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    1. A Vivid Roller Coaster Adventure (control without lucidity)

      by , 09-09-2020 at 06:52 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2020. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,622-02. Reading time: 4 min 18 sec.

      I instinctually summon imaginary kinaesthesia to vivify and sustain my dreaming experience. It is crucial to comprehend that this process is not symbolic, interpretable, or influenced by waking life but is a deliberate attempt to become more immersed in my dream. (Summoning imaginary kinaesthesia means instinctually directing the vestibular system ambiguity resulting from the lack of viable discernment of my physical body and its orientation while in dream sleep to favor the inward illusory side of this ambiguity to increase the illusion of movement and momentum. I have indulged in this practice since I was a toddler.)

      I am also instinctually aware of Zsuzsanna sleeping close to me on my left. As a result, in my dream, she is sitting on my left in what first seems like a small open train but soon becomes a car on a roller coaster. There are no other roller coaster cars or people. (Meanwhile, Zsuzsanna is dreaming of being on a train, intimating we are in the same stage of dreaming, not necessarily transpersonal as it is a fundamental process.)

      My dream vivifies with realistic movement (correlating with my imaginary physicality) as we ride the roller coaster. I see its unusual structures ahead, but I remain unconcerned, and our ride is smooth. The landscape is similar to that along West Avenue North in La Crosse. I realize that the ride will take us to a resort that features a beach. This factor is an instinctual summoning of melatonin mediation. Water exemplifies the illusory essence and nuances of sleep. (Meanwhile, Zsuzsanna continues in the same dreaming stage. However, in her dream, she remains on the train. Rain starts to come in because of a leak in the roof.)

      At the unfamiliar resort, the beach is suddenly an indoor feature after the typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity of this dreaming mode begins but favors the indoor factor. It is now more like a big indoor swimming pool. Our oldest son is now with us (even though he did not travel here with us), but he is only about ten years old. (There is no recall of our other four children at this point.) He cheerfully jumps into the water. Several other people are swimming while I sit with my legs hanging over the edge of the pool and sarcastically complain about there being no beach. At this point, because of sustained virtual melatonin mediation, I become aware our son is not resurfacing. I soon see him below the water’s surface and pull him up, and he seems to be unconscious (instinctual awareness I am sleeping). He recovers and complains about a man grabbing him underwater and doing something to his face.

      Zsuzsanna, our son, and I walk down a hall as I complain about the place and the man who may have hurt our son. A sleep-wake manager (also the manager of the resort) comes to us with another unknown male and states how he removed a small stick from our son’s nose and also intended to bring him up to the surface. Even so, I am annoyed that such a business would allow debris where people are swimming.

      In the next scene, Zsuzsanna, our son, and I are in a small room with windows encompassing three sides and benches attached to three walls. We watch an unrealistically large shark swimming around, though it does not bump the glass or pose a threat. The height of its head is higher than the windows when it is closest. (This scene was directly influenced by “Underwater” from 2020, though in the movie, it was people watching a giant fictitious oceanic creature through a window. Despite the influence, it correlates with precursory liminality that I informally call wall mediation, instinctual awareness of the concurrent division between imaginary dream space and potential waking space.)

      At a service counter, I become annoyed when the manager gives us complimentary bowls of ice cream. I knock them to the floor, as I do not want to spend any more time here, and end up leaving on my own with less of my waking-life identity. I climb up the roller coaster and attempt to ride a car back home (mistakenly perceived as Northside La Crosse, where I have not been in waking life since 1994). Even though my dream exponentially vivifies at this point, it also transitions to the emergence side of physicality and kinaesthesia. It now seems I am on a mechanic’s creeper (instead of a roller coaster car) and trying to move through a small wooden tunnel, feet first while on my back. (This type of dream state process occurs when precursory liminality becomes predominant in that I am then liminally aware of my physical body being immobile and beyond my control while sleeping. At this point, I am also instinctually aware of my sleeping position, which is mostly on my back.) I think about the unusual restrictions of the design and consider how men of a bigger size than me could not use the transportation at all. Even so, it seems likely that I will not be able to continue comfortably.

      I decide to teleport (with only vague myoclonus). I am suddenly in an unknown outdoor location in Northside La Crosse. Two people are present; an unfamiliar man and a woman (quantum model of Zsuzsanna). I tell the man that I teleported here. He seems puzzled and incredulous. I prove it to him by teleporting about six feet to the left of my present position with the sense of quickly blinking and becoming more aware of the dream state’s essence again. He cheerfully holds up his cell phone to film me in a conspiratorial manner, but I turn so that my face is out of range. I cause his cell phone to stop working. The screen cracks, and it displays what looks like an analogue television on an empty channel.

