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    1. The Military Time Travelers

      by , 03-07-2017 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of March 7, 2017. Tuesday.

      My family and I as we are now are at the Loomis Street house, though others are there, including my brother Dennis (older half-brother on my mother’s side) and Crystal (Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister on her mother’s side). There is also one unknown female.

      At one point, the unknown female makes a comment about wanting to be friends with someone with a “spark of Irish”. I make a comment about “a drip of Irish”, which seems to be risqué.

      I have a few books with thin cardboard pages that seem related to foldout setups with cutouts though I am not sure of their exact nature or whether they are related to a game or are just for display. They all seem to have a girl as the main character. One of the last ones I notice is “Alice in Wonderland”. Still, there seems to be another one that possibly belongs to someone else. It has cooking as a theme. There is a (overhead view) frying pan cutout and another cutout that represents food (frontal view) that stands vertically on the first by using a tab and slot. Additionally, this goes onto a page displaying an overhead view of a stove element, also by use of a tab and slot. There is something mentioned by the female about something sharp being found in a new container of yogurt after I incorrectly remember that food poisoning was mentioned in the news.

      The unknown female seems sad about something and seems to consider herself as being out of place. I “remember” that there is a time-traveling military group that is presently operating from the shed (in the Loomis Street backyard). I go out and there are three unknown people, two female and one older male. The male is in charge of everything. He goes up to the unknown female from the house and asks her if she can “climb a ladder”, with additional questions about the military and whether she can cope. She seems hesitant and the male, who is a general, loses patience. I go back into the house and the unknown female follows. Crystal is sitting in the armchair next to the telephone. She seems to be in somewhat of an aggressive or defensive mood. I catch myself (though more as pretense of the kind expressed in instinctual dreaming) saying something about “depending on what year they are going to” so that others in the room can “overhear” and perhaps catch on that they are supposed to be time travelers. The unknown female leaves the house through the front door. (There is also something later mentioned absentmindedly by me about the military group originally being from the distant past but going to the distant future.)

      I see Dennis and he seems to be only in his early thirties. He is wearing an army trench coat. I absentmindedly pull at the front and all the buttons come undone. I then apologize. He buttons up his coat again. I ask him if he wants to be part of the military and he says “no” and mentions something about Korea and Iraq. I tell him that he still might be interested in joining this group.

      We go out to the backyard. I look around for the time travelers. We see an unfamiliar unusual-looking young boy in thick black glasses as he is looking around near the south fence. He does not look in our direction. “Oh, that’s not her,” I say, referring to one of the females with the military team. We go out near the alley.

      Suddenly, there is a very loud roaring sound, like a wild animal. It is continuous and growing louder and closer from the south. I am thinking that it is probably a tyrannosaurus that is loose in the neighborhood and that it will likely find us and perhaps eat us if it turns its head easterly and sees us. There seems to be no time to run. Dennis and I just stand where we are. (Dennis is to my right, north of me, but somewhat closer to the alley.)

      A large woolly mammoth charges by, up the alley, heading north. It keeps going and is no threat but continues to roar as it passes. Dennis stands where he is and regards it casually, with mild interest.

      I notice a bright glow inside the shed, visible through the window from several feet. My youngest son also sees it and runs out toward the building. I am thinking that it is the three time travelers who are now leaving, activating some sort of machine.

      As this is a very long dream, I am only including obvious (real-time) symbolism. The unknown female potentially climbing a ladder is an association with Zsuzsanna waking up from sleep. The absentminded unbuttoning of the coat is typical of instinctual dreaming and relates to uncovering the nature of the preconscious as well as preparing to come out from under the bed sheet, though the consciousness transitions were extended here. The mammoth is the form of my unconscious “leaving” the dream setting. The glowing light is the emerging conscious self identity, analogous to sunrise. The notion of time travel validates non-lucid dream control.

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    2. Bizarre Tourist Trip into the Past (with Apollo 11)

      by , 01-11-2017 at 07:11 AM
      Morning of January 11, 2017. Wednesday.

      I find myself with my wife Zsuzsanna. We are sitting on a small beach-like area and are outside enjoying the nighttime scenery. However, to our left is an unknown male and female in their bed in some sort of distorted and bilocated corner of a bedroom (though every other dream aspect implies we are outside). Even though they are in bed, they are also working as tourist guides (and seemingly are a married couple in their late twenties).

