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    1. Not Lucid But Mediating Every Dreaming Process Anyway

      by , 03-19-2019 at 10:57 AM
      Morning of March 19, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,083-04. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      This incredible dream sequence is long but with the longer second part offset from a vivid foundation where I eventually mediate and viably control several common REM sleep processes understood since early childhood, atypically in the same dream, yet with no emerging awareness that I am dreaming at any time.

      Sky mediation integrated with window (liminal space division) mediation (which is a form of concurrent environmental monitoring with subliminal RAS/cortex gating):

      In the beginning, I am indulging in atypical sky mediation (from indoors rather than outdoors) without viable lucidity. I am in the lounge room of the Stadcor Street house (incorrectly recalled as my present home) and standing near the front windows. This anticipation is low-key. I do not focus on “something coming down from above” as in many past dreams, but I am subliminally manipulating the amount of light and color in the sky. At the same time, I am vaguely aware of an “invisible” video superimposed over one area on the windows, but I focus only on the sky beyond. I consider, without emotion, if the sky represents the “end of the world” (analogous to the “end of the dream state”). Many colors are present, but red and yellow dominates. I gaze at this process for several minutes.

      Identity mediation integrated with doorway mediation (as sustaining the dream state) as well as subliminal dream state awareness (the presence of the beds).

      I find myself in the King Street mansion in the second floor’s middle room of the east side. I have a false memory of the landlady having changed the way she rents rooms. She now has it so that two people have to occupy each apartment, each paying twenty dollars a week instead of one tenant paying that amount. My false recall is ambiguous, but I consider that she has done this to make up for me having lived there without paying rent for so long. Leonard is sharing the apartment with me. I walk across the hall and see a young platinum blond male in his room near the right side of his bed. He is unsure of who he wants as a flatmate. I suggest my friend Rick (saying his full name) but then consider that Rick might be too old to live with this person and state as such to him. (This does not make much sense, as I perceive Rick as being about twenty years old, even though in reality he is in his fifties as I am.)

      I have several different types of keys, one a skeleton key that I joke about with Rick, to determine which one works with the door of my room. There are little keys as well as more obvious house keys. I eventually find the correct one. Rick now seems to have taken Leonard’s place.

      From here, I go downstairs (transitional vestibular system correlation). The landlady seems cheerful. Two unknown people stand in the unlit foyer talking to her. I hear the woman say her name, and her last name is the same as mine. I comment on this as I leave the house.

      It is now daytime. It turns out that the woman, now a young girl, is my niece. I walk atop a fence (linear vestibular system correlation and mediation of liminal and enigmatic space), and she becomes the vestibular system simulacrum (personification of vestibular system adaptation). She continuously cheerfully talks to me about how I should walk atop it, regarding balance and distance of steps, which now becomes a series of fences. She is usually on one parallel to the one atop which I am walking. I now get the impression that we are walking to school (relearning emerging identity and subliminal cortex awareness).

      Two nieces and two nephews (on my father’s side) are present, though they are much younger than they should be. After becoming aware of this scenario without full current conscious self identity, I walk down the sidewalk near the front of an unknown house where two of my nephews are standing. The oldest is talking about how much fun he had surfing recently (a result of reinduction processing which does not continue). I tell him that I saw him surfing in a photograph as if to validate his experience (which seems like a false memory) and he seems puzzled by this as I consider I may be mistaken. The process fails (water not moving, melatonin flow stopping, similar to water lowering waking autosymbolism), and I then meander around the unfamiliar neighborhood until I wake.

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    2. Two Toy Parachutists on Eaves of Cubitis Carport

      by , 12-10-2018 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,984-07. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      Summary for casual readers only:

      While on the Cubitis carport, I see two toy parachutists hanging from the northerly eaves, a blue one and a white one. I go around and take the white one down and throw it about when back on the carport. An unknown woman looks on from where the carport meets the driveway.

      Readers with no interest in legitimate causes and effects of dreams need not read past this point.

      Preconscious precursor: My dream self attains subliminal awareness of being in REM sleep, though no current conscious self identity has yet emerged. A common liminal space nexus, the Cubitis carport (irrelevant to real life since 1978), is the setting. It represents being within the virtual space between my imaginary dream self and my conscious self identity. In subliminal, liminal, and concurrent dream self modes, I have deliberately used porches and carports since early childhood for this level of dream state and wakefulness processing.

      I am on the Cubitis house’s carport in late morning. The sky is blue, and I mostly focus on the northerly direction. Someone else is present who is a female of perhaps thirty, but I do not know her identity.

