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    1. The Evolution of a Muskellunge

      by , 08-22-2015 at 02:22 PM
      Morning of August 22, 2015. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, there is a backstory being reviewed with some clarity (though seemingly in a different level of unconsciousness than the rest of my dream). It is an event related to when someone supposedly photographed a shark in a highly unlikely area in a lake, though it is not clear that it is at a lake at first. It seems that at least some people think it was taken in the ocean. The “shark” is shown near some people including two children (male and female), some of them in the foreground and making it hard to identify the animal as a shark. It seems unusual that people would be so close to a shark for the sake of resulting in such a photograph in which it could not be fully identified anyway (as the picture does seem staged). There is only the one photograph.

      Eventually, it is revealed that the fish is not a shark but a muskellunge. Somehow, this large fish ends up in our bathtub, where my family and I keep it for a time. It is seemingly at Barolin Street (where we have not lived in years), though the bathroom is a bit different. The big long fish fills much of bathtub, which remains half-full with water until the scene changes later.

      Time seems to pass, perhaps a few days. I go in to look at the fish and it is no longer moving. It is much thinner than it was, possibly even dead. It looks somewhat transparent, and the bathtub is now only about a quarter full. I go and get a large bucket of fresh water and pour it in. Eventually, the fish starts moving again.

      Later, when I look again, the fish has transformed into an unclothed dark-haired male (of about twenty) of an almost divine essence, though also much like a younger version of me. He gets up, though remains standing in the bathtub. He talks to Zsuzsanna and I for a short time, but I do not recall his words. I do recall asking him how he can understand the human language (and I do use “human language” instead of “English”). I ask him this very close to his ear. He seems cheerful and healthy. From here, my dream fades.

      The muskellunge is a symbol of Wisconsin, where I lived from mid-1978 to the first part of 1994 (as well as when I was very young, from 1963 until 1967). The fish is this dream’s emergent consciousness factor, additionally validated by the fact that it becomes a younger version of me. As I had sustained and vivified my dream deliberately (though subliminally) with water reinduction, this makes my emergent consciousness less like my current conscious self for a time.

      There may also be an association with “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”, a 1964 Don Knotts movie I saw several times in my youth and enjoyed very much, though that in fact involved the opposite plot; a man transforming into a fish.

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    2. Take One Take Two Take Superman Out

      by , 06-21-2013 at 12:21 PM
      Morning of June 21, 2013. Friday.

      Here are a couple dreams of the same date with a few different scenes.

      There is a flood again, but the water comes mostly from large tidal waves that somehow move more inland. Some people are looking for survivors as there is still a danger from more flooding.

      There is a strange scene of riding the fast, powerful waves just to get to another area, perhaps to our house, as I was getting my youngest son and oldest daughter from some sort of group meeting or visit in a building from a room that was a bit like my old apartment on King Street.

      A woman is looking for her young daughter of about four or five years and I help a few people dig through the mud near a curb. She was trapped under a lot of mud near the curb and must have somehow gone through the storm drain, which is also filled with mud, and yet she is somehow still alive. However, it would be impossible in real life to take pieces out of the street and sidewalk so easily, although it is broken up a bit in my dream. The girl’s breathing makes bubbles come up through the mud and a thinner layer of water over the mud. Also, it seems there are several storm drain chimney-like sections very close together.

      In another dream, I have my old snub-nosed revolver and end up protecting a few people from another person who has a gun, but who sort of becomes a friend. This was probably heavily influenced by a two-part episode of “Deep Space Nine” I had just seen (“Past Tense” parts 1 and 2).

      There is trouble with another person who seems to be a threat to the area, but then Superman arrives (I have not seen the new “Superman” movie yet - “Man of Steel” - but may in a few years - also really tired of hearing the word “reboot”, which is mindless, way overused “trendspeak”).

      There are about five repeating “takes” in a row in this dream that are mostly the same. I shoot Superman on the right side of his stomach, and he seems surprised and is badly injured (but not dead). People are amazed. All I did was use a Kryptonite bullet, which anyone could do, really.

      I have tentatively decided to classify part of this as precognitive (I never do this unless it is verified with at least a few details involved, but this still happens continuously and has since earliest memory), as my young niece in the USA had to drive through flood waters around the time I was dreaming this - around the same streets as in this dream - and I last saw her in real life when she was very young. Could be coincidence in this case, though, as floods are a fairly common theme, both precognitive and somewhat symbolic, perhaps. However, almost all my dreams contain at least a few clearer implied precognitive elements of one kind or another.

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    3. The Psychic Chicken

      by , 03-12-1978 at 06:32 PM
      Morning of March 12, 1978. Sunday.

      Perhaps one of the strangest dreams relating to our chicken farm in Cubitis related to my father getting a very old rooster (I believe from the Hearns farm, possibly by Tony N due to fear of it) that was so old, he was different to other chickens in that his comb - four rows wide - went all the way down and along his back from his head (and actually seemed to be growing from his back like a sort of avian stegosaurus). There were also lizard-like attributes relative to his eyes and feet, his feet being of a more diverse scaly structure, more like a lizard’s than a chicken’s. Over time, though, his comb gets smaller (and of two rows instead of four), and he appears to somehow grow younger over time. We notice that our other chickens seem to be getting older (or aging too quickly) and becoming ill at times, a few dying. My dream continues until the rooster’s comb is only a single one on his head. We later see him as a chick, and finally…he turns into an egg, absorbing too much energy from the other chickens with his “special ability” that he had somehow attained from growing so old. He does not seem to be able to affect humans or other animals in this way, though. My father hides the egg somewhere, away from the other chickens. Nothing happens after that. I wonder if the process will begin again when he hatches, but I also wonder if there will still be people later on (when he becomes very old again). At one point, a private detective from another state (Kentucky, I think) investigates.

      I think any “meaning” in this dream, if any, may relate to the approaching event of moving back to Wisconsin (though I was still in Florida at this time) and sort of wishing I had more control over time (as I was beginning to see much less of my friends, as more people were moving from the area and I had also left school).

      As with much of my online dream journal, this is the original dream journal title from this time period even concerning the misnomer - as the word “psychic” is not the correct description, perhaps more along the lines of “psychic vampire” at best. I think I mainly used it for a tentative comedic mood or association even though the dream itself was very eerie and not really relevant to the typical usage of the word “psychic”.