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    1. Stone and Necklace Divinity (with Samuel L. Jackson)

      by , 03-14-2019 at 09:14 AM
      Morning of March 14, 2019. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,078-04. Reading time: 2 min 16 sec.

      I find a necklace with an ancient stone that supposedly gives the owner divinity. An incantation must be read and spoken to bring about this divinity. (I do not recall the words.)

      I am in a room without much lighting with several unknown people and a big wooden table. I clearly announce that anyone who can make a book come to them (with mental powers alone) has divinity. A priest mentally tries to move a book across a table, but nothing happens. I hold my hand palm down a few feet above a different book, and it quickly rises into the air and slams against the palm of my hand. The tangibility is incredibly realistic. The other people express puzzlement and amazement.

      There is a vivid segment where Zsuzsanna walks around nude in an unknown residence (implied to be where she lived before we made contact, appearing as she was then). The detail is realistic. We embrace. Later, she is dressed and walking with me in an unknown public location, but she does not seem to know where she is. She tells me that she cannot remember anything. I touch her on the center of her forehead, and she shudders and then tells me she remembers the last 20 years or so. (Although this is a projected play on the dream self typically losing conscious self identity, it does not trigger concurrent dream state awareness.)

      I go into an unfamiliar tavern with an unrealistically long counter and heal several people. I see Samuel L. Jackson sitting at the end of the bar. I talk with him for several minutes. His right kneecap is damaged, and he has a walking cane. I touch him on the right side of his right knee and heal his leg. (A similar event happened with Zsuzsanna when we were first together.)

      There is an offset segment that makes little sense about me having a marriage certificate related to Zsuzsanna’s mother rather than her. I perceive it as being under our present house, on the ground with some other items below where we sleep. In a dream within a dream, I ask an unknown person when the real marriage certificate will replace it. (It likely relates to typical distortions of identity in the dream state.)

      My dream revivifies with the Naiad/Oceanid factor. I walk out onto a big beach at night, though the whole area also seems to be indoors with a “ceiling” far above. I run around undressed and barefoot on the water. I enjoy running on the water’s surface even though some of the waves are several inches high and the water is deep. I consider if the splashes of ocean life near the surface are sharks, but there is no perceived threat or wariness. Other people eventually join me. We cheerfully run around on the surface of the water for several minutes.

      Eventually, the preconscious simulacrum appears on the shore, and I instinctively walk to it for the coalescence process (RAS gating). It is an unknown male. He tells me that I was intelligent in not wearing the necklace but only performing the incantation, giving me divinity. I walk with him and others to the exit point of my dream, a doorway ambiguously rendered on the beach, now with more of an indoor essence. Typical water lowering autosymbolism follows. I merge with the preconscious and the remaining dream characters and wake.

    2. Futurescape

      by , 08-28-2004 at 10:05 AM
      Morning of August 28, 2004. Saturday.

      Some friends and I walk through different, unfamiliar areas of our neighborhood and solely by doing that, we eventually end up in the very distant future (common dream scenario for me). At first, we need to climb over hills of dark sand (reminding me of those near industrial areas I have been to in real life), and it is fun climbing and sliding down (a recurring dream scene when much younger), although there are also climbs on rocky mountains and cliffs impossibly high from ground level, though there is no fear. In this future we find that only a few people are left on the entire planet, and most of them are older cleaning ladies and dock hands who only live on smaller islands or near the sea and who are somehow slowly remaking and “fixing” the world that was destroyed. We are near the ocean and almost all the humpback whales that are still extant are sick and too close to shore. It is so bad, you can see old laundry suds and chemical sludge spray from them and tons of junk in the water (I do recognize the irony that “cleaning” ladies use detergents and chemicals that may harm the environment).

      After awhile, a recurring dream ability of mine is focused upon. I move my hand in line with old, collapsed buildings and they become new; the chipped paint becomes a fresh, but dry coat. Splintered, rotting wood rejoins as fresh timber. A fallen bridge rebuilds itself so that we are able to walk to different cities to fix things up more quickly. The old boards actually come up from the polluted ocean to remake the bridge; and nails arise, lose their rust like dust falling off, several in a perfect line hitting the wood like bullets and remaking the bridge perfectly (even better than it ever was), moving toward land in each direction at the same time. It is known that the whales will also heal after awhile, and the suds begin to lower.

      Seemingly integrated into a “reset” of aspects of my above dream was the subject of an ancient and extremely valuable semitransparent oval stone with a darker stone visible inside, found near a beach, I believe, though there is also some sort of vague scene involving a hidden panel in the wall at Loomis Street, accessed by moving a light switch a certain way. The darker stone inside, over time, slowly becomes a multicolored “alien” baby (of mostly dark brown, olive, and orange tones), the bright, wise eyes appearing first (after the hint of eyelids which eventually open), then the rest, but in clearly defined steps. This creature (possibly remaining within the stone as it develops further - its adult stage is not known) will also generate as well as give great power to heal this futuristic world as well as help my family, friends, and I. At this point, our travels seem to relate to an additional quest of some kind.

      There is also an area near a seemingly long-abandoned park with bizarre ancient trees (that apparently serve as little houses in some cases) and “impossible” but natural structures that seem not of this world, yet (in my dream) I have a very clear but faux memory of my friends and I having played there often as children, so that it actually feels quite nostalgic and like a real memory. This is likely due to buried thoughts concerning the very large and highly unusual banyan tree that was in the playground in reality.
      Tags: alien, stone, whales