      To the north, I see objects in the sky. (One might be an airplane, but this remains unknown when I focus on the toys in the next scene.) I eventually see a toy parachutist hanging from the eaves. I had first thought that it was in the air in the distance, beyond Harold’s house on the other side of the orange grove. I walk around outside of the carport. At this point, I see two toy parachutists hanging by strings from their miniature parachutes, one slightly higher than the other. One is blue and the other white. I somehow take down the white toy (which would not have been possible in reality as it would have been too high up).

      I play with the toy parachutist on the carport for several minutes, noticing that it works very well, the parachute expanding and the soldier slowly floating down as I catch it each time. Its texture is simultaneously rubbery and silky. I find its perfection wondrous. Eventually, I begin to recall who I am. I remember my youngest son, though there is no other recall (such as where I live as I erroneously maintain the illusion of Cubitis until I wake). I consider that I will give my youngest son the toys. I think that someone, perhaps two unknown young boys, had lost them and probably will not return.

      Crucial notes: A common factor of the waking process and consciousness achievement is the preconscious simulacrum. Here, it is probably my wife Zsuzsanna, though remains dormant (unrecognized) until I wake. It does not domineer, as I am actively working with vestibular system correlation in subliminal anticipation of the falling start that terminates many dreams, though of which does not occur here as I modulate the process into a soft awakening, though with a projected transition rather than inherited.

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    3. Skywatching, with Atypical Distortions

      by , 02-15-2018 at 08:15 AM
      Morning of February 15, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am with Zsuzsanna in Cubitis. We are mostly watching the nighttime sky and standing near Highway Seventeen at first. The stars are beautiful. There are no other people around.

      At one point, there is a large sparse group of what I first take to be stars. It turns out that they are UFOs that move northeasterly across the sky (above the western horizon), almost like equidistant dust motes. As I watch, there is one larger object amidst the others that moves to the front of the group. It is white and glowing. It goes through two transformations; an overhead view of the Starship Enterprise (original design) and a white silhouette of a man (as big as the previous Enterprise image) with his arms out (perpendicular to his body). This feature moves erratically ahead of the group as if moving through an invisible maze, with a comedic sense. There is a typical factor of liminal dream control here, as I am very vaguely aware my expectations are influencing the UFOs somehow, but it is not enough to cause me to question my level of consciousness, even though it relates to my most common form of autosymbolism - vestibular system correlation that is additionally validated by the “body as vehicle” dream state association where the spaceship becomes the figure of a man. (Also, it is curious that I witness both the Enterprise and flying man from the top, which, from my viewpoint, would imply “they” are flying sideways, though this is a result of sleeping on my left side in the same orientation as the flying “man”.)

      My dream shifts and I am in my Cubitis bedroom. I still seem to be watching the entire sky, though there is a strange bilocated distortion (as if my view is from indoors and outdoors at the same time - a very common dream state ambiguity caused by the liminal awareness of my physical body being in bed). The stars appear somewhat dim even though there are dense clusters. Ambiguity, caused by a shift in the level of unconsciousness, seems to be that I am looking at cheap wallpaper with a sketchy outer space design on it (which is also a result of liminal space autosymbolism, a wall being the implied barrier between dream self identity and conscious self identity, thus this dream is a unique form of combined autosymbolism of liminal space awareness with vestibular system correlation). The wallpaper at least covers the west area of the room (where there were otherwise large windows) and at least part of the south area.

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    4. Being Calm During the End of the World

      by , 06-26-2017 at 12:26 PM
      Morning of June 26, 2017. Monday.

      I am back on Loomis Street (where I have not been since February 9th of 1994 in reality) within a typically distorted dream-self identity of not being with viable memory beyond that of my eighteen-year-old self. I am in the living room of the Loomis Street house. There had been details that the world will be having strange weather, which has something to do with the sun. At first, my dream seems to be based on only unusual weather approaching, but not that threatening. However, the concept changes, becoming far more dramatic, before my dream ends.

      My mother is alive and seemingly well and in the west bedroom of the Loomis Street house. I have no memory of her passing in 2002.

      It seems to be afternoon. I am in a state where I decide to play around with the world itself by spinning the entire atmosphere, clouds and all, as fast as possible. That is, rather than causing Earth to spin faster or to slow down, it remains at its present rotation as I spin the sky around, north to south. The clouds are white and fluffy against a bright blue sky. The realism is extraordinary as I look out through the porch windows and watch the clouds dart across the sky as I willfully spin the atmosphere. I am doing this to show a few other (unknown) people what might soon be happening naturally due to the celestial events. This goes on for several minutes.