      Looking out over the ocean, I see a small island. This small island is supposedly a part of Germany. I see the Reichstag building, which directly faces us. Oddly, right behind this, is Big Ben, though only about a third as tall as it should be. I am clearly aware that this is an amazing sight that can only be appreciated from our present location. We somehow see a feature of Germany, and right behind it, a feature of the UK (which is of course ridiculous, but I am only vaguely puzzled by the sight). We continue to appreciate this beautiful scene. I sit on Zsuzsanna’s left, holding her hand. The imagery is very vivid and I watch the motions of the ocean’s surface. Other than the tourist guides in their bed, who gave us a brochure in the first segment, we are the only people present. The moonlight on the water is beautiful.

      I consider that I am not fully certain of where we are. Again, I know that the little island is a part of Germany though we ourselves are apparently nowhere near Germany (even though we could probably swim to the islands from where we are sitting). Just beyond that is the UK which is also a tiny island with Big Ben being the only discernible UK feature at this distance. I reason that we are probably either in Hawaii or California though this is not certain.

      I start to realize that we have traveled from the future into this past, which is 1969. In fact, it must be July 24, 1969 due to what happens next (at least in part). The tourist guides do not seem to be all that alarmed by this fact and simply hand us another brochure. There is a short conversation about the differences between certain landmarks in 1969 and 2016 (and thus my dream self is not aware it is 2017).

      A helicopter flies overhead in the night sky in the opposite direction from where the bilocated bed is. From this helicopter falls the Apollo 11 spacecraft, its parachutes immediately opening, the craft seeming a bit larger than it should be. I expect that it will probably explode and it does. It explodes into a massive fireworks display, debris flying everywhere over a dense forest. (This makes no sense of course, as the spacecraft actually came through Earth’s atmosphere, not dropped from a helicopter.)

      From the debris of Apollo 11 in the dense isolated forest beyond (to our right) comes two white robotic Etch-a-Sktech-like devices. They somehow end up being near Zsuzsanna and I even though they have no visible legs of any kind yet came a fair distance. The ocean water level goes down by a fair amount. I am wary of one of the devices even though they are nearly identical. Even though I know that one is ours, I reason that the other belongs to the tourist guides and may have some sort of security function that does not want people from the future in the vicinity. However, I then begin to realize that 1969 probably does not have the technology to detect people from the future even though our device is detecting these people from the past and recognizing the setting as 1969. The original scene over the ocean becomes some sort of large computer screen featuring some sort of spreadsheet imagery. The setting seems to have more of an indoor feel at this point.

      • The common dream state indicator of the bilocated bed, especially the tourist guide couple, are an obvious play on “traveling while asleep”, a direct reference to dreaming. The other married couple are a projection of Zsuzsanna and I being asleep and dreaming at the time.
      • The clock tower (Big Ben, which refers to the bell, which symbolizes the wake-up call) is a more dominant circadian rhythms feature, “overseeing the water” (sleep cycle: During sleep, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain increases dramatically, washing away harmful waste proteins that build up between brain cells during waking hours). A tower also symbolizes emergent consciousness (the conscious self identity being above the fictional dream setting).
      • The ocean waters lower (sleeping and the dream state ebbs since water represents the dynamics of sleep in real time), the setting slowly transforming from outdoors to indoors; a typical waking transition.
      • The return flight feature explodes in this case by my (non-lucid) expectation, though this implies a thread of instinctual dream control.
      • The preconscious is here a threatening white robotic Etch-a-Sketch that apparently can teleport, which is about as weird as it gets. Even so, it (and the spreadsheet) is a reminder of conscious self identity, as only the conscious self with its critical thinking skills can create and utilize viable technology and perceive written communication for a sustained time period.
      • The Apollo 11 parachutes are a type of dream sign and are analogous to pillowcases, as I sometimes am irritated with trying to fit a pillowcase back on a pillow prior to sleeping or sometimes wake up with the pillowcase off.

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    3. Balloon Travel, Dodo Birds, and Meteors in the Distant Past

      by , 10-25-2015 at 04:25 PM
      Morning of October 20, 2015. Tuesday.

