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    1. Incredible Wealth, Gold Toolbox, and Partial Stone Maps

      by , 12-27-2019 at 07:42 AM
      Morning of December 27, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,366-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      As a consequence of the typical synaptic gating of sleep that results in loss of wakefulness and memory, my dream self loses current waking-life identity, my most active but fictitiously altered recall (preconscious mediation) stemming from around 1985. I seem to be about twenty-five years old instead of fifty-nine. I remember the King Street mansion, but nothing yet outside of that factor, not even parents, relatives, or current family, and nothing pertinent about my life over the past thirty years.

      I am in an unfamiliar mansion owned by a wealthy family. I sense their house is about two blocks west of the King Street mansion. There are the man and his wife, their dark-haired young daughter, and a male servant living here. I marvel at the setting with its beautiful curtains and antique furniture.

      I will be living with this family as a result of my adoption even though my dream renders me as a young adult.

      Several well-known sleep-wake mediation factors occur. I am sitting on the rich man’s canopy bed in the late morning (with no one else around until moments later), and notice a small shiny gold toolbox on a table to the left of the bed. It is unlocked. As well as other valuable possessions, including a diary, there are several smooth white stones with parts of pictorial maps (in color) printed on their surfaces.

      The man (this dream’s main preconscious personification) walks in but does not seem angry about my invasion of his privacy. He sits on the bed and mentions how rare the stones are.

      His daughter (this dream’s vestibular system avatar) comes in and sits on the bed. The woman comes into the room but remains standing. The girl’s black cat jumps on the bed, and the woman refers to him as “Skywalker.”

      Sleep-wake mediation factors:

      Bed: Instinctual (though a frequent liminality forerunner as here) awareness of being asleep.

      Toolbox: Opening the toolbox (similar to using a door to either wake or vivify and sustain a dream) signifies synaptic gating and achieving consciousness. My dreaming experience significantly vivifies at this point. The mapping stones represent finding the way back to wakefulness as the part of the mind that organizes information initiates.

      Gold: This color only dominates a dream as a precursor to achieving wakefulness.

      Cat: Liminality forerunner (a summoning factor by habit since childhood). Cats always “land on their feet” (successfully mediate the anticipated “drop” into wakefulness).

      The girl: Somatosensory and proprioception personifications (and the resolving of physical ambiguity as my dream self’s body is fictitious in form and orientation) are typically female (as an instinctually summoned avatar). An important factor is the girl’s cat named “Skywalker.” It stems from liminal drop anticipation and the imaginary proprioception of the dream state and is flight-related.

      The woman, who is the only one standing in the last scene, is an incentive for me to wake and get up, as I begin to see her as Zsuzsanna as my (upper preconscious) reticular activating system’s waking alert factor initiates.

    2. Tossing out a Toolbox

      by , 08-11-2018 at 04:18 PM
      Morning of August 11, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 58 sec. Readability score: 67.

      I am in an unknown location at about fifty percent lucidity, but with not as much vividness as in similar states.

      The ambiguity of my physicality as perceived within the dream state becomes a representation of a moving vehicle. There is a vague association with my father driving the car (probably because I am a father now and am older), but there are several unknown people present.

      The car drives by from right to left. A toolbox somehow flies out from the left side of the car, from the back, as if tossed, though it also seems as if it may have somehow slid out with the door being open as they sped off. It is not that big and is a matte gray color. It lands on the gravel. I am puzzled over this event.

      I had been sleeping on my left side. A car is often a representation of the physical body in sleep as a form of vestibular system correlation. (In fact, the human body is even considered a “vehicle.”) The toolbox comes out from the left side, from the back, oriented towards the intent of the sleeping process. The association is with sleep as a healing process, though I am near waking, so the process is “disrupted.” The biology of the body is not under the control of the conscious will, which is what the reactive representation, in this case, is all about, as coming from the back seat.

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