      Eventually, the celestial changes come and the sky changes. Very unusual clouds appear in the sky. I sense people’s fear while not feeling threatened myself.

      For a time, the sky looks much like an analogue television screen that is not fully on the channel. That is, there are diagonal lines and flickering bars across the sky. There is one very loud thunderclap. Looking at the sky again, it resembles an empty multicolored spreadsheet, with each cell randomly billowing downwards slightly, the whole expanse with somewhat of a wavering effect.

      I know I should see my mother. She sits in her bed in her room and seems upset, saying how it is “the end of the world”. I do not feel any sense of fear or even concern for humanity. I calmly accept the fate of the world and of myself.

      It is obvious that this dream utilizes liminal dream control and originates mainly from my current conscious self identity and understanding of the dream state (virtuous circle effect) than anywhere else (even though I have no memory beyond my late teenage years while still within my dream). That is, I know I am creating my dream, and yet my dream self identity is not aware of this at a viable level. It partly comes from having looked at a childhood dream from 1971, that was in turn, based on having seen the movie “Crack in the World”, the childhood dream association of which also influenced at least one other dream of this date.

      The evidence is not only obvious, but continuous on different levels. Firstly, I am able to spin the entire sky with no effort. Secondly, the sky then becomes like a television display not being on the channel. This is direct evidence that I view the sky as something I can willfully change as if with a television remote and that my thoughts are still based around liminal dream awareness. Then, the next stage utilizes an emergent focus on critical thinking skills (which do not viably exist in the dream state) when the sky then becomes like a multicolored spreadsheet, as if waiting for my conscious thinking skills to ascend and fill it with organized data. This same focus makes me subliminally aware of the waking symbolism - that is, dream state cessation as an “end of the world” metaphor (which has been a common form of waking symbolism since early childhood). (Why would dream cessation symbolism relate to the conscious self in a negative context? This is the ridiculous mistake I have seen people continuously make all my life with so-called interpretation, which I learned to dismiss at a very early age in light of truth.)

      The fact that my dream self has no fear of this supposed end of the world is more evidence of liminal dream awareness and potential control being a major factor. Why should I care if my dream ends? It is a perfectly natural event. Even more obvious is the “return to bed” metaphor (yet another subliminal thread of acknowledgement of being asleep in reality), even though, in this case, it is typically distorted to a different time and characterization. The real puzzle still remains. What determines the status of my dream self (regarding altered age and time distortion factors)? What determines when and where any precognitive threads (or “input” from the collective unconscious or the Source) dominate the patterns?

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    5. Red and Blue Stars

      by , 05-13-2015 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of May 13, 2015. Wednesday.

      My wife and I are looking through a large window. The setting is seemingly my old bedroom in Cubitis though the window (not as it was in real life) is seemingly just an open area to look through a wall to the south (without any window features to block or distort any of the sky scene). I study the nighttime sky and notice a series of red and blue stars in no particular pattern. Some of them do imply a vertical line, though not straight. They also seem to be planets at some points and all the round shapes are all the same size. I have a slight concern as to whether or not this is a possible threat (and concern about how close these supposed stars or planets are to Earth), but it is not that clear an emotion. There are about a dozen in all, not that close together, though somewhat constellation-like.

      The imagery is not quite right, though. I sometimes get the impression at times that some of the cloud cover is behind a few of the stars which is of course impossible. Also, I seem to be aware that the stars are casting shadows against the backdrop of space, which is also ridiculous. Still, the imagery is beautiful. It reminds me of my prenatal memories and what seemed to be prenatal dreams, the main one featuring red and blue stars - or mostly the change of such, and their coming into existence or fading depending on my level of attention and focusing upon them or their potential to exist, almost as if they represented how conscious I was in the womb (relative to their brightness).
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    6. Strange Weather for Healing

      by , 04-04-2015 at 09:02 PM
      Morning of April 4, 2015. Saturday.

      I am lucid in this dream, though it is not of the level of lucidity that enhances the dream state to full vividness and highly focused dream-self awareness. It starts out at our present address on W street, rendered fairly accurately in layout and overall appearance. My wife is with me for most of the events. Two unknown people (late forties perhaps - male and female though not necessarily a couple), dressed somewhat formally as for a business, are on our porch while there is a storm beginning. A thicker bolt of lightning comes down and strikes them, actually curving around underneath the eaves, seemingly knocking them unconscious. I decide to summon the lightning to strike me to see what will happen (regarding my in-dream state of awareness) as well as thinking it may improve my physical well-being. I am not able to do this though and become somewhat annoyed though not outright angry.

