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    1. Kurt Russell and a Hang Glider

      by , 06-12-2019 at 12:12 PM
      Morning of June 12, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,168-06. Reading time: 20 sec.

      Precursory (vestibular): Actor Kurt Russell (as in “Escape from New York” and “Escape from L.A.”) straps into an unrealistically oversized hang glider that seems to have many metal sheets in its construction. There are several panels on the underside with computer displays. An unknown male (to the left in my view) helps him.

      The drop: He flies a short distance above a street, between tall business buildings. Soon, he falls from the hang glider (that stays in the air) but seems uninjured, landing in a standing position.

    2. Overpass Mishap

      by , 09-22-1974 at 03:22 PM
      Morning of September 22, 1974. Sunday.

      Dream #: 2,834-02. Reading time: 44 sec.

      I find myself riding in the back seat (on the right side) of a taxi, the same one from a few days previously in real life, though with the exception it is traveling south towards town, instead of north towards my home. I had taken it in real life when I missed the school bus and did not feel like walking from Arcadia to where we lived in Cubitis. The driver was the same, the one my mother also knew and chatted with at times.

      In my dream, we are traveling over the semi-circular overpass. When we reach the top, the overpass vanishes (or instantly collapses), and the taxi drops straight down. However, I phase through the roof of the vehicle and fly up out of my dream with emerging conscious intent. As I briefly look down, the car seems about the size of a Matchbox car in a distorted model of the town.

      The content of this dream stems from my anticipation of the drop, the vestibular system correlation of the waking process. Phasing through the roof of the taxi represents leaving my imaginary physicality behind.

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