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    1. Rescue in the Philippines

      by , 06-08-2018 at 10:20 AM
      Morning of June 8, 2018. Friday.

      I am uncertain of the foundation of my dream, as I become aware at the beginning of a scenario that takes place in the Philippines. (My brother’s Filipino wife-to-be and daughter are presently in the Philippines.) It begins as the common water induction (which is autosymbolic induction into awareness of sleep dynamics and the internal body clock as analogous to tidal factors of Earth), but I originally start out walking from a featureless small dark room that directly leads to a small beach with a small wooden dock, the following scenario of which seems to be taking place in early afternoon. (Of course, the small dark room is autosymbolism for the state of unconsciousness. As dreams come by way of the dynamic preconscious; which is one level above the subconscious self; I only become subconsciously aware when it is precursory to potential consciousness modelling in REM sleep. It is also precursory of the emergent consciousness factor, as precursory at one level down.)

      An unknown female (though of whom is a subliminal thread of Zsuzsanna without my conscious self identity being extant) is sitting on the dock (which validates it is Zsuzsanna on this side of liminal space, as the subconscious self has no viable memory and what memory there is is mediated by the preconscious, unique each time). An unknown Filipino male (of about twenty) is sitting on the right side of the dock, his legs over the edge. Apparently, a young boy has been kidnapped and the female is trying to reason with one of the men involved in the kidnapping, which seems politically motivated.

      I walk onto the dock, my dream self’s awareness increasing as a result. The other male looks at me as I sit down. “What are you supposed to be, a medicine man?” he asks me sarcastically. He seems to think the female hired me to rescue the boy. I am aware that I am now wearing a Native American breastplate and tribal regalia. He talks about the kidnapping of the boy as if the act was justified. He takes out an AK-47 from underneath the dock that had somehow been attached to its underside. I have a vivid awareness. On one level, I feel as if he might shoot me, yet on another level I feel something in my mind that is not lucidity, but some other form of augmented self-awareness (of which allows me to non-lucidly alter and sustain my dream). Additionally, the gun seems to have an unlikely hollow essence, somewhat like several pieces of hollow plastic loosely fitted together, though I still decide to perceive it as “real”. (This unfamiliar male is the preconscious, but I non-lucidly modulate my dream back into the water induction stage in the next scene. Typically, the preconscious modulates the subconscous self, but that depends on the level and degree of waking process priority.)

      Another one of the kidnappers, also male, is now present on the dock. I decide to go and find the boy, as these people are starting to annoy me. The female is no longer present. I wave the dock away but I am still standing on the surface of the water as the others fall in and seem to have difficulty swimming. I am barefoot (subliminal awareness of not wearing shoes while in bed). I enjoy splashing around on the water’s surface without sinking. I walk on the water for several minutes, vividly feeling the essence and movement of the wonderful water beneath me. One of the kidnappers agrees to show me where the boy is being held. Although he cannot walk on water as I can, he is able to swim for a distance until I decide to fly and carry him.

      We reach a room where several males are sitting at a wooden table. One of them is the boy. His face is full of bruises and spots of blood. I lightly touch his face and he is then seemingly unhurt and in a better state of health and clarity of mind. I think of doing this to the kidnappers, but when I touch two of them, they fall over, possibly dead. (This is because the boy is the emergent consciousness personified while the others are preconscious minions or virtual “echoes” that become sublimated in my liminal choice to correlate with the waking process.) I get into one conversation about Jesus. I am supposedly a descendant of Jesus (ironic as I am not a Christian). Something in my blood supposedly gives me divine abilities.

      I decide to fly the boy back to the previous location. On the way, we fly through a large hall that seems to be outside and inside at the same time, but is still supposedly part of the ocean. (This is typical water lowering waking symbolism, as I am aware the hall’s water is of a much lower depth than the rest of the ocean.)

    2. Sunflower Sun and Walking on Water

      by , 01-01-2018 at 07:01 AM
      Dream #NYMA54

      Morning of January 1, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 48 sec. Readability score: 63.

      The fireworks from last night have left vibrant colors remaining in the clouds at dawn, mostly orange and yellow “embers.” I am wondering how long these residual dynamics will last; perhaps another day.

