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    1. Cheerful “Helicopter”

      by , 11-19-2018 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of November 19, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,963-04 and # 18,963-05. Reading time: 42 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Having fallen asleep briefly while sitting on our couch, there is the usual natural melatonin trope of the illusory sound of splashing water. Someone unknown had thrown a hardcover book, and it breaks the surface of a pond. This autosymbolic event is a lifelong recurring process that encodes my liminal acknowledgment that the wakefulness required for the reading of a book is usually no longer present when sleeping.

      Later, while lying in our bed, an additional melatonin trope is present, this time as an upside-down surface of a water body about three feet above me (atypical). A whirlpool (vestibular nexus) forms. At the same time, I hear the sound of a helicopter rotor, though it is very soft and pleasant. It is as if a whirlpool and a helicopter rotor (without the helicopter present in this case) are the same. A hummingbird flies down from out of the “whirlpool” and cheerfully says “hi” in a young feminine voice (water nymph as shapeshifter) but as if the formant is a band higher. I am very amused by this brief encounter.

    2. Happily Splashing

      by , 06-02-2018 at 10:11 AM
      Morning of June 2, 2018. Saturday.

      In my last dream of this morning, I was happily splashing through rain puddles, like a kid again (which is moot, as my non-lucid subconscious self cycles through various random ages anyway as it lacks temporality and does not have viable access to my unconscious mind as the conscious self does in waking life). Funnily enough, this was liminally influenced by an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, seen just prior to going to bed, the one where Raymond tells his father NOT to splash in rain puddles, actually the last thing I saw before going to sleep.

      It was not raining in real life at the time.

      Water (lakes, rivers, a bathtub full of water, waterfalls, water slides, floods, rain puddles, and so on) is autosymbolism for sleep and the biological dynamics of the dream state. It is metaphorically associated with the tidal factors of Earth and the beginning or ending of an ultradian rhythm cycle. This dream additionally correlates with water-lowering waking symbolism (WLWS), a continuous factor of my dreams on a day-to-day basis for over fifty years, though usually in only the last dream of a sleep cycle (due to its link to ultradian rhythm patterns and the circadian rhythms of sleeping and waking by way of RAS mediation and modulation as well as the activity of the glymphatic system of which is augmented in REM sleep).

    3. Fishing in Debris

      by , 09-12-1997 at 04:33 PM
      Morning of September 12, 1997. Friday.

      I am fishing amidst much man-made debris in the shallow water (not sure of location), although I do catch a rather large fish. Whenever the fish jumps, there is a larger splash that reaches me and a couple other males (one unknown who may be with the military, the other possibly from my maintenance job at a college). (Much of my wife’s dream of this date had the same aspects as my dream for no discernible reason.)

      There is a giant black derby “cloud” that “rains” over parts of the ocean and eventually goes more inland, continuing over rivers and smaller streams, mostly. Very briefly, it seems like a UFO, yet continues to function as a raincloud. It seems familiar as if I may have seen it in an illustrated book of dreams in real life sometime in the past (though I am not certain).

      I take a large jar of olives to an Italian wedding reception. I carry it in my left hand. I have something else that is smaller and in thin plastic wrap - sort of near my right hand (something sweet I think; I get the vague impression of a small amount of caramel popcorn), but floating it along near the jar with telekinesis, I think. An older male (who gives the impression of being at least part Transylvanian) comes to the door. I do not go in to the actual party.