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    1. Filming with a Television Personality

      by , 12-03-2019 at 10:15 AM
      Morning of December 3, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,342-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      My dream begins with the instinctual anticipation of wall mediation, the usual maneuvering between dream space and waking space. There is no imaginary proprioception as cognitive arousal dominates my transition in this case. I sit on a bed in an unknown location without my waking-life identity. I read details in a newspaper for two television shows. I am to participate in the filming of a new series that involves a casual conversation with a celebrity. The “gatekeeper” (personified preconscious) between dream space and waking space is an unfamiliar Australian actor.

      I stand up when I see the word “EXCITE” flashing in midair (an instinctual association with cortical arousal). Even though I am in an indoor setting, the whole wall is open directly to the street, and an oncoming jeep is carrying the actor to my location. The preconscious simulacrum is a passive rendering. He sits on the bed as we talk about the conditions of his environment. “What is it like to live in such a hot, dry climate,” I ask him - as if I live in a different region. He talks about himself and his status. At this point, I notice a big cardboard box near the bed (compartmentalization of the process) that contains outdoor features such as grass, rocks, and small shrubs. There is also a seemingly tame Australian possum running around in the box. This feature is meant to induce recall of my waking life, as Zsuzsanna had a pet possum while we were writing to each other, but the heat (in real life) makes cortical arousal sluggish. Instead, I ask the man if all possums are as tame as this one. He answers in the negative. He seems slightly impatient.

      The processing changes back to cognitive. The simulacrum subsides for a time. I read about the actor in his fictitious television series from years previously, though the preconscious process heightens to the imaginary inference of intrusion. I read the name of the show as “Bryant’s Bandits” (typical redundant dream state phonetics like “Tony Karoni” from years ago).

      I instinctually try to reinduce my dream with water reinduction as virtual melatonin mediation. I teleport to a big lake. The actor is seemingly filming a new episode of “Bryant’s Bandits,” which is about men on a submarine with him as the captain, though they are not criminals but military. He stands atop the submarine while his men stand on the shore. The sleep-wake mediation becomes preconsciously authoritative, so I let myself wake into another hot day.

    2. My Little Yellow Submarine

      by , 09-17-1988 at 09:05 AM
      Morning of September 17, 1988. Saturday.

      Not as pleasant as it sounds, this was a long meandering dream which became fairly uncomfortable by the end (in the sense of in-dream boredom and physical tiredness).

      I own a small yellow submarine and go on an excursion in the Black River region of the Mississippi River. I am very cramped in the machine. The submarine is smaller than a Volkswagen. Later on, it seems to be too small to even be inside it, and in fact, I seem to swim or move along the outside of it in a somewhat frustrating way. (This is similar to all of the many car dreams where I could not sit down inside a car because I could not fit in it - one of my most common recurring dream themes, in fact.)

      The area near the river bottom also seems a bit more like the ocean depths at times, but with a sort of artificial appearance. I do not go near the surface at any time. I feel very annoyed at most points. There are not that many fish or things to look at at the time, either. It does look a bit like the Beatles animated version in form.

      I believe this is a play on the fake charges made against me in Vernon County (false charges were common at the time, to keep their jail at a “quota” or some such) - I had to plead “no contest” (meaning “guilty”) for a false “fishing without a license” charge, which was fabricated by the authorities, and even the judge was a known crook who stole someone’s property through a supposed “loophole”. It comes from the fact that other people arrested (one male for “stealing” his own car, for some sort of report mix-up by a girlfriend) had a song they sang to the tune of “Yellow Submarine”, which was “We all live in the Vernon County Jail”, etc. That experience taught me a lot about the bizarre level of corruption in authority and how they do anything they want. Ironic that the ignorant public believes you have to actually do something wrong to be documented within any agency or department with more falsified records. Amazing, really; happens in both the USA and Australia and probably everywhere else. My brother-in-law helped me a bit in this, as he knew about the high level of corruption, but I still had to plead guilty for something that did not happen - taught me a lot about how things really “work”, and all through this, I was as passive as possible as I usually am, because I know how the wrongful dominant culture thinks and acts.
    3. Submarine

      by , 12-31-1978 at 07:14 PM
      Morning of December 31, 1978. Wednesday.

      This dream from age eighteen (after moving back to Wisconsin during the last days of June 1978) is very similar in some ways to an early childhood dream of the same date (so therefore seems like some sort of “anniversary” layer - Return of the “cat girl”), though the implied submarine is not actually part of any real building’s lower level that I know of (or reminiscent of any). There have not been any other dreams of this particular mood and nature (that is, with a basement or lower level of a building as a faux submarine) that I know of other than this and the 1966 one.

      In my dream, I am supposedly in a feasible “submarine” and carry the idea that I may be being filmed as part of some sort of big-budget movie. This makes me feel as if my privacy is being violated even though I do not fully feel at home in this setting or even know much about it (or any back story). That is mostly because I want to find a girl to interact with although I seem to be the only one “on board the submarine”. This faux submarine, even though I seem to see it from the outside at times (possibly via some sort of view screen or short-term in-dream disembodiment) and even stationary in the waters of the ocean (though seemingly not that far below the surface), I am also aware of its “real” location. Its “real” location is on the east side of Highway Seventeen, oriented north to south, underground by about ten feet (so that apparently a flight of steps leads up and out on at least the two ends), and on the perimeter of our neighbor Harold’s orange grove (though the orange grove does not exist any more and thus is not in the image with this entry). The inside of the “submarine” is more like a large but narrow underground warehouse or appliance storage area made up of two separate halls and at least two sections, somewhat suggestive of the letter “H”, each lined with a number of ovens and probably washing machines, refrigerators, and other larger furnishings and such including large antique wooden tables and not-so-fancy table lamps.