      I approach the sun on the horizon. The “horizon” is suddenly in front of me. It is then not the sun. It is a big yellow sunflower. Its petals feel like the cloth of my pillowcase (lucid awareness of being asleep). (The color yellow correlates with the emerging consciousness process of the dream state. As a result, it can be deliberately used to induce or enhance lucidity.)

      I walk on water, of unknown depth, back to our bedroom to wake for the day. The surface of the water replaces the level of the ground in our backyard; there is no implication of a flood. (These two factors have occurred regularly in my dreams for over fifty years. They are a result of being in the dream state. There is no meaning other than reactive representation in the dream state.)

      It is a first-level “return to bed” dream that also includes the daybreak representation, yellow as emerging consciousness, and most of my conscious self identity with no emergent consciousness simulacrum.

    3. Ocean Walk Again

      by , 08-26-2015 at 08:18 AM
      Morning of August 26, 2015. Wednesday.

      Dreaming of walking on the surface of the ocean (or in some cases a lake or river), in both lucid and non-lucid dream segments, was more common when I was much younger.

      In the first part of this dream, my family and I (as we are now) seem to be living in a large apartment building. It seems to be a very old building which has not been maintained by the owner and is seemingly in a larger city (possibly in America though this is not certain). There are a few other tenants but not any I recognize to any extent, other than getting an impression that Leonard S lives there, perhaps across the hall. I eventually falsely “remember” that we are also renting a small house somewhere in a less urban area (reason unknown - it may relate to either place being randomly problematic at certain times). There is a vague concern about having enough money to keep renting both places (in real life we have only done that in the process of moving and perhaps that is implied in my dream, though the back story is vague).

      I am walking through the long hallway at one point and keep noticing, here and there, old hair ties of various darker and lighter colors; some thicker, some thinner and in various stages of wear; that had been dropped. (My hair is presently short so I do not use them for a ponytail, though my hair has usually been very long throughout my life.) The hallway also has a lot of dust and looks like it has not been swept for a long time. I decide to pick up some of the hair ties and also think about sweeping the area as there are also small bits of paper and other debris. When I am in the apartment though, I hear someone else sweeping and get the impression of an older lady starting to maintain some of her building for the first time in years for whatever reason. I also get the impression of dust somehow coming through the mopboard (skirting) area into our apartment though this does not concern me, especially as I vaguely realize that it would not be possible (ironic since I am flying after this).

      Later on, I start flying around over various buildings with no particular destination in mind at first. Eventually, I come to the ocean. A huge creature that looks like an orca whale though much bigger emerges vertically from the water and remains upright and mostly unmoving (and is no threat). It does not seem to have any eyes or other features, only the smooth cylindrical body (slightly too long for a real whale). I cannot decide what it is. I still fly around in the area. I eventually walk around on the water near a large dock that borders a building. (I get a vague idea that I created the “unfinished” creature as well as bringing up small islands in the distance beyond, but these vague impressions are not reconciled, including with a subtle secondary unseen presence I am not sure about though I seem to be communicating with “her” somehow as I am flying around - though “she” seems to be everywhere and much larger than me somehow.)

      In the last segment of my dream, I remember that many of my relatives have died, including Carol and Marilyn. However, I find myself with an unopened thick small plain envelope that was apparently sent to us by Marilyn just prior to her death. It dawns on me that (due to its atypical thickness for an otherwise ordinary letter) it may contain money, though that is not what I notice when I open it. I take out a large Japanese fan (that is then too large to have fit in the envelope though I do not consider this distortion) that is mostly white. At one point I get an impression that I can talk to her but only because time is quite distorted (and I am not sure where I am in time). It seems extraordinarily odd that people can cease to exist. It does not seem to make any sense of how this is possible, though vaguely, I am also aware of time being in “layers” where people still exist in certain layers and scenarios and I am trying to remember what “time layer” I am in and whether or not I can talk to or visit certain people.
    4. My Own Assassin Strikes Again - and my usual bridge jumping

      by , 04-28-2013 at 04:14 PM
      Morning of April 28, 2013. Sunday.

