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    1. The Volcanologists

      by , 07-25-2016 at 01:25 PM
      Morning of July 25, 2016. Monday.

      I have befriended, as a coworker, Terry O'Quinn (as John Locke on “Lost”). We are volcanologists working in an apparently isolated area, though there is no impending threat at first. Eventually however, I develop some sort of insight into seeing what is to come, though this is more as a typical pretense in somehow subliminally directing my dream (which happens a lot in non-lucid dreams). There are about six or seven in total working in this setting.

      I inform them that they all died - though speaking of events about three days from now. They seem a bit wary of my advice that they should leave. They do not want to scrap the study, but I somehow convince them.

      Suddenly, at one point as we are walking, we are all in the Cubitis living room. I gaze cautiously at a small bright orange circle (like a shallow hole possibly revealing orange rather than red lava inside) on the knotty pine wall to the right of the hidden door that was there in real life, somehow linked to a light switch in this otherwise dark room. (This is a sunrise metaphor and waking precursor and seemingly symbolizes a desire to somehow see my deceased parents prior to the new day as both my mother and father used that room during different time periods.) There is a sense of electrical energy rather than volcanic and there is no threat, just a sense of awe and curiosity. The others follow my lead willingly. There is an interesting scene of an earthquake but I inform them that there is still time to escape.

      There is a scene where Michael Dawson shows up to drive us to the airport. He looks as if he has been badly burned by being close to the eruption, though it is more like an unrealistic type of “burn” where he is more like a shadow made of ash. It is an unusual effect but he seems perfectly fine and is even cheerful.

      At a later point I am looking at Terry O'Quinn through the window of a commercial jet airliner that is flying high in the sky (and it seems I somehow phased through the wall of the aircraft I had just been in to do this). He notices me and there is the idea that I am his guardian angel or even his idea of God. He is aware of me and acknowledges my presence in a somewhat cautious but respectful manner.

      Finally, there is a bizarre scene where I am looking at the front halves of the heads of all the volcanologists as they are lying on the surface of a table in a medical laboratory. They are slid around almost like dinner plates a couple times. I am trying to work out where the rest of their bodies are though they seem fairly alert and are answering questions and getting examined somehow.

      There seems to be a question over how I knew they would have otherwise died. I reveal my ability, which supposedly came from some sort of injection in this same laboratory. A female medical worker seeks to give me another injection to undo my abilities but I cause her to fly backward across the room and against the wall with telekinesis. I am able to fly away as well as to help the volcanologists escape their second possible fate of being lab rats.

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    2. Volcanic Events

      by , 11-14-2014 at 07:43 PM
      Morning of November 14, 2014. Friday.

      I have not had a more direct volcano dream like this in quite some time. It is partly due to having reviewed a childhood volcano dream with new research and notes. It was very long; so long, in fact, it seemed of the type with several partial awakenings (no false awakenings) in between similar or repeating scenes. The location is an ambiguous composite; the front of our house and surrounding area seemed to be mostly the front yard and outside perspective of King Street in La Crosse (with the perpendicular Tenth Street also implied), the inside of the house mostly like Stadcor Street in Brisbane (except closer to ground level and with the porch of our present home), and the back area of the house being of my family home in Cubitis.

      Assuming the outside orientation as King Street (as the house composite is too diverse to correctly assign directions), the volcanic threat is several blocks to the east. It is not one volcano, though, but some sort of wide fissure that is volcano-like and nearly world-wide. Over time, more and more lava is nearing our home. I am frustrated over this potential, because many of our possessions will be lost as we need to leave within about an hour or so without having any method of transportation. I “remember” that there are at least four stacks of larger dream journals under one bed near an eastern wall and do not like the prospect of losing them. I rarely dream about dream journals (other than in typical false awakenings where I attempt to write out the previous dream), and this is mostly a later sparse trend.

