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    1. Small Invisible Whirlwind

      by , 08-19-2018 at 09:17 AM
      Morning of August 19, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 21 sec. Readability score: 49.

      In my dream, my family and I as we appear now are living back on Barolin Street (though the house is no longer there in reality and our youngest daughter never lived there). It seems to be late morning. She is looking out into the front yard.

      A white plastic bucket (contents unknown, if any) rises from the ground in about the center of the front yard and hovers in the air to about five feet and floats slowly from north to south. The scene resets and repeats several times. I think that an invisible whirlwind is causing it. It does not pose a threat, and my daughter sees it as a joyful event.

      It is not a tornado dream, but it is a basis for the ultradian rhythm process (in addition to VSC). Tornadoes stem from a specific type of vestibular system correlation at the peak of ultradian rhythm. Even so, I have often controlled their manifestation and direction in both non-lucidity and lucidity.

      Here, my infra-awareness (with non-lucid dream control) mediates the event as being cheerful and soft. It represents ultradian rhythm being less dominant in the projected contemplation of my illusory fictitious dream body, also affected by the level of natural melatonin. The white bucket likely represents a specific measurement of it. From a biological standpoint, water and how it occurs in dreams is autosymbolism for the level and dynamics of sleep and levels of melatonin. I have “water symbolizing sleep” as appearing 350 times in my main online journal (though water induction/melatonin begins all sleep cycles). As I have written often, dream “symbolism” is not symbolism in the conventional sense, as it is not even viable in non-lucidity despite popular misconception.

      The association, although I never take medication as such, probably stems from the following extract: “When it’s nighttime and melatonin levels are high,” says Dr. Wurtman, “taking melatonin supplements is like putting a drop of water into an empty bucket; when it’s daytime, it’s like putting a drop of water into a full bucket.”

    2. Whirlwind Girl ("Wild Weasel" revisited?)

      by , 01-22-2014 at 01:30 PM

      Before I get into the most recent dream, see the link of the older childhood dream from Wednesday, 22 January 1969 below unless you read that one first. (link).

      There is a lot left out of the man online summary (including several important details), but anything I decide to include, I will do after the next section.

      Dream of Wednesday, 22 January 2014.

      I am on a dock in late morning. The weather is good and the water is calm. I am not sure of the region or even if the dock is near a lake or the ocean. My dream is extremely vivid, though. There are six wooden posts that hold the dock, three on each side. The dock is in good condition (for example, no rotting boards or potential hazards). The only other person on the dock (or in my dream) is a girl about five feet away at first, facing me, but she walks closer and then turns as if waiting for me to speak. She is wearing a beautiful red sequin dress, which goes to her knees.

      For a moment, I tend to think it is Brenda W, my female classmate (and verified archetype of my at-the-time unknown future wife), but then it dawns on me that I “may” be married. (Even though it is vivid, I am not fully lucid or fully aware of my present life, as is often the case.) I walk to her and she spins, becoming a miniature tornado or “dust devil” form. She does this off and on several times, and it is quite extraordinary and realistic in how I perceive it. I go to touch her arm and she does it several more times, sometimes even rising in the air about three feet and lowering again, going to different parts of the dock without actually walking (both closer to me and farther away). This, of course, is what the cartoon Tasmanian devil does (although I am not focused on that knowledge at all in my dream).

      When she is the whirlwind, the sequins sparkle even more. At times, she seems slightly puzzled as if she thinks I am “slow” at understanding something, but does mostly smile the entire time and is completely non-threatening. Eventually we both go closer to the actual beach, but she finally rises up into the sky by the time I make contact with the ground at the end of the dock. I feel a very strong sense of bliss and love and familiarity, even though this is a completely new dream in one sense, or so it seems relative to memory and records. I myself was a whirlwind in dreams at times, but this is quite different in mood and the particular level of perception.

      The meaning behind it all (these dreams were forty-five years apart!):

      Important notes on dream of Wednesday, 22 January 1969:

      Brenda would say “nine-thirteen” in my dreams at times (the total of which is twenty-two, the “master number” and sign of entropy), including this one in relationship to the clock on the wall in the semi-dark office. This is my wife’s birth-date (American form, as in Australia it would be written with the day first).

      Brenda W was evading the Yin force (the “wild weasel”), because she was not the Yin force. My dream was seemingly informing me that Brenda was only an archetypical “stand-in” for my (unknown-at-the-time) future wife. The creature being at the door represented the “door” of the future, yet I was not ready to open it.

      Brenda would say “nine-thirteen” in my dreams at times (the total of which is twenty-two), including this one in relationship to the clock on the wall in the semi-dark office. This is my wife’s birth-date (American form, as in Australia it would be written with the day first).