      Later, my wife and I are on a crowded bus in a larger city though the storm seems to threaten to tip the bus over. We get off the bus and the other people do as well, though we hold a cheerful disposition. There is a strange sudden heavy rain that blows horizontally (mostly only in one small area of the street, near the corner) and for a moment, almost seems like a large unseen hose spraying from the front of the bus (from near the rear-view mirror). It is not even near us so we do not get wet.

      I am later walking down the sidewalk and there is a large gnarled tree that actually moves one lower branch to avoid physical contact with me, which annoys me in the manner of an insult. I then demand (though without projected anger in my voice) that the tree make contact with me and heal me. The branch perfectly forms the shape of a human hand and holds it over the back of my wrist. (This reflects somewhat on a long vivid dream of over twenty years ago where trees on a boulevard reached down to caress my face and express love though the mood is entirely different here.) The mood is not fully positive though, and my lucidity is not that pronounced - though I am still aware that I am making most of my dream’s contents.

      Later, it seems to be after sunset and there is still some sort of unusual storm activity (but not directly threatening in any way). My dream takes on a similar mood and setting as previous dreams where I am looking straight up at the sky; the zenith (and almost always with abstract features). It actually seems to take place in the same setting as other similar dreams somewhere in the southwest area of La Crosse. (It is not anything like the “remember the twilight” dreams where I watch lights or other things and events in the sky over the horizon with a nostalgic sense.) The sky is very unusual regarding the cloud formations and I also see various “objects” moving around, such as an orange trapezoid and other geometric shapes now and then, though which seem two-dimensional and not related to a spacecraft of any kind. From here, my dream becomes too distorted to hold cohesion of any kind. The sky; the zenith; becomes a random hodgepodge of abstract morphing shapes.

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    7. Intrusive Neighbors and Playing in the Sky

      by , 03-28-2015 at 09:28 AM
      Morning of March 28, 2015. Saturday.

      I am unsure where my family and I are living. It is reminiscent of the Barolin Street house but has more rooms, which are larger, in an unlikely layout. There is a knock on the front door by an unfamiliar man with his young son. Eventually, there are several unknown people in a get-together in our home. I do not express anger or annoyance.

      One room, possibly a kitchen, features ovular panels that have scroll-like and two-step-like areas on each edge with a large fancy hook in the center of each in a row of about six. The main colors are white and silver but there are small flower decals. I see a lot of dust and dirt on them and on random areas of the wall. I feel that I should clean the house. The presence of the unknown people makes the prospect unlikely at this time.

      Later, I am cleaning a room, seemingly the first room from the front door, but it also has kitchen features, including a sink and long counter. I throw out a possibly leftover lasagna dinner that has hardly been touched because it may have gotten dish soap on it (as well as dust and dirt) because of being on the counter near the sink. It was underneath plates and silverware. This scene repeats in an area perpendicular to the first, but I decide it may not be a good idea to throw out the second lasagna yet, as I do not want to waste money. I remain uncertain of whether it is inedible.

      There are conversations I do not recall that possibly relate to the layout of the house or relatives in America. I go outside and it seems to be early afternoon. There is long grass that is dry, brown, and powdery. I mention mowing but a visiting neighbor does not seem concerned about the lawn and mentions that it would be hard to clean up at this time and so I should probably wait. I tell him I will use shears to trim it. It seems I will be doing this soon. My dream is clearer at this time but changes again.

      Now it seems to be early morning, about an hour before sunrise. I feel a nice cool breeze when going onto the porch. I comment on it, saying how good it is. My dream becomes the recurring “nostalgic skywatching" type. I see a parade in the sky - continuous large shapes above the horizon, moving from right to left. They are possibly holograms, not natural clouds. Each is different. I see what looks like ocean liners, trucks, buses, and buildings moving across the sky. (The designs are abstract until I began watching more closely). I continuously say “wow” and “look at this”. The effect is unnatural (at least in conscious afterthought) though I do not contemplate what the source might be, thinking it is rare, wondrous, and possibly not caused by human activity. After several very large “clouds” (some rectangular) pass, an unfamiliar male neighbor comes out and watches upon hearing my loud expressions of amazement.