      I explain that whatever I say happens. I summon somatosensory dynamics (to augment my dream self’s sense of touch), but with big diamonds rather than eggs or coins. I open my hand to reveal an unrealistically large diamond that I give to the man. I tell him it is only worth about $30,000.00. Other diamonds appear in my hand. I give the woman one.

      In the last scene, she happily approaches me as I am leaving to remind me I had already given her a diamond on a previous day. She opens her hand to show me two large diamonds.

    2. Shark Room

      by , 06-04-2018 at 07:25 AM
      Morning of June 4, 2018. Monday.

      I find myself swimming and breathing underwater (as I have always done in such scenarios) inside an unfamiliar house of which is mostly empty of furniture.

      There is a clear memory of an unknown man having told me about an experience with a shark. His son had been playing with a shark and also had fishing line wrapped around him that was also wrapped around the shark. There is a vague puzzlement as to why anyone would play with a shark (perhaps they were both naïve), but there is nothing said about the boy or his father being in any danger. The man described how he had gotten his son back, but had not been able to get him back solely from pulling on the fishing line, which seemed to puzzle him.

      I eventually notice a shark remaining in one position above me, close to a wall and near the ceiling. There is a long length of fishing line trailing out from its mouth, curving through the water in at least one figure eight pattern, some of the line through its gills and some over the dorsal fin. The other end of the fishing line ends near where I am floating near the center of the room. I do not feel endangered in any way.

      I consider pulling on the fishing line to see what happens, but I decide not to and swim around for awhile, exploring the mostly empty house. There is a peaceful feeling despite a shark being present, though it never moves from its original position.

      Autosymbolism explained:

      Being underwater: Instinctual awareness of being asleep. (Being able to breathe underwater is proof that I have subliminal awareness that I am dreaming.)

      Shark: Instinctual in-dream awareness of RAS (reticular activating system) and its waking process function.

      Not pulling on the fishing line: Liminal dream control (dream control without lucidity) based on lifelong understanding of dream state autosymbolism. (If I had pulled on the fishing line, it might have initiated RAS.)

      The memory of the story: I was wondering if my youngest son was sleeping well in his room before I went to bed. This carried over into a projected backstory in this dream.

      Lucid dreaming (being consciously aware of being in the dream state) and control of a dream by way of dream self modulation over RAS are unrelated despite the myth of lucidity being related to dream control still being widely propagated.

      This dream is obviously modulated by my dream self (by way of the virtuous circle effect in having a deep understanding of my dreams for over fifty years), yet I am not lucid. I use the term “liminal” in a different way than some other writers. Technically, there is a subtle difference between subliminal and liminal regarding the dream self’s perception, but when I write “liminal dream control” I am describing full control of a dream without any awareness that I am dreaming or even recalling what a dream is. This is a specific type of synaptic OR gating.

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    3. An Unusual Little Island

      by , 08-01-2017 at 02:01 PM
      Morning of August 1, 2017. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,488-02. Reading Time (optimized): 2 min.

      I am with several people on an unusual little island at night. I walk around in a paved area. A small canal divides most of the island about one-quarter in from the side opposite of where I stand. There is at least one big brick building that blocks my view of the ocean on my right.

      Zsuzsanna and our youngest son are eventually with me. We go over to the canal. I notice that the ocean on the opposite side of the island, which I can now clearly see, has whitecaps (though I do not focus as much on the waves on my left side). An unknown girl talks about it publicly, relaying a concern that makes me consider if the waves could eventually cover the island. The island’s isolation contributes to this concern but not for long.

      I look into the depths of the canal and see a shadowy shape that I soon see is a shark of about four feet long. I tell Zsuzsanna and our son to watch, and we cheerfully look into the water. I soon notice other small sharks as well as a little dolphin, which is surprising, as they do not fight. They do not look real and make me think indirectly of CGI. We share amusement in watching these creatures in addition to several tiny fish. The more active area of the ocean remains off to my right, behind the big building, but some of it is still visible through the end of the canal and surrounding area.

      Zsuzsanna remains on my left, correlating with our sleeping positions. Additionally, this is one of many dreams that lack definition or attention to my left in contrast to a clear focus to my right, which is subliminal wakefulness anticipation (as I sleep on my left side, my right more exposed to my environment correlating in the dream state with its concurrent monitoring).

