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    1. Meandering through Different Apartments

      by , 06-10-2018 at 12:08 PM
      Morning of June 8, 2018. Friday.

      This dream’s theme has been so common throughout my life, I typically only make a minor note of it, though I write with more detail when interesting factors or features are present. I am walking through an unknown and unfamiliar neighborhood. An unfamiliar male is walking with me to my left. He is about twenty years of age. I find interest in wanting to take a shortcut through a large old building that seems to be a college. The building is on a corner. The public is not allowed to enter but I think about ways I could see more of the interesting building. Another building nearby has a similar essence. I see one man present near a window.

      The other male and I turn to walk down an alley. I can see the back of the first building, now to my right as we walk through the alley, and I find a strong interest in its design, pointing out the features to the other male.

      We continue to walk and find ourselves needing to go through various buildings in order to get where we are going. We go out through a window and end up outside for a short time, but somehow end up back inside a different building. Some of the apartments are clean, others slightly cluttered. Most rooms are absent of other people.

      I walk through an unfamiliar apartment. There are mostly open areas to my left. I walk past a young unfamiliar female cooking food in her kitchen, with the next open area to my left being a boy’s bedroom with a boy sitting on the bed reading. I apologize to the two people for intruding and saying that I had to come this way because of taking a wrong shortcut somewhere. They do not seem annoyed. Of course, the boy and the bed are the last feature in my dream, representing the subliminal awareness of being asleep, though my conscious self’s memory is otherwise not extant at any point.

    2. Walking a Very Unusual School Bus Route

      by , 10-23-2016 at 04:23 PM
      Morning of October 23, 2016. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am only about twelve years old. I had missed my school bus and I decide that I will walk to school (regardless of the fact that it would take far too long in reality). There is no memory of my current conscious self identity.

      On my way, I go through what I consider to be a part of the supposed normal school bus route but in actuality it is through a few unfamiliar areas. In one area, there are about four features (not close together) that look like oversized birdhouses that seem to be for some sort of ritualistic purpose or perhaps are implied to be small wayside shrines. There is a sense of nonthreatening eeriness to the region. The birdhouses’ entrances look like tree silhouettes, which adds to the eeriness. I remain uncertain of whether or not I have to acknowledge these seemingly important artifacts before moving on, but I decide to keep walking.

      The last part of my journey involves walking through a field of grass that is up to my knees. However, off to my left, is a long perimeter of higher grass (about six feet high) and weeds and thin shrubs. An unrealistic number of insects (not venomous) continue to swarm out over me and the rest of the area, making a buzzing sound. Although this is a somewhat difficult situation in that so many flying insects are slowing my progress towards an area where other students are standing around near the school, I am not annoyed. In fact, I am focused on the extreme vividness and seeming beauty of the area as I walk along, becoming lucid in the final moments, though letting my dream fade.

      The main reason for this dream was from looking at a number of school bus dreams from the 1970s yesterday, so much of my residual thoughts were focused on that and were eventually rendered into the typical autosymbolic journey that leads back into consciousness, waking life, and the conscious self identity. The birdhouse-like structures represent the usual flight symbol factor from autosymbolism relating to vestibular system dynamics that occurs in over twenty percent of my dreams (averaging out to about two dreams per normal sleeping period), and subliminal associations with our own bedroom and being home (rather than being out walking around as my illusory dream implies). The eerie tree silhouettes in place of the birdhouse doors is a subliminal association with my physical body not moving in sleep, with the whole birdhouse-like feature with a vague subliminal anticipation of the common hypnopompic kick or waking start. I also tend to dream about long grass when I am subliminally aware of the bed sheet pulling on my legs more than usual. The buzzing insects at the end were autosymbolic for the subliminal perception of increased neural activity, which also triggers certain types of lucidity as here. This dream is similar to a number of other dreams since childhood, including “Wayside Shrine” from January 1, 2002.

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