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    1. A Vineyard (with Zsuzsanna)

      by , 02-05-2014 at 08:05 AM
      Morning of February 5, 2014. Wednesday.

      I am walking through a large vineyard with my beautiful wife Zsuzsanna in possibly mid-afternoon. I am uncertain of the location or region. A sense of love dominates the mood.

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    2. Vineyard and Big Ben

      by , 12-25-2011 at 06:25 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2011. Sunday.

      Zsuzsanna and I have a large vineyard that starts from about the middle of our backyard at our present address on W Street. The rows are oriented north to south and there are at least seven of them.

      In the distance, to the east, I see the tower Big Ben. However, I erroneously associate it with being in Manhattan (even though it is in the UK in reality and I otherwise correctly perceive myself as being in Australia). There is also some sort of ambiguity where I also associate it with the Empire State Building.

      More to the south, beyond where the apartments would be in real life (as our backyard is otherwise much longer to the south), are ancient ruins. I casually (without incident) explore them for a short time prior to slowly waking.

      I associate Big Ben with puzzles, as my older sister Marilyn collected Big Ben jigsaw puzzles. (This reflects the dream self as being puzzled about the level of unconsciousness in being between dreaming and waking, though subliminally). However, a clock tower is also an emergent consciousness factor linked to a subliminal focus on what time it is getting to be while still sleeping (loosely associated with a real alarm clock that wakes a dreamer up in the morning). Big Ben appeared in a dream of December 20, 2010, so there is a loose marker here, though in that dream, I related the possibility of mortality, as it occurred on my 50th birthday.

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