      I and my wife Zsuzsanna, and our children, must be living in the 1600s. I assume this because we are living in an unknown region where there are eventually a lot of dodo birds walking about. The building we live in seems vaguely like the Duffy Street apartment, though. My father (deceased February 14, 1979) is alive again and appearing as he was perhaps in the early 1960s. At one point, I have a wall-to-wall array of comic book stacks (they all look new), though each stack being only about six or seven issues high at the most. I eventually realize that this would make it difficult for my father to walk through the room (from a room on the other side of where I am), so I gather them all up into one higher pile, being only vaguely concerned about the numerical (issue number) order at this point.

      The main concept is impersonal and relates to some sort of mountain-like structure, an isolated ridge which is much longer than its width, so much so, it seems there is a potential of it falling over at one point, and much of it contains small caves and a network of tunnels. It is apparently full of various kinds of fossils as well as living dinosaurs. There is a scene where a small duck-billed dinosaur (Hadrosaurid) comes out of a cave and bites lightly at my hand (though I do not feel threatened). There is another scene when I am watching the dodo birds where I also see a supposedly extinct animal that looks somewhat like a cross between a wombat and a guinea pig.

      I inform a group of scientists (dressed as if in the early 1800s rather than 1600s) I seem to be informally working with that the mountain will likely fall over if they try to elevate it. Regardless, they somehow attempt to elevate the very large feature to possibly see the contents of underground caves. The whole feature somehow tips over once in midair and becomes upside-down before aligning back to ground level. At least one brontosaurus inside one of the many caves is seen falling over during this event. I also hear numerous pieces of bones and fossils falling about.

      Later, I am standing with my wife Zsuzsanna in a large oblong hot air balloon, which is what they had earlier used in part to elevate the mountain. The oblong basket is large enough for a whole crowd of about twenty people, at least. We are at one end and the rest of the people, including scientists, are at the sides. It seems to be a beautiful night, and we are looking out over London as it was a few centuries ago.

      Over time, looking at the beautiful nighttime sky, a few light clouds here and there, we notice unusual bright white lights streaming slowly downward in a few different locations. These turn out to be small meteors (which are unrealistic, as real meteors would move much faster). They sometimes even arc in a different direction before hitting the ground. With great visual clarity, I watch some of them hit various parts of the streets, leaving a large hole and cracking the ground a fair distance. There are also a few fiery explosions, which are very enjoyable to see. In the far distance, a much larger meteor seems to destroy an entire area when it hits. Eventually, there is a vague concern that a meteor may come to near where we are, but that does not seem very likely. It does not seem to be the “end of the world”, just the end of London in the distant past. Throughout much of this dream, I felt very cheerful and happy.

    4. Uncursed

      by , 09-11-2015 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 2015. Friday.

      In my dream, I had been making love to Zsuzsanna in a semi-lucid state and suddenly feel a bit more perceptive than usual in such a situation. She looks beautiful and goddess-like. I tell her that I “brought her here” as an experiment and for her to look around the setting (even though she has already been present in many dreams about Cubitis as well as La Crosse). Outside, I see a beautiful garden and layout. There are unrealistically large coleus blumei everywhere (instead of all the huge prickly pears and ugly caterpillar-infested red canna lilies that were eventually practically everywhere in reality prior to my family’s move back to Wisconsin), some in large plant pots placed in perfect lines along the shed and parts of the backyard. The beauty of the imagery is astounding.

      There is a strange “division” of time. Even though I am my present self on one level, “my” house is otherwise empty (other than my own manipulation of the setting and “preserving” of how it was before) and supposedly in the distant past. Lisa’s old house immediately to the south, however, is still technically “cursed” and empty, and the outside covered with several layers of mold and old vines, parts of the front porch blocked up with concrete blocks (and mostly as it presently looks now in real life). I want to look in the house, but my wife does not like the idea. However, my motive is pure and to confirm that the house is in complete ruin and unfit for a human being to even be within several feet of. I do not even care that people apparently cannot enter and leave with their sanity intact. I feel good about the idea of an empty ruined house covered with mold and vines next to “my” in-dream home. It makes me feel alive and happy and with an enhanced sense of privacy.

      Somehow though, we end up in town. I seem to be on my own for a time. I do not recognize anyone (even though they are around my age or older). I am in what seems to be a small store. An older male is seated on a chair near the entrance. Even though I do not know anyone in the immediate setting, I ask him if he remembers me. He has no idea who I am. I tell him that I will travel back into the past, meet him and be his friend for a few months, and then come back to the present and ask him if he remembers me then. He seems to agree to this odd concept and arrangement, but it still does not work. He then does not even remember what I had asked him the first time around (before I went to the past). I become annoyed and leave.