      For over 50 years, water has been a consistent factor of natural melatonin mediation and ultradian and circadian rhythm in correlation with my sleep cycle. The unknown girl is a subliminal reminder of the Naiad factor from high-level dream state induction, though here has transitioned to the RAS (reticular activating system) mediation stage. She is “warning” me about the high waves, a warning about not sleeping too long, the island being the dream state.

      I was aware that I was at least partly responsible for creating the ocean creatures, but with no dream state realization. The eradication of the unintelligent hype equating lucid dreaming with dream control is necessary to understand the processes and dynamics of awareness in all modes of dream space. The ambiguity of whether they should be sharks or dolphins (with both appearing without incident) reflects the dual nature of RAS mediation and simulacra transitions, from REM and non-REM sleep induction to consciousness reinitiation.

      Zsuzsanna had a dream with the same content in the same period, including the CGI association with ocean creatures. It happens regularly, with too much matching detail to be coincidental.

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    4. Rescuing Shark or Girl

      by , 03-10-2017 at 09:53 AM
      Morning of March 10, 2017. Friday.

      I am swimming under the ocean (and I can breathe underwater as in many previous dreams since early childhood). I am near the ocean bottom. The imagery is beautiful. A shark swims toward me but turns and swims to my left as we move past each other and I am not threatened or even acknowledged in any way. There are other fish, including sharks, here and there.

      I soon notice a submerged bus on the ocean floor. It appears to be empty but I decide to explore. Eventually, covering the bus, is what I assume to be long equidistant strands of some sort of seaweed, and yet oddly, it looks more like green Christmas tinsel garlands arranged vertically around the perimeter of the bus, each about a foot apart. They sway with the ocean current and actually seem to “reach out” at times. They establish a sense of joy though I remain puzzled about this seeming setting distortion.

      Curiously, my dream temporarily becomes a dream within a dream, of viewing sparkling Christmas ornaments and swaying garlands. I seem to circle intricately decorated Christmas trees and look deep within their branches and feel intense joy. Soon though, I am back under the ocean in the original setting.

      I swim into the bus through the open doors at the front right side. The driver’s seat is empty and it looks like the whole bus may be empty. I swim towards the back. I notice a human body (female) wrapped up in transparent plastic, in a middle seat on the right, wrapped with a cord around the middle. For a short time, a potential (flight symbol) waking prompt distorts the scene and the inside of the bus seems more like the inside of an airplane where men would line up on each side to be ready to parachute (and all the singular one-person seats face outwards now instead of towards the front of the bus). I try to focus more and the bus temporarily becomes a separating construct of giant ribs after an impression of thin white splitting plastic, pieces of the seats floating outwards and upwards. However, I am soon back in the original setting.

      I look at the girl’s face through the plastic. She is unfamiliar but alive. Her eyes glow brightly as she smiles. There is something I do with my mind that I do not recall ever doing before (which also occurred in another dream of this date). I think it has something to do with a dream of May 18, 2015 (“Unusual Bird”), except in that dream, I was watching the event happening to someone else from a distance. It has something to do with deliberately superimposing the essence of your face onto a dream character’s face (almost like forcing a three-dimensional “mirror” around the person’s head, yet internally and externally at the same time). There is an extraordinary sensation and skewed awareness that cannot be accurately described. (I also get a vague impression that this may be the supposed “new” entity or “contact” from a few other dreams.)

      For a moment, her head becomes that of a shark (though somewhat anthropomorphic as it looks directly outward from the otherwise vertical body), but changes back, seemingly implying a playful sense to demonstrate an ability to quickly change. I carry her out of the bus (though still with the plastic around her) and swim up to an underwater cliff. Perhaps she is a shark but I still think she should be rescued. I carry her over my left shoulder as I swim.

      From here, there is intense and vivid fractal imagery which flashes and turns. I am still seemingly underwater though and continue to “swim” through the surreal patterns. I also see flashing Mandelbrot patterns.

      I watch an orange octopus (which seems ambiguously entwined within the spiraling fractal imagery for a time). There is more than one at times. Looking from underneath the octopus at one point, I get the impression of a billowing and waving skirt, which temporary becomes such an image for a short time. The octopus imagery is very detailed and correct at first. However, there is one point where I see an “octopus” that seems to have virtually endless tentacles. It sits on the cliff.