      An unknown female, probably the man’s wife, comes out. A child comes out. A shape, like a white cloud, appears in the sky. It resembles a person in silhouette in a martial arts stance. It remains in the same area above the eastern horizon (assuming the Barolin Street model). The female talks about how she remembers this stance from her martial arts classes. Somehow, she is soon "standing” in the sky in the distance, just above the horizon, not implied to be a giant, though the perspective and distance orientation is wrong. (The effect is an ambiguous combination of her seeming to be on an invisible stage only about fifteen feet away, yet also being in the sky far away above the horizon.) She somehow manipulates this “cloud” (to the left in my view) with her martial arts moves, “wearing” the “cloud” at times, though other times “standing” beside it. I do not become lucid at this surreal impossibility or even suspect that anything is unusual. This continues until my dream fades.

      Notes: My oldest son was involved in martial arts several years ago, attaining a black belt, also teaching martial arts for a time. This dream’s last scene is autosymbolic of vestibular system correlation, though projected. (That is, I do not feel any falling sensation. It is only subliminally anticipated by way of synaptic OR gating, my dream self with no memory of this very common dreaming and waking process.) I think this last scene has influence from a Harvey Comics Casper story, where I think a big cloud was bragging about being able to become different shapes but breaks apart when becoming shaped like a human body. There was also a “Timmy the Timid Ghost” comic book story about anthropomorphic cloud giants. “Cloud people” have appeared in other dreams.

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    8. Catherine Wheel (precognitive and synchronous associations)

      by , 11-03-1974 at 05:03 PM
      Morning of November 3, 1974. Sunday.

      In my dream, Susan R was sitting outside on a brickwork fence in Arcadia late at night (we were the only ones around) and I was standing and mostly facing her. She told me that something would eventually be happening to take me on a different path - away from her (implying a point of destiny and with a sense of certainty), though our “separation” had already come about in reality months before (in March). At that moment, a Catherine wheel detaches or is thrown from somewhere unknown in the distance (perhaps three or four blocks away) and actually moves up through the sky, up from the east end, moving up and to the west. I am not sure where it came from and there is no known origin point. I find it rather odd, and think of shooting stars as well (even though this one is going up instead of down). I am not sure what could have propelled it like that. Susan tells me that I will hear my name is a song relative to this event and that it will be important. It will also speak of my “imaginary dream girl” in a negative way, but only as a sense of “closure” for her.

      Though there is a sense of eeriness, it is not quite ominous. I watch the small and distant object on an arced downward curve and resembling a glowing pinwheel. (The scenario also vaguely seems associated with reel three of a “Casper the Friendly Ghost” View-Master pack, titled “The Falling Star”, shown as an anthropomorphic five-pointed star befriending Casper.)

      Michael died on March 16th, 1974 (a day after his bizarre and hateful rant against me for having an “imaginary girlfriend” - who looked exactly like Zsuzsanna and with the unlikely ethnicity and accent - at the same time as my real connections with Susan, along with his distrust and anguish of unexplainable events and unaccepted associations with me at school). I did not learn of his passing until the 19th (and had missed school on the 18th). Susan R and I had our “final break-up” on March 23rd mostly as a result of me wanting something else in my life other than people teasing us or hating us (though mostly me), and her anguish over me distancing myself from her brought guilt. Zsuzsanna first wrote a letter to me on March 16th, 1991 and I received it on March 23rd. Only a few people knew about my “dream girl” and I had never considered Michael an “enemy” in any way. His completely unexpected behavior seemed to come from “nowhere”, though at the time, I did not know his family was Catholic or even religious.

      “The firework is named after Catherine of Alexandria who, according to Christian legend, was condemned to death by ‘breaking on the wheel’. When she touched the wheel it miraculously flew to pieces.” There is also a loose association with the wagon wheel on the Roma flag, as Zsuzsanna has Roma heritage.

      Neil Finn also had minor connections with my wife (and her oldest sister) as they wrote for a brief period, and he has The Clarence Hotel connection and uses the name Claude in the song “Catherine Wheels” (1993), thus completing the precognitive associations.
    9. Elephant Head “Cloud”

      by , 07-03-1974 at 01:03 PM
      Morning of July 3, 1974. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 2,753-03. Reading time: 32 sec.

      I had a shorter than usual dream of a “flying elephant’s head” that is a sentient cloud that is also like a living creature at times. It chases a small airplane (probably a Cessna) across the blue sky. I seem to be flying alongside the plane in an incorporeal form. The pilot can get to freedom, as small parts of the cloud (almost like smoke puffs) come off in the pursuit until it begins to break up to the point that it is nearly nonexistent. The cloud creature is seemingly named “Gumbo,” which is likely a play on “Dumbo,” the animated flying elephant from the Disney movie.

      A Harvey comic book story about a big cloud “bully” partly influenced this dream. It began to break up when trying to maintain the form of a human.