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    1. Being a Helpful Witch

      by , 11-30-2017 at 05:30 PM
      Morning of November 30, 2017. Thursday.

      My dream occurs in two main parts. It has the usual distortions and absence of viable conscious self identity. The only conscious self threads relate to knowing I am married to Zsuzsanna. The rest of my dream self identity ambiguously perceives itself as a teenager, and my parents are still alive.

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the kitchen of our present address (erroneously perceived as of Cubitis, where I have not lived since 1978). The layout of the house is different. Zsuzsanna is present and we are rearranging everything (which we had been doing a lot in real life lately after the storm tore the roof from our house, though that memory is not extant in my dream). There are two special pictures that present a three-dimensional impression. One is very large and displays a two-storey house. The other is similar to the pattern of our present bedroom curtain but features only one cheetah.

      I marvel at the large image of the house and its three-dimensionality. (It faces north when aligned to our present home’s layout.) As I change my position in the room and move my head, there is vivid imagery that looks as if the Venetian blinds in the house are closing and opening, depending on where I stand, though this relates to the angle I am viewing the house from, not the blinds actually moving. At least one bright light is on inside the second floor of the residence where this intriguing Venetian blinds effect is seen, which involves at least three windows. There is a sense of both pleasure and awe. (The windows are about five inches high.) The joy I feel is probably based on liminal realization of modulating my dream with threads of my conscious self, yet my dream self not actively comprehending this factor.

      I am then looking at the image of a cheetah (about eight inches in length to start with). I am able to manipulate the image by moving parts of it with my fingers, to make it smaller or larger or change the proportions. It does not become distorted no matter how I move different points of the image. Its three-dimensionality is similar to one of those toddler’s board books with the additional features implied to be fur or other textures (such as “Touch and Feel Wild Animals”). The clusters of fur on the cheetah image growing and shrinking depending on how I alter the image with my fingers fascinates me.

      Later, I notice my father standing by the doorway of our shed (our present shed, not the one in Cubitis). He is dressed in an unusual colorful outfit and has a large white beard. I go out and see that he is trying to move several large parts of machinery, one that looks like a small motor. Not being lucid, I still use a type of telekinesis. I am aware that the combined weight of the objects is quite heavy, yet I touch one (the smallest object) and all the other objects connect to it as if magnetic. I effortlessly lift everything and my father seems grateful. I realize that this means I am a witch. I place them out in the backyard through a fictional doorway on the east end of our shed.

      From here, there is an incorporeal and unseen male character that is somehow only partially present. There is brief talk with him about a fairy being a great wizard. My father walks to the west end of our shed (where the main door pulls up in reality). It is open to the street. There are at least two black horses facing north that I lightly pet. My father expresses no distrust or wariness of me being a witch.

      A shed or warehouse represents liminal space during the waking transition in a specific part of the sleeping period and is a factor of memory recall and storage. Horses as this dream’s end marker represent my “return” to my physical body in waking. The health or condition of a horse often relates to the health of one’s physical body or recent mental states (or that of someone known). (For example, after a classmate died, I had a terrifying dream of a horse falling down and suffocating in front of me, after it came through the doorway of our homeroom classroom, both a result of his death, and the unsteady state of my emotions at the time.)

      In one of my dreams of yesterday, I was a guardian angel “from the future”, helping a fictional character rendered as the actor Jonathan LaPaglia to fulfill his supposed destiny with his future wife. Then, in this one, I am a powerful witch helping my father. I manipulate imagery (though that was implied to be the nature of whatever technology was present) and effortlessly lift heavy objects by mental will (and not only do I lift them, they stick together magnetically in a very long cluster nearly as wide as the shed). There seems to be no difference between a powerful witch and an angel in some cases, at least from my dream self’s viewpoint. (My wife Zsuzsanna has appeared as both an angel and a witch in my dreams, including prescient dreams from before we met.)

      The Venetian blinds represent the virtual division between the dream self identity and the conscious self identity. The fact that I am not surprised by my telekinetic abilities validates liminal dream state awareness and liminal dream control (that is, with no realization it is a dream, yet having endless powers to create and control my dream state experiences). I certainly would not have this expectation or act as such when conscious.

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    2. I, Carrie

      by , 09-20-2017 at 03:20 PM
      Morning of September 20, 2017. Wednesday.

      This dream is vivid from start to finish even though I deliberately change my identity twice (by way of non-lucid dream control). Instead of my most common form of dream state initiation (water, which symbolizes the real-time dynamics of sleep), it begins with another very common dream state indicator, that is, “still” being in bed. (The difference of course relates to sleeping in the waters of the womb in the first months of life in contrast to sleeping in bed, though the dream state initiation form may be incidental.) My dream self’s memory is mostly limited to not much beyond the age of twenty.

      The bed turns out to be in a new version of the Loomis Street house. It is in the living room. There is much more space on the north side of the room than there was in reality and there is also a vague association with our Gellibrand Street apartment of years ago (though I do not reflect upon this while in my dream). The bed is in the northeast corner of the room, aligned to the north wall. I am on the left side (which is atypical as I have mostly been on the right side in recent years when sleeping with Zsuzsanna, though this is probably related to subliminal reinduction). My brother-in-law Bob had been sleeping on the right side. My sister Marilyn is alive and as she was in the late 1970s (with no memory of her having died in 2014). She has not yet decided to go to sleep. I am seemingly aware my mother had recently died (though she died in 2002).

      Anita comes in through the front door and asks Marilyn if she had been in the bed sleeping, mentioning “all five people” in the bed (even though I had only been aware of Bob being in the bed). I turn more to my left, very close to the edge of the bed. It seems that Anita had picked up and kept an American quarter that had fallen out of my shirt pocket. More coins fall onto the floor from my left shirt pocket, including at least three American quarters and a few nickels and dimes, but these I retrieve and put in my right pants pocket (as I am apparently wearing blue jeans in bed).

      I then get up and start practicing telekinesis by willing objects to fly into my right hand, mostly cups, empty soda cans, and dishes. “Did you see that?” I keep asking Anita and Marilyn. There is no surprise from them.

