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    1. Creating Dream Journals

      by , 11-09-2018 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of November 9, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,953-02. Reading time: 2 min 34 sec. Readability score: 52.

      My family and I are living in Cubitis (false scenario - Zsuzsanna has never lived in America). There is a computer set up in the northeast corner of the living room (another false scenario - computer technology of this nature did not exist when I last lived in Cubitis). This is a typical false scenario when my dream self recalls my present life status regarding marriage and family, but no recall of where we live, validating that the unconscious mind and valid memory is not viable in non-lucid dreams.

      I had been looking at the dream journal website. I am planning to capture all of the content in scholastic loose-leaf binders (3-ring binders), similar to the appearance of my dream journals from 1968 to 1979 (after which I used much bigger binders). I have a dark blue binder full of content from 2018 (and I erroneously perceive 2018 as being “last year”). There is a white rectangular label that reads “2018” on the cover.

      Over time, I create more binders (out of nowhere, on thought alone) by writing over the label on the first binder first, and then on each next label. I write a “7” over the “8” of 2018, and an additional binder appears on the table for 2017 content. I do this several times for different years. I start looking through them when I have about six. On the first page of one journal, someone had written information about a dream, but the small paragraph seems to be solely made up of several distorted (misspelled) variations of my first and last name. However, I know that it is not related to me, but I find it curious, for example, “clauc lc duc dua ld cluc u alc ac au.” I can make no sense of what it is about. I consider that the entry might be at least partly in Latin.

      I accidentally write a “1” over a “0”, so that it reads 2108 in the resulting new journal (which was supposed to be 2008), which suddenly expands, fanning more pages than any other binder and causing the binder to be too full to close, but the pages are all blank. I will it away and continue with other content. I go back to 2001 (when the dream journal website was first online) before waking.

      Literal dream space threads are common even in my non-lucid dreams. My dream self’s real-time focus is typically on the dream state itself, and its dynamics and mediation (whether in subliminal, liminal, or lucid modes), therefore “interpretation” (or what people call “meaning” rather than genuine concurrent causation) is a major misconception, probably the biggest misconception regarding any subject in human history. In fact, it can be clearly understood that creating events and features by thought or anticipation is evidence that I always know when I am in the dream state whether or not I am lucid, and non-lucid dream control is a primary factor of my dreaming history.

      As shown by my keyword statistics on one website, reading is one of the most common activities in my dreams, though words and phrases often change when looking again or change into gibberish. The only activities more common than reading in my dreams are music-related and flying (not counting interaction with water-reinducers or summoning related simulacrums). This developed out of personal will to become more aware in the dream state (and it is a more common “reality check” for some oneironauts, though I do not use “reality checks” as it undermines reticular formation function). I got this idea from my mother, who often dreamt of reading, and her knowledge of how writing typically changed in the dream state when looking again, thus I have always used reading as a potential precursor to stabilize the presence of my conscious self identity in the dream state (not as a “reality check”).

    2. A Change of Name

      by , 08-09-2015 at 07:45 AM
      Morning of August 9, 2015. Sunday.

      This dream was definitely a form of remote viewing (likely metaphorical or skewed in some other way) since I recognized the perspective and layer of consciousness quite clearly. Although precognitive dreams have quite discernible layers as such (which was one of the reasons I started dream work from age six in the first place), they are often muddled composites (for example, of movies not yet seen or books not yet read combined with personal real life events). However, it did not resolve yet as such. About a year ago, a similar event relating to a website was exact (literal) and another type of “unexplainable” event happens continuously related to similar dream content, which I sometimes tag with “dream journal synchronicity”. Although precognition and remote viewing seem related to synchronicity at some levels, I am still not sure of the mechanisms involved even after experiencing it continuously for nearly fifty years (not just from day to day, but from hour to hour, though particularly more intense in the period from September 1990 to January 1994 in the path to my marriage).

      At any rate, once again I dream of a website, in this case, some sort of muddled combination of two websites, it seems, or it could be the one website with a filtered perspective (such as the two versions of the remote-viewed Nancy comic strip I had no way of knowing about seen together as one composite at one point). As remote viewing dreams do not follow the same “rules” as other dreams (in that you can clearly read what you see - and it never changes or distorts - unlike other dream types), I can surmise the meaning on another level, I suppose.

      I go to the webpage and in the upper left panel (below the titles and such), is a message in plain text. I have the understanding that the website has been bought or is now under the administration of another group of people. I sense that this other group of people who now run the website do not understand English very well. They have apparently changed the usernames of all the members of the site (including those who have not posted in a long time) for whatever reason.

      The text on the screen says (after some generic information about the website changes) “Your new username is Immaterial”. I find that somewhat irritating as this means that none of the posters will know each other at first if everyone has different usernames (though there is no focus on what other usernames might have been changed to).

