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    1. Horses and Cars

      by , 03-08-2020 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of March 8, 2020. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,438-01. Reading time: 54 sec.

      In my transition from complete lucidity to liminality near the beginning of my dreaming experience, I think about the nature of imaginary physicality, though it does not correlate with the usual falling sensation anticipation.

      As the rapid morphing of various random settings slows and stabilizes, I see a variation of the “Gunsmoke” Dodge City set, though its implication is ambiguous, as both people on horses and modern cars are present and in motion. I know that horses are more of an instinctual rendering when imaginary proprioception is an anticipated factor, whereas cars, although still signifying the physical body as sublimated while dreaming, indicate a partial level of cognizance. As a result, my liminal state integrates the ambiguity of both in an atypical form of sleep-wake mediation.

      What results, as I am moving into my sleep cycle instead of out of it, is that all the cars unrealistically rotate, reminiscent of a tornado, ballerina’s pirouette, or helicopter rotor system (all of which are variations of mediating this process) as I allow my lucidity to lessen. There is no emotion as only one horse bucks at the impossible scene (only because I briefly anticipate it). The cars do not lift off the ground but rapidly rotate in place until their spinning makes them a seemingly transparent circular anomaly. After a few minutes, I allow the scene to fade.

      Tags: car, horse, spinning
    2. An Attempt at Spinning

      by , 10-18-1989 at 04:18 PM
      Morning of October 19, 1989. Thursday.

      In this dream, I become lucid, though my awareness shifts at times, though I remain in my dream without RAS modulation kicking in. It is near a wharf (the usual water induction factor), likely near the Black River in La Crosse. I am developing an attempt to meet and be romantic and sensual with my “mystery girl” (the long-term precognitive rendering of Zsuzsanna years before we met) who is in a lighter-colored ballroom gown (though she vanishes during the spinning fiasco).

      I lucidly focus on the idea of “spinning”, which is something I read about at least once during this time period and I simply take it to mean to move about (or whirl about) on one’s (vertical) axis. Even so, when I am on the wharf, I start to will myself to spin around like a whirlwind. Over time, this does make me a little more aware (mostly due to vestibular system dynamics), but not by much. I begin to see patterns that resemble comic-book-like lines that usually represent tornadoes and whirlwinds. After a time, I see objects moving around me as if I were an anthropomorphic miniature tornado with random objects orbiting me as with a planet. I even notice an upright piano moving in a circle around me - though it begins to look like a cartoon - even with animated music notes also being “trapped” in my whirlwind and tumbling about.

      After several minutes, mostly only the head of the Disney character Pete (also called Peg-Leg Pete and Big Bad Pete among other names) appears. I do not really feel threatened. In fact, I start to contemplate a possible conversation with him (almost forgetting that I am dreaming), but Mickey Mouse and Goofy eventually appear in this faux tornado (only the three characters in total - I am not aware of any others - and Pete is actually the most distant from the other two) while more distortion ensues until I wake with abstract thoughts. That was the last time I attempted the so-called spinning technique. It is probably from seeing numerous animations of cartoon characters fighting (including cartoon cats), where “tornadoes” result and with fists and heads and such emerging at times at random angles.

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