      I go outside and it seems to be late morning (even though it had been nighttime seconds before). I fly about six feet above the ground but mostly hover and loudly screech. The unfamiliar neighbor to the south has a few children playing in his yard. I decide to go over, via the alley, and apologize for my behavior, as it may have frightened them. I explain to the man that I am “Carrie’s brother”. For a short time, I puzzle over the timeline possibly being wrong, as Carrie and I are supposedly around the same age and I perceive it may be the late 1980s. I then show him my telekinetic ability. I will small items to fly into my hand from a distance as well as an empty cardboard box that had been put out for the garbage collectors. The other male seems curious but not afraid. “I can lift a house,” I explain, “or a car”. (I have the usual false memory that a house can be lifted into the air and set back down with telekinesis without destroying the foundation, plumbing, or electrical connections.)

      There are many scenes after this where I go into a building and show my telekinetic abilities to several other unfamiliar people, mostly males of about twenty. I continuously will, over and over, mainly cups (though other items as well) to fly into my right hand. I perform such acts at least thirty times as others watch with mild interest. It seems effortless and triggered by softly imagining the feeling of already having it in my hand. I also eventually cause cups to slide across the table away from me (not nearly as common a dream event as willing them to me). The others find it amusing when I do this. For some reason, this seems more important and impressive than drawing objects to me.

      I then decide to be Carrie herself. I am beginning what seems like eighth grade in an unknown school. While sitting at a long table with a few others in a row, I will pencils to fly into my hand from the table in front of us. One unfamiliar boy directly to my left looks at me and the pencils flying from the other table into my hand, but does not react - as if he cannot see or understand the world around him. He looks somewhat arrogant but completely clueless. I reason that, unlike the previous witnesses, many young people have no perception or understanding of the world around them, so unusual or unexplainable events are not perceived as such at all.

      From here, I notice that the top layer of skin has come off around the base of my thumb and partly across the palm. There are clumps of dead skin here and there that I peel off. The flesh underneath is pure white and very soft and smooth. Curiously, I do not notice that my hand is reversed in orientation, that is, when my palm is up, my left thumb is on the right (instead of my left thumb being outward to the left with my palm up as it should be). It is very vivid, with an augmented sense of touch (though no pain) and I never take more notice to this impossible hand orientation despite the clarity.

      In the last scene, I fly around above Sill Street, mostly to the west. (This is a very illogical location and focus for my dreams, as it was of little significance in real life and not seen at all since 1994, and yet has peculiarly become more common over the last few years.) This seems more of the closing credits to a movie. Curiously, instead of music associated with “Carrie” (1976), I hear an altered version of the lyrics and music from “Sybil” (1976 television miniseries). However, these are the same incorrect lyrics I sang in the 1970s, even playing the music on my accordion and electronic organs. I perceive Carrie (Sissy Spacek) as singing them. Instead of “Mirror mirror in my mind”, I always sang “Mirror mirror in my heart” (so much so, the real lyrics now sound “wrong” to me). Instead of “Come as a dream, ribbons of rhymes”, I sang it as “Fashions and swirls, ribbons and curls”.

      Interestingly, Anita’s reference to supposedly five people having been in the bed may have deliberately foreshadowed me playing the two other roles before waking. Coins often relate to coalescence and the level of subliminally perceived neural activity in the dream state. Since early childhood, I have always been aware of very distinct differences between dream self modes, including passively non-lucid, non-lucid but willful, non-lucidly in control (being aware of making and controlling “my world” though with no direct recall of what a dream is), passive lucidity, willful lucidity, apex lucidity (total and sustained willful conscious creation and automatic linear control of the dream including deliberately symbolic waking transitions based on fifty years of day to day experience where certain long-term forms of conscious thought automatically integrate into unconscious states), and other distinct levels of unconsciousness, including entirely abstract where my existence seems to be as a letter of the alphabet or geometrical form, sometimes with unusual and unique mental rituals, or the repeating of a phrase to “perfectly” assume a physical position prior to waking.

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    3. “Stealing” from the Preconscious with Telekinesis

      by , 06-19-2017 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 2017. Monday.

      My dream starts out with my dream self (with at least some present conscious self identity threads, though not that many) being in an unfamiliar library in semidarkness. I am aware of an unknown female (seemingly in her twenties) who had been looking over a number of supposedly ancient religious books with the hope of gaining some sort of understanding of her life as well as personal power. However, I am also aware that there is nothing here of any value for her when considering my own opinion of her activities. She does not seem to be aware of me at first. I assume that I am incorporeal at this time, though I am corporeal in the last part of my dream. Looking at the pages, they are singular lines of hieroglyphs rather than a discernible language, somewhat like small sketchy icons (a carryover from a couple previous recent dreams). It seems to be some sort of ambiguous distorted combination of Aztec, Olmec, and Buddhist cultures.

      In fact, there seems to be something in the back of my mind regarding this distortion, as some of the icons seem to represent Olmec colossal stone heads as well as Buddha heads and figures, yet there also seem to be some Aztec symbols. This reminds me of the New Age movement, primarily based on modern charlatanism and fallacious occult systems, which unrealistically combines anything and everything in an unlearned, unrelated, and wrongful sense (including all the fake products for gullible believers in the 1980s, such as free radical “guards” one wears, which only had internal circuity to make a small light bulb flash on and off to make it look like it was doing something). I begin to feel sorry for her, even though the books themselves may otherwise be of some historical significance.

      I end up sitting at a rectangular wooden table with her sitting across from me, as well as there being a presence of about six or seven other unknown people. A few of the additional people are at a table that is perpendicular to the one I am at.

      She is using a calculator for a reason unknown to me. Soon, I cause, via telekinesis, the calculator to rise into the air and come over into my raised hand. The others do not seem that surprised and she does not seem to object. She then has a fifty-dollar note in her right hand, which I do not clearly discern as either American or Australian (though it is more like an Australian fifty-dollar note relative to its darker golden color overall, though with no plastic or transparent content). She is holding it up as if ready to spend it on something (though this is not logical as we still seem to be in a library).

      I use telekinesis again to will it from her hand. However, it rips and she still has a large section of one corner between her fingers. Feeling slightly guilty about this, I try to unite the pieces back together with telekinesis and additional mental will. Even though the piece is eventually reattached, with associations of manipulating the resealing of the tear like a zipper, I cannot fully seal the tear on will alone, plus, the corner now seems slightly out from the rest of the bill and at an angle (This would not be possible in reality, as the area of the paper would require it to be of the exact shape when coming back together for the correct fit. It would not be possible for there to be a gap or extra paper beyond the perimeter implied as here, as the distorted trapezoidal upper right corner relative to the front of the bill now appears a bit bigger than it was). An unknown male at the other table “reminds” me that he had told me not to use telekinesis in this way (though I do not recall this actually having happened before).