      At one point, my dream goes off on a somewhat comedic tangent. For some reason, because of the “end of the world” scenario, all television shows have to become part of a rushed composite (something to do with only one television studio being left, it seems). Columbo appears at one point as he looked in the early 1980s. Magnum PI had been there as well (and is working with Columbo) but was off to see a different group of people and McCloud had also made an appearance. I make some sort of remark about Hawaii being the only place that will still exist after the volcanic activity eventually ceases, which seems to be where we need to go.

      When the lava nears, there is some sort of shallow crevice just east of our house, whereby most of the lava is then flowing into it just in line with that outer wall of the house. This is good, but I still wonder if the back area of the house (which is of Cubitis) has the crevice extended that far (in this case the directional orientation also matches the King Street setting of the composite in the back area being to the south). I get an idea that the lava may actually come through the small high window of the Cubitis bathroom. I am even aware of lava coming through the other areas just prior to stopping, which do result in damaging my journals and other possessions on that side of the house.

      Lava is still flowing westward, but more over the streets. Still, it looks as if my family and I need to get on a multicolored Persian rug (about the size of a “magic carpet”) to either use the rug as a raft (not realistically feasible at all of course) or somehow be airlifted. Some sort of small remote-controlled helicopter-like device lands on the rug (I believe, thanks to Columbo). By that point, I am trying to reason out how it is unlikely to use a rug as a raft. Also, the idea of being lifted by a miniature helicopter whereby the rug stays solid or flat somehow does not seem possible. Still, the rug seems raft-like for the most part as we float on the “lava” which is now mostly like harmless red water for the most part. There is a point, however, where my youngest son is on the raft on his own and it “capsizes” but he is okay, as it flips over the second time.

      Eventually, everything is suddenly frozen over and I feel the typical physical and emotional bliss when ice and wintry features occur in a dream. Instead of the watery waist-high “lava”, there is now an icy stream with small ice floes moving westward over King Street. My family and I walk westerly on the seemingly undamaged sidewalk. A very “familiar” (but unknown in reality) male is walking towards us and was apparently on his way to check on us (which he openly comments on). He seems to be some sort of legal adviser or business persona but similar to a landlord we had in Brisbane (Stadcor Street). He is very happy to see we are okay. Through some sort of smaller bay window, an unknown woman looks out with somewhat of a strange near-horrified expression as we pass and the friendly male tells her that she is safe. (This female’s expression near my dream’s end, along with the “red water” and the potential of a rug to roll up around a person, was likely borrowed from “The Butterfly Room”, seen the night before.)

      I had just written more about the childhood (Paricutin) volcano dream and one possible connection being growth and change and that is the same theme “The Butterfly Room” explores, also linking with the obvious metaphor relative to a female maturing. The childhood volcano dreams are not likely of the same association as the later ones, as I was ignorant of how females matured in that regard. However, this entire scenario could be seen as either incidental or the usual synchronicity regarding my dream work and unexpected upcoming movies I see. It also caused me to reflect on how the movie had no presence of authority of any kind, with my dream being of the opposite comedic nature.

      As mentioned in other entries, there are four meanings for volcanoes in my dreams, depending on the nature of the dream; the human heart (the lava being the blood); female maturity (the lava also relating to blood); sexual tension or intensification; and development of something new and unexpected (not necessarily negative).

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    3. Faux Volcano! and Sitting for Old Review Tests

      by , 04-19-2013 at 10:19 AM
      Night of April 19, 2013. Friday.

      This is another dream where I revisit my teenage years to take some review tests. A few friends are with me. The teacher seems nice. I am not sure of the grade; it is possibly eleventh grade (but with an intermediate association to make up incomplete work). I seem to be back in Florida. The questions are related to basic mathematics and I easily answer them, as I already had seemingly done this same work a few times before, but it is something to do with time taken over test scoring in this case.

      Later, the location of the tests changes to some benches under a large shelter in a large park (but still near a school building). It may be at Lake Katherine. It seems to be at night and it is very dark out (though there is minimal lighting from the ceiling of the open shelter).

