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    1. Impossible Train Journey to Impossible Monkey Pit

      by , 06-11-2016 at 12:11 PM
      Morning of November 2, 2016. Wednesday.

      My dream’s backstory and beginning is not that clear but implies getting on a train and going on a special journey to somewhere undetermined. After I get on the train I enter a mode of non-lucid dream control. I get the idea that “anything can happen” on this train ride and that it might even be some sort of bizarre fairground ride, whereby the train may not even be moving at one point even though most of the passengers assume it is real and going to perhaps another country or even an unexplored region.

      At one point, scenes of what seem like the surfaces of a couple different planets (one view somewhat Mars-like) are viewed through the window of the train. A couple young girls gasp and point. I am vaguely aware that I somehow created the events yet I do not become actively lucid at any point.

      After several minutes, what looks like a large town is passing by the windows, except the view is consistently upside-down. People do not seem to be all that concerned and I can tell it is obviously fake. I can even see a black band along the bottom of the rolling imagery a few times, as if it is not fixed to the mechanism correctly, which is apparently like a conveyor belt rotated ninety degrees to the vertical position and displaying a long strip of paper that features the photographic detail. I feel slightly disappointed at the intelligence of some of the other passengers in their apparent thinking that it is real though I do not say anything.

      Eventually, we come to a stop near a supposedly unexplored jungle. I wander to a clearing with an unknown male. There is a large circular hole in the ground. There also seem to be a few larger concentric arcs about the opening. This causes me to become puzzled and I wonder how pieces of ground could stay up as such. There are at least two monkeys in the large spherical pit that are small and of no threat. I do not get as close to the opening as the other male and advise him to be careful, as the additional arced openings do not seem logical or even possible (unless perhaps strong rods with platforms are under the narrower sections of isolated ground though this does not seem to be the case) yet no lucidity is triggered.

    2. Horseless Rocking Horse

      by , 01-17-2015 at 07:17 AM
      Night of January 17, 2015. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,561-03. Reading time: 55 sec. Readability score: 55.

      I am in a calm, relaxed mood in our present home on W Street, but I realize something eerily dynamic is in the area near where I am resting. I see a horseless rocking horse “rocking” on the ceiling (in the same manner as if it were on the floor but upside-down) a short distance from one side of the room. (I also get the vague and barely discernible impression of a robotic spider.) It continues to rock in one spot only for a short time.

      I get a vague impression that I should be “terrified of this nightmare” and yet I am only puzzled and then very mildly amused at the idea and weird imagery.

      This short dream is seemingly a continuation of residual energies from “Rocking Horse Epilogue” on the 16th. (I am feeling more myself again on the 26th after my dehydration experience.) It may be a representation of mortality as dismantling a baby cot (or cradle) represented death before my sister died. In addition to having precognitive dreams of her condition, I dreamt that she and her husband were dismantling a baby cot even though they never had children of their own. (The upside-down horseless rocking horse also resembles part of an arched gateway, including a section that looks like a ladder; other associations with mortality and organic or spiritual change as well as inherent dream state autosymbolism.)

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