      This dream utilizes non-lucid dream control. (Despite this, I am still technically the personified subconscious as I am not consciously aware of my conscious self identity and status.) This is evidenced by the fact that my conscious self certainly does not believe in telekinesis even though my silly dream self typically does and uses it effortlessly for the most part (more so in non-lucid dreams than lucid ones). Instinctual dreaming (non-lucid dream control) renders most forms of dream “interpretation” as pointless. If the fictional temporary dream self differs so much from the current conscious self and its present status, why would one assume there is significant relevance to the current conscious self (other than with literal precognitive threads, some of which are not revealed until many years after the dream). Although the manipulation of an object with telekinesis is technically a type of flight, I do not classify it as a third-level flight symbol unless more clearly defined or evidenced as such in my dream. It still seems to imply a factor of real-time dreaming and waking symbolism as in “not being fully grounded”.

      What is going on here is a very typical metaphorical biological “showdown” between my non-lucid dream self (aka personified subconscious) and the personified preconscious (which is often transpersonal and unrelated to the conscious self persona, and thus which I assume in some cases comes from the collective unconscious) of the type which I have experienced all my life since early childhood. I am taking from her, the symbolic form of my critical thinking skills (the calculator), which do not viably exist in the dream state, and thus I am initiating my own waking symbolism which is why the preconscious does not object (as its purpose is to either wake the dreamer or instigate emotional factors related to waking from the dream state out of biological necessity; for example, if you do not wake you go into a coma or die - it has baffled me since early childhood how so many people do not realize that this is one of the main functions of dreams, though unlike what some “experts” claim, not the only purpose). The inability to fully repair the fifty-dollar note may symbolize two completely different factors, the first relating to, in being in the waking transition, unable to subliminally reinduce the dream state (as I am not lucid), and two, being that fifty is near my age, may relate to the biological impossibility to completely restore my physical body to as it was in my youth. (The symbolic “pulling up of the zipper” in attempting to fix the note may also be a waking precursor simply related to getting up and getting dressed.)

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    4. Creating and Adjusting a Television and Zsuzsanna Climbing

      by , 08-17-2016 at 08:05 AM
      Morning of August 17, 2016. Wednesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I seem to be much younger, perhaps both in our twenties, seemingly about the same age. My dream starts (or at least becomes viably discernible) at a point where we are walking out from the Cubitis carport (a common induction point in my childhood and teenage years) about an hour or two before dawn.

      We are headed out to the highway area just beyond the big front yard (the original Highway Seventeen) for some reason. I notice that the area is different. Instead of a culvert, the land is elevated about eight feet above the highway (which is an intriguing variation I had never dreamt of before). I notice a few wastebaskets just off the highway, of various sizes and colors, which I consider as belonging to neighbors. I also get the impression that people sometimes sit in the area on the wayside below as an act of socialization.

      Zsuzsanna goes north to the area near where Harold’s orange grove started. There is an unusual large light-colored tree growing through a recess (or circular “notch”) in the embankment with its west side open (and facing the highway). Most of the branches (at least those in view) look as if they had been cut off about a foot or so from the trunk. Some of the exposed roots seem to be nearly at the height of the embankment (extending into the recess only) even though the trunk also properly extends from the ground below just off the highway. I do not question this highly unlikely and illogical feature. There is no traffic on the highway during the length of my dream.

      After a short time, even though I have no lucidity, I will a television to appear. It is a widescreen television similar to our real one and it faces the house. I tell Zsuzsanna to “watch this” as I manipulate its placement without touching it, using telekinesis to slide it a bit more north. (At no point is anything discernible or considered to be more north of the tree.) There is a sense of puzzlement where I consider that the embankment may have a slope from the ground level below that is horizontally deeper in near the bottom, and if this is the case, there may be people there though unseen, though this does not seem to be the case after a time. I cause the television to float in the air a few times, just past the edge of the embankment, as I contemplate what to do with it.

      I eventually start moving my hands in both a vertically and horizontally increasing span (moving my arms about slowly in an arc) as if indicating that the television is getting larger both in its width and height. This actually works and I am amused as I cheerfully ask Zsuzsanna “how is this?” It becomes very large, nearly as big as a movie theater screen (though with the black surface of a television), several times its original size. The detail seems flawless in how it slides and becomes larger, vaguely reminiscent of shutters opening (though not directly rendered as such, though I do get an association of parts of it flopping out from the side as it evenly grows larger though not as if by original design). My dream becomes more and more vivid as I go closer to the tree and the edge of the embankment and I sit down to the left of the tree (south side). It is the only tree visible in the area.

      Zsuzsanna starts climbing the tree, but only near embankment height, and she mostly only circles around it, sitting on a truncated (seemingly evenly sawed-off) branch a couple times, while facing the tree. Still, I am concerned that she could slip or fall and I tell her to be careful as I would not want anything to happen. I then use telekinesis to start causing dirt to fill in the recess that the tree is adjacent to, but decide to stop after a short time even though the completion would cause the area to be more stable to walk on (though this is not really logical as in reality there would still be less dirt overall in the area, although there is a sense that I may be creating it as I also mentally move it). Zsuzsanna seems very happy and deriving pleasure from moving about the tree’s circumference (while staying mostly at the embankment height, going neither up or down). I feel a sensual attraction to her as she sits on the truncated branch facing the tree, the scene being somewhat erotic.

      Since 1968, Highway Seventeen (the original name as the stretch is now called Northeast Cubitis Avenue), when featuring as the main setting of a dream (especially in the final segment) causes an absolutely amazing heightened sense of clarity and extremely clear “realistic” detail and vividness. I suspect at least two possible reasons for this. A highway often seems symbolic of the strongest link between dream self and more discernible increasingly active consciousness. I also spent a lot of time (during a period of about eight years) waiting on the wayside for the school bus (as well as getting off there in the afternoon), and so these two factors also can combine to validate this as an augmented liminal space and “arriving home” (waking up) scenario. The fact that I non-lucidly create and manipulate the television (which usually represents a dream within a dream though in contrast also a link to the external real environment) seems to be a very intriguing non-lucid practice of dream manipulation (though many dreams throughout my life, I as my dream-self have also manipulated non-lucidly solely by pretense and nearly subliminal expectation, though this does not always work, as with my recent “Robot Help” dream as an example). Additionally, the television expanding and growing larger is also analogous to my dream becoming more vivid.
    5. Shootout, Telekinesis, and “Skipper”

      by , 07-27-2016 at 09:33 AM
      Morning of July 27, 2016. Wednesday.