      I decide to get up and walk around to get a break from the test. I am vaguely aware that I am hovering and floating in the air at times and I become semi-lucid.

      In the far distance I see a high mountain to the north. (The school building and park shelter are to the east of where I am standing.) A volcano is erupting, sitting atop the highest area of a larger mountain (instead of the smaller separate volcanic mountain being at ground level) and I see larger rivers of lava flowing down from the mountain on the right side of it and a little more on the left (but not as thick and glowing as the other side). It even seems to be near a high cliff. I have a brief thought about there being no mountains like this in Florida, but I still accept the scene. I run back to my classmates shouting “Volcano, volcano!” and point to the north. There will probably be time to get away, as the volcano is very far away.

      I look back and see that the scene looks completely different even though it was beautiful and perfect when I first saw it and there was no doubt that it was “real”. The “volcano” is really close now, but it is only an image on a large billboard that features a Lava Soap advertisement. It is now just across the road from where we are. Also, there is some sort of electrical problem, causing lights to go on and off. (The billboard lights also flash.) I walk around and the other students soon join me. There is something said about the school closing for the night when the teacher returns. I notice that some lights are from a large porch (which is on the other side of the billboard) that extends out over an embankment just off the road. (It seems to be a large back porch but this is not certain.)

      I see that there is a very large electric rock tumbler on the porch, which is bigger and about twice as long as an oil barrel and aligned east and west. It is making a loud rumbling and crackling noise and also causing the lights to flicker on and off in the house and high-set open porch (though it seems no one is home). Red muddy waste water is flowing out from a rusty hole in the rock tumbler and it looks vaguely like lava and is flowing under the nearby billboard.

      A little later, we are back in the same area. I see a large flow of water, mud, and rocks that is fairly close, and start shouting “Mudslide! Mudslide!” (Perhaps the rock tumbler broke this time.)

      I had a rock tumbler when I was much younger, but it was only about the size of a coffee can. They are used to smooth down stones, using about three or four erosive stages (each sand grain grade a size smaller), to make them more suitable for jewelry.

      Although this dream features the common porch-as-liminal-space event (waking transition segment), it is atypical, the main difference being that I am not actually on the porch at any point. Still, this is where the essence of the preconscious is visibly active, though not a threat.

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    4. Baby Volcano

      by , 02-20-1979 at 08:20 AM
      Morning of February 20, 1969. Friday.

      Newly researched, edited, and enhanced with additional notes and analysis on November 13, 2014.

      I am at my West Elementary school, but in my dream, it seems to possibly be Sunday. I also seem to only be present as a disembodied unseen presence (likely in my recurring “orb” form) as the other in-dream characters do not acknowledge me in any way. Three familiar students are at the east side of the school. It seems to be just before dawn.

      The other students are Bobby G (Robert) to the left, Brenda W to the right, and Tina L in the back facing where I am (normally, Bobby was not around these two that much). They are all sitting on their knees looking down at the ground, central to the perimeter of where they are seated. There is a hole in the ground that has “grown” as a small mound and is supposedly a “baby volcano” (that was my original title, anyway - not sure why I did not give it a less silly title - “baby volcano” was not actually a phrase that directly came from my dream). They are doing some sort of strange ritual for some reason that I do not understand at all. I think they have some sort of herbs and possibly smaller totems or ritualistic objects and they are involved in some sort of “prayer” almost like they are worshiping it or expectantly waiting for it to grow through their attention to it.

      I am wondering if their actions will actually cause the “volcano” to become larger and problematically active or if it is just something that certain students do once a year. It seems very mysterious to me and vaguely spiritual somehow.

