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    1. Rain Van

      by , 05-08-2018 at 08:49 PM
      Morning of May 8, 2018. Tuesday.

      I allow the awareness of my physical body to become autosymbolic in the rendering of a silver van. I recognize the essence of water as dream state induction, the gentle beautiful rain splashing lightly on me at times from my left through the open window of the van. The van is driving itself without incident even though I am behind the steering wheel. Zsuzsanna is to my right in this dream (and I am sleeping more down on my stomach, so she is to my right side in reality, though I most often sleep on my left side). The van was meant to move through rain, which is the essence of well-being and healing factors, the brain and heart about 73% water at that. We go through a sparse forest of young trees; the trees on each side pass by in both directions. I do not reflect much upon such impossibility. We phase through a chain-link fence.

      I enjoy going down the escalator of Hinkler in the van, with brief puzzlement of what may or may not be a car wash as we go elsewhere. Other people are walking around, shopping. Miniature cars drive above me, on the ceiling, upside-down, their headlights creating a harmonious awareness. The van drives itself through a hall in an unknown building that is just big enough for it to move through. Then in a more augmented vestibular awareness, we fly far above a lake near early evening.

      Rain upon me in the dream state is so pleasing. Whatever vehicle my body becomes auto symbolically, car, van, airplane, boat, there is still flight potential.

    2. “Mummy Truck” and Wandering From Ocean to Van

      by , 03-28-2014 at 09:28 AM
      Night of March 28, 2014. Friday.

      This dream (or connected series) had a lot of unrelated facets without much cohesion, yet still seemed to build a foundation for a different dream that came later.

      There is some sort of bizarre event relating to a truck being driven by someone going a fair distance (possibly from one state to another). However, the truck is actually “wrapped” in sections of cloth (all the way around) almost like a mummy - so that the driver cannot see where he is going. At one point, this seems to be because his vehicle needs to be held together as such in this way. What follows is some sort of bizarre argument relating to this and whether or not the truck even has a driver or anyone inside or if someone just did this as a practical joke somehow and sent the truck on its way with either a remote control or some other method. The scene is never really resolved. My brother-in-law Bob is there and seems angry about the events.

      After this is a completely different scene. I am at the ocean on a very nice day. Several other people are off to my right, mostly older people. The water off the shore is very shallow, not much more than three feet deep for probably a fair distance. The older men are in the water, sitting down with legs out. No one is fishing. Every now and then, a fish swims by and seems to direct some sort of “energy pulse” to their feet as well as bite off loose skin or supposed toxins. (This is possibly a play on when I was very young and minnows nibbled on my toes from a boat dock.)

      After this, I am at sister Marlyn’s house in somewhat of a strange mood. It dawns on me (yet again) that she is “gone from the house” (has died). I end up going to the front door seemingly late at night (that goes out to the porch) for no particular reason. However, it is very different. There is no porch where one should be. Instead, a van is parked very close to the door, lengthwise (facing north). A man and a woman are in the van and mostly in shadow and supposedly there to deliver a package. They ask me if I knew they were there and for some reason, I lie and say “yes” and end up implying to them I had heard something so came to check (when, again, this was not actually the case at all - I just did not want to appear to have been caught off-guard).
      Tags: bandages, ocean, van
    3. Riding in a Van through Gemland

      by , 06-13-2006 at 12:13 PM
      Morning of June 13, 2006. Tuesday.

      I am riding in a van. An unknown younger male is driving on the left side (thus possibly implying more of an association with America). I am in back with my wife Zsuzsanna and a few others, mostly unknown. There is a very strange landscape in the region. It is almost like being on another planet or moving over a landscape filled with giant gemstones and jewels. In the distance are huge structures made of some sort of crystal, jutting from the otherwise seemingly barren ground at odd angles. I do not see anything organic; no plants or trees or grass.

      The driver seems to be having difficulty in maneuvering over the bumps and uneven landscape, though no mishaps occur. The region is beautiful but I have no idea where we are. It does not seem like it is occurring on Earth but possibly another dimension. I am not sure if we ended up here accidentally but it almost seems like it. However, it also almost seems like a representation of area in New York where 9-11 occurred. That idea is only in the back of my mind, though. (It may be associated with the “lands” or supposed other worlds or pocket universes in Harvey comic books that a main character found themselves in.) It does seem that it will be possible to live or stay overnight inside one of the diamond-like “buildings” if that is what is planned by whatever group leader is in charge of the seeming tour. The nearest “building”, made of irregular diamonds, is still a considerable distance ahead.

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