      One area of a building I find myself in, as I am becoming mostly lucid, seems to be a small private bar, though with several people, mostly unfamiliar, though Ian Somerhalder is here. (This actor was on both “Lost” and “The Vampire Diaries” so curiously can represent both subliminal water induction and dream flight as well as the circadian rhythms factor of nightfall and the dream state, all simultaneously.)

      I am lucid, but not viably lucid (to where I can automatically direct everything) and I do not enter apex lucidity (which requires pushing open a heavy wooden door for me or at least going through a porch or open doorway) even though I am aware I am dreaming.

      I start talking about how I am dreaming and try to prove this to the patrons of the bar. Ian looks on with a slight interest and becomes curious when I press my hand into the rectangular wooden and metal bar table. However, instead of my hand phasing through the table, the implied polarity is skewed as I push my hand down through the surface so that the wood and metal moves, creating a hand-shaped hole in the top of the table (with some of the metal part ribboning around part of my hand), the main piece sticking to the palm of my hand as I continue to press down. This is not quite what I had intended of course, but Ian still has a look of awe on his face with a vague hint of amusement. I try it a few more times at the main bar, but my hands and fingers now only meet with total solidity. I keep tapping my fingers and hand on the surface and only meet logical resistance as in reality. This annoys me greatly. The counter’s solidity is very realistic and uncompromising.

      I leave the area and soon find myself in a shootout with police officers and a number of 1960s gangsters. I do not have a gun and I do not materialize one at any point. I end up in an area where I notice an unknown male of about forty years of age. He is wearing a black shirt that reads (in white letters) “Do not shoot me because I am Claude’s (my full name in possessive) guardian.” I find this very peculiar and thus question why and how an Angel of Retrieval could possibly be in a lucid dream other than as comic relief. I also find this scene (and him) somewhat hypocritical on two levels. Firstly, the shirt is possibly bulletproof, and secondly, I myself have no writing on my own shirt and it is likely not bulletproof either. Still, I somehow manage to dodge all the bullets that are randomly flying everywhere. I try to summon the shirt from his body into my hands, which works, but then decide he can have it anyway.

      I then go into a large area where the timber structure of the walls and ceiling is rather complex and a number of people are having a party. I decide to use telekinesis to make the ceiling collapse for no particular reason and leave the building as it collapses behind me.

      I end up walking on a very large and wide wharf that extends out about thirty feet or more over a gray ocean and it seems just prior to sunrise. A number of people are present, but no one is familiar. I make eye contact with a random male of about thirty and try to communicate with telepathy but he just stares back blankly. I eventually start touching and pushing people (not aggressively) to see how “stable” they are.

      A young girl approaches (probably a young version of my wife Zsuzsanna I perceive as being asleep - thus the ocean, which represents sleep and the dream state) and she seems slightly upset but does not see me at all (even though I am not phased or invisible as far as I know). There are a couple other people in the area. She seems concerned about the dolphin known as “Skipper” and it possibly swimming away or “leaving” her (though this is only by assumption because I think of “Skipper” as a dolphin for some reason, when it is actually supposed to be “Flipper” - so this association with Skipper as a dolphin may be completely wrong, though it does have meaning). I look out at the ocean and start to hear unusual music (an old song I wrote at age twelve based on “When Wakes The Dreamer!” from Eerie Magazine) and decide to leave my dream.

      This last part is rather interesting and contains an element I could not possibly have known about, as Zsuzsanna had never mentioned that she had her doll named Skipper (which was female) near the ocean (the only doll she took that time), and also, had to leave it behind when her family moved. In my dream though, at least vaguely, I did see “Skipper” as a distortion of “Flipper” which would be me as the dreamer leaving that essence of me behind in the symbolic ocean of sleep (while Zsuzsanna was still sleeping as I woke thus I was “leaving her” as we were then at different levels of consciousness), while it is also an incidental play on “Skippy” (the kangaroo). A doll is also the dreamer within a dream, as it is still and “held” by the superior whole consciousness and not active in sleep.
    6. Preparedness (and “showing off” with a ladder)

      by , 12-26-2015 at 06:26 PM
      Morning of December 26, 2015. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,904-02. Reading time: 2 min 26 sec.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in the hospital, not due to illness or injury, but we need to fill out numerous documents before the authorities can approve our marriage. It has to do with blood type and other factors. We both have applications to complete. I am annoyed as we have already been in the hospital for at least five days. I am aware of Zsuzsanna’s extraordinary beauty and familiarity in our friendship, yet we are also impatient with hospital staff. I decide that we are going to leave without filling out the last of these papers. I had written an obnoxious response to one question, which I think was all I had written on the document. I fold it up, and we get ready to leave without saying anything to the staff. It seems our examination is partly because of our lack of integration with mainstream culture.

      Zsuzsanna (my wife-to-be in this dream) pushes through another patient’s thin curtains that somehow lead to the hospital’s main entrance. She sits down, facing away from the big front window (to the right of the entrance from the inside view). I admire her beauty while I am standing by the hospital’s entrance. She lights a cigarette. I have a false recall she has occasionally smoked before. I am uncertain I could marry a smoker.

      My awareness changes. I show off by carrying a long and heavy ladder from the hospital grounds. Many couples are sitting together at small round tables, including several athletes. I shift the ladder to carry it with one finger. Farther to my right is a river or set of railroad tracks or both. I am aware only a few people are looking at me, but I also know that no one else would be able to do what I am doing. I am not sure where I am going, but I feel very happy and assertive.

      In an earlier scene, I am at WWTI in Wisconsin. I do not think I have classes here, but I am exploring the southeast area of the building. It seems to be an auto repair class in the same area it was in real life. (Although I did not go to it in real life, my friend Rick had.) There are classes on two sides of a big (and otherwise unattended) semi-dark room. I think about going to the class on my left, whether or not I am assigned to go, and I seem to in an offset dream. However, I am eventually back in this “mysterious” room in what is likely a “reset.” At this point, I do not feel like going to any classes, assigned or not. Instead, I want to leave through the front entrance (that is somewhat like a machine shop). It seems I may have instinctually sensed my dream’s reset (without fully understanding what it was) so I want to leave the area.

      I go to the double glass doors with three black horizontal bars on each pane about halfway up, but they do not fully open. (The bars may relate to a remote or magnetic function, perhaps implying the doors cannot open manually.) There is a set of three double doors in the direction of the public sidewalk, with a space between each set with barely enough room to stand. (It seems the doors might crash into each other, especially if someone let go of the outer ones). I use telekinesis to throw all six doors open at the same time (though with slight difficulty in getting them to remain open at first as they crash into each other without breaking). I confidently walk out of the building.