      My dream shifts into more fractal images and impressions of the shiny patterns inside oyster shells.

      As I wake, I experience the most unusual hypnic jerk I have ever had. It feels like numerous small tendrils of electricity grabbing my foot and lower leg and lifting it up. My entire leg moves upward as I wake before it drops back onto our bed. (I had been sleeping in a position where part of my right side and much of my stomach is on the mattress.) Typically, hypnic jerks and other waking muscle movement (other than my nightly back spasm) are not this sustained (though my leg usually does jump a bit) and I do not recall feeling individual tendrils of energy “grabbing me” or “attempting to lift me” like this before. It was very strange and interesting…and something new and appreciated (regardless of it being somewhat startling, although because the effect is similar to a dream I had in America where the energy of Zsuzsanna’s essence was fully felt upon me, it did seem external - though I am not sure of the source - if it was Zsuzsanna, who was sleeping near me at the time, I do not recall her “sending” this way before).

    5. An Ocean Walk near my Middle School (leg mobility)

      by , 05-05-2015 at 11:05 AM
      1 minute 36 second read.
      Tuesday morning, 5 May 2015.
      An Ocean Walk near my Middle School (leg mobility)
      Dream # 17,669-01.

      It is early afternoon. I am with Zsuzsanna near the ocean. However, with common surreal irregularity, the “ocean” replaces the southeast grounds of my middle school in Arcadia, Florida. I appreciate the beauty of the water’s scintillating surface.

      Zsuzsanna walks over an area of the ocean’s surface, and I notice a small school of fish underneath. I get the impression that the water is deep. I walk on the ocean’s surface with her, but we do not go more than ten feet from the “shore.” (The “shore” integrates with the sidewalk that encompasses the large building.)

      I see a small shark underneath the water, so I am concerned about Zsuzsanna’s safety. The shark passes underneath her a few times, so I tell her to come over to where I am. She walks atop the water’s surface and is eventually on my left (modeling our sleeping orientation).

      She moves away when the shark jumps from the water, illogically floating vertically upright near me, but I do not feel threatened as it taps me on my left shoulder and ear a few times and on the left side of my left leg as it “dances” before returning to the water. (It does not go near Zsuzsanna.) During this time, it had transformed into a grouper about three feet long.

      Later, I am on the ground. It has sparse grass and sandy soil. I use telekinesis to attempt to change it. The ground’s surface and the grass move with a rippling effect. I do this for a few minutes until most of the blades of grass move to one area.

      Although my lucidness is high, I do not consider how my mental influence has this power solely in the dream state.

      I make the ocean’s surface move under my will, but there is ambiguity where water and soil seem to have the same properties. However, it is like a mirage (like looking at something through heated air). I have a false recall of how this type of control of the environment works sometimes, but not always.

      Being tapped by the floating, dancing fish is an incentive to become more aware of my body through increased somatosensory phasing (and leaving REM atonia). That scenario is followed by mentally arranging and separating illusory patterns.

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    6. Ocean Factory

      by , 05-29-1995 at 11:29 AM
      Morning of May 29, 1995. Monday.

      This is a long dream of a factory that is mostly under the ocean but partly above it in some areas (and thus would be autosymbolism for the sleep cycle and the essence of different areas of consciousness in REM sleep). I go there in a boat after exploring a different building near the ocean. At one point, a shark keeps coming up through the bottom of my boat and roaring like a lion. This “shark” eventually becomes, or somehow always was, only printed on a small thin piece of cardboard. The bottom of my boat seems to be very thin cellophane-like plastic that allows you to see the motions of the water. (This is not the first time that a three-dimensional RAS modulation precursor was transformed into a two-dimension presence, thus a result of my dream self non-lucidly modulating the waking autosymbolism. It always happens in a liminal space buffer - “from under the boat” and in another dream “in the doorway”.)

      Later, an unknown female near the factory is eaten by a “real” shark. There are female dancers on a high platform and a staircase that goes down several levels (implying a desired return to deeper sleep). The factory is later threatened by the intrusion of a giant alligator and a plesiosaurus and everyone in the factory goes down to the lower levels rather than evacuating the factory itself. (In other words, hiding from the waking mechanism of which in this case implies coalescence and consciousness unification, though in maintaining an unwillingness to wake yet, in a negative context).

