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    1. Solid Tin Coyote vs. Imperial Walkers

      by , 06-18-2020 at 12:32 PM
      Night of June 17, 2020. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,539-14. Reading time (optimized): 2 min 30 sec.

      Before deliberately letting go of my conscious awareness and recognition of being in the dream state (see note one below), I watch the typical rapid morphing of surreal imagery until it begins to slow into something with which I can integrate. I become aware of an audio snippet from “The Solid Tin Coyote” that accompanied the scene where it is striding. (It is a very familiar and nostalgic sound going back to age five when I first saw it in a drive-in theater with my sister Marilyn and her husband.)

      I focus on the imaginary sound, and this results in a vivid vestibular response of being the solid tin coyote. However, during my dream, my viewpoint changes. At times, I am the solid tin coyote, cheerfully striding through a field. At other times, I am inside its head at a panel reminiscent of an aircraft. Additionally, I am sometimes watching it from an incorporeal perspective.

      Soon, Imperial Walkers (AT-AT walkers) from the “Star Wars” franchise appear on each side. They are slightly shorter than the solid tin coyote. As the solid tin coyote, I happily push them over and avoid their attacks.

      Eventually, when cerebral cortex nuances rise above vestibular cortex nuances (that is, thought cohesiveness beginning to overtake the imaginary physicality of the dream state because of higher liminality and more predominant duality), a Boston Dynamics robot dog struts into the scene from the opposite direction. “Mind your social distancing,” it says in a strange synthetic voice, yet while walking even closer to my solid tin coyote form.

      “Here’s your social distancing,” I say, and kick the Boston Dynamics robot dog over a pole vault bar about a city block’s distance away.

      After this, vestibular dynamics rise above cerebral, resulting in seeing a herd of zebras running to the horizon. (See note two.)

      It is important to emphasize that this is my first liminal to instinctual dream where a pandemic term was perceived, though it still did not trigger any dream state recall of the pandemic itself.

      Note one: In contrast to “becoming lucid” while dreaming (though I have always been spontaneously lucid in the first half of a sleep cycle since I was a toddler, a fact that most people can neither seem to comprehend nor accept), I often utilize the opposite technique. After building a foundation of repeated specialized affirmations (though I never post more definitively scripted dreams online), I deliberately release my conscious presence, so my dream becomes instinctual (without conscious bias, allowing my dream’s narrative to render naturally), which is more intriguing and unique than by way of liminal modulation. (This term includes the sustaining of the duality and knowledge of causal factors between dream space and waking space.) It is overwhelmingly evident that most people lack any understanding of the dream state or its processes, but I try to write as clearly and as honestly as I can. I use specialized software to utilize as low a grade level (concerning readability) as possible for the content, making multiple passes. Despite my AI-reported performance, typically 100% (correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery), that does not guarantee that my writing is entirely free of errors or ambiguity.

      Note two: Anything in my dream resulting from vestibular-cerebral handshakes and their instinctual, liminal, or lucid management, for example, a car, horse, robot, and so on, vary with which cortex is concurrently most active.

      Robots correlate more with cerebral cortex integration (and my liminal awareness that the physicality of the dream state is wholly imaginary). Physical forms such as animals (in this case, the zebras) correlate more with vestibular-cerebral passivity as I release my hold on liminality. I have experienced these results in thousands of my dreams since childhood, so there is no mystery as to their causal factors.

    2. Zebra Writing

      by , 10-17-2009 at 04:17 PM
      Morning of October 17, 2009. Saturday.

      In my less clear (and less aware) dream state, it occurs to me that zebras have English writing all over their bodies as a “normal” and natural type of pattern. Each stripe represents the form of a letter (and apparently punctuation in some cases), though elongated. Typically, the “messages” are positive but some are sarcastic. This (the “sarcastic message”) seems to relate to spending too much time looking at a particular zebra within a larger herd (or “zeal”, an unusual term for a herd of zebras).

      There is an association with an older dream where zebras are said to be fictional animals that certain people (of certain mentalities) do not believe in. Apparently, via the dream’s flawed “logic”, only people who are said to be delusional view a white horse and a black horse through a fence somehow and mistake the two animals for one (that is, as a zebra - again supposedly a fictional or mythological animal in this scenario). At the time, this seemed to be a sarcastic statement relating to the disbelief of the existence of zebras (in my dream only), which seemingly related to denial of the unknown or unexplainable in thinking something can only be black or white or that everything is easily labelled or explainable - that is, either this or that.

      Mostly, this was influenced by an educational worksheet called “Zebras with Zero Stripes in a Zigzag Cage”, where the young student fills in a list of words to make the “stripes”.

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