      My dream’s scenario partly comes from having read stories of, and having seen drawings and other imagery of, the story of Dionisio Pulido and the Paricutin volcano (which coincidentally began on the same date of the dream in 1943 - an example of typical “anniversary dreaming”, which is sometimes either postcognitive or precognitive depending on the attributes of the particular dream state and scenario). The volcano in my dream also starts out as the one in the story - as hardly noticeable at first and in a populated but rural area prior to its potential to become a much larger cinder cone volcano. In the nonfiction story, the only surviving building is a church, which likely creates associations with my classmates involved in a possible spiritual or mystical ritual. Bobby G was somewhat of an arrogant student, his father being a coach and dean of the school as I understood it but not a bully. There seems to be a possible parallel of these young classmates and the young volcano, both with the potential to develop into something much greater, with ritualistic focus. Opposite my perspective is Tina L, who seemed somewhat “out of place” in school (as I did) and also a bit haughty. Brenda W usually assumed the “mystery girl” (wife-to-be) archetype, but here I believe her appearance is mostly incidental, although she is on my “right”. The volcano was at the main entrance of the school, possibly as both an “excuse” to not stay in school and as a link to growing in power before entering school or the world as a “school”.

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    5. Heart of a Volcano

      by , 09-08-1974 at 09:42 AM
      Morning of September 8, 1974. Sunday.

      This is my original dream journal entry name from the 1970s. I am not exactly sure why I chose that name other than “heart” being associated with blood circulation and lava representing blood in an in-dream symbolic sense. “Volcano Maze” probably would have made a little more sense, I suppose, but my “automatic” title clarified the alternate associations and overall meaning much better.

      It is early morning. It is on the weekend and Steve W and Tina L and I have discovered a cave in a mountain in the middle of Highway Seventeen about four houses south of my Cubitis home. This seems a bit strange, I suppose, but the idea it is a dream never occurs. Cars will just have to drive around it somehow, I suppose, or perhaps drive through it thus far.

      Over time, we wander around and discover many maze-like passageways. It turns out to be a volcano which isslowly becoming active, but volcanoes are not really full of caves and explorable tunnels in this manner - and there are even stalactites and stalagmites of glowing volcanic rock. The fire and lava exists at various locations in the “maze”. There are various pools of lava of different sizes in different “rooms” almost as if it was man-made. We decide to leave, as the mazes seem to be getting bigger and the volcano seems to be growing. I find my way out first, but Steve and Tina are still somewhere in the “volcano”. They do manage to escape (from the southern area) and run down the highway to where I am. When I look in their direction, I see waves of reddish and yellowish “flame” behind them, but it is more like a blur of swaying columns of color (like an effect in a movie). There is also an idea that we should go back in with cameras and make some sort of documentary, but that does not sound like a good idea.

      This dream mainly represents my curiosity about the human heart and the various ways blood circulates in the body. It occurred around the same time I had drawn a complex picture of the heart and its functions. Steve W was impressed by my drawing skills (I even did poster art for his student political campaign) but Tina was not impressed and always reflected more of a dominant sarcasm towards everyone.
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    6. Run From The Volcano

      by , 04-09-1972 at 12:58 PM
      Morning of April 9, 1972. Sunday.

      Whenever it starts to rain, or especially hail, I feel a bit strange and then notice it is not rain, but a volcano erupting in the distance (always south of my Cubitis home) and little bits of lava or perhaps small volcanic rocks hitting the roof. This volcano seems to be in a similar location as another later volcano dream - “Heart of a Volcano”. I leave the house and start to run north (I almost always ran north in dreams when living in Florida, even though the main town itself, including schools and stores, was to the south, because I think I was somehow aware that Florida eventually came to an end if I went too far south though I had moved from the north as well - though there are exceptions regarding dreams where I was looking for a partner of the “mystery girl”). I suddenly find myself stuck inside a tumbleweed-like bush and cannot move much (no bushes or larger plants were anywhere in that area in real life). I just somehow sort of “popped” into it, as if I was just suddenly there as I was running. Later on, I am designing a coloring book (with me as the main character on many of the pages) with this scene as one of the pages (recurring), the line underneath reading “caught in the bush”. The threat from the volcano at the point is almost nonexistent.

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