      Additionally, in real life, Brenda had the purse with the metal clasp that was a skeletal clock with the writing “wait for me” on it (which appeared in my dreams a good number of times). Obviously, this was another clue that Brenda was a stand-in archetype until the real Yin was known. (There would not be a reason to “wait” for Brenda as she was always already with me when she carried that purse. In fact, I often pondered this fact in the back of my mind as a child.)

      My dream’s business building was actually of the G. Heileman Brewing Company in La Crosse, which I dreamed of even when living in Florida (Brenda had never been to Wisconsin), and here, the events occur at night in a mostly empty building (after nine o'clock at night). In my young adult life years later…I actually worked there in maintenance and cleaning (precognition).

      Other than cowering behind the left corner of the desk at one point (as the creature knocks against the door), we assume the divine marriage position (Brenda and I) which is sitting on our knees facing each other and clasping hands with forearms at about forty-five degrees, which is an implied superimposition at enhancing the “heart on the horizon” and the entropic portal (that is, entropy of the material world, but closeness to the “divine” - or oneness). However, this is interrupted by the true Yin force “knocking at the door” - or “beating at the door” as the “wild weasel”.

      The Tasmanian devil (more specifically the cartoon character in my childhood) represents the Yin, the Virgo, and my wife of course, for a number of reason, too many to even get into here. Some basics: represents the southern hemisphere, more specifically Australia or Tasmania. The “dust devil used as a methods of transportation” for the cartoon character, or the whirlwind or “miniature tornado” is of course the Yin force (in this case, as I am Yang), the spiral of 6 (Virgo), negative implications regarding the Coriolis effect and storms turning in opposite direction in the northern and southern hemispheres

      Funny additional notes:

      “Believing it to be a type of opossum, naturalist George Harris wrote the first published description of the Tasmanian devil in 1807, naming it Didelphis ursina…” [Wikipedia]

      “Wild Weasel is a code name given by the United States Armed Forces specifically the US Air Force to an aircraft, of any type, equipped with radar-seeking missiles and tasked with destroying the radars and SAM installations of enemy air defense systems.” [Wikipedia]

      Important notes on dream of Wednesday, 22 January 2014:

      Why a red sequin dress?

      Sequins resemble fish scales here - the siren/mermaid theme (Jennie Haniver).

      “The Lady In Red” by Chris de Burgh, one of my favorite songs after my marriage.

      Wendy the Good Little Witch.

      Going back to the old Pepsi logo as a symbol of Yin Yang, Yin is red, only as in my experience of the Blue Pearl.

      The first time I saw a Tasmanian devil in real life was with my wife very shortly after we were married.

      As on a calendar, both dreams were on the very significantly numbered day of twenty-two, and in the “middle” of the week - indicating balance-seeking.

      Six posts represent Virgo (the sixth sign, here, as a “cute” play on actual “sign posts”) and Yin. (old yin or “yin changing into yang” is 6, old yang or “yang changing into yin” being 9). So six is Virgo, Yin, my wife. It also represents the six points of the Star of David and of course, much more (including the six letters in my first name in proportion to the nine letters in my wife’s first name - the true, non-anglicized form).

      Why a dock?

      Throughout my childhood, I had recurring dreams (and real-life periods) of standing on a dock as if waiting for someone from directly across the ocean, as well as dreams of attempting to get to her. Having done a lot of research and looking at angles and maps and such relative to where I was in Florida in these dreams, sometimes in El Jobean, sometimes other locations, I worked out I was directly facing (to the exact degree) where my wife was born in Port Kembla. Of course…she was doing the same thing, which shows in her poetry, even when very young.

      This validates yet again that one of the main reasons for dreaming is to find and resolve (and after the marriage or partnering, continue to validate and reaffirm) the true partner (“twin flame”) of the self (either the Yang or the Yin).

      The reason my understanding of where the dock was (lake or ocean) did not matter was because it had already been resolved - thus, could have been anywhere, as it has already come to pass in reality.

      Why the puzzled look on Yin’s face at times and the on and off whirlwind transformations?

      It dawns on me that, as I had learned to mentally control, fully, the so-called spinning girl illusion in real life (of which there is a lot of ridiculous controversy and primarily misinformation above all, from - well, to be honest - annoying simpletons), that Yin was “playing” with me; that is, in an endeavor to see if I could will her spinning direction to change in my dream as I am able to do with the so-called illusion in real life (assuming I could bring all the clues together). In other words, another dream character was not only trying to bring out my lucidity, but my enhanced conscious control as well, which I find intriguing. Yin going up into the sky can represent both higher spiritual existence, as well as waking up from sleep.

      My wife thinks it might have been Lake Tahoe, even though she had never been there, as she said she was focused on this for some reason.

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