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    1. Hovering Stagecoach Driver

      by , 03-02-2015 at 09:02 AM
      Night of March 2, 2015. Monday.

      An unknown dark-haired young girl is somehow driving a stagecoach. At times, it seems to be around sunset. I am not certain if I am actually “in” the old west or if it is a strange attempted reenactment of a western scene for a movie or a club. I float, seemingly disembodied, on the right side of the vehicle. The girl somehow remains hovering above the front part of the stagecoach. This is not to imply a strong wind or great speed as it sort of suggests, but a simple ability or occurrence of casually floating in the air (apparently under her own control for the most part) remaining in the same general area relative to the coach and somehow controlling the horses as well. There are no mishaps and no drama. In fact, the girl seems to be mildly amused or at least cheerful about her endeavor. At times, she seems to be a silhouette inside the stagecoach, but this is ambiguous as she is continuously the driver.

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    2. Dragon Wagon Train

      by , 03-03-1973 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of March 3, 1973. Saturday.

      The main influence had apparently been from watching “Mackenna’s Gold” (here being my first viewing). However, there were typical western elements (like a long wagon train) in-dream that did not really feature in the movie and seem more likely borrowed from “Gunsmoke” or elsewhere. There are large groups of men (cowboys) chaotically rolling around down through shallow canyons like some sort of singular mass of colors (I view this from a high place), like human hedgehogs meandering everywhere like an ocean wave over the dusty land, filling sections of the canyon four people high - and wagons that expand like balloons and flutter out like sails in some areas on the sidelines - hundreds of men traveling by rolling around randomly down the sides of hills, piled up and rolling off each other, instead of walking or riding a horse. Human beach balls.

      I am in a covered wagon at times with an unknown dark-haired girl who is apparently sleeping, on the other side, but the ride is very bumpy though the wagon rocks gently at times as well. I look out through the front and see no driver or wagon master. It does not look quite right; almost like a random set of small thin timbers going out at odd angles into the trail ahead, including one going up into the sky and somehow staying in position. I only occasionally think I see one horse on one side. It is still going in the correct direction, I suppose.

      Light shines and moves (like the headlights of a turning car - though there can be no cars, can there?) through the prairie schooner’s canvas at times. I begin to have contradicting thoughts that we are inside a Chinese dragon of the type one sees on Chinese New Year. It must be a parade where the wagons are connected and look like a probably colorful Chinese dragon on the outside. I do not seem to recall any back story for this situation. Still, it is fun as long as I do not have to be observed being inside the dragon’s stomach. People cheer. Was I eaten? I do not think so.

      A man in a top hat walks into some sort of store. There are at least three shelves behind the counter. They are selling treasure maps. The treasure maps are large rolled-up carpet-like items, standing vertically on the shelf almost like rolls of material for dressmakers. The cheerful man waves with his right hand and approaches the counter to buy a treasure map, but the entire scene is (or becomes) more like a drawing from a 1940s magazine advertisement. Being static, it still seems like a real-life situation and “resets” a few times, though, again, like a page of a magazine (or perhaps a panoramic curtain print) stuck in front of me instead of a “real” and dynamic scene.

      They are very strange treasure maps. I somehow attain my own. You have to roll it over the entire area (from the right beginning spot) in order to study the map and go to the area where the treasure is under a section of the map. Does it just get bigger and bigger? Distracting. Then the huge map lying over the land near a canyon is more like just newspaper. Perhaps a mistake was made (and I received a newspaper instead of a valuable map, or maybe the map had a newspaper section somewhere out at one corner). I stand on thin newspaper beyond the edge of a cliff and somehow do not fall. The giant, expansive newspaper loudly flutters in areas where it is somehow suspended horizontally in the air beyond the cliff; reminiscent of a cloak flapping in the wind for a time; the loudest sound around (it sounds like several people shaking open newspapers at the same time, with an interesting echo added to the effect, an echo that “falls” into the valley below). Looking out over the canyon, where does the newspaper end and where is the treasure map? Perhaps I should walk back onto solid ground or perhaps stay put. I feel rather embarrassed standing on the floating newspaper when the treasure is probably close to the store or nearby building.