      This potential waking trigger does not cease (which of course is a good thing, as one cannot sleep forever). As a lion, a shark, and an alligator are all basically the same factor for this dream type, it is typical multiplicity here. Even the plesiosaurus represents the coalescence precursor here (as it has been in other dreams) though is often a lucidity trigger (as the long neck implies being above the essence of the dream state in the manner of being able to mediate it).

      There is a large gun that is robotically linked to a duplicate one on a higher level. When one correctly aims at a projection of any creature above and shoots, the other gun automatically shoots the “real” creatures above on the surface. When I use the weapon, I get both monsters the first time. (This scene obviously represents non-lucid RAS modulation, that is - my dream self non-lucidly utilizing the essence of my conscious will without being directly lucid.)

      The factory apparently produces a lot of different things made solely from sea salt and perhaps features of the sea bottom. I look around, as I finally allow my dream to fade under my (liminal) terms. (Even though I took control of my dream on one level by avoiding the waking precursors, which were violent coalescence metaphors, I still did not attain full lucidity.)

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    7. "Tiko’s Treasure"

      by , 11-29-1975 at 07:38 AM
      Morning of November 29, 1975. Saturday.

      Yet another one of the many thousands of rather pointless precognitive dreams I have had, this one from 1975 (there being a couple other more “sparse” versions in 1977). This one was based on a (at the time fictional in premise) sequel, or rather remake of “Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane” which I knew at the time as “Tiko and the Shark” (1962). I always really liked the movie even though I later discovered that I had only ever seen the drastically cut version prior, on the “CBS Children’s Film Festival” a few times, and learned there was some postcognition involved as well. What is interesting is that I had not actually known that even the full original movie had Tiko as an adult later on from what I have read about it as in my dream, which was very accurate in parts as if I was seeing something actually real but only in my dream - to rectify a closer connection, validated only much later on, as with the majority of my childhood dreams, especially when relating to movies in a more trivial sense.

      My dream was yet again very precise in certain precognitive nuances but lacking in others. The (again, at the time) fictional remake had “Bora Bora” in the title (I did not even really associate this with the real-life Tiko movie at the time - but only with the term “south seas”). In real life, a few years later, the actual remake was out. Coincidentally, I had found myself watching it at a sister’s house and found it interesting, but not as nostalgic of course, as the original - although I was mostly quite used to detailed and multi-layered precognition on a day to day basis, it seemed very eerie that this obscure movie was even remade in the first place. The full title (the new version made in 1979 but supposedly not released until 1981) was “Beyond the Reef - Sharkboy of Bora Bora”. In my dream, my best friend Toby T and I were on an old and very long and no longer used bridge or pier in Bora Bora and discussing the movie from a sort of implied critical stance, and at the same time, we were somehow going into the future and reflecting on Tiko’s life, as we spoke, as if he was a real character with family and such. Once we were in the future (which seems strange, as Tiko was actually from the past), the bridge vanished (since I guess it had collapsed by then - or maybe we were going into the past and it had yet to be built, sometimes dreams are strange this way - but our talking seemed to manifest where we were going at any rate) and I was left in the water with a concern about sharks. I see many shark fins, but am not attacked (in the actual movie, Tiko had a “pet” shark that supposedly even “purred” like a cat). Somehow, though, Toby was still on the bridge in the distance. At one point, it seems I become Tiko (Ti-Koyo in the non-dubbed uncut version).

      There is another (fictional) movie suggested in my dream (which did not turn out to relate to anything to my knowledge and in my dream seems more like some sort of “making of” documentary) called “Tiko’s Treasure”. There is a weird scene where it seems that there are bowling balls floating around everywhere near shore, but also called “black pearls” (Tiko’s “treasure”?) and where a grass hut is (near the end of my dream). However, it turns out that they are actually empty coconuts that someone painted up to look like bowling balls for some reason, or maybe also as black pearls to fool treasure hunters. The grass hut also seems to be some sort of place to buy tickets for the “Tiko and the Shark” remake. There are also some “fake” villages (like movie sets) for tourists as apparently in real life (which I found out about years later).

      Once again, my dreams presented a highly unlikely idea with a few precise nuances in the otherwise mess that turned out to be precognitive after all.

      In an unrelated dream with a similar idea of going out over a long bridge over the ocean, I see a girl (unknown) standing near the side, on the walkway, but facing towards me. There are no cars, as it seems an unusual time late at night or early in the morning. When I walk towards her, though, everything vanishes from underneath me, and I fall into the ocean. This was a very vivid dream experience.
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