      This could mean several different things. "Immaterial” can mean “unimportant under the circumstances; irrelevant”. However, it could also mean “spiritual, rather than physical”. I can say that my name is already spiritual (even though an opossum is an actual animal). The “blue” is the blue Merkaba and the opossum is my totem (though which I first thought was a fox at around age four as I only saw the eyes in the trees) and the representation as a heart (that is, heart-shaped head). The opossum was also one of thousands of validations in that my dream girl was to have a pet opossum, and of course she did at our first contact (though it was an Australian opossum).
    3. Paper Links

      by , 08-03-2015 at 08:50 PM
      Morning of August 3, 2015. Monday.

      This is a recurring concept though always different, that is, my dream rendering the Internet as being on paper and in various notebooks rather than on a computer or visible computer network. This concept has been more prevalent over the past six years or so.

      In this dream, I am with a group of people of whom I do not know, though my wife Zsuzsanna is also in the room. I am not sure if it is in an implied residence of ours or a business.

      There seems to be some sort of political atmosphere though I suspect it may also relate to finding information to validate certain aspects (such as possible previously unrealized influences) of my childhood dream journals. Somehow, I go to a website by holding a pencil down over the URL that is printed on paper and the “website” appears on another document in the room. This works for about fifteen minutes or so, but the information becomes a bit sparse over time.

      Soon, all evidence of the particular “website” seems to vanish as if a portion of the Internet simply disconnected all public servers solely due to someone using it after a presumed long public hiatus. I get a very vague impression that it was a website used to store hidden information related to politicians, and someone noticed it was in use and did not want the information to be used publicly. I get a vague impression of a young blonde female, somehow “seeing” her, though more just being aware that she is the only one left watching the server activity, and she seems annoyed and realizes that she must shut the network down.

      Of course, this is all metaphorical, as there are no actual computers anywhere, only various documents that apparently teleport from one place to another, or more likely, copy themselves to another location, somewhat like a FAX without the FAX machine, I suppose.

      There are a few points of frustration when pressing on a printed URL on a sheet of paper does not seem to work as well as at other times. Also, the resulting paper or documents appear in a hard-to-find location at times (such as behind several files in a filing cabinet), though still in the same room. Sometimes there are only a few lines on them.
    4. Goodbye Glitch (Paranormal)

      by , 06-12-2015 at 12:46 PM
      Morning of June 12, 2015. Friday.

      I had been posting on a particular dream journal site in real life (and many will know instantly what I am referring to) that has come to have what I “affectionately” refer to as the “raining tilde” glitch (see image). Being that my main dream journal has been on tumblr, I did not focus on how to “fix” this facet of my life experience on another site as it was not really that bothersome. However, once an entity steps in (or whatever “version” of my wife exists on “higher planes”), I can do or “solve” anything I choose, depending on whether I accept the nature of Yin and accept that I am Yang. Real or not, the evidence always speaks for itself whether or not the rest of humanity is remotely aware of it (and typically…no).

      While being frustrated at the neatness of an entry in a typical fashion, it suddenly dawns on me that the “magic” (or whatever it is that “made” me in my Yang persona) is always available to me as it has always been. (I did after all marry my dream girl, with countless validations and proof it was what I thought it was since just prior to my birth. It means nothing that humanity is not capable of believing or even seeing at that level.)

      A version of Yin sends the Blue Pearl event and I realize I should get to work enhancing my journal on a particular site - because any real effort requires focus. Stupidly (regarding only on the human level rather than omniscient - as omniscience is usually too overwhelming for me, almost like a tidal wave quickly going out and flowing too quickly back), I “solve” the “raining tilde” glitch (again, with the partial guidance of a younger version of Yin) but only partially. I end up editing (making my edited post mostly blank) and filling out all possible tags as quickly as possible with the word “test” (followed by a number) on a large number of recent entries, so it forces out the “raining tilde”, and then I repost the complete entry. I feel quite stupid for not taking care of this long ago and realize it will probably take a few weeks in a few longer sessions to do this (although relating to my extreme typing speed, it is not really bothersome). That is only because I suddenly realized the potential for a more uniform neatness in the particular online journal and would even donate (monetarily) to the site if such a need arises.

      Yin tells me that the “raining tilde” glitch was placed in this universe to “test” me, in a metaphorical “rain on my parade” tease (or imposing on my writing - even thinking - in a playful way - which may be a partial association with another dream of this day about pushing the trucks out of our yard) - a metaphor I was familiar with in my youth, and which is somewhat amusing.

      I look back and realize that my “Rocket Science” dream featured what was reminiscent of a tilde (although I do not think that is what the fluttering and descending staircase-shaped paper represented). Then there was the dream of the giant derby that rained over the ocean. These ideas are dominant for a time, but only loosely associated with the tilde problem.

      After thinking I can at least eventually fix up my journal, Yin slaps me upside the head (which seems to mean that she is wondering why I am editing the entire entry each time) and winks twice. I do not get this, but I do eventually understand there is a game-like nature to eliminating the irritating and completely irrelevant word cloud (word “cloud” apparently being another play on raining in the sense of being annoying - although real rain, I enjoy). Also, I then see how to prevent the pointless and random dream dictionary tags from appearing on my page (because so-called dream dictionaries are a serious offense against any thinking dream worker or any conscious person in general).