    7. Mobile Lucidity and Mandrake Fantasia

      by , 07-27-2015 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of July 27, 2015. Monday.

      After spending intimate time with Zsuzsanna in reality, I then enter the usual “portal” of apex lucidity with the lighter form of sleep paralysis (this being always effortless and automatic but different than the other type, which has sound and augmented touch but no imagery at all and a completely different awareness than the other form), the thin white lines (always starting with a “spark” that seems to “fall”, creating a door or impression of a door) quickly forming a fairly bright and highly detailed outdoor setting, rapidly changing several times (mostly in the background) but then stabilizing. My setting comes as an alternate version and fictional perspective of where the alley behind our house is implied to be (and looking due north). Even though I am blissfully looking into our backyard (and clearly recognize it as such), everything is different. For example, the tall dark wooden fence is a much shorter picket fence and our shed is not here at all. Additionally, the fence squares off and seems to divide the area of where the central line (longways) of the shed would be in reality. This is somewhat amusing (though perhaps I am somehow “seeing” another time period; would not be the first time - for example, after our shed is finished being eaten by termites and new shorter fences are added one day, perhaps). I know exactly what I am looking at…except that it is not really how it looks. I find this familiarity yet typical “wrongness” of rendering quite enjoyable, particularly as it was created so quickly. I have no idea how that is possible, or how it can seem so realistic, but I go with it.

      I notice that there is a round wooden card table near the west side of the backyard, a bit closer to the house, as well as at least three bentwood chairs (though I only focus on one of them). I “explode” the chair and table into splinters after playing around with them for awhile, spinning them in the air and such with in-dream telekinesis. Then I reintegrate them back to normal. Breathe in, reintegrate, breath out, explode, and so on. It vaguely reminds me of the motions of bits of straw moving on the surface of a pond. The chair noiselessly (well perhaps with a soft subtle “puff”) explodes into splinters, the splinters spin around…breath in…the chair is perfect again. I decide to let it hover in the air about seven feet above the ground at a tipped forward angle of about thirty degrees while the table continues to float about a foot from the ground.

      The environment shifts slightly as I enter a more dynamic state (this is a specific type of dream state that seems to be “between worlds”). Everything is sand falling and holes opening up. I watch the incredible beauty of the transitions. At one point, it looks like concrete blocks have been placed sideways (longways north and south) all across where the parking lot across the street is in reality, each recess originally meant to be a place for an exotic plant, but sand is falling continuously; beautifully. This seems to shift into a new dynamic. Breathe in…miniature waterfalls everywhere; breath out, “sandfalls”. I reach my hand down to check the texture. It shifts between water molecules and grains of sand continuously and evenly with my breathing. I see very clear imagery of small white stones in potted plants. Miniature cycad palms emerge and sink back in at times.

      After awhile, in this blissful appreciation of sand falling everywhere and moving and sliding downward (in different colors and textures) over various implied forms and with a slight granular “rustling sound” everywhere in the world, my dream shifts to another type of state and goes “Fantasia” on me. I am aware that instead of the parking lot, it is a very large mandrake garden. The mandrakes (all about four inches high) are ready to crawl up out of the ground and dance, a composite of the brooms moving about from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and the guards marching about outside the witch’s castle in “The Wizard of Oz”, though it becomes more like ballet after a time, all uniform, all smooth, all in harmony…except…

      One mandrake seems to be struggling with his presumed partner (in trying to pull “her” from the ground). I go over and look and see him in a shallow hole pulling on something, which turns out to be a limp, lifeless carrot, only partially anthropomorphic. He looks up at me curiously. He has a face about the size of my thumb that looks much like a miniature old chimpanzee.

      “That’s a carrot!” I shout gleefully.

      He blinks and looks worried. “Oh?” he squeaks, with a raspy puzzled voice. He turns and walks away dejectedly as the hundreds of other paired mandrakes dance “perfectly”.

      From here, I am in a fairly dark and seemingly undefined “void”. Some sort of “creatures” which are like giant luminous dandelion seeds (about five of them, about a foot and a half tall) lightly brush over the backs of my hands. There is an implied communication. At times, their luminosity changes slightly, becoming dimmer or brighter, mostly at the central area of the span of “tendrils”.

    8. Refreshing

      by , 06-05-2015 at 03:30 PM
      Morning of June 5, 2015. Friday.

      I am near a small lake in a rural area in an unknown unfamiliar region, possibly in America, in the north. Although I am not lucid in any way, I am still aware that I have control over certain features of the environment, probably a sort of subtle telekinetic awareness that often occurs in dreams. Either that, or I have the nature of associations in being refreshed somewhat distorted as some sort of unlikely composite sequence (such as related to pouring water over your head when overheated mixed with the idea of swimming in a lake). Instead of (more logically) jumping into the lake to cool off, I raise my hands slightly to cause about two gallons of water from the surface of the lake to rise up and then fall onto me, which is quite refreshing. I do this a few times, with some sort of comedic dream within a dream awareness of having too much weight falling on me and thus falling over (though not in a problematic sense - being more like a silly stunt) - though again, this is only like a daydream within the “real” dream. Having control over water or the movement of it (such as even with tidal waves) has occurred at other times in my life.
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    9. Telekinetic Practice

      by , 05-07-2015 at 11:07 AM
      Morning of May 7, 2015. Thursday.

      My dream has a section near the beginning involving some sort of philosophical discussion by a relative, one who always had a very pessimistic view of (his) life, yet often acted like a clown. However, the things he is saying in-dream are not really relevant or “real”, almost as if we are in an alternate timeline at a much younger age - as it seems it could be as long ago as 1978. During this time, I am using telekinesis to move a few smaller things around on a table. We are in the Loomis Street house yet again, but one area later on seems to be in Brisbane rather than La Crosse, yet still connects directly to the area. My (deceased) sister is also nearby at times, in the house.

