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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 16-09-20

      by , 09-20-2016 at 11:28 PM
      I was in a room (a hotel room?) with a bunch of Arab men, who I suspected of being Muslim terrorists. I was confused, as they were my allies. I wondered why I was with these men, and why I didn't get out of there. The dream was obviously based on the beginning of "United 93", which I watched the day before.

      I recall a weird scene in which I was some kind of "spirit". Heroes' Arthur Petrelli rose from the rocky ground surrounded by flames, as if rising out of Hell or something. I stood where he rose up, and "merged" with his body, effectively body-snatching him. I "entered his mind", and told him to "forget" about his company, and everything he had ever done.

      I also have vague images of an underwater village in my head. Was there a big conflict going on? An overarching story? It all felt very movie-like again.

      I saw some guys standing on a beach, on a tropical island in the ocean. The narrator (movie-like, remember?) said something about how the next generation would face even greater challenges. As he said that, a giant tsunami rose up in the distance.
    2. 16-08-18 How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:31 AM
      I have notes of a "swamp", a "woman swimming", and "crocodiles". I remember none of it, except the crocodiles.

      Dream took place in my old family home again. My phone buzzed in my pocket (allegedly, I remember nothing, these are old notes). My dad was upstairs. In the dream, I think he was installing (or had already installed) a fixed air conditioner unit. I could hear the annoying sound. In reality, it as my own crappy mobile AC that I was hearing, and the sound "leaked" into the dream in this form.

      I think I was on a quay, I think. I came across my old colleagues from my previous previous previous job (Tankpark). We did not split on good terms. I greet them, they ignore me. I was like "okay then", and continued on my way.

      We were in a garage-like space, dismantling a nuke. Notes tell me Xiaoxi (Chinese lady I know) was somehow involved, but I don't recall how. Heroes' Matt Parkman was there too (no surprise, I had seen actor Greg Grunberg in Star Trek: Beyond the evening before). At some point, Arthur Petrelli showed up and tried to stop us. I ignored him, saying he was dead. Suddenly, he turned out to be an older man called "Manny". I was supposed to know him from the past when he was younger, but didn't recogize him. He argued the world was in terrible shape, and asked us to stop. I convinced him it would only get worse if the nuke went off. We got ready to leave. Matt was interested in a fish bowl with some fish still in it, randomly laying around in the garage. He took it with him. We crawled under the garage door, which was half closed. I felt extremely tired, physically. So did the others, according to my notes. We find ourselves in what looks like an underground parking garage. In the distance, I see armed forced enter from several entrances. Guys in full SWAT gear. I am suspicious. We get on our knees as if to surrender, and I think to Parkman (he's a mind-reader) to get ready to get us out of here if things go wrong. Not sure how he would have done that. He can't teleport.