      Even though I seem to be a part of this scene as in a movie, nothing happens at all except for me wandering about and looking for a girl to be with - most seemingly, the “mystery girl” (wife-to-be character). Other than that, I have no strong focus or awareness of the real world - only where I am in placement and orientation of the fictional setting. This could be an extreme variation of my much older school bus dreams, when I used to “see” my bus as a “submarine”. The underground location is the general area near where the bus stopped regularly during one semester. It does not dawn on me at any point that we do not live right near the ocean, and I do not come to recognize that a submarine cannot travel through solid ground, especially while remaining motionless (such is the “logic” of dreams) - the same failed comprehension from age six.

      Relative to the unusual fictional setting, see also the following dreams:

      Hall Kitchens?

      Short dream of a house of mystery

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    4. The Cenchrus Race

      by , 08-10-1978 at 02:10 PM
      Night of August 10, 1968 (and after - environment was similar in the last section of the “Ocean Carousel” entry). Saturday.

      Summary: I explore a mostly teal-colored submarine/oil-rig/warehouse composite and see periscopes of all sizes and eventually meet anthropomorphic sandspurs (also written as sand spurs and sandburs). When making the trip from Wisconsin to Florida at about a year younger than here, I sometimes dreamt of anthropomorphic vegetables in mostly featureless canyon-like surroundings or near cliffs.

      This is related to the environment and location I described at the end of the “Ocean carousel entry”. It is the odd teal-colored and primarily metal structure that is seemingly linked to a beach or possibly as being somewhat like a larger, more complex oil rig. In this dream, there are more submarine features than before, including electrical boxes of some kind.

      The little, I assume rooms, are somewhat reminiscent of larger (older style) refrigerators with a slightly curved door (vertically on each side) other than the square vents at about face-level, which are like larger horizontal slats of venetian blinds. As I said, even the metal-grill staircases are mostly of a teal color.

      Although the first “version” of this fictional location was unpopulated (other than myself) this one has creatures of some kind. This environment, though the same as the other, seems less realistic, somehow.

      It mostly starts out as being watched by (or rather, with) various types of periscopes (all vertical), which remind me vaguely of chimneys from some sort of elusive fictional animated movie. The periscopes range from almost drinking-straw-like to larger than a rain gutter. Eventually, after noticing eyes of various sizes in the external periscopes lenses, there are porcupine-like creatures that are like orange sandspurs with short legs (and I think with arms - at least one carrying a harpoon).

      I guess I am “invading” their territory by their suppositions. This is certainly not my intent as who wants to be around porcupine-like “people” anyway? Not me. They apparently do not speak English yet there is a slight murmuring - I get the sense they speak Brazilian Portuguese. I accidentally step on one’s foot but that does not instigate a fight or conflict. In some ways, I am not even sure if these were of the eyes watching from the periscopes originally, or a different type of creature sent out to just check for them. The creatures seem confused. I almost sense a mental shrugging from them as a group. The one with the harpoon may or may not be a leader. The harpoon is reminiscent of a giant sewing machine needle. I leave the area without drama and without being stopped or chased.

      I eventually make my way to the beach by going up various metal structures, all mostly like steps of slightly different steepness. I sort of fall forward onto the shore. There are ancient-looking “starfish” that are more like star-shaped rocks with spirals in the center, although I think they mostly have more than five legs, perhaps six to eight each. Two are stuck together as if originally formed that way (one side into the top of another or some such).

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    5. Fer-de-Lance Redux (Snakes on a Submarine)

      by , 10-18-1974 at 04:18 PM
      Night of October 18, 1974. Friday.

      This dream was mostly influenced by a movie I had finished watching prior to going to bed. It involved being on a submarine, though my imaginary dream body is implied to be phased out of the dream itself so that nothing threatens me despite the three-dimensional visual quality of the imagery and the realistic varying distance orientation of the different audio sources.

      I mostly only see close-up images of snakes. Their heads rise up at times as if they are aware of me, but I am never touched or threatened.

      I seem to be lying on a bunk-bed at one point, which is a bit uncomfortable. I can clearly hear the snakes hissing. What is unusual is that the hissing of the snakes eventually seems to be caused by some sort of electricity that is somehow “melting” them. I see liquorice-like sections drip slightly and fall from a horizontal metal grill. (This is not the first time when electricity has seemingly melted features in a dream, which is autosymbolism for the neural energy of the conscious self identity by way of the preconscious in dissolving the illusion of a dream.) I do not see any other people at any time.

      Eventually, I become aware that this “electricity” also sounds like Alka-Seltzer fizzing in a glass of water. I watch a few more snakes hang by their heads and melt, reminding me of the human intestine, though a few are also lying on the floor. There is eventually a vague eeriness of the semi-lucid realization of bilocation, though first in thinking of not being in my Cubitis bedroom (the bed longways along the north wall with the head at the west area at the time in reality) but instead, being deep under the ocean, not quite claustrophobic, though this awareness transforms into the ambiguity of liminal space, where I become semi-lucid just prior to waking, deciding not to reenter my dream. Additionally, the point at which I was on a bunk bed was an obvious dream state indicator, the subliminal awareness that I am asleep in bed.

      Firstly, there was primary influence from “Fer-de-Lance”, the 1974 TV movie. Secondly, I typically associate snakes with the human intestine, and taking Alka-Seltzer prior to sleeping augmented this association.

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