      I eventually find myself in a tavern. There are quite a few people sitting on bar stools. One of them looks like a very old version of Lisa, perhaps about seventy (which makes no sense as she is younger than me). Her parents look like young teenage versions of themselves even though they are still her “real” parents. Her “mother” says that she has to come home and her “father” does not even want to look at her, though just tells her to come back home while even blocking his face with his right arm for a short time. Not many want to look, apparently, because her face is extraordinarily distorted. I notice that her mouth looks quite bizarre, her teeth two times longer than they should be and metallic as well as being at various random angles. I do not question either the “impossible mouth” or the teenage parents of a very old lady (even though I had been semi-lucid at the beginning of my dream).

      Eventually, I am distracted by the behavior of the “parents”, and decide to heal a few people in the area. I go outside and see the same male I had talked with earlier. From here, miniature clouds of soft blue fire float and waver upward into the air from my hands and this is supposed to be “restoring” elements of the town and people somehow. The male seems to become a bit younger (or at least healthier in overall appearance) and more cheerful.

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    5. Ripples in Time

      by , 09-30-2014 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of September 30, 2014. Tuesday.

      This was a very long and epic dream, but with only a few clearer coherent parts left over.

      I am traveling through time somehow for whatever reason. I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and several unknown friendly people, seemingly from different time periods, both from the past and the supposed future. It almost seems like some sort of “wagon train through time”, but also like a tourist excursion in some ways. In a way, this is literal for the time being as we actually are part of a large wagon train moving through the west, possibly in the 1860s.

      There are about four or five wagons and several people walking or riding horses. At one point, a group of soldiers approaches us. They want some of our food to feed their own people. (This scene seems partly borrowed from “The Desperate Mission”, a 1969 television movie with Ricardo Montalbán - but it has not been that recently that I had seen it.)

      We are somewhat hesitant to share our food but decide to do so to avoid trouble with the soldiers. The mood remains cheerful for the most part. At one point, I become aware of a large storage area which first looks like an outdoor “cellar” of some sort. I go down into it on my own and look around. There is one opening near one wall of this featureless underground room. I think that this might be a good place to stay for awhile as well as store our food and belongings for a time.

      From this point, my dream takes on a very strange and intense vividness and perspective. Under the underground room I am in (which is mostly concrete or stone) is a huge structure supposedly built in the more distant past, possibly the late 1700s, and is apparently some sort of gigantic underground utility building (though I am uncertain if it was ever above ground) - perhaps once used for storing wheat or general supplies for a (unknown) community. It is like a huge three-dimensional mandala (facing upwards) of a fairly simple design. It is made out of thousands of thin boards and dowels as well as other lumber and seems mostly intact and creates the impression of a greatly enlarged wicker-like structure (almost like a greatly enlarged surreal Easter basket). I am able to look between parts of it, through a few different sections, and get the impression of an almost bottomless depth under it, into the darkness. The sight continues to fill me with awe and I wonder how people could have built this structure, especially underground and with apparently no stronger support (or places to stand on or be secured to while building) - even more-so, the fact there does not seem to be a foundation or “bottom” to it to hold up the rest over what otherwise seems a “bottomless pit” to possibly the core of the planet.

      Eventually, it seems to be related to a portal into another time period and we are eventually in the 1950s. My two youngest sons are there and playing a cheap handheld game, apparently from the 2030s that I think is able to project a holographic gaming environment around the player, rendered at various levels of opacity and translucence. People from the 1950s, mostly younger people, do not seem to take notice to the anachronistic presence of other things from elsewhere including the wagon train outside the school-like building we are in. I am aware of a red Cadillac outside, which may be our new form of time travel somehow, with all the members of our “team” having one. (This is possibly an association with “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs”.)

      My dream eventually decays into completely bizarre imagery. It relates to having watched the second movie in a series of three with the third supposedly being the strangest and the least-liked by the public. I seem to be watching part of it on the wall of the Cubitis living room to the right of the entry point into the hallway.