      Later, I am walking (seemingly northward) in an unknown area of what is likely Brisbane (though again, still somehow connected to La Crosse in America). On my left is an unknown younger male. As we are walking, I contemplate using telekinesis to actually lift buildings, although I reason that it would probably not be a good idea as it would require breaking the foundation. I do move a few smaller things. There is a large truck parked near an intersection and I am able to make it rise in the air by about ten feet. It stays in midair for a few minutes. I note that in dreams, there is a particular feeling when telekinesis is active and working, which is a bit hard to describe. It is somewhat like a subtle wave of relaxation and focus. Curiously, telekinesis seems far more common in non-lucid dreams, though I have had it in fully lucid ones (usually only involving the manipulation of doors and cups which jump into my hand). After a short time, the truck falls back to its original position, but the right front tire and axle area is damaged. The owner, who has just arrived by this point, looks at it curiously. I feel a bit regretful about damaging his truck, but he has no idea how it happened.

      Later, I am back at the Loomis Street house and only my sister is around at first, appearing again as she did around 1978. There is some sort of movie-like infusion into my dream at this point, but it is somewhat distorted. I hear some sort of “soundtrack” for a short time. I move a few smaller things again but sometimes my ability seems varible at times, possibly caused by a disruption of in-dream focus by real environmental sounds (which sometimes “script” entire scenes in dreams in some cases).

      My brother-in-law comes in and I keep easily moving a ketchup bottle and a salt shaker around on the large table with telekinesis, always out of his reach. He seems a bit frustrated but also does not seem to fully catch on that I am responsible for the unexplainable movement.

      Lastly, my in-dream presence and character seems to change to that of a girl whose (unfamiliar) mother is mad at her for practicing witchcraft. Oddly however, the mother seems to be using some sort of dark magic (or perhaps ritualistic negative “prayer”) to project at me to officially disown me as well as harm me somehow. This seems quite hypocritical. We project some sort of shapeless energy at each other, but there is a force field or invisible protective barrier between us. Our “battle” seems somewhat futile. The environment is quite distorted and undefined by that point though I sense we are each near a corner in a mostly empty room, about fifteen feet between us.

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    10. An Ocean Walk near my Middle School (leg mobility)

      by , 05-05-2015 at 11:05 AM
      1 minute 36 second read.
      Tuesday morning, 5 May 2015.
      An Ocean Walk near my Middle School (leg mobility)
      Dream # 17,669-01.

      It is early afternoon. I am with Zsuzsanna near the ocean. However, with common surreal irregularity, the “ocean” replaces the southeast grounds of my middle school in Arcadia, Florida. I appreciate the beauty of the water’s scintillating surface.

      Zsuzsanna walks over an area of the ocean’s surface, and I notice a small school of fish underneath. I get the impression that the water is deep. I walk on the ocean’s surface with her, but we do not go more than ten feet from the “shore.” (The “shore” integrates with the sidewalk that encompasses the large building.)

      I see a small shark underneath the water, so I am concerned about Zsuzsanna’s safety. The shark passes underneath her a few times, so I tell her to come over to where I am. She walks atop the water’s surface and is eventually on my left (modeling our sleeping orientation).

      She moves away when the shark jumps from the water, illogically floating vertically upright near me, but I do not feel threatened as it taps me on my left shoulder and ear a few times and on the left side of my left leg as it “dances” before returning to the water. (It does not go near Zsuzsanna.) During this time, it had transformed into a grouper about three feet long.

      Later, I am on the ground. It has sparse grass and sandy soil. I use telekinesis to attempt to change it. The ground’s surface and the grass move with a rippling effect. I do this for a few minutes until most of the blades of grass move to one area.

      Although my lucidness is high, I do not consider how my mental influence has this power solely in the dream state.

      I make the ocean’s surface move under my will, but there is ambiguity where water and soil seem to have the same properties. However, it is like a mirage (like looking at something through heated air). I have a false recall of how this type of control of the environment works sometimes, but not always.

      Being tapped by the floating, dancing fish is an incentive to become more aware of my body through increased somatosensory phasing (and leaving REM atonia). That scenario is followed by mentally arranging and separating illusory patterns.

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    11. The Right Student

      by , 08-03-2014 at 02:03 PM
      Morning of August 3, 2014. Sunday.

      This dream occurred in four main sections but with several other minor scenes. Its first is related to a mysterious small rock with Mayan glyphs (also called Mayan hieroglyphs) supposedly related to alien technology being around during the time that the writing was new. Two students at my old middle school (probably grade eight) talk about the rock and what it could mean. Later, it is studied by my teachers and is going to be used for experiments and to advance one particular student as some sort of “prince” or “king” in mostly a metaphorical sense, it seems. I think this may be the same old “replay” of a real-life event where a fellow student found a “rock” back in fourth grade (which was actually made mostly of concrete) with the “writing from an old Russian newspaper about the Sputnik” being said to be on it. It was actually from an American newspaper with mirrored writing (due to it somehow being transferred into the concrete when it set - I assume, a bit like Silly Putty) but nothing would convince this other student. The only “English” letters “reversed” in Cyrillic (but having a different pronunciation) were the “R” and “N” - yet my classmate really thought it was Russian.

      My dream meanders into unrelated events and ideas for the most part, though the rock mostly remains a main element that relates to some sort of supposed “magic” or possibly advanced technology that seems like magic. Another two students are talking about it in front of the middle school and who the person is that the rock supposedly “picked” to be an advanced student of telekinesis and such. I am much younger in my dream (as is often the case) and am somewhat annoyed that people are claiming the rock is special or attributed to things which I know it is not. During this time, I actually seem to be present inside a “movie” or “fictional world” - yet it is a movie of which the “actors” do not know they are actors - almost like a forced “organic replay” where there is minimal free will to manifest a story continuity for an unseen audience by which a few may actually participate (vaguely similar to a “Star Trek” holodeck but much larger; the size of a planet). I watch and listen in on one scene regarding a minor conflict and one male notices me (although in one mode, the viewer is not seen at all even when present and close to a character) but I tell him that I am only there as a spectator - speaking in a manner that I “know” I am dreaming (yet in contrast to this, I am not actually lucid). I casually wave to him and he waves back briefly and absentmindedly with two fingers extended horizontally, leaving the area near the portico’s rectangular column which the group had been near.

      From there, I walk into a large room. A boy is trying to make the rock float in the air through some sort of implied telekinetic ability but is not doing that well. This is supposedly the special “chosen” boy to be the student of the implied extinct(?) alien culture. The male teacher of about thirty or younger is patiently guiding him, giving him encouragement and instructions as other students and I think a few members of the public look on. Knowing that mainstream society mostly only has pretense in such things and actually ignores or fears people with any truly unusual abilities, I start to think on a mischievous level. I casually focus on the rock and cause it to float quite high into the air, almost to the ceiling. After this I make a few motions with my right hand and cause the rock to spin and move in a circle quite rapidly (fast enough to cause a breeze inside the building with an implied faux nonthreatening “tornado”), also forming an implied large circle in midair just below the ceiling for several minutes. Even though I am able to do this effortlessly, apparently I am not the “chosen” of the rock - someone without a clue is. In some ways, this annoys me, but in other ways, I am thankful for my anonymity.

