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    1. Alan Brady's Desk

      by , 05-09-2020 at 11:09 AM
      Morning of May 9, 2020. Saturday. Dream #: 19,500-03. Reading time: 1 min 50 sec.

      This dream occurred near the middle of my sleep cycle in a deeper state. I was surprised to find an article yesterday that claimed researchers have found what I had already known for over fifty years. It is that dream content tends to correlate with the depth of sleep (for example, less conflict in a deeper sleep and more social impositions in lighter sleep, the way my dreams have worked every sleep cycle, and the fundamental foundation for the waking transition and reticular activating system dynamics).

      In this dream, there is no recall of my current waking life or the world’s status. I am in Alan Brady’s office, as on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” (that I have not seen or thought about for some time). The only characters from the television show in my dream are Jerry and Millie Helper.

      I look in boxes on Alan Brady’s desk when I am not supposed to be here. It is a typical sorting dream, where I keep finding many different features over a long period. There are several packages and a manilla envelope as well as books (some science-fiction). There are several checks, but I do not think I could cash them, though I briefly consider it.

      I find a small worn cardboard box with a piccolo used in a movie Alan Brady (Carl Reiner) starred. It has leaf motifs amateurishly painted on it (with thick paint) in various colors. The lip plate with the appearance of the Nutcracker soldier is missing. I first feel it (somatosensory phasing). (The situation is false memory from the “I Am a Fine Musician” act on “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Mary Tyler Moore played the imaginary piccolo, and the four actors dressed as the Nutcracker soldier.)

      There is a surveillance camera in Alan’s office in a corner near the ceiling. I move stuff around on his desk, but I sit on the floor out of its range at other times. When I put stacks of materials back into the largest box, I consider it is not the original way they were stored, but I am unconcerned.

      I think of telling Millie Helper about the piccolo, but I do not. Still, Jerry and Millie do not seem to think I am doing anything wrong and remain cheerful. Looking at the carpet, I see a multi-colored splash of ink or paint in the form of a mandala. Although I am unsure whether I had caused the carpet’s changes, I start instinctually enhancing the somatosensory illusion. As I move my hand, I pull long strands of yellow yarn from the carpet, noticing narrow gaps revealing the floor. It is my usual liminality modulation, though horizontal instead of vertical, stemming from my sleeping position (my head being more downward).

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    2. Grimm Neelix

      by , 07-28-2018 at 01:28 PM
      Night of July 27, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,848-06. Reading time: 1 min 16 sec.

      My dream starts with becoming aware I am watching a series of “Grimm” episodes. I am not focused on specific content, mostly indoor character interactions.

      The episode I am watching is meant to feature the Eisbiber (“ice beaver”) played by Danny Bruno (as Bud). Over time, it is Neelix, played by Ethan Phillips, from “Star Trek: Voyager.” Neelix acts like the Eisbiber character. He moves, nods, and shakes like an Eisbiber, but his appearance never changes.

      The images become a “real” studio setting with the actors (rather than the characters they play). They are filming in the actor David Giuntoli’s house. Over time, there is no one else around. It seems late at night. I consider I may not know how to get out. I stumble around in the dark in what may be a kitchen (though it is like our kitchen in real life).

      Soon, it is light enough to see. David walks out from a room in a white bathrobe. I start to explain to him how I was a tourist who somehow ended up in his house.

      He nods, saying (without emotion), “Uh-huh. It’s time to go home now.” He turns to go back into his bedroom. I notice two big spotlights on the floor as I find my way to a doorway. They seem broken.

      The last part is typical RAS modulation, with a celebrity as the modulatory avatar (in a role as a detective, one of the more common forms). It is a typical subliminal “return to bed” directive that occurs at least once in every sleep cycle.

      The rest is a reactive representation of the waking process. It includes an association with beavers (as in building a dam, which causes water to lower, with water otherwise being the reactive representation of sleep dynamics). Bud transforms into Neelix as the vestibular system simulacrum. (He travels in space.) The broken spotlights represent my dream’s ending.

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    3. Columbo’s Pigeon

      by , 01-01-1989 at 07:01 AM
      Night of January 1, 1989. Sunday.

      I find myself wandering around in an unknown city, though of which is not very defined, walking from out of an alley, becoming more aware of my existence, though with only partial passive lucidity. It seems to be early evening, though there is not that much light. A low-lying mist, of which comes up halfway to my knees, drifts over some areas of the ground.

      After perceiving a few unfamiliar people on the streets, I find myself in the presence of Columbo (the fictional TV detective played by Peter Falk). At first, I am somewhat wary of his presence (though I have no thoughts of having done anything wrong) but then I realize he is only puzzled by his surroundings and sees me as someone of whom he can ask directions. I do not recall all of the conversation but when I start to tell him where Fifth Avenue is after he asks, he holds his right hand up (as an indication for me to wait a minute) and takes out a yellow legal pad and pen from inside his rumpled beige trench coat.

      Unexpectedly, a pigeon soon flies out from under his trench coat. He takes a step back and looks up, with a very puzzled visage, as it flies away. I feel very amused.

      dream processing dynamics; causes, and meanings:

      the presence of mist is a factor of being in the dream state (as sometimes inferred and used as such in movies and stage plays)

      reticular activating system mediation as vestibular system personification as Peter Falk as his fictional TV character detective Columbo because of being in the dream state as being “a mystery to solve”

      liminal anticipation of the waking process causes transference of vestibular system correlation as a bird in flight (rather than the biologically induced sleep start)

      Preconscious: Columbo, Emergent Consciousness Factor: flying pigeon, Dream Type: vestibular system correlation (bird in flight metaphor)

      This is a unique transmutation of the “walking in a city and tripping, misstepping, or stepping off the curb and falling” dream, which has otherwise occurred on a nightly basis for over fifty years.