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    1. Rise of the Mutants and Indulging in Flying

      by , 03-04-2016 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of March 4, 2016. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,973-02. Reading Time: 2 min 33 sec.

      This dream is long and about flying, with the theme a comic-book-like adventure with meetings with supervillains. In the beginning, I am the only mutant in the world. After a lengthy meandering segment with me flying around using the term “human” somewhat disparagingly, with increasing emotion, I begin to understand that there are others like me, though this is mostly a farce at first.

      I find it amusing that people, mostly in their twenties, are joining a group of supervillains even though they are thus far not only not mutants but have no special abilities. None of them can fly as I can. Still, they seem happy when I meet them.

      A young man who is short and oddly dressed cheerfully shakes hands with me and claims he is Mole Man (a Marvel Comics villain). I am his inspiration. Other people will soon follow him but symbolically remain under my command. I acknowledge him out of mock respect (with subliminal dream state awareness) though I do not patronize him, as he is taking it seriously even though, again, he is not a mutant. The situation is inviting and interesting.

      Later, I see a young male who is having trouble walking because of a physical impairment of one leg being longer than the other. People are making fun of him. He eventually seems to be spitting small balls of fire a distance from the sidewalk into a little cylindrical rubbish bin behind a business building. Although most of the other supervillains I meet have already chosen their name, I call him “Pyro,” which relates to fire as well as the Marvel character. He asks me, “What about Pyro-Gomdulla?” Curiously, I recall a dream from 1971 and the Gomdulla character (from a comic book), yet do not fully realize I am dreaming. I consider he could become a giant mummy with telekinetic abilities (as in the comic book story) if he chooses that name, so I tell him that Gomdulla is an unsuitable phrase in a different language. He decides to keep “Pyro.”

      I eventually fly around with a younger version of Zsuzsanna, carrying her on my left side. (She sleeps on my left in reality.) I start to think others are developing the ability to fly, but this proves to be incorrect. I meet an unknown girl with no pupils or irises. She seems to be like the Scarlet Witch in abilities though with Storm’s overall appearance.

      Eventually, it starts to dawn on me that, because supervillains exist, a superhero or two could come into the picture and prove to be problematic (though this thought does not concern me). I assume much of that would be pretense as well. However, there are eventually additional “real” mutants who have unique powers and can fly. I also meet up with Captain Marvel, portrayed as an otherwise normal male in an elaborate white and purplish-blue costume that features various symbols. He cannot seem to fly and is not exceptionally strong. I throw him around, his cape sometimes going over his head, making it difficult for him to see or fight, and I am asking him why he does not fly. Presently, there are two superheroes on Earth, Captain Marvel and one I do not recall, who mostly sit in restaurants and converse in costume.

      From here, the differences between heroes and villains seem superficial, as I remain only subliminally (not actively) aware of being in the dream state.

      The presence of Mole Man relates to subliminally perceiving being asleep as “being underground” while, in contrast, Pyro represents the potential for consciousness reinitiation (waking from the dream state). The “living mummy” reference (Gomdulla) relates to being asleep as well (covered by a blanket). The girl villainess with no pupil or iris mostly signifies that my real eyes cannot see while I am asleep.

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