      The teacher, of course, is frustrated by my antics and does not see it in a way that would logically dictate that I am the one with the abilities and higher potential and not the other boy, but this is not the issue anymore, and is typical of mainstream culture and “herd mentality”, I reason. As such (regarding “herd mentality”) as I leave the room, I “magically” transform (with a fairly effortless mental focus) an industrial floor polisher (the larger ride-on type) into an elephant, deliberately taking my time as it slowly transforms and begins to trumpet as soon as the transition is complete. I can sense the teacher’s aggravation and find it amusing, knowing that many people will find it hard to leave the room upon being blocked by the elephant. (Doing such, I am still not lucid. This seems to have another childhood association where I mentally manipulated a small elephant marionette, from a distance and while invisible, in a school show - the elephant being a representation of the Carol Burnett cleaning lady character.)

      Later, I seem to be walking through my sister Marilyn’s old house (she died this year), but it is larger and different. My brother Jim (deceased) is on my left. I apologize for “bringing” him to the location (I am still not lucid, though) but he does not seem to mind and mentions something about having been sleeping for a time, also implying that he had been watching television at one point. Another sister (also deceased) is in the house but goes to the backyard. Somehow we end up coming from the backyard and walking towards the house even though we had just been walking through the house towards the back door (though there is a vague idea that we had actually walked back and around from the south side of the house where there is a sidewalk in reality). Jim then goes up to the landing of a fictional wooden staircase (about seven steps) near a fictional embankment near the back door and somehow slowly slides, seemingly by intent, between the edge of part of the landing (on the left side) and down under the staircase and into the ground, which seems quite unusual in afterthought. My dream loses cohesion after this.

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    12. The Apocalyptic Floods

      by , 08-03-2014 at 09:06 AM
      Morning of August 3, 2014. Sunday.

      This dream was the same morning as “The Right Student” (posted only on a couple sites) and was quite long and vivid (more vivid than the other dream). It also has a couple of the “same” scenes and overall theme as from my wife’s dream of the same period of time.

      At the beginning, I am aware of an approaching time of tsunamis and floods that will basically destroy much of the world. This is different than other flood dreams, in that the “tidal waves” are unnaturally large (even as high as the atmosphere itself) and widespread, going up and over entire regions. I am not sure of my dream’s location. It may be Brazil.

      There is a point near the beginning where my wife and I seem to have about twenty children (as well as our own real ones being in-dream) or more (all around the same age of about four to ten) - yet they also seem to just appear out of nowhere somewhat like in-dream tulpas, or possibly orphans from previous flooding elsewhere. Still, they all refer to me as their father over time as if this is the “reality” as such. I carry a few here and there. This is before the larger waves approach. It seems to be in a large park just outside the big (unknown) city.

      Later on, I and a few others plan to save a small group of people, to be the only ones left alive on the planet. This seems fairly effortless even when my mental focus is less “precise” (this is not a lucid dream - I take it all as “reality” at the time). When the tsunamis come, they are extremely high and destroy many buildings. However, I have some sort of detailed and “automatic” (survival-oriented) telekinetic nature and am able to cause the water to flow around aspects of the sky and land - there are several points at which the tsunami moves around from what seems to be a huge “invisible dome” created by my telekinetic will, though it is a force and not of any material.

      At various points, we are in buildings that are eventually destroyed. One scene involves an elevator shaft (much the same scenario as my wife’s dream) and another, going out a window of a second or third floor where the water is up to. It is interesting how no one in my localized group is injured or easily washed away as others are.

      In one scene, two cars are going down a road towards where my group and I are. A huge wave slams into one car, carrying it from the road and into the trees while the other car, only a short distance in front of the other, is saved by the forces that block the water under my will. People are glad to be safe in what is technically “the end of the world” - as the waves are worldwide and covering most of the planet. This implies that we will have to live on a makeshift raft-like structure at some future point, I think, although I am able to mentally rebuild a building here and there - even in a scene where water has destroyed a part of a building and where the water is “frozen” in position (though still moving and “cycling” in that isolated position) and bricks float about within the “held spray” before realigning. I save a few people from drowning by mentally lifting them from the water as well as creating an invisible “wall” in some scenes.

      Again, I am not lucid, yet find it interesting that my telekinetic ability is so “automatic” and effortless throughout (and I am not worried that I will perish), although I sense that others are adding to this overall force at times with their own focus and survival instinct. There is also the nature of the water itself, which often seems more reflective than water in real life as well as having its own light-making properties. In some dreams, water and light seem to be some sort of hybrid composite that is not possible in reality.

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    13. Telekinetic Endeavors

      by , 06-01-2014 at 12:01 PM
      Morning of June 1, 2014. Sunday.

      My dream opens in an unusual variation of our present home with some rotated or altered structures of our Barolin Street house (including the inside back steps over the bare ground in a larger enclosed porch-like area, but which continues southward into a more internal house-like area) as well as my sister’s old house on Loomis Street in America. The staircase area of the Barolin house is oriented in a different direction; to the south rather than the west; and there appears to be several bunk beds. The environment is somewhat like a boarding house for older ex-convicts with a slight prison atmosphere. I am not familiar with any of the males, and curiously, there is an Australian essence to the setting, which is fairly rare in my dreams even though I have lived here since February 9, 1994.

      At one point, I am aware that the boarding house has a strange secret related to a potential local development of personal paranormal power of some sort. It seems that Ned Kelly was buried under the wooden staircase within the area of the boarding house that is enclosed but which has a dirt floor (similar to the enclosed back porch and utility area of the Barolin Street house). The beds are near that area, aligned west along one wall. I talk with a few other males. At another point, I look at the ground under the staircase to determine what could be there. There is an eerie association with the seeming story regarding the remains. There is evidence that a coffin is just under the ground’s surface as there is a very slight elevation of the dirt of one area. However, the story also may be that just the remains had been buried there with no coffin.

