score: 68.

      My dream features several ambiguous transitions, as is often the case. A thread of my dream self identity that links to my current awareness of being with Zsuzsanna is present, but not much else.

      The setting is mainly the living room of the Loomis Street house. The couch (near the south window as it was in reality) is not the couch of that time, but like the one from Cubitis when I was a teenager. (This is the one where the back dropped down to make a single bed.) Additionally, despite my lack of viable memory of my current conscious self, it also has the essence of the couch from our current home. Three-way ambiguity is a typical feature of my dreams. This setup does not “mean” anything other than the usual subliminal awareness of being in bed. Dream state indicators of this nature have occurred throughout every sleep cycle all my life.

      A thread of potential consciousness initiation emerges. There are several piles of magazines in the storage area in the bottom of the couch. It reflects my desire to become more aware in the dream state (by focusing on printed text), but I remain non-lucid. Zsuzsanna is with me and seems very cheerful. I am somewhat puzzled by how so many magazines could fit under the couch seat, as they seem higher than the top of the storage area by several inches.

      My desire for conscious awareness increases but shifts to a different scene. Now I am sitting on a blanket on the floor, still an association with subliminal knowledge of being in bed. An unfamiliar girl is sitting on the floor near me. Later, an unknown male is also present.

      I am sorting through various items that had been mixed in with the magazines (even though all the piles were flat). There are many loose screws and metal items. Some seem to be part of handyman kits. I start to gather pieces that go together, thinking that I could sell them. There are some singular hinges, but not all the screws are with them. One screw I try to match with the other is too different. (This all relates to my non-lucid dream self trying to build cohesive conscious self awareness in RAS mediation.) One set of hinges, when open, looks somewhat like the 2009 Chrysler logo. (This is probably this dream’s vestibular system correlation, as it resembles wings as well as having a doorway association.)

      Once again, there is a change in awareness. The Loomis Street living room now takes on the typical essence of bilocation. My dream self is indoors and outdoors at the same time. On one level, it is still the Loomis Street living room. On another level, it is in an outdoor rural area near an unfamiliar farm. An interconsciousness avatar is present as a farmer. The farmer’s origin is the Loomis Street house’s northeast bedroom, which is simultaneously an open section of a barn.

      I am looking at a metal uterus, considering it is part of a V8 engine. It is rather light. It has what seems like small multicolored scales over most of its surface. I say how it is “ragged” as I move my fingers over the scales, thinking of it as an analogy to long-term use and becoming rusty. I give it to the farmer to look at, and it seems he may buy it for a V8 tractor. It is still in good condition according to him.

      The last part of this dream, in part, comes from our youngest daughter’s T-shirt that features sequins which change color when moving your hand over them. They also feel like small “ragged” rough scales. Another association stems directly from many years ago. A highly intoxicated unknown male had stopped at a rummage sale on Loomis Street and bought one of my father’s hole cutter drill bits even though its surface was mostly rust-covered.

    2. Unlikely Furnace

      by , 12-24-2015 at 06:51 AM
      Morning of December 24, 2015. Thursday.

      …And so now it appears that I enter my yearly stage where the heat of our environment has the most influence on my dream states, at least during certain times in the morning.

      Yet again, twenty years or so of memories are seemingly randomly scrambled in the dream state (of course, only certain stages of certain dream states). I am at least living with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children but we are apparently living in some sort of altered version of the Loomis Street house (unlike any other altered version I had seen in any previous dream). A variation of the large reverse-L-shaped closet (that joins two bedrooms somewhat as a “hallway”) is mostly featured here.

      At one point, there seems to be a small fire inside the wall, visible through a small hole. When I go to check out the possible source and exact location (and to see how far it has spread assuming it has) and check the other side of the wall, there is an odd “secret” panel built into the wall which I may or may not have known of before, accessible from the front small bedroom (but still hard to reach through to), where there are two cream-colored dials (similar to the design of a 1960s radio), one above the other by about four inches and around the level of my lower chest. Each dial seems connected to some sort of isolated door-latch-like feature slightly above it, in a shallow recess. I am aware, oddly enough, that each dial controls a particular door elsewhere in the house, one being the bathroom, I think, and another, a different bedroom. In order to fully get to the dials, I need to unscrew two screws at opposite vertical ends of the panel. The act of doing this is very “realistic” and palpable, as well as with no time distortions (or typical dream “shortcuts”). I put the two screws on a shelf in the closet at about shoulder level. When I notice a sink in the closet (as if for a bathroom) it does not seem out of place. Regarding the two screws, it seems one is sliver and one is gold. (On a side note, the act of unscrewing two or more screws with such an extreme level of focus, clarity, and tangibility, seems to be something that has only happened in my dreams over the past couple of years or so - it may relate to “opening up” other levels of consciousness though this is not certain.)

      When I have easier access, the dials seem to be damaged from either lack of use or from the fire, which I do not presently see. There is some powdery substance around each small “latch” which seems to possibly be disintegrated wood or ash, seemingly causing the dial to not work as it should. I try to see if I can shut the relevant door located in another room by turning one dial, but it is difficult. I ask my wife to check, but nothing seems to be happening other than the other door slightly swaying. The remote shutting of a door in another part of the house by using a small dial built inside a wall is an intriguing concept and I think this is the first time it has featured as such in a dream (at least with more clarity). Still, how would I know when the door was actually open or shut (or locked) without a partner telling me from another room - otherwise I would have to wander back and forth numerous times (I think there is a “message” here somewhere). Apparently, if the latch-like feature above the dial clicks into a certain position (at “12 o'clock), I assume that means the unseen door in another room is shut - but again, it does not seem to work, the feel of the dial being too "soft” where it should probably click in its operation related to the other small feature.

      I am annoyed by the failure of the dials to operate either door, either in opening them or in keeping them closed and possibly even locked. I eventually notice a large fire under the sink (with no doors under the sink) again, inside the closet, facing east, where the closet door is. The fire is “supposed” to be there it seems, but seems just a bit too large and shooting out from the sides somewhat. (Of course, there was no sink - or a furnace - in this closet in reality.) My friend Rick S is in the house, possibly just visiting us, and I ask him to turn down the thermostat while I still examine the dials. Eventually, in addition to the adjustment near the sink-furnace composite I realize that the two dials are probably related to the thermostats in two different adjacent rooms rather than what I originally assumed them to be for. No wonder there has been a fire. The dials need to be turned back counterclockwise to at least “10 o'clock” so that the fire and heat is not as extreme.

      This dream is based on some real-life associations; firstly, the extreme heat, secondly, several of the doors in this house have always been problematic, opening up shortly after closing them (the back door and bathroom door in fact, needing to be locked to keep them closed - otherwise they will just pop open), and thirdly, one of the doors below the sink is off and needs to be replaced or reset with different holes and screws.