      It is the image of an (unknown) male’s face (which actually appears in a row with at least five or six others above another row which shows the upper halves of bodies) except that his mouth is from an emoticon or more like a composite of a real mouth and that of an emoticon. It rotates clockwise (as if through a software process) from being a smile but stops before making a complete frown so that the mouth is then sideways. It is almost like a malfunctioning “slot machine” but of radial symmetry relative to the “mouth section”. During this time I contemplate why I am watching such an absurd movie with my youngest sons and probably will not watch the third in the series. This may loosely relate to having seen people use the wrong emoticon for the message they want to relate. For example, I have seen people use random emoticons without knowing the meaning, particularly the eye-rolling one. I have also seen strange characters that do not show correctly in my browser, which appear like pieces of slot-machine displays.

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    6. Ghost Town

      by , 07-02-1978 at 11:58 AM
      Morning of July 2, 1978. Sunday.

      There were a few different versions of this dream (including a couple “resets” during the same sleeping period) which was likely influenced by the television series “Gunsmoke”. I make my way to an old, smaller (unknown) ghost town on my own. There is a skeleton hanging from an old noose that had never been taken down. I had understood the town to be “cursed”, yet it also has some sort of secret.

      It turns out that the town is some sort of portal to the past. As I am walking along, I see an upright oval portal (higher up) in another area that is looking into the past. It is a man (about thirty) who still seems to be alive (but dying) and hanging from the noose. The “vision” soon fades. The town had been “cursed” because of his wrongful death - by the tavern entrance being turned into an active portal and the people being “pawns” of time itself.

      Later on, when I walk through the batwing doors of an old tavern (wooden floor), I am transported into the past, into the time when the town was at its peak in population and prosperity. Someone is playing the song “There is a Tavern in the Town” on a newer (and properly tuned) piano.

      I talk to a few people, including the man who had been hanged. Apparently, he had been hanged for murder. However, he seems very friendly and claims he did not do it. Eventually, a knife is thrown into someone’s neck from behind, just as they are leaving the tavern, and the friendly man I know is blamed. I go in and out of the batwing doors and back to the same time portal entry point. The song “There is a Tavern in the Town” keeps repeating (a thin man in a dark purplish vest and a white shirt and with a mustache and smoking a smaller cigar - is playing it), as I do this a few times, so the scenes repeat. Finally, I am able to see who actually throws the knife (an older, chubbier man of about forty with a black beard and dressed in ragged clothes). Eventually, as the cycle repeats, I am able to warn the other person. The villain gets away, though, but promises to do harm at some point in the future.

      Soon, I am in my own time; there is an unserviced player piano (originally thought to be a ghost involved by some visitors) playing “There is a Tavern in the Town”, but it is very out of tune (or in an unfamiliar minor key) and playing very slowly (similar to a particular Johnny Bond recording I used to own in real life - not sure, but it may be from the “On the Wagon” narrative - have not heard it in many years). It seems that the town was eventually made into a tourist attraction for a short time, prior to it finally being abandoned.

      I see a very eerie in-dream vision of an empty noose swinging in the wind (it was the same noose that had originally been used to hang the innocent man but is now empty). I had saved the young man from the hanging. He comes out from the portal and thanks me, but then tells me that time may eventually reset itself and he may have to face the idea of “being hanged again” and he then returns to his own time. Still, the skeleton and noose are gone when I make my way home. The “resetting” may not occur in my lifetime.
    7. "Time House"

      by , 10-03-1976 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of October 3, 1976. Sunday.

      I travel in a car with good friend Johnny C as the driver (same car he had in real life and this scenario being similar to real life to a point), best friend Toby T, and three girls including Tina L (so I guess the car was apparently crowded but did not seem as such). There is a recurring idea that was very common in dreams of this time period. The idea of moving through time or into “alternate worlds” based on a series of directions alone. I am semi-lucid but not “take full control” lucid, as I did not seem to want to be at this stage, just so I could passively enjoy things.

      I am in the back seat on the right side. We are going north at one point. There is the idea that we should stop near my Cubitis home to see how it has changed. We decide to make my house the main destination through different “alternate worlds” or “alternate times”.

      Upon our first stop, we find the house has changed into a laboratory but it has seemingly been abandoned. I see a beautiful painting on the east wall in my room that shows strange birds. They look like ordinary birds except that they have “sideways beaks” that I realize are exactly like the mandibles of a stag beetle. I feel a very strange awareness upon seeing this, an unusual feeling I cannot quite relate. I also notice a few pinned-up diagrams and scattered papers with various complex equations sitting on a desk. For some reason, I think of them as “byrds” with understanding of the different spelling.