      In another part of my dream, either a policeman or a convict serving as an in-house policeman and wearing a gun holster arrives. This area appears to be the back entrance from Loomis Street at first. He dismisses the idea of there being a body in the ground under the stairs and seems a bit annoyed by the apparent myth or “convict gossip”. There is also some sort of shift or “reset” where the man’s name is John (John Kelly?) instead of Ned Kelly. It may just be a man named John who has no infamy or history of anything notable. The other male denies anything unusual about the boarding house or the ground beneath it.

      Over time though, I do develop a telekinetic power supposedly related to my being in the area; a common ability in dreams (but not previously associated with longer-term attainment or being in a certain location). This recurring dream act is done by mentally willing something from across the room straight into the palm of my hand with a sort of rubber-band-like effect. At a later point, there are unknown females in the boarding house which does now seem more like some sort of prison or supposed rehabilitation venue. They are all seated at a large picnic table inside the main area. One reminds me of a somewhat unkempt female factory coworker from years ago. She asks me if I can prove something regarding my abilities and I comply by willing a large object which is some sort of larger purse or oversized pencil bag (or for art supplies) across the room and into my hand in a swift manner. She then mentions of how her faith in the existence of benign spirits or angels has grown but I am not exactly sure why this act helped her. This may have something to do with the potential to escape from the scene by one person taking something from a guarded area, such as a key, perhaps.

      There is some sort of awareness that the telekinetic ability also has something to do with magnetism and wearing some sort of magnetic bracelet (that was buried in the ground under the stairs?) even though the items I will into my hand from other areas of the room, including a glass of orange juice, are not actually magnetic (although the pencil-bag-like items do have a metal zipper).

      Eventually, I am on my own, wandering around outside. I end up at a residential area with another unknown male but who may be a version of my brother Earl at a much younger age, as the house is vaguely like the one he lived in in Florida. He seems interested in my telekinetic ability but does not quite believe in its full potential. In one area outside near a patio and shed, he tests me with selecting a chosen item and sailing it quickly into my hand from a fair distance. These items seem mostly related to male cosmetic products, mostly all of the same brand, perhaps Avon, I think, because of some sort of play on “nova”.

      I end up drawing a larger item into my hand which slides on its own across the table’s surface of which I think may be a piece of plywood. The fact that it slides somewhat instead of just leaping into my hand is somewhat frustrating, but not a dominant issue. It seems like a plastic pencil bag for school but about twice the size and may be some sort of travel kit. The indicated goal, however, was actually a smaller bottle of shampoo or something similar immediately to its left. I do not feel as if I have failed in the task, but may need to try a bit more to discern individual items for more telekinetic manipulation. The other male is still impressed and interested.
    14. Telekinesis again…

      by , 12-13-2013 at 09:41 AM
      Morning of December 13, 2013. Friday.

      This is another dream about a “dream power”, the most common ones for me being continuous telekinesis and hovering as if there is no gravity to speak of relating to the human body only (as nothing else floats). Hovering usually brings about very vivid and full lucidity. Telekinesis, on the other hand, does not usually bring about anything other than semi-lucidity, yet with an orientation that the power is also “real” in real life.

      This is a longer dream, but keeps repeating the same scenarios where I simply bring a white glass mug on a table up into the palm of my right hand by mental will alone. My sister Marilyn watches at times, seeming only slightly surprised. This is an effortless dream power for the most part, much like hovering – which simply requires lifting both legs up slightly and remaining in the air, and from there, actually flying.

      The effect, when it comes to objects, is very much like a trick I had done in real life years ago, where a rubber-band (fixed within the cuff of a shirt) is used to bring something into your hand. The speed and force is very realistic in my dream.

      In this particular dream, I test various distances, even from across the room, and am successful at it. I almost cannot even see the object from where I am guiding it swiftly through the air from, but it still works in all instances. This dream is mostly with the white glass mug. In other dreams, I had spent most of the time willing doors closed or open with equal success. There is no “shadow play” in this one (as is often the case) as I am only vaguely aware it is a dream – yet, again, somehow still in regards to practicing a supposedly real ability.

      In the last part of my dream, I go outside and yet am still able to will the mug to fly out from the house to where I am (about two houses away and on the sidewalk) and straight into my hand. My family is to my right on Loomis Street. There is a confused man with a gun in the middle of the street as we watch from the sidewalk on the western side of the street.

      With little effort, I make him drop the gun by directing some sort of telekinetic force at it - and then cause it to slide along the street, continuously just out of his reach as he chases after it upon each longer slide (of about five feet). I do this about six or seven times and it gets to be a bit annoying, as he is still within nearly attainable distance of the gun at times. Then, a somewhat mentally “slow” man walking from the north looks in our direction. I mentally will him to pick up the gun (as he seems to have little mental will of his own) and shoot the other man in both feet (just enough to take off a bit of the outside). Nothing much happens after that other than the other man tending to the pain in his feet and no longer posing a threat.

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      dream fragment
    15. A Lucid Dream of a White Car (Driven From Inside Our House)

      by , 05-20-2013 at 11:20 AM
      Early afternoon of May 20, 2013. Monday.

      In my very clear lucid dream, I walk around in our house (which is much larger in my dream) wondering what is going on. I start to get into the habit of touching my face and mouth regularly in my dream to check if I am breathing properly in real life. This is because, at the time, I remember that I am sleeping with a pillow over the side of my head but there is plenty of room to breathe.

      I walk around until I notice that our back hallway is so much larger than in real life, I feel amazed. It is so large that there is now a shiny white car in mint condition, possibly a 1980s Ferrari Testarossa, parked between the bathroom and storage cupboards facing north to where I am standing in the larger than real life kitchen area.

      Being fully lucid, but with too many ideas on how I can utilize my lucidity, I walk to the car and start tapping it on the top and front and it makes a sound just like someone slapping the side of a washing machine, with a slightly hollow effect. This makes me happy, as I start lucidly feeling all the cool areas of the outside of the car. I am able to open the unusual car door (though on the second attempt). Curiously, I am actually able to fit inside the car comfortably after being able to get in. (As I have documented before, cars are often too small to get inside of in my dreams.)

      I move my feet over the floor of the car, not really touching anything with my feet, and I turn a key to hear a soft sort of engine sound. Suddenly, I take off very fast, north, right through our house. It does not matter at all because I am dreaming. There are no obstacles; I just drive through as if nothing was there to slow or block the car.

      I eventually drive near a cliff, but then the car is vertically upright, facing downwards, hovering high in midair, and I am looking down at about dozen people on a rocky beach near the ocean. A few people look up at me. I start thinking about all the things I could do in my dream, but I am also thinking that I had been asleep long enough and decide to wake up.

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