      Instead of my 1922 Red Phaeton bringing an assassin to wipe out annoying dream characters, it was a car that came up in a Google image earlier, a dark blue 1936 Ford Deluxe Phaeton. I guess my “regular” assassin was now a composite utilizing the new Black Widow (actress Scarlett Johansson), although she dresses much differently, sort of like a younger female Robin Hood (or more so, Green Arrow), but with a more colorful and “tougher” wardrobe.

      This was an early evening dream, when I fell asleep to catch up on some rest. At any rate, here I am once again back in my home in Cubitis with annoying neighbors. I become aware in my half-sleep (the television was on) of how bizarre human voices seem (both actors and audience) in situation comedies. “Everybody Loves Raymond” was on and I kept following the seeming strangeness of it all. An actor would say a short phrase, the audience laughed, a different actor would say a short phrase, the audience laughed again, another actor said a short phrase, the audience laughed again…and on and on, sounding like a very unnatural, otherworldly, “inhuman” rhythm.

      In my dream, south of my old Florida home, is a different (unknown) group living there. There are probably at least a dozen people in the main front room. It seems to be some sort of family reunion. They have their loud television on (“Everybody Loves Raymond”), with the brief actor talk, brief audience laugh, brief actor talk, brief audience laugh, seeming to be in an actual repeating loop, sounding as abnormal and unearthly as ever, as well as a loud stereo playing some sort of sparse, low booming sound (probably around 40 Hz) but no actual music or other audio nuances mixed in (similar to how a time-stretched car stereo playing techno would sound from a distance). Groups of people have often disoriented me in real life, making me feel very tired and drained even after only a couple minutes, not always in a negative sense, though, sometimes bordering on non-lucid, peaceful dreamlike states, especially in restaurants.

      I go to their house and bash on the door. The inner door is open and only the screen door is closed. The house is different from real life in that there is no door on the north end in reality. I tell them to turn things down (there are about four things going at once), but they say they cannot, as everything is broken, so they are all just sitting and standing around listening to it all and yelling all their repeated conversations at each other to be heard over the other nonsense (possibly inspired by the “loud television gag” from "Ghostbusters”).

      I try a few more times, but only get negative remarks. It also does not help that when I am talking to one person, everyone else then suddenly starts talking about what I said, and sharing different ideas at the same time, so I have to point out the home owner, who is the only one I am actually attempting to speak to, but it does not seem to be understood. She is an uneducated hillbilly type, about forty or so, with light curly hair, sitting in an old green armchair.

      Finally, my assassin comes in. She takes out an unusual looking larger dagger that looks like a boomerang knife. A young man laughs and says “that’s a paper knife” and she then throws it to the wall so that it hits the wall very hard and sticks into it (mostly vertically), splitting the wood nearly to the hilt (which is funny, as it actually does seem made of paper at one point). She immediately decapitates him with another of the same design (waiting just long enough so that he sees what the knife does to the wall before he is killed) but the knife returns, so it does seem like an actual boomerang design in potential, but looking much the same as the biggest knife here (not seen until after my dream - and I do not recall seeing them or at least thinking about the design at any previous time):

      The other people start leaving, but only half of them escape in a car, the others being killed (one with a television coming down over his head and one going through a wall, most with “boomerang” knives through them).

      I am then on the Seven Mile Bridge at night (Key West). I watch the car of escaping people somehow just drive off the bridge (or crash “smoothly” through the side) and plunge into the ocean - also somehow caused by the work of my own assassin from the dark blue Phaeton. I am aware of two old fishermen in a small boat, only one of which noticed the actual car hitting the water near them. He asks the other, slowly…“Was that a…car?” The other just shrugs and casts his line where the splash was, thinking it might have been a big fish.

      I decide that it is time to wake up, as I have probably slept long enough. I decide to use a trick I often use to become more lucid to improve my reasoning skills (so that I will then know the best way to wake up), and that is, jumping from a cliff or a bridge as I often do, as I greatly enjoy the sensation of falling in lucid dreams.

      I jump from the bridge and the bottoms of my feet hit flat on the water’s surface, causing a slight pain in my legs from the impact. I then start walking on the water, but see that the shore is very far away. I decide to run over the water and I end up flying into the air, so far up, I am almost out of the Earth’s atmosphere, seeing mostly only the topside of clouds, the ocean and small areas of the Florida Keys. I keep moving and eventually wake.