      Finally, I realize that Yin is referring to two semicolons with her two winks (as used in an Internet emoticon). I then tag with two semicolons and see that I now have the option of closing the repeat occurrence of it - since it actually makes the “raining tilde” glitch - which makes me feel very eerie (even “otherworldly”) in the confirmation (I originally thought it was impossible, as it was not even a real typeable character and acted more as a graphic glitch since it could not be copied as text), which eliminates the original glitch as well (as does all repeating of irrelevant word cloud instances and often completely unrelated “dream dictionary” links). In other words, I now know how the “raining tilde” glitch is mimicked for quick erasure (as well as saving a significant amount of onsite bandwidth over time - due to the impossibly long repeated link sequence that is rendered even if not clicked on). This means that the entity solved three problems at the same time on several levels. How amusing and quaint. Better late than never.
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    5. Poster Entry (or “Posting a Poster”)

      by , 01-28-2014 at 07:28 AM
      Morning of January 28, 2014. Tuesday.

      In my dream this evening during a nap, I was looking at a dream journal site (not that common an event - I had only been vaguely thinking about the site). It becomes a standard to post dreams in a combination of actual photographs and pictures of a dream entry written out on something. In my case, I had posted the photograph of a very large cardboard poster near a fence (seemingly on a distorted version of our last home on Barolin Street) with a few miscellaneous items in the front yard, including a tricycle and an American football and some other items. I remember almost all of the “dream within a dream” in what was written, but quickly forgot it all upon waking (in the past, I had read entire novels in a few of my dream states, which is extremely uncomfortable - usually the repeat of a novel I had read in real life, but usually with a lot of additional distorted scenes).

      In an “additional notes” area (in the “actual” photo of the cardboard poster that my dream is written on in large enough letters to read when on the web page) there is mention of a girl named Angélique in our family - with a note on the acute accent on the first letter “e” as if it had special significance in my dream (that is, the implied documented dream within this dream). After this, a poster from the “actual” dream journal site makes comments relating to her own dream, which I also cannot remember. I know there was something about “being a portal” and something about “lu” combined with another syllable or word.

      The play on two meanings for “poster” is curious in this dream.

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    6. Gecko Tree

      by , 05-20-2013 at 02:04 PM
      Early afternoon of May 20, 2013. Monday.

      I was having a nap; had a light headache, which kind of altered my dream state, I suppose. I rarely had headaches when younger and mostly only get them now in unseasonable heat - and it was really hot this morning even though it is supposed to be winter here - we even had to turn the fan on after this.

      In my dream, I am with my wife, and there is a gecko moving about on the wall as in real life. I watch the very smooth, circular actions. Later, I am outside in an unfamiliar area (but maybe a distorted version of King Street in Wisconsin), seemingly at night, becoming semi-lucid. I notice that there is an “identical” but different gecko moving in a similar or same way on every single leaf of a tree, each making a sort of circular movement and going around and under a leaf, around the same time, and I feel a very strange awe over that, as it would mean that there are hundreds (even thousands) of geckos in the tree (and perhaps every other tree in the area). It is not exactly a strong fear, just a sense of being near great, natural power with a potentially overwhelming presence. It has a similar sense of a dream as a child about a giant lobster approaching from behind a building and a particular pattern being in every window at the same time at one point. I guess you could call it some sort of “fly’s-eye” view or effect, the same thing repeated in many different facets of vision. This is actually only the second time in my life that I remember experiencing this. It may be related to having a headache (I did not document a headache codition for my lobster dream) - as, when I was awake later, I had a strong impression of several perfect rows of alternating red and green spinning “wheels” (like partial bicycle wheels).

      Another dream scene, though somewhat a possible continuity of the previous, involved looking at a journal entry from a dream journal site. However, instead of a computer monitor, it was somehow in a notebook of white unlined paper with picture cards attached to almost every part (from the center of the particular card, as most of it could be pulled out a little around the corners) with the entry and other comments all being on the same page, being more like a forum - also appearing to have been typed. Parts of it (one page) reminded me of something (a brief exchange) I had read on the real site that was hilarious (relating to celibacy, followed by the nice and blunt simple reaction and later additional comment in another entry by the original dreamer). A couple more comments were made in my dream, somehow appearing on the plain white (unlined) notebook paper, but the original dreamer and commenter were not the same as in real life and it involved something to do with spiders supposedly always being celibate - the real life scenario, though, reflecting somehow in my dream like some sort of jester-like catalyst. There is something along the lines of “oh look, nothing is growing” and someone else saying “I see a lot of flowers”, something to do with one person being more creative by seeing flowers - possibly relating to IMDb as well - where, very commonly in reality, one person hates the movie and another person really likes it.
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