      We leave and come back into a different “time”. This time the place does not seem abandoned and one man is there to say that we are allowed to look around but not to touch anything. Going onto the carport, we see cages on the left. There are about three larger cages with strange creatures in them. One is like a peacock with snakelike features and it hisses and “strikes” at us but only succeeds in hitting the bars. I notice that our chicken shed is still there but built up a bit.

      Once again, we leave and “come back”. This time, the house is abandoned again. We look around and mostly only find dusty ground and rusty pieces of metal. As there is not much to see, Toby T suggests going “as far as possible”. Johnny C seems hesitant, but we are on our way.

      There is a strange sensation of moving very swiftly. We seem to be thousands of years in the future. We look out and see a strange sight. The house is very different (or likely a different building) and there are some strange creatures. It seems a “mother creature” is communicating with her “son”, who is standing near an upper-section-opened Dutch door to what looks somewhat like a barn (upper half open). They are somewhat human in form, but also a bit more like mostly white, living ceramic chickens with a Chinese appearance and with very small but defined simple geometric patterns (in mostly red and black) all over the large heads and smaller thinner bodies. They are making a sort of higher-pitched crunching noise to communicate by moving their “beaks” which is not really a beak but like some sort of small sliding door that varies in sound to how far it is open at any given time. The “mother” is somewhat wary of us, which is why she wants to get her “son” (about half as tall as “her”) and go inside.

      We decide to go back. However, we end up taking a wrong turn, it seems (seemingly based on something Toby said), as the car goes flying westerly over an embankment and into Lettuce Lake. We all escape, but Johnny is annoyed at having lost his car. (There is also an idea that the land features may have changed when traveling through different time periods rather than solely misdirection.)

      Notes on the bird relevance in this dream: Firstly, the living ceramic chicken (somewhat anthropomorphic) in this dream is perceived as being an incarnation of me (as the dreamer) at the “end of time”. It is curious how it is near the Dutch door. As a door represents the waking point (or shift in awareness), but here has only the top half open, it is a very curious reference to a false awakening (as well as a seeming invitation to be above as opposed to below - possibly suggesting rising from the end of the dream rather than the usual “falling”), which does occur, but still with continuation of seemingly the “same” dream. (Johnny’s car ends up in the water, which, even though water is often induction, is more relative to the “falling” waking transition here.)

      Addressing the two other odd bird forms here, the serpentine peacock that hisses from the cage is a form of “captured flight” (restricted emotional, sexual, or spiritual freedom in the dream state). Even though the dream is very vivid, I do not become viably lucid. It may also be an association from when I heard that people thought that a peacock feather was an “evil eye” which may be linked to the fact that the peacock also had snakelike aspects. This of course is an absurd idea that I never considered as having any merit, but dreams utilize anything and everything (including the nonsensical beliefs of humanity) to teach viable focus and discernment. The other odd distortion, a painting of flying birds (which may otherwise be implied to be sparrows) with the sideways “beaks” (mandibles) of stag beetles, is relevant to the greater understanding of dream composites in general. The fact that these flying birds and beetle composites are only in a painting is a giveaway relating to the two other nonflying bird symbols and the failure to become lucid or resolve the concept of freedom. My dream self is not able to resolve why these birds are “wrong” either, only that they are somehow unusual. I even think of them as “byrds” rather than “birds” while in the dream state.

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    8. Prehistoric Red

      by , 04-07-1974 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of April 7, 1974. Sunday.

      I am somehow in the distant past in my “orb” form, though not sure if the implied journey was by time machine, by mental will, or due to some sort of cosmic event (as there is no recalled backstory).

      Everything has a sort of strange red glow, not all the same shade, but close. There are reddish dinosaurs such as brontosaurus (apatosaurus) and “cavemen” with red hair living during the same time period. Some of these cavemen, however, are more like stereotypical movie vikings and wearing horned helmets and carrying spears with reddish arrowheads. I have a strange impression that this shade of red is “extinct” and had only existed during these more “primitive” times. The red lava seems to pose a possible threat to this world but I am not bothered.

      Red dominating a dream’s rendering sometimes relates to having slept a bit too long and such seems to be the case here.