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    1. Sliding on a Mountain Road at Night

      by , 06-10-2018 at 11:12 AM
      Morning of June 10, 2018. Sunday.

      This dream utilizes a very unusual level of integrated non-lucid dream control where I am aware of the nature of the autosymbolism as relevant to vestibular system correlation. This term even occurs to me in my dream. It is seemingly a deliberate dream experiment that results in a new experience with vestibular system correlation. Still, I do not consider how illogical it is.

      Zsuzsanna seems to be ahead of me as we travel over a very narrow mountain road. Originally, it seems we were in a car, though that changes. As I slide over the road in darkness in the middle segment of my dream, my sense of touch is amplified as I feel myself move along on my stomach on the road, yet with no sense of friction. It is a very curious perception and heightened tangibility, though probably includes association with the liminal knowledge that vehicles in dreams typically represent an autosymbolic extension of the physical body. The thickness of the road only seems about an inch, but is very high in the mountains. There is a very deep valley far below, yet I do not consider that I might fall even as I reach each curve. I maneuver very well.

      I have no trouble holding onto each edge of the road on each side of me as I move along through the mountain range, with no contemplation of how the road is staying up. Although it seems like a great challenge, my path is effortless, and I comment to Zsuzsanna about the road’s dynamics.

      There is a point where I am aware I am dreaming in the last segment as well as realizing it had been non-lucid dream control and deliberate experimentation with the dream state. There is even a supposed section that needs to be linked to the previous section. It involves looking at the foot of our bed and seeing a white cloth object that is somewhat like an oversized pom pom, which is supposed to be autosymbolism for the end of the road trip, the road ending near the head of our bed, but of a somewhat abstract change.

      Having a greatly enhanced sense of touch and movement in some dream sequences that have little or no imagery has been very common since childhood.

    2. Golden Dragon

      by , 04-11-1971 at 10:11 AM
      Morning of April 11, 1971. Sunday.

      In my dream, my best friend Toby T and I enter the “Castle of Riddles” (which is seemingly modeled after my school and loosely related to “which classroom” I will go into on the second floor - though this changes and it then seems to be set in the basement near my dream’s ending). It actually seems to be part of some sort of (fictional, obviously) new game show for television that is being filmed at one point, though this idea remains more in the background. There were a few versions of this one - one did not have the “game show” atmosphere at all. One even seemed like a slow-motion replay and less vivid, watching disembodied from above the last scene, our bodies appearing somewhat distorted or “warped”. Toby and I are the only human characters present throughout.

      We are each to choose between one of two doors - one of us can only choose one door for ourselves out of required mutual agreement - in other words, each door must be for only one “contestant”. One door supposedly leads to gold coins, the other to “death” (or implied doom or bad fortune). It seems rather strange that my best friend and I are supposedly agreeing to this, but such is the case and I do not seriously reflect on it that much.

      Eventually, I pick the door on the left (numbered “one”) and Toby picks the door on the right (numbered “two”). As soon as I open the door, I find myself falling and sliding down a steep incline of gold coins (possibly an Uncle Scrooge comic book influence). I am very happy, as I look to my right and notice Toby is also sliding down the hill of gold coins at the same speed I am. We joyfully pick up coins as we are sliding and let them flow through our hands. I get the impression that they are golden American coins, though am not sure of the value. We continue to express our happiness as we slide. However, we both hear a loud roar (somewhat lion-like) and notice that, at the foot of the hill of gold coins, is a living golden dragon (that actually seems made of gold but is somehow organic at the same time - there is also an association with a furnace with a dragon-head-shaped door). It seems like we will die (thus to be eaten - though one version has the dragon’s head perpendicular to the direction we are sliding, thus is experienced and unresolved as ambiguous), but I wake up before I reach the open mouth, which in one version (even the original had at least one “reset”), turned out to be a large and stylish antique andiron, and in another version, a large school furnace (the setup actually seeming to take place at West Elementary in one version).

      This dream has the sunrise event rendered as a golden dragon that is set to swallow my dream self and my middleman (Toby T). The two doors are a similar dream analogy as an intersection (the concurrent “choice” between dreaming or waking, though here both doors can obviously only lead to waking). Sliding down the hill of coins (a dream sign position that renders my dream self as in a lying-down position) is a redundant coalescence event and in this case it (sliding down) is also a variation of the natural waking mechanism. I wake before the actual point of being swallowed (coalescence of dream self into whole consciousness, which all larger animals typically symbolize).

      Even this dream was precognitive in the sense that I saw a comic book story with some of the same elements and names after my dream (which happened fairly often though is more correctly called “postcognition” in cases when something has already been published). A Harvey comic book story seen later related to Casper the Friendly Ghost and involved characters trying to decide which of two doors to open and ending up as “mindless servants” when touching both doorknobs at the same time.

      In my childhood, I was somewhat intimidated by a fifth grade teacher, Mr. F, as well as the “King Midas” story which I despise, as it seems like an attempt to brainwash children into associating money with being “greedy". There was also a story about a treasure being “cursed”; an annoying theme with a “moral” unworthy of a rational human being (especially for these times, as one needs a larger amount of money just to survive at all).

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