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    1. The Door Knocker Transformation

      by , 01-16-2018 at 05:39 PM
      Morning of January 14, 2018. Sunday.

      On the threshold of doorway symbolism (a door being a liminal space divider between the dream self and the conscious self), by which I always either leave the dream state or trigger a higher level of lucidity, I focus on an antique bronze lion face door knocker (lucidity stabilizer which also gives respect to the nature of RAS mediation). Placing my hand upon it, I feel a curious vibration, with a vague awareness of humming. (This is a common perception in dreams of augmented awareness.) It vibrates a bit more when I touch more of it. I feel very aware, secure, and loved.

      Thinking back to a vivid childhood dream, the lion head becomes a triceratops head. I consider the horns as being an odd feature for a door knocker, but it does not concern me. I move my hand over it and it recedes into the door itself (a possible influence from the pin art desk toy that our youngest son owns).

      I become aware of liminal space to a greater extent, the autosymbolism being a parking lot (a very common liminal space marker for me since childhood). I see a large metal model of a triceratops in the area. As I focus on it more deliberately, it becomes “alive” to some extent (emergent consciousness factor). It reminds me vaguely of a Transformer (Dinobot “Slug”), and speaks in a layered metallic voice (though I do not grasp the words, though I get the impression it relates to my physical body; my muscles or cells). However, without paying much notice to the waking transition, it resolves as being our youngest son, cheerfully talking about Transformers in his normal human voice. My dream brought me comfort and no dominant or aggressive RAS mediation was rendered (due to my willingness to let my dream fade on its own). (This relates to the “transformation” of the dream self back into the conscious self identity.)

      This dream’s autosymbolism that represents the waking process is the same theme as various past dreams since early childhood, where the RAS mediation factor, starting out as potentially threatening, transforms more smoothly into the human emergent consciousness factor. (The supposed potential “threat” is often only by implication of its form, not necessarily with my dream self seeing it as such. One example is the dream where I had a passive pet tiger that eventually became anthropomorphic and slowly transformed into Charles Bronson who I talked to in friendly conversation, also ending near a parking lot. Another example is the dream where I stared down a lion in the living room until it became an unknown male that I had a conversation with.)

    2. The Pink Triceratops

      by , 12-12-1979 at 09:27 PM
      Night of December 12, 1969. Friday.

      This dream seemed to last all night into the next morning but with several false awakenings. Regardless of it being somewhat nightmarish, it is one of my favorites from childhood. This was yet another dream where Pepto-Bismol pink dominated some aspects of the dream elements. It also involves another early attempt at tulpa creation (as with the “Cobra in the Hayloft” dream). This is still the original dream journal title from age eight and the first version of this dream theme as far as I know.

      In an early part of the dream, my pillow seems to have moving imagery on it somewhat like a television screen. There is a scene with the “MGM lion” logo roaring (as at the beginning of a movie) except that the lion has been replaced by a triceratops. (It is possible that the small portable heater had been on a few times, which sometimes made a rattling noise and provided a slight glow in the room.)

      Over time, I develop a very intense, clear, and focused lucidity and am able to control the somewhat phosphorescent images on the pillow. Once I gain more faith and expectation, I also gain a sense of being able to communicate with the white family cat, Snowball, or at least get her to understand my ideas somehow. The cat had been in the room throughout the dream; in reality as well, I think.

      Throughout the night, seemingly, there are different “games” played with the imagery on the pillow. One amusing scene involves the word “dots” appearing on my pillow several times, like a grid-like pattern (after I had watched actual polka dots for a time). As I put more intent into the manifestation, the words rotate and then say “stop” like some sort of “tingly warning”. Another image that flows across the pillow is a sequence of letter Zs, in a snake-like fashion. It is similar to watching projected images from a slide projector moving about on the surface of the pillow (and part of the sheet at times).

      I also seem aware of a loud snoring (on and off) over the few hours that the dream seems to last. I used to think it was my father (and one story I wrote based on the dream did imply that), but my father’s room was in another part of the house at the other end beyond the hallway and would not have been that loud, I do not think. It was either my own or solely in-dream, but certainly seemed vivid and made the dinosaur’s sounds seem more threatening somehow, through the false awakenings - yet at the same time was a reassurance at one level of thought in a particular liminal state at random times.

      “Look Snowball, I can make a monster appear,” I say with confidence (and again feel the in-dream “tingling”). Instead of the imagery appearing on the pillow, a “real” full-sized triceratops appears standing near my bedside, facing east (where my head is). (The bed is along the south wall, head at the southeast corner at the time, both in the dream and in reality. The bed had occupied several different locations in the room during the time I lived there. This particular setup was the farthest from all the large jalousie windows during the winter.) The triceratops makes a “snoring growling” sound, very vivid and convincing, but mostly just remains in the same standing position as if I might still have some level of control over it. There is an eerie glow of Pepto-Bismol pink from it (which does not fully light up the room). The cat seems a bit nervous but does not run off.

      I seem to shift into another state and realize it was only a very vivid and lucid dream with the appearance of the dinosaur seeming like part of a false awakening (though I was lucid dreaming, I had a partial sense I might be partly awake and watching hypnagogic events projected onto the pillow as was sometimes the case in reality). I think about getting back into the same state, because it was quite intriguing. However, the dream eventually takes on a lesser vividness and my lucidity lowers as well. In the last section, the dream is non-lucid. I am out of my bedroom and in a sleeping bag on the living room floor (southwest area of the room), apparently having been placed here by my mother either due to a monster being in my room or being “safer” there for some other reason. From here, the triceratops appears again (but is a darker mossy green, not pink) and I sense it is getting closer to my face as I slowly wake.
    3. Never Go to Waikiki Again

      by , 07-05-1979 at 01:05 PM
      Morning of July 5, 1969. Saturday.

      I go to Waikiki in Hawaii, or so it seems (I had not been there in real life). However, it is seemingly called “Waikikiki” in my dream (unless that came from a musical repetition of the last syllable) and is more like an island on its own (perhaps it is a play on “Waikiki Key” as with the Florida Keys). As my dream is ending, mostly seemingly in hypnopompia, a slower fictional song comes into play as I wake (though came back in a later “reset” version of my dream), which seems to be a warning for tourists not to cause problems for the local wildlife, though more as self-advice rather than receiving the message from elsewhere. It is sung (by a group of men and women, though in my own young voice in one version) as “Neh-ver go…to the EYE-eye-land…of Wah-ka-KEE-kee again!” The tune is fairly simple and I have included the sheet music here. Curiously, this totally fictional song replayed in my head every now and then for years after (even more than actual commercial music) and I can still imagine it now fairly accurately.

      My dream is quite long but mostly involves just exploring the landscape, such as riding in an open train car (that reminds me of a roller coaster car though it does not have challenging events during the trip) and seeing a pterodactyl and nonthreatening volcano. Parts of the region I visit are seemingly “still” prehistoric, or it may be related to the train itself that goes through certain areas and goes through time. The Smothers Brothers are there planning to kill or knock out a triceratops for posterity (or perhaps because they feel threatened by it). However, the triceratops charges at them near boxes of dynamite near a cave and everything blows up as they gawk in fear, side by side, prior to their end…I wake just prior to the implied moment of impact but also get an impression of a cartoon-like jagged “ka-boom” balloon.

      I now think that it is likely that this last scene was influenced from a “Road Runner” cartoon (where Wile E. Coyote is hit by a train) though I cannot be certain if that was the sole influence here. I did not really much care for the Smothers Brothers routines (and did not like Rowan and Martin either) so this is probably a form of wish fulfillment at one level. (I only watched their shows because of the guests they had on.)

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    4. Triceratops Junkyard

      by , 05-31-1975 at 04:17 PM
      Morning of May 31, 1975. Saturday.

      I am wandering around in an isolated dump (in the sense of being a partial landfill) in the afternoon, that is also somewhat like a junkyard on a couple more external areas. There are steep hills on at least two sides, perhaps three. I get the impression that someone has been building, over a longer time period, a life-sized “robot” or working model of a triceratops from various types of scraps and miscellaneous rubbish, but I am not sure if it will ever be completed. It appears that at least two had already been started, but remain unfinished due to there being a lack of properly shaped junk, thus the projects were abandoned. There is a feeling of desolation, of remoteness. I am not sure if anyone else is around. There may be someone living in an old shack nearby but I never find out much else.