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    1. Bride of Swamp Thing

      by , 11-08-2019 at 06:58 AM
      Morning of November 8, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,317-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      I am sitting at a big counter in an unknown room. There is a mix of technology and ambiguous features. For example, a web page full of thumbnail images covers the left side as if it is a normal rendering, but I soon realize it is a set of small pockets on a sheet of thin plastic, each containing many slides. Each top slide represents a thumbnail image as is currently present on the real web page as on the Internet. The ones underneath are of images that no longer exist on the web page as on the Internet. I am happy to realize this.

      Beyond the front of my counter, an unknown woman walks by to my right. I tell her not to walk so close to my work area. She remains cheerful and moves away. At this point, it seems I am in a public building, but I know everything on the big counter is mine. I pick up a black-and-white sketch of Swamp Thing’s face (a DC comic book character).

      I walk into a room where Zsuzsanna is sitting at a desk. Also present, seated a few feet apart in chairs facing the desk, are two people. I hold up the drawing of Swamp Thing’s face, saying how weird it is.

      I now notice both “people” look like Swamp Thing. I hope I have not angered them. One is male, and one is female, the female on the left, closest